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Public Spaces in Urban Developments

Public Spaces in Urban Developments. Introduction In today’s cities, designers are faced with the collective creation of a unified framework for new development, outdoor environmental challengers. Designer’s contribution is often to become after the fact, beauty treatment and abuse of patients is to create spaces for public using plan in the first place. In the urban development process as usual landscape located in an isolated object, rather than as streets, squares, large part of the building structure, and possible open space. (Roger Trancik,1986) Therefore, how to set up the space in most environments today was the important issue. Spoiling the city Guggenheim Museum Bilbao – Bilbao, Spain It is one of the world’s most famous buildings; which is an attractive and impressive architectural works in many ways. Unfortunately, as a public space, it is very successful – and even dangerous. Spectacular beauty and sculpture building, Bilbao Guggenheim Museum, monumentally for successful as a landmark building efforts, and also has attracted people’s attention on Bilbao city. However, the project has failed as a public space, missing an important opportunity to celebrate and support the cultural and community life that will pulsate throughout of the city. Highlight the center of Bilbao which located near the waterfront, the building disrupted city life, as an insult to a pedestrian who is willing to use anything more than other building gawking at this place. Frank Gehry, the architect who designed the museum, seem to fear that support, or even acknowledged that human activity and the surrounding buildings. The museum is likely to bring people to Bilbao, but it is only reduced the civic and cultural life, that is making people proud to have their life in cities. In addition, as a successful investment in the construction symbol, it limits the role of the architecture is just the icon. It received attention, the building overlooked the river, giving its prominent, and it ignores the large public places, whether it is comfortable, worst of all, it ignores the city, it is just to attract draw attention. Walking through Bilbao, the building make distraction from the most dynamic public space in Europe, that is the kind of some of the interference in community life. While the landmarks of power have been broadcast around the world, it can easily be interpreted as a human activity and civic life in attacks. Although Bilbao as a city could be close to the height of civilization, and Frank Gehry’s is the status of an icon as a beacon of urban services, it is also a public space, that is a considerable diversion of civilization, should be suppose to celebrated. Architecture emerged to become a great success way that is able to reflect and support the building of civilization, culture and respect for the purpose of professional features. Gehry’s building seems to fail in all these areas, thus causing great damage to Bilbao, and to the construction industry. The great buildings and major public places should be go hand and hand, but unfortunately, they rarely do so. The Guggenheim in Bilbao’s arrogance and it indicates that the design and development approach is an insult to public places everywhere. Around this building, public space is a void in the civic life of great city. It can be said that this building has brought attention to Bilbao, but in this attention has been distracted, or at best a short-term high-sugar, for a city with some of Europe’s best public places in many ways. As the Museum not only just ignores the context, but also enhances the distance and hides Bilbao rich cultural and social life, it is a city’s net loss. Canary Wharf – London, UK There are many hidden views by outdoor public space and a maze of underground shops. While I came to this area, I feel even more disappointed than I expected. They have four outdoor public places and the numbers of shops in the underground like the labyrinth which hidden views in fact, it is difficult to find. All people in a public place are full of the car. Clearly, They argued that the public space or not; they think it is a car show, is to attract them to be more active. This has a very large scale in office park with complex rivals. It is complex case with the failure result for each. The bottoms of the buildings are excessive stark, empty, or conceal with columns to hide those use-things may try to contact in any purpose. Even if you stand back of the columns or arcades, and you get some good retail or a good entrance, the result is still grim, and not attractive. Any outside streets is uninteresting and not appealing. Some one would like to see a few more suitable characters to add, and some personality areas. Clearly, there has a very limited set of clientele who want to attract. Contrast to either Battery Park City or Rockefeller Center, it is so confused to mark Canary Wharf, is so far off the mark. Some one has thought as Winston Churchill, … we are shaping our building, and then they are shaping us … pretty scary! It is not easy to have a view connection. How do you think this element will enhance people community. It is obviously a car show. There are the tall buildings, cars surrounding the people who need a public space. Evaluation on Public Space In research for the public space, it is not hard to find, there are four qualities of success, and those decided it does work or not: accessible, activities, comfortable and community. AccessPublic Spaces in Urban Developments

Indiana University Bloomington Is There a Gender Wage Gap in Corporate America Essay

Indiana University Bloomington Is There a Gender Wage Gap in Corporate America Essay.

