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Purdue University Suicide Among Veterans with Preventative Measures Essay

Purdue University Suicide Among Veterans with Preventative Measures Essay.

write minimum 2500 words double spaced APA formatUSE THE TEMPLATE I’m working on a Health & Medical exercise and need support.Using the blank APA template, include the following elements in the paper (cover and reference page not included in page count). But this is not the template you will use. This is merely to show you how you would use level one, level two and level three headings for the paper and provide example explanations. Also, no abstract is needed.Yes, Please review the attached documents and videos listed below. develop each category as instructed with 2 objectives, 2 measurements, 2 targets, 2 initiatives for all 4 categories
Purdue University Suicide Among Veterans with Preventative Measures Essay

In this scenario, a Renaissance faire has come to your town, and you are taking the afternoon to enjoy the festivities. One of the events is an art exhibition with replicas of Renaissance art. As you stroll through the exhibit, one piece particularly catches your eye. Compose your initial post as if you are thinking about this piece. Your initial post should focus on a piece of art from this virtual gallery; the piece should either support or challenge the Renaissance ideal, based on the table below: First Letter of Last Name Select a Piece of Art That… A-M challenges the Renaissance ideal through self-representation N-Z supports the Renaissance ideal In your initial post, address the following: Identify a piece of art from the virtual gallery that supports or challenges the Renaissance ideal of women, based on the focus assigned in the table above. Explain how the work of art you identified supports or challenges the Renaissance ideal of women.
Configuring Anti-Virus Software.

You are a security analyst at a large Security Operations Center (SOC). Malware infections have noticeably increased, and all the impacted machines did not have updated anti-virus signatures. Your task is to set the anti-virus software to secure your company’s computers.Note: Module 3 of Certified Secure Computer User details two options for anti-virus protection, Kaspersky and Avast anti-virus software.Choose one of the following two options:Option 1 (choose this option if you do not have Kaspersky or Avast anti-virus software on your machine):Follow the directions given in Module 3 to install and configure Kaspersky or Avast anti-virus software on your machine.Verify that virus definitions are current. Take a screenshot.Run a scan of your machine. Take a screenshot of the results.Paste screenshots into a Microsoft® Word document to demonstrate you applied appropriate configurations and definitions are current.Option 2 (choose this option if you already have anti-virus software installed on your machine):Verify that virus definitions are current. Take a screenshot.Run a scan of your machine. Take a screenshot of the results.Paste screenshots into a Microsoft® Word document to demonstrate you applied appropriate configurations and definitions are current.Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.
Configuring Anti-Virus Software

Table of Contents Introduction How Khun Revolutionized the Philosophy of Science How Khun’s Contribution helped Nursing Falsification or Verification Conclusion References Introduction Thomas Samuel Khun’s contribution to philosophy remains a significant milestone in nursing (and by extension, the field of science). Khun introduced the concept of “paradigm shift” in mainstream science by suggesting that scientific models undergo paradigm shifts (periodically) and therefore, the notion that scientific models develop in a linear manner is untrue. In this regard, Khun suggests that science cannot solely rely on objectivity but rather, by considering subjective aspects of the discipline as well (Klemke, Hollinger,

history essays

history essays. Need help with my History question – I’m studying for my class.

Below are the instructions for the class in reference to completing the essays. I am looking to have four (4) essays completed, one from each Unit below. The textbook to utilize is also listed below. Attached is also the class study guide if further answers are needed. Thanks.
Writing Assignments
Each unit examination includes a written component. The writing assignments give students the opportunity to demonstrate a level of subject mastery beyond the objective unit examinations, which reflects his/her ability to analyze, synthesize, evaluate and apply his/ her knowledge.
Writing assignments are judged on the quality of the response. Word count is NOT one of the criteria that is used in assigning points to writing assignments. However, students who are successful in earning the maximum number of points tend to submit writing assignments that are 350-500 words (1-2 pages) per question.
All work must be free of any form of plagiarism. Put written answers into your own words. Do not simply cut and paste your answers from the Internet and do not copy your answers from the textbook.
Plagiarism consists of taking and using the ideas, writings or inventions of another, without giving credit to that person and presenting it as one’s own. This is an offense that the university takes very seriously. An example of a correctly prepared written response may be found by visiting the Coast Connection student portal. You can nd this in the portal by clicking on Student Resources and thenWriting Basics.
Citation Styles
The majority of your response should be your own original writing based on what you have learned from the textbook. However, students may also use outside materials if applicable. Be sure to provide a citation and a reference for any materials used, including the required textbook. The following points are designed to help you understand how to provide proper citations and references for your work:
Sources are listed in two places.
The first, a citation, is briefly listed within your answer. This includes identifying information that directs the reader to your list of references at the end of your writing assignment.
The second, a reference, is at the end of your work in the list of references section.
All sources cited should follow APA style and provide enough identifying information so that the reader can access the original material.
GED 232 Early U.S. History
Utilizing: The American Journey: A History of the United States, Volume 1
Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Barney, 2014
Pearson ISBN.13: 978-0-205-96096-5
Please answer ONE of the following:

Which was a stronger force in New World colonization, economics or religion? Support your answer with specific examples.
Analyze the different attempts at conversion made by Protestants and Catholics in the New World. Which group was more successful and why?
Analyze the effects of the mercantilist economic system. Who bene ted, who was hurt, and why?


