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Purdue University Cystic Fibrosis Project Discussion

Purdue University Cystic Fibrosis Project Discussion.

write 900 words based on the instructions below1. A brief introduction to the disease including the molecular basis of the disease (the membrane protein damage that causes the disease), the size of the gene and the protein, the number of mutations that exist, what class mutation is the one that you are researching and what does it mean?2. The basic genetics of the disease (including the genetics describing how each parent must carry one CFTR allele in order for a child to have the disease. How many people get the disease? How is it transmitted?3. A review of the allele combinations that the child might have; you will be assigned a main allele to research in an online database, and will research in the database the three possible combinations of that allele. You will include an explanation of the potential health impact of that allele you have been assigned on the child’s health (for example, impact on the lungs, pancreas, and potential for Pseudomonas infections.4. The last section should be about possible treatments. Are there new drugs (modulators) that can potentially help to deal with the particular version of CF that the child has? Or are only traditional treatment methods possible? What would those methods be? The database search will give you some information about whether The best place to find information about the drugs is on the Vertex website (link is on the database search page directions).5. The entire paper should be no longer than 4 double-spaced pages with standard 1-inch margins and a standard font no smaller than 11 points.Cystic FibrosisProject(100 points)This project is going to be a reportwhere you will beacting as a genetic counselor to the parents of a one-year-old child who has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. You will be presenting information about a particular variant (mutation) or pair of variants that cause Cystic Fibrosis. You will investigatea variant that you will be assigned, both on its own with an unknown variant on the other chromosome, or with a known common CF variant. There are a variety of web sites that have specific information about cystic fibrosis as a disease and descriptions of the etiology of the disease. The most common websites with reliable information include the following:www.vrtx.comwww.vertextreatments.com should read through each of these web sites and become familiar with the information contained in each one. Information in them willhelpform the basis of some of the background information for your report. You already know most of the basic information so these sites should help review what you know or add additional information to what you already know.We have reviewedin this coursehow there aresixclasses of variants to which the most common CF variants can be assigned, classes I through VI (Note: there are a few websites that will show 5 different CF mutation classes; these have older information and are missing the 6thvariant description). Information on the manner in which variants in each of these classes causes damage to the CFTR protein can be found at the following websites: website shows only 5 classes of mutations, but the graphic presented is very helpful for understanding the mutation types. The first 5 classes of mutations are the same in each case; the 6thclass is a newer variant that is not described everywhere. Investigating your VariantNow that you have investigatedsome basic information about Cystic Fibrosis, the remainder of the project will present information that is specific to the variant that youareinvestigating. What variant class does your specific variant belong to?Use the previous information you have researched to determine which class your variant belongs to. You should describe the specificmolecular problem with your variant in yourreport.2Now, go to the website at entry page to this website will require you to read through and answer some questions in order to get to theactualdatabase site where you can investigate your mutation. Once you get to the main page, there are threeshort videosyou can watch in order to understand the websiteand how it works. Once you have done that, you can enter data in the entry points at the top left of the page (; there are two entry points; the first says Enter first variantand the second says Second variant (optional).The goal is to research three possible combinations:1.Your assigned variant alone; since a person must have two of the genes for cystic fibrosis in order to have the disease, this search will give you information about a situation where a person has cystic fibrosis, but only one of the variants has been identified and the second is unknown. 2.Your assigned variant in both positions (this means thatthe same varianthas been determined to bepresenton both chromosomes)3.Yourassignedvariant in combination with variant F508delin the second position. Each of thesecombinationswill need to be run separately in the database and different information may be examined for each combination. You should report on each of these situations in your report. Each time you run a combination, you will be given results that you should include in your report including 1)Summary Information2)Lung Function3)% with Pancreatic Insufficiency4)Pseudomonas Infection rateCF Variant Information: As you write your report, you should includethe following:1)general background about your specific CF mutationand the class it falls into2)the information you have researched about your specific variant and the implications of the different allele combinations that you researched. 3)What class does your variant fall into? What is the problem that puts this variant into this class? What are the most common clinical manifestations for this variant?4)What percentage of the population with CF carry this variant?5)Is it possible to screen people for the presence of this variant? 6)What treatments may be available for treatment of this patient? Include traditional types of treatments and any newer CFTR modulator treatments and how they work with this variant. The following web sites contain information about testing that can be done to identify the CFTR variants in humans.3 TreatmentsThere are many old style standard therapies to treat CF, and there are the newer CFTR Modulator treatments. Which of these treatments might be useful for patients with your gene variant?As you do your database search, there will usually be some information thatcomes up about whether any of the newer modulator treatments is possible. There are other web sites where you can find specific information if you google the specific name of one of the new modulator treatments. Otherwise you should look into some of the older, standard treatmentsfor the disease. Fibrosis Genetic Variants1.G542X2.W1282X3.R553X4.N1303K5.I507del6.G551D7.S549N8.R117H9.R347P10.D1152H11.A455E12.2789 + 5G -ASave the paper as a Word or PDF file to submit.There are two documents that are included in this project module.1. The first document has information that will lead you to high quality web sites that will tell you more about cystic fibrosis and help you answer the questions that need to be covered in your paper. It will also walk you through the steps to get to the database that has the information about the mutation that you will be assigned. Look at all of the directions in that document along with the information found here in order to have a complete picture of the project.2. The second document has a table that will show you which mutation you have been assigned. The list of mutations is in the far left column; you will find your name in one of the rows to the right of one of the mutations. You may NOT switch you assignment with other students in the class. The specific mutation you are researching should be included in the title of your project.The completed project is worth up to 100 points and a grading rubric will be posted in the next couple of days. The completed project is due no later than July 30th at 11:59 PM.
Purdue University Cystic Fibrosis Project Discussion

