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Do you prefer riding a public transportation or driving your own cars when you hang out with your friends? I think everyone has their answers in mind due to different reasons. In my opinion, public transportation and personal transportation are similar and different in some ways. First of all, driving your cars usually provides you with more freedom. It’s not only when you inside the vehicle but also where the vehicle goes. For example, when you are in a TTC street car, its rude for you to speak very loudly or make a phone call with your friends and talk about whatever you want. On the other hand, you can talk freely inside your own car. Also, TTC bus is always crowded, if you are not comfortable with that, driving your own car is a better option.

Usually, people are able to reach their destination fast and choose the closest route by driving personal car. Besides, sometimes people have to walk a while after getting off the streetcar or subway, although it’s a way of exercise. Secondly, the cost on public transportation is always less than owning a car. The monthly cost on TTC is about 120 dollars, and normally people will spend 30000 dollars on buying a new car or 15000 dollars on a second-hand one, this amount is hundreds times of the cost on public transportation.

Furthermore, the cost of owning a car is not end yet, people must pay for their car insurance and there is no such cost on public transportation. Another point is the cost on parking, which people used to forget about. People have to pay for the parking when they go out for food, or watch movies at theater otherwise they are going to receive tickets. If people record the cost on parking everyday, the money they spend on this is huge.

These kinds of worries are not going to happen if you ride public transportation everyday. And I think this is one of the main advantages of public transportations. Safety is quite important in transportations as well. Riding public transportations is safer than driving personal cars. The drivers of public transportations are usually highly trained by receiving their licenses, and driving is their job which they must have more experience than personal car drivers. Unlike the personal car drivers, it’s almost impossible for public transportation drivers to drive vehicles when they are drunk.

For example, we always see news about car accident on highway with two personal car drives and one of them might be drunk, and we seldom see that happened to public transportation drivers. It’s good to see that teenagers in North America are used to being sent to school by school. In my hometown, middle school students are starting to ride bikes or e-bikes on their own. In conclusion, both riding public transportations and personal cars have advantages and disadvantages. People are supposed to select their own way go out. It also depends on the distance from the destination and their financial situations. Anyways, safety is the most important thing people should think about all the time.

Marketing Plan Final Paper MKTU 605 Week 7 Assignment

Marketing Plan Final Paper MKTU 605 Week 7 Assignment.

Submit 6 page comprehensive and integrated marketing plan for your product or service.  Incorporating instructor feedback from drafts in weeks 4 – 5, the plan must include an executive summary, situation analysis and marketing strategies; support your analysis with eight (8) or more sources, which may include your textbook, business journals such as Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal and Businessweek; and/or credible internet sources. Briefly describe your product or service detailing the need it will meet in the marketplace; and where it fits in the product life cycle.


Executive Summary:  In two double-spaced pages or less, identify and describe the key components of your marketing plan including a compelling introduction; concise and clear description of your product or service; need for the product or service, target market, and market size; your competitive advantage; and marketing strategies for the 4 Ps:  product, place, promotion and price

Situation Analysis including market summary SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, product or service offering, and distribution

Marketing Strategy including marketing objectives, target market(s), positioning, specific strategies for each of the 4 Ps (product, place, promotion and price), marketing mix and market research

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