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Purdue University The 1976 Elections the Democrats Campaign Discussion

Purdue University The 1976 Elections the Democrats Campaign Discussion.

Directions: Students need to choose a historically significant topic from the textbook chapter assigned this week and submit an initial presenting post by Thursday at 11:59pm.Each initial post must be at least 300 words.Each initial post must have a topic sentence typed at the top of the response. This topic sentence should give your classmates the “thesis” of your response, indicating which topic you are writing about and the main idea of your post. This is not a title for your response, and should not repeat the title of the textbook section/document. The words in the topic sentence do not count toward the 300 word total.Each initial post should introduce your topic and discuss your analysis of historical significance.Do not repeat information your peers have already posted on or discussed! Add something new to the conversation. Citations showing where you are gathering your information from are optional. But posts without proper citations will not receive top scores. For a refresher on how to cite sources for this course, please visit the citation page in the Orientation Module.General Rules and Tips for the Textbook Discussions:Rules for academic integrity and plagiarism apply to all posts.Remember, the goal of this assignment is historical discussion. Connections to present day are great, but they should not make up the majority of your response.You may incorporate quotes from the textbook as evidence, but the majority of your posts should be in your own words.
Purdue University The 1976 Elections the Democrats Campaign Discussion

University of Illinois Climate Change and Green Energy Summit Essay.

A 4-page essay (Times New Roman 12 pts, 1.15 line spacing) . A number of topics will be available to choose from at the start of the course (see item No. 10 from Course Objectives), but others could be agreed upon during the first week. I chose Climate ChangeITEM No 1010) We will discuss complex challenges that humanity faces, such as: global change and globalwarming, invasive species, emerging infectious diseases (i.e., Ebola, SARS, Swaine flu, Covid-19), genetically modified foods and the need for interdisciplinary research to tackle them.This essay must contain an introduction of the problem, its impact, what is state of the art research and the frontier of knowledge (i.e., what is the leading research direction), followed by a solution section that summarizes and points put what are the current actions needed to solve or mitigate the problem. Finally, the essay must contain a third section named concluding remarks that emphasizes in your own words, your reflections and suggestions for solving the problem. The essay must contain a minimum of 6 literature references cited in the text coming from scientific articles published in peer-review journals. Please, refrain from using doubtful sources of information such as blogs, pseudo-scientific publishing sources (predatory journals), social network post (e.g. Facebook) and DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!Helping Links provided by the professor Writing Guide
University of Illinois Climate Change and Green Energy Summit Essay

San Diego State University African Studies Discussion

San Diego State University African Studies Discussion.

Share the most significant thing you learned from the two documentaries on the Negro Leagues and relate that to an abstract or theoretical way of thinking about a country’s dominant sport cultureWhat do you think would be the best way(s) for Major League Baseball to honor the contributions of Black baseball players from the era prior to integration? 250 words minimum.Short response paragraph(s)You don’t have to watch the entire documentaries, just skim through some of it and find anything interesting.Please have it done by Sunday Feb 21 11:50pm PST
San Diego State University African Studies Discussion

