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Purpose of Implementing Technology

Include the following components into your paper:purposevisiongoals for your technology implementation What do you hope to achieve by implementing this technology?How will it impact workflow and patient care?The paper will include:3 professional references,be 3-4 pages long (excluding the title and references pages),contain an introduction and conclusion,in-text citations,a cover page, anda reference page.This paper must follow all proper APA formatting requirements.

Management Question

No Plagiarism, No Matching will be acceptable
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proper examples and explanations for each questions.
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the answer should be sufficient
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Concepts and Theories of Health Behavior

Purpose of Implementing Technology Concepts and Theories of Health Behavior.

This is a progressive assignment that involves assessing a health behavior; researching and identifying an evidence-based model or best practice strategies to best address the health behavior; creating a plan (i.e., program or an intervention) and outlining implementation procedures; and suggesting appropriate evaluation tools to measure effectiveness of the proposed program or intervention. The topic of focus is: SCREEN TIME AND PEDIATRIC OBESITY Conduct a literature search utilizing peer-reviewed journal articles, books, professional organization articles, government Web sites, etc. 1. Describe your target population and the health behavior(s) that relate to the topic you have chosen. (SCREEN TIME AND PEDIATRIC OBESITY) 2. Based on your literature search, assess and provide background information on the health behaviors. Include statistics to explain the scope of the problem. 3. Provide an explanation as to why it is important to address the health behavior you have chosen. 4. What benefits or consequences do the behaviors have on individuals’ health?

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Differences between Java and JavaScript

Both Java and JavaScript share many similarities, but each of them is unique in many more ways. Both of them are Object Oriented Programming Languages commonly used by web developers. Many differences exist between the two, the main one being that Java is an Object Oriented language for programming, while JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language for scripting.

Java is a general-purpose item oriented, based on class and simultaneous programming language and was designed to reduce dependencies in implementation as possible. This enables the web developers or the application to “write once, run anywhere” (WORA) which indicates that the combined Java code can be useful on all platforms the same in nature with Java without the recompilation need. Java made programs are mostly combined to byte-code to enable them work in all Java Virtual Machines regardless of the computer literature. It is mainly used for client-server web applications and most of its syntax which is derivative of C and C++.

JavaScript is a lively language with the most crucial element of web browsers. Its implementation enables client-side scripts to mingle with browser user control to change the document information which is in display and respond asynchronously. It is categorized as a prototype-based script language possessing dynamic first class typing function. Its features enable it to be the multi-paradigm language, supporting imperative and functional, and object-oriented programming styles. It can also run on platforms which are not web based like site-specific browsers, desktop widgets and PDF documents (Gok, Nizamettin, & Nitin Khanna, 2013).

Work cited

Gok, Nizamettin, and Nitin Khanna. Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and JavaScript: Applying Native Device APIs. ” O’Reilly Media, Inc.”, 2013.