This assignment asks that, in preparation for your Proposal Project, you develop a persuasive Annotated Bibliography.Please use THIS Actions template to construct your Annotated Bibliography. As you pick a proposal topic, conduct research on it. Use Ivy Tech’s Library Databases if you are doing online research – this will ensure your sources are credible. You may also find source material via books, magazines, newspapers, journals, other Internet sources that are credible, or other mediums (Wikipedia and personal websites are NOT appropriate and will not be acceptable).Annotate a minimum of five (5) sources that you plan to use in writing your proposal. Each source must be listed with an APA style citation and in alphabetical order. Below each source will be the annotation, which should consist of two (2) paragraphs: the first paragraph should summarize the source, and the second paragraph should assess the source and persuade the reader that the source is appropriate, relevant, and useful.Note: paragraphs should be at least five to eight (5-8) sentences long.Be sure your Persuasive Annotated Bibliography meets the following requirements:Five (5) credible sources (that are appropriate for the topic, scholarly, and timely) are annotatedThere are no page length requirements; HOWEVER, a thorough annotation should include two (2) paragraphs: a summary paragraph and a persuasive assessment paragraphUse the template provided to you above, which is formatted as so:Times New Roman, 12-point font1-inch margins, double spacedAPA style title pageAPA style headers and page numbers (which should be on every page)Bold the bibliographic information (but not the annotations)Follow correct APA style for the source citations and alphabetize referencesCritical thinking is clearly apparentMake sure assignment is well written: good grammar, good sentence structure, correct spelling
Indiana University Bloomington Is There a Gender Wage Gap in Corporate America Essay

Porters Force Analysis On Leisure Cruise Industry

essay help online free The world economy has been engulfed by strong international competition. Porter has argued that strategy equates how any firm competes against others in its business. He argued that strategy is not just a series of models at the corporate level of strategy. The strategy includes analyzing potential entrants, suppliers, buyers, substitutes and competitors. He describes the competitive forces shaping an industry in his six forces model of industrial competition. By analyzing the forces, one assesses the forces driving competition in an industry and evaluates the odds of a firm successfully entering and competing in an industry. The forces are includes: potential entrants with their threat of entry, suppliers with their bargaining power, buyers with their bargaining power, industry competitors with their rivalry among existing firms, and substitutes with their threat of substitute service or product and. Government involvement is another force that affects any industry [i] . The entire leisure industry is composed of sub industries including gaming, cruise, lodging, sports facilities, travel and tourism and vocational ownership. Cruise is one of the fastest growing sectors in the leisure industry which ensures that people enjoying their vacations get transport facilities. Under this sector, the companies which mostly operate are shipping companies which transport people in leisure from one place to another. The companies include AIDA Cruises, Celebrity Cruise, Cunard line, Disney Cruise Line, Holland American Line, Ocean Village, Princes Cruises, Royal Caribbea International and Seabourn Curise Line. All these named operate in Florida under the umbrella body Florida-Carebbean Cruise Association (Maya, 2010) [ii] . This is an industry of fun characterized massive investments. Taking Ocean Village as an example of companies representing the entire industry, this research paper will analyze the six porter forces that affect the industry [iii] . Buyers and bargaining power In the industry, buyers are traveler going for vocational tours, leisure activities and all that pertains to fun. Buyer power is the capability of buyers, their agents, and customers of the industry to influence the price charged and terms of purchase. If buyers’ power is high, then the profit margins of the firms operating in the industry tends to be low. If the buyers are organized and are few, then their power is high. The industry whose buyer power is high tends to be unattractive to new investors since the realized profits are normally low (Peng, 2009, p. 42). In this cruise sector of the leisure industry, buyers are few and tend to be organized. Therefore, Ocean Village Company feels the pressure of well organized buyers who have high-bargaining powers. The industry represents buyers from higher economic and social class who can organize and ask for their rights in the industry. They are willing to spend their money for leisure services hence do not see much impact on pricing as long as they get quality services. Ocean Village Company has tried to include some other services to make any voyage successful and attract more customers. These include the health facilities provided within the company and accommodation features offered to travelers. Potential entrants and entry barriers When a company and industry in general, is making profits, other investors think of venturing into that industry so that they enjoy the profits realized. This creates a question of how the incumbent firms within the industry try to create barriers for new entrants. The executives of