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

help me with my homework Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery Essay. Introduction Nowadays, many men or women are considering to make themselves looks better so decided to have cosmetic surgery. A lot of cosmetic surgery provider advertising their cosmetic skill and benefit of cosmetic surgery to attract more customer. Cosmetic surgery contain positive and negative morality. Question 1 Teleology theory can be defined as moral consequence position, in which moral behaviour means achieving an ethical consequence without concern over the process by which the end result is achieved. Right conduct with teleology means that which in turn promotes the best consequences or perhaps identifiable good (Craig, 1996). Utilitarianism can say by the phase “the greatest good for the greatest number” (Mill, 1983). From the view of Chris, Chris decided to have nose surgery is moral because acting accordance with happiness. Nonetheless, Chris are appearing upon a low delight. Even though the surgery will bring Chris several happiness but it is something that become endless pursuit. If there is a propensity for Chris into the future out feeling and looking better, than this surgeon did their own job and there is nothing immoral happening. Where the layaway is acceptable and surgeons do not have permit to practice, in pain and annoyance, there is immoral about the particular action. After the nose surgery operation, Chris perceive that there was some pain and discomfort after the surgery operation within a couple of week. Besides that, Chris having the second operation to correct a minor. After the operation, Chris satisfy with the result and bring Chris happiness. Based on the Chris’s decision to take action on cosmetic surgery, Chris’s mother was fully disagree Chris to having the nose surgery. Because Chris didn’t know what are the risk will occur during the operation. Chris’s mother keep on recall back the story of famous footballer’s wife which who are the one kept going for cosmetic surgery and passed away because of complication after the operation. From the view of Chris’s mother is based on deontology theory. Deontology define since the rightness as well as wrongness of action by evaluation of particular formal properties of act for instance duty, justice as well as respect a great individual’s autonomy (Stahl, 1996). All of the parents will worry about their child by doing some activities to damage or hurting themselves because of this, parents will have the responsible to avoid the activities happen. Even Chris’s mother also tried to persuade Chris do not have cosmetic surgery is because Chris’s mother worrying about Chris will have any danger during the operation. In the other way, Kantian ethics believe that consequence could never make right or wrong because an action may bring the happiness but still might be wrong. Because of the prominent nose was bring Chris unhappiness and dissatisfaction so Chris decide to have nose surgery for the beauty and seeking happiness. Question 2 Archie B Carroll said that the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has four type of classification which include economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility and discretionary responsibility (Carroll, 1979). These four type of expectations reflect a view of social responsibility that related to some in the definitions made available earlier although that categorizes the social responsibilities connected businesses within a more inclusive manner. In order to make the Naturea clinic be more profitable, the Naturea clinic have to maintain a strong competitive position in surgery industry. Therefore, the Naturea clinic have to maintain a high level of operational efficiency by providing the best service quality to fulfill customer need and make sure the customer satisfied with the result after the surgery. Naturea clinic employees had been training to help them proceed within a cautions along with measured method, but the employees are being chivvied with the management team to become more energetic and market-facing to make the clinic more profitable. In addition, the Naturea clinic should perform in a manner consistent with maximize earning per share. Furthermore, Naturea clinic must obey to the law cause of law is the society’s codification of right and wrong. Clinic have to perform in a manner in keeping with the expectations of government along with the law and it is also important to comply with numerous national and supranational laws and regulation. Other than that, Naturea clinic have to meet the minimum legal requirements by providing goods or services. For example, a qualified surgeons provide face or body plastic surgery to satisfy customer need. The rules and regulation for Naturea clinic by not doing illegal activities such as providing fake information about the cosmetics surgery, cheating customer by saying do not have any risk occur during the surgery operation. Ethical responsibility encompass those standard, norms, or expectation that reflect a concern for just what consumers, workers, shareholders and the community consider as fair, just or commensurate with the esteem or protection of stakeholders moral legal rights. The Naturea medical team members complain amongst themselves the company has been hijacked by the team of the managers and the medics feel very pressure to hit the targets pertaining to the number and characteristics of operations are expected to perform. The manager of the Naturea clinic should treat their employees fairly, provide training to surgeons to ensure become a qualified surgeon to satisfy customers and do not give them high pressure when performing their work. Ethical responsibility for Naturea clinic is important to prevent ethical norms from being compromised as a way to achieve corporate objectives. Besides that, ethical responsibility could help clinic to recognize which corporate integrity along with ethical behavior go beyond mere compliance with regulations. Lastly, the ethical responsibility also important to Naturea clinic by recognize and also respect fresh or innovating moral ethical norms used by society. Discretionary responsibility almost like philanthropy initiatives try to be good corporate citizen by doing some community activities, charitable work, donation to good causes and providing day-care centers to create a positive image for company (Blowfield and Murray, 2008). The Naturea clinic should do some charity activities such tend to