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However, as a state it will contribute nearly $2 billion to the U. S. easury each year. ” There will always be that one question which longs to be answered, and that is: What’s keeping Puerto Rico in Political limbo? Puerto Rico is currently a commonwealth of the United States. The Office of Insular Affairs defines a commonwealth as, “an organized United States insular area, which has established with the Federal Government, a more highly developed relationship, usually embodied in a written mutual agreement” (Akiboh). National Journal’s Marina Koren researched, Lawmakers from the island have yet to figure out what to ask Puerto

Ricans what they want for the island on a ballot: The first question on the ballot asked voters if they favored U. S. territory status; 54 percent said they didn’t. The second asked voters to choose from three options: statehood, independence, or sovereign free association”a status that would give Puerto Rico more autonomy than it currently has. Sixty-one percent chose statehood, but 26 percent of voters left the ballot blank. Puerto Rico Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla believes this shrank support for statehood to 44 percent.

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