Please answer ONE of the following:

How did most colonists hope to handle America’s difficulties with England? Why did they hold these views and why did they think such tactics would be successful?
What major problems did the young republic face after its victory over Great Britain? How did these problems motivate members of the elite to call for a federal constitution?
What developments of the 1790s resulted in the rise of the Republican Party? What mistakes did the Federalists make?


Please answer ONE of the following:

What were the main causes and consequences of the War of 1812?
How did the annexation of Texas emerge as an important political issue? Why were the Democrats more in favor of expansion than the Whigs?
How did southern whites attempt to defend slavery and reconcile it with their Christian beliefs? Why did they feel compelled to express these defenses?


Please answer ONE of the following:

Discuss the ways in which the North and South had become far different cultures in the areas of politics, economics, and social customs.
What were the vital factors that led to a Union victory in the Civil War?
Historians are divided in opinion regarding Reconstruction’s events and outcomes. What do you feel were the events that best expressed the Reconstruction period? Why do you feel Reconstruction reforms were ended in 1877?

history essays

“Sicko” a Documentary by Michael Moore Essay

write my term paper Sicko is a documentary film produced by Michael Moore, who is an American filmmaker. The film mainly investigates issues of health care in the United States where it focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and health insurance. It compares the non-universal organizations in the United States which make profit with that of universal health care organisations which do not make profit and are based in the United Kingdom, Cuba, Canada and France. Moore was mainly dedicated to exposing social injustices and corruption in health care industry in the United States. He shed light on the issue by casting out those people who had been disappointed by the health care industry in the United States. Despite the fact that the documentary act as an entertainment, it is also very educative. In spite of raising staid questions about the United States Health Care System while emphasizing on its failures, one may be more entertained. The comical atmosphere in the film is intentional; majorly to expose the United States broken Health Care System while addressing critical issue without raving on like violent lunatic. Moore could have also introduced a comic atmosphere in the film to attract attention to enable people watch the film. It was a marketing strategy to enable him sale the film to earn some money from it (Dokoupil 98). However, despite what Moore’s personal reasons was, the film still managed to raise valid objectives and questions on unethical practices of insurance companies and broken system. Moore used anecdotes to demonstrate the predicament of 46 million Americans who suffered because they lacked the health insurance. The documentary begins with Moore narrating how he invites different citizens to share their horrific stories about the health care. This was before he filmed the movie. The narration took one week to complete and therefore opened a website for it which was inundated with more than 25000 mails (Holtz 120). This huge number gave most people the urge to want to hear what those who were interviewed said. Moore presented three cases in the first half of the documentary. The three represented the plight of 46 million people who suffered in America since they lacked health insurance. Sicko managed to bring to light how Americans are not able or are ignorant to fix their health care system while those in Europe are capable of solving and fixing their own health care problems. The film enabled people to see and realise encroachment of corporate influences and greed in health care in the United States. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Those who are involved in health care politics and determining health care policies are corrupt since they have not fixed health care problems that affect a large population causing many people to suffer or even lose their lives or loved ones. The President Commission who are concerned with health care have fallen short of declaring all the needs for universal health care in America (Callenbach 110). Sicko was an eye opener to many Americans since it left many people to inquire what has prevented many political parties or forces from developing heath care reforms yet many people still suffer. They should have done it for the sake of the citizens. The documentary clearly brought out the widespread consequences of American current health care system. Today, both insured and non-insured citizens of America suffer. You may think that insured people do not face problems but that is not the case for Americans. The documentary made people become aware of the reality that exists in American health care. The plight of insured people is worse than those people who are uninsured. It is time that America fixes out its health care system for the sake of its citizens. According to Moore, Americans should draw or learn from other countries such as Cuba, Canada and France. The Health Care expenses should be checked perhaps taxes should be regulated to enable Americans experience the best Health Care. Works Cited Callenbach, Ernest. Sicko. Film Quarterly .California: University of California Press, 2008. Dokoupil, Tony. Why Michael Moore Helped Save Enemy Site. Baywood: International Journal of Health Services, 2007. Holtz, Andrew. National Survey Shows Michael Moore’s Sicko Did Indeed Provoke Discussions about US Health Care System. New York: Oncology Times Lippincott Williams

PSY 120 GCCCD Top Down Perception & Psychophysical Well Being Discussion

PSY 120 GCCCD Top Down Perception & Psychophysical Well Being Discussion.

I’m working on a psychology writing question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

Detailed Instructions:To be accepted all homework assignments must be typedAgain, these answers and examples need to be in your own words. In your own words means “as if you were explaining the answer or a concept from this class to a friend”. Submissions with too high a plagiarism/similarity score will not be accepted. Please clearly separate your answers for each objective so it is clear to which objective you are answering.For full credit you must reference or cite your information even if pulled it from the textbook, my lecture, my lecture slides, posted YouTube videos or any other internet source!Every question should have at least ONE reference or citationNOTE: It is OK and I expect you to pull the answers from my lecture, the lecture slides, the text and outside internet sources I just need you to reference or cite it! Use APA Style or these simple examples:Example: If you got the information from my lecture use slide numbers or approx. time stamps: (Lecture Ch 4, Slide 13) or (Lecture Ch 4, 10:50-12:00)Example: If you got the information from the text book use the page numbers: (Textbook, pg 84-86)Chapter Five has five objectives:Describe the concepts and explain the difference between “Top-Down” and “Bottom-Up” Perception. Give a clear example of eachDescribe what is “Light” and what is “Color”? Is color “real”?Describe the functions of at least FOUR parts of an eyeDescribe what “rods and cones” are and explain the difference between the two. Describe what the term “transduction” means and describe THREE of five ways it occurs? (Hint: It’s your five senses!)Chapter Eight has five objectives:Describe and give an example of each of the THREE ways we respond to the environment.Describe and give an example of each of the THREE types of learned behaviors. Describe and give an example of each of the TWO types of Associative LearningDescribe and give an example of each of the FOUR types of Operant ConditioningDescribe and give an example of each of the FOUR Schedules of Reinforcement. Which schedule is the most efficient at controlling behavior?Chapter Nine has four objectives:Describe the THREE stages of memory.Describe and give an example of the TWO tracks of Long Term Memory (LTM).Describe and give an example of each of the FOUR theories of forgetting.Describe THREE specific examples of ways to improve your memory while studying
PSY 120 GCCCD Top Down Perception & Psychophysical Well Being Discussion

Statistics homework help

Statistics homework help. Write an introduction to your Media Diary Analysis and Auto-Ethnography Research Report, summarizing key findings [400-500 words] Media Diary Analysis: Discuss the themes that emerged through the Open Coding and Focused Coding of your diary entries.,Media Diary Analysis and Auto-Ethnography Research Report,Write an introduction to your Media Diary Analysis and Auto-Ethnography Research Report, summarizing key findings [400-500 words] Media Diary Analysis:, Discuss the themes that emerged through the Open Coding and Focused Coding of your diary entries.,HINT #1: “Coding” involves highlighting or tagging the words and phrases that you’ve used in your diary which demonstrate your unique experience and reflections of using media technologies in everyday life.,HINT #2: Remember to employ, “Sensitizing Concepts”,, “Stories”, and “Problematized Issues” in the analysis of diary entries.,You can find these in the text book Ch 9 “Trust the Process”.,HINT #2: The concepts of “Audience”, “Fan” and “User” might be useful frameworks for understanding the media practice highlighted in your diary entries., ,See the Power points from Week 9 and the attached reading here:,ROSE_2012_DEFINITIONS_AUDIENCES_FANS_USERS.pdfPreview the document [400-500 words] Literature Review and Analysis:,Firstly, conduct a literature review of media practices and popular media platforms featured in your diary.,Secondly, discuss how you have applied the concepts from your literature review to better understand your media diary analysis.,HINT #3 see the question list below to help you reflect on and analyze your media use.,[100 words] Conclusion:,Firstly, write a conclusion summarizing your Media Diary Analysis Report.,Secondly, include a Reference List or Work Cited List as well as proper in-text citations throughout your report.,Thirdly, here are some questions to help stimulate reflection on media practices for coding and analysis:,Fourthly, what media do you rely on most throughout the day?,Further, what media do you use sparingly?,Also, do you notice anything interesting (gaps, routines, or differences) in your media usage compared to your friends?,Additionally, pay particular attention to any words or phrases you use related to the design or functionality of various devices, technology, and social media platform.,Besides, highlight or ‘code’ all of these phrases, is there anything particular about the way you talk about technology?,Highlight or ‘code’ the words or phrases in your diary that talk about any form of social connections and relationships. Also, do you notice anything particular about your use of technology as part of your social life?,Reflect on the timing and frequency of your media use? Highlight or ‘code’ any reflections or contextual clues on time or timing. What can be learnt about your everyday life and your media use through this?,Reflect on the types of media that you consume and the types of people or organizations that produced this media. Are you audience member of media products produced by companies? Or do you consume social media content produced by users like you? Do you remix and remake your own media content (like memes and gifs)?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Statistics homework help