arrange for teams of volunteer physicians carrying medical supplies to complete the mission. Increasingly, these teams also work to improve medical infrastructures and to train personnel. The manager and employees of Naturea clinic participate in voluntary and charitable activities within their local communities. Cause-related marketing (CRM) occurs when a company forms a strategic relationship with a particular social cause that are mutually advantages to all parties (Kolter and Lee, 2005). CRM are advantage to Naturea clinic such as, increasing the clinic population, increasing the brand awareness and services quality, developing good public relations and increasing the customer loyalty. And there are advantages for the social cause by increasing in donations through better exposure. Question 3 For some, plastic surgery is an approach to recover an ordinary appearance after a mishap. For other, plastic surgery is an approach to revise saw corrective blemishes. Despite the purpose behind the plastic surgery, there are serious disadvantages that must be considered before having surgery (Holley, 2013). The first disadvantages of having surgery is medicals risks. Plastic surgery, in the same way as any surgery, convey a danger of medical complications, including death. The absolute most regular dangers connected with plastic surgery are serve bleeding, infection and nerve damage that may lead to dumbness, tissue death, fluid collecting around the site (seroma) and wounding in the range. Blood clusters can profound vein thrombosis are likewise complications of plastic surgery. The second disadvantages of having surgery is about the appearance. Unsightly scarring is also disadvantage of plastic surgery. With these scar, which are called hypertrophic scars, are thick and red. Wounding and swelling for a period of time after the surgery are frequently hard to cover up, particularly when the work was carried out in the facial area. Besides that, Ptosis or drooping and sagging in the surgical area, might be another disadvantage. Furthermore, some of the patients find that the result of the procedure are not what they anticipated. The next disadvantage is cost of the plastic surgery. Numerous plastic surgery procedures are costly. As indicated by American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery, microdermabrasion was the least expensive procedure which costs an average of $139 per procedure and the most expensive with a costs of $7,976 is a lower body lift. Besides that, there are some fees also will be calculated when considering the costs of plastic surgery which is surgeon fees, hospital fees and anesthesia fees, along with lost wages and medication costs. Cosmetic surgery tourism can be defined as the motion of the patients from one location to another to carry out “aesthetic” medical procedure, which is the growing area of medical tourism (Reisman, 2010). Some of the activities like sunbathing, drinking alcohol, jet skiing and swimming should be avoided after surgery said by the American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) (ASPS, 2008). The disadvantage of cosmetic surgery tourism is that impossible for the patient to meet up the doctors to operate on the patient before travelling, it is required to have a talk with doctor or surgeon to know detail of the surgery and the effect of travelling for operation. Many patient lack of knowledge about the problem of cosmetic surgery oversea. An accident or bad cosmetic surgery can occur. For example, Elliott (2004) reported that a patient had liposuction on her legs and the surgery so radical that the patient leg badly dimpled and require more fat to fill them out. All cosmetic surgery possible present the dangers to patient or tourist health. Some of patient face extra language and culture barrier that obstruct communication with physicians and nurses (Casanova, 2007). When post-operative individual decide in tourism activities will raise the chances of undesirable results and complications. Question 4 From my opinion, I felt that the advertising of cosmetic surgery by clinics such as Naturea should be banned. As of now, cosmetic surgery supplier are free to promote their services without any restriction on content. The advertisement heedlessly trivialize invasive surgical procedures that consist of inherent heath risk. Every people have their own definition of beauty. Genuine beauty lie in your individuality, if one of the boy or girl consider as ugly but they have a good personality which mean there is still have people find them because they are attractive. But the cosmetic surgery trend has misdirect the people into imaging that looks are generally vital. They may duplicate their idols’ looks so they can like themselves and be acknowledge in general. This would be bad for the society. We should respect our parents because our looks are a present from our parents, if we have cosmetic surgery and changed our looks are considered as cheating. Besides that, some of the advertisement show that cosmetic surgery do not contain any risk and guarantee that the surgeons is a qualified surgeons and have their own license. All of the advertisement is tried to cheat customer and actually cosmetic surgery involves risk such medical risk. Some of the surgeons might not have a license or unqualified surgeons, if you having cosmetic surgery from the surgeons that do not have license and not a qualified surgeons and the end result is not what you expected, you would not be able to do anything on it. Currently, people have no choice, but still exposed the aggressive marketing plot of some cosmetic clinics, whether in the public, social media such as internet, magazines or advertising on TV. Because of these, the advertising will affect everyone that already considering to have the surgery. Conclusion As a conclusion, cosmetic surgery can satisfy what customer need and also will damage to the customer after the surgery. If cosmetic surgery fulfill the happiness of the customer then the action of the surgeon is moral. And there are four responsibility in corporate social responsibility which include economic, legal, ethical and discretionary responsibility. There is also a disadvantage of having cosmetic surgery and cosmetic surgery tourism. (1946 word) References ASPS, (2008), Warnings of ASPS, [Online] Available from: [Accessed: 7 April 2015] Archie B. Carroll. (1979). The Academy of Management Review, Vol. 4, No.4 (Oct., 1979), pp. 497-505 Blowfield, M.,Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery Essay

Themes in Frost’s ‘After Apple-Picking’

Robert Frost said, “A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom” (“Robert Frost Quotes”). This is a philosophy of Frost that he put into the creation of After Apple-Picking. The title After Apple-Picking illustrates that the poem is of a dying man who is looking back on his life, represented by apple picking, and of his regret for unaccomplished desires. The old man only wishes that he could do more before he dies, hoping it would give meaning to his life. Robert Frost uses tone, rhythm and diction, and figurative language to develop the theme of life’s desires and significance in existence. The tone of After Apple-Picking created the theme of the poem. There are two main tones, a happy one and a somber one (“After Apple-Picking”). They come together to create the theme of desires and significance in life. The poem begins with a happy tone. The old man is happy and welcomes his fate of death. He shows this by saying things like he is ready for heaven; he is finally done with picking apples. In line eight he says, “I am dosing off,” he is indicating that he has finished everything planned and is ready for his judgment. This tone sets up the theme of desires and the significance in life, but does not complete it. The later part of the poem is sad. He is finally accepting his fate, when he realizes that he was wrong and there were things he wished to complete. Line nine says, “I cannot rub the strangeness from my sight,” this is Frost’s way of saying that he is trying desperately to erase the uncompleted desires from his mind, which he is unable to do. The fact that he did not complete his dreams bothers him, and makes him begin to think his life had no meaning. The rhythm and diction Robert Frost uses in After Apple-Picking develops the theme of the poem. Most of the poem has a smooth iambic rhythm, such as line two, “toward heaven still.” This is an iambic rhythm because the stress goes on the second syllable of most of the words. Some of the verses however, seem like they do not fit, like in line fourteen, “But I was well.” This is not the iambic rhythm since it does not have the stressed syllable. Frost uses this rhythm in a clever way, to show the narrator dozing off but waking up because of his determination to complete life’s desires (“Poem: Robert Frost’s After Apple Picking”). The old man was on his death bed clinging to life to finish those desires, which he never accomplished. The diction is a curtail part in the development of the poem. Frost uses diction to develop the theme of meaning to life in his poem. Words like “heaven” in line two, “sleep” in line fifteen, and “dreaming” in line seventeen are curtail. They all start the development in the significance to life by referring to a life after this one. They all are words used to describe death and the place that follows. Heaven represents the heaven God created, while sleep and dreaming refer to his inevitable death. Frost develops a sad mood by using other words in the poem. Word such as “overtired” in line twenty eight and “struck the earth” in line thirty three create a sad sense. These words represent the regrets of the old man. Overtired shows that he is finished chasing his dreams and must put them behind him, and struck to the earth means that those dreams and now unreachable. The rhythm and diction both are Frost’s way of telling people that they should make the most of their lives and do whatever they aspire for before it is too late. Frost uses figurative language to develop his theme of accomplishing desires and living a life with meaning. There are two uses of the figurative language, joyful and gloomy. The figurative language in the first part of the poem is joyful and calm (“After Apple Picking”). The metaphor in line two, “Toward heaven still,” is Frost’s representation of a peaceful end to life. He is saying that because he brought meaning to his life through the love of Christ he will spend an eternity in a joyful place. In line seven Robert states, “Essence of winter sleep is on the night,” this represents the peacefulness of his passing. It is sad that he must die, but this shows that he is not saddened because he compares it to the peace of sleeping on a cold winter night. The second part of the poem is somber and depressing. Lines twenty eight and twenty nine says, “Of apple-picking: I am overtired of the great harvest I myself desired.” This is the sad part of the poem. This is the old man saying that he wanted to do so much in life but had to give up on it because he reached the point that he could no longer continue. Line 13 says, “It melted, and I let it fall and break.” This represents the dreams of the old man. He waited too long to complete them, so they fell apart. He realized he was far too old to complete his desires, so he let them go. The figurative language shows that the old man did not accomplish everything he wanted, which he felt would give more meaning to his life. Tone, rhythm, diction, and figurative language are all devices that Frost uses to set up his theme of completing desires in life and bringing meaning to life. The happy and poignant tones blend together to develop specific parts of the theme, such as not completing the desires and having no significance to life. The rhythm and diction are Frost’s ways of showing that the old man is dying and his attitude changes from being happy to being depressed. The figurative language explains how the old man was not able to complete his desires and changes his mind set from having meaning in Christ, to having no meaning at all. The point Frost is trying to make in After Apple-Picking is that if someone wants to do something then they should do it. He thinks people waste their lives trying to bring their lives meaning by impressing others, but they should really bring meaning by completing to their dreams. Frost wants people to evaluate their life and discover their dreams and the meaning in their life.

Purdue University Hypertension Diabetes & Environmental Allergies Case Study Discussion

Purdue University Hypertension Diabetes & Environmental Allergies Case Study Discussion.

A 75-year-old man with a history of hypertension, diabetes, environmental allergies, and colon polyps presents to the office with a complaint of persistent dry hacking cough that does not improve with over-the-counter treatment with antitussives and allergy medications. The man reports that he has had the cough for three months and is tired of the coughing spells he experiences. His medical history reveals that he started taking lisinopril six months before this appointment, has taken an over-the-counter allergy medication for several years, had his last colon polyps removed six years ago, and his blood pressure today is 145/70. Other medications include metformin XR 500 mg daily, aspirin 81 mg once daily, and loratadine 10 mg daily. The physical exam is negative for any issues other than his mild neuropathy from long-term diabetes. The cough is noted to be dry and hacking as the patient has described. The man is not in acute distress.Case Questions:Using OLDCARTS, what questions would have been asked as part of the medical history?What physical aspects would have been completed as part of the physical exam and why? Include the diagnostics that you would order and rationale.Based on the medical history and physical exam, what is the most likely cause of his cough?What other possible diagnoses should be considered and why?Are there any other tests that should be completed before producing a diagnosis? Why or why not?What is the treatment for this patient, including education?About one page in length, APA, at least 3 references, no more than 5 years old
Purdue University Hypertension Diabetes & Environmental Allergies Case Study Discussion

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