Cuymaca College Investopedia Stock Exchange Market Question

Cuymaca College Investopedia Stock Exchange Market Question.

The first step in this assignment is to sign up for a new account at (Links to an external site.). Please click on “Register”. Please use your first and last name as your username. After you have “Registered” – please refer to Step 2. Click on the following link “ (Links to an external site.)” – this will help you familiarize yourself with the game (PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE ASKING HOW TO BUY AND SELL STOCKS).Please go back to the homepage, and click on the tab “Simulator” on the top of the page.Click on “Games”. Click on “Join Game”.The game name is BUS110SP2020 (type this in the box where it says “Containing Words”).After joining the game, you can click on “Trade” to buy or sell stocks.Please only purchase stocks that are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, or the American Stock Exchange.I would advise to not purchase Penny Stocks (those under $5 per share) – these are volatile investments – and can be deemed to be very risky.YOU MUST include a minimum of 10 stocks on your portfolio.To get full credit for this assignment you must execute 10 trades (buy or sell).If you want to gain more knowledge or are uncertain about how to invest I highly suggest that you click on this link to learn more the fundamentals of investing – (Links to an external site.)In a short paper (length is not important as long as you answer the questions), please answer the following questions:What prompted you to pick the stocks that are currently in your portfolio?What stocks decreased and increased in value? What were some factors that may have caused this?In your own words, explain the attributes of a stock transaction (or trade). This is a good article explaining this ( (Links to an external site.)).What did you learn from this assignment? Do you see the benefits of the stock market?
Cuymaca College Investopedia Stock Exchange Market Question

Emerson College Customer Centricity Responsibility Tactics & Strategy Discussion

help me with my homework Emerson College Customer Centricity Responsibility Tactics & Strategy Discussion.

Using one of these statements below argue for or against them citing critically appraised or peer reviewed papers:

Customer Centricity is the responsibility of the marketing department
Customer Centricity is just tactics or strategy
Spending on customer centricity is an expense .

Use APA format for citing the reference material
Be sure to include which statement you are arguing for or against
A minimum of 200 words is required
Respond to at least two of other discussion posts stating your support or non-support of the argument presented.

Emerson College Customer Centricity Responsibility Tactics & Strategy Discussion

Comparison of free market command and mixed economic systems

A problem of every economy is scarcity. Scarcity is the very reason why economics as a subject of study was formed, for scarcity is the base or foundation of it all (the study of economics). Scarcity in terms of economics can simply be defined as resource(s) being “limited in supply”; this is because human wants are unlimited while resources are limited. For this reason resources must be allocated effectively in order to prevent wastage, this presents a problem for economists (hence the study of economics) and brings these basic questions to the fore, namely; What to produce How to produce Who to produce for These are the guidelines economists use to maximize the limited resources for the unlimited wants of man. Economic systems are therefore formed with their function being to determine the allocation of resources. IDENTIFICATION OF BASIC ECONOMIC SYSTEM There are three basic economic systems, namely; Free market economy Command economy Mixed Economy FREE MARKET ECONOMIC SYSTEM Its other names include capitalist/free enterprise/laissez-faire economy. In this economic system resources are allowed to be owned and controlled by private property owners, private firms and individuals, these entities have the right to compete for economical gain. Since resources are controlled in such a way the market forces; demand and supply determine resource allocation as opposed to being restrained by the government whose only role in this economic system is to protect individuals and grant rights to control resources through legislation and awarding of contracts. Features of free market economy include: Individuals have the right to own resources Price is determined by the market forces (price mechanism) There is competition within the market There is little or no government intervention The laissez-faire (let-us-be) philosophy is employed There is a usually a large gap between the rich and poor Individuals have the right to vie for economical gain Consumers are ripe for exploitation Price is unstable because of chance of inflation, competition and other related factors Consumers have freedom of choice Large rate of innovation due to competition Social benefits e.g. healthcare and education are only available if it can be afforded Freedom of choice for consumer A good example of a country that employs free market economy system is the United States of America. COMMAND ECONOMIC SYSTEM Its other names include planned economy and controlled economy. Command economy is the opposite to a free market economy, it can be branded this way because in this economic system resources are owned and controlled by the state/government as no-one (individuals, private firms etc) is allowed to own resources which results in the non-existence of competition for economical gain in such an economy. The state decides what to produce, how much of it should be produced (resources), which resource is of most importance, the proportion of particular resources dedicated to which sector, distribution of output and so on. Also in this market system market forces are not a factor in price determination because the government itself decides on what the price of resources should be (price regulation). This economic system is characterized by the following: Individuals and firms don’t have the right to own and control resources Price regulation is employed instead of price mechanism This system prevents customer exploitation There is price stability Freedom of choice is restricted for the consumer Minimal specialization and division of labor There is a good chance that resources will be underutilized because of the government alone decides what to be produced, creating potential for wastage The government attempts to address wants and needs by deciding what is required. People are generally of equal wealth There is no vying for economical gain between individuals and firms Officials are usually corrupt The government owns and controls all resources Examples of countries that employ the command economic system include The USSR (now dissolved), Cuba and North Korea MIXED ECONOMIC SYSTEM The mixed economic system is a system that combines free market and command economy policies in a certain ratio. This means the laissez-faire is employed but the government still has significant control over resources. This is the most realistic example of an economic system because no economy is purely capitalist or command. It is believed that a combination of the two systems may lead to the edging out of the many disadvantages that these systems independently bear. Some examples of mixed economy (high degree of government control and consumer freedom) are England and Nigeria. COMPARISM WITH OTHER ECONIMIC SYSTEMS FREE MARKET ECONOMIC SYSTEM PLANNED ECONOMIC SYSTEM Market forces determine price (price mechanism) Price is determined by the government (Price regulation) Individuals and private firms have the right to own and control resources Individuals do not have the right to own and control resources Little or no government intervention in economic policy, their role is only to protect individuals and regulate activities through legislation (Laissez-faire) Government policies oversee and control entire economy Since individuals are left to vie for economic gain, competition is abundant hence the need for innovation Innovation is effectively non-existent since the government determines what is needed The nature of the economy creates a large gap between the rich and poor i.e. the competitive nature results in losers losing and winners winning In this system the government eradicates competition in order to create equality resulting thereby reducing the gap between the rich and poor Extreme highs and lows in terms of standard of living Most people experience equal standard of living (although it is usually collectively low) Products are usually of very high quality as a result of competition Manufacturers have no incentive to improve their products since the government dictates what to make resulting in a high probability of the manufacture of below standard products Economy is very unstable Economy is very stable This system dominates most economies around the world (around 80%) This system is not as widespread covering about 20% of the worlds economies Economic system gets country involved in international trade and guarantees the best potential utilization of resources Resources are underutilized since they are only made for home consumption, this also restricts ability to trade internationally STRENGHTS OF COMMAND ECONOMIC SYSTEM Consumer exploitation is roundly prevented There is price stability There is a relatively lessened gap between the rich and poor (this is in comparison with a capitalist economy) Essential goods are provided It provides a minimum standard living It’s a very stable economy It’s very flexible in the face of a major problem as the government can react very quickly to the problem since it controls all There are equal social services and opportunities for all such as healthcare, education WEAKNESSES OF COMMAND ECONOMY Specialization and division of labor is low The consumer does not have freedom of choice International trade severely restricted since government only aims to create goods for its own country Underutilization and wastage of resources Product quality is normally sub-standard Standard of living is collectively low Officials are usually corrupt Innovation is practically useless as the government determines what is required for the economy CONCLUSION These three examples of economic systems are the broadest and best summarise all forms of economic systems in the world. Though some systems may seem utopian when described but they are actually for more complex in nature and bring along many disadvantages along with the advantages they are characterized by. Therefore economic systems are not necessarily picked based on the perception of which one is felt to appears to be better but what the concerned party hopes to achieve within their country.

please help me with this assignment

please help me with this assignment.

Select one sub-topic from this module** on Developmental Contexts about which you will write a brief essay addressing the prompt below. **Sub-topic options include: Families Schools & Achievement Religion & Spirituality Peers & Romantic Relationships Media & Technology Poverty & Socioeconomic Status *** the readings that related to each sub-topic are included in the file named “readings for each sub-topic”(I have uploaded below), you may only need to read the readings that related to the sub-topic you select. This is a brief essay. You may structure it as you see fit and are reminder to fully respond to each item. In your own words, briefly explain the significance of the following quotation about the “autumnal” nature of a father (or any parent) and their relationship to their children: They are his for a brief and passing season, and in a very short while they will be operating gadgets which he does not understand and cockily talking a language to which he has no clue. -Margaret Mead And Keep Your Powder Dry Relate this to one of the sub-topics from this module (see list above). Share a relevant personal/anecdotal story. How does this story represent this topic? Does it follow the expected outcomes as described within this module? Why/why not? Critically reflect on the nature of class and education implied within this quotation. Discuss how/why the gaps between generations may be widened with greater access, information, and/or resources within adolescence.
please help me with this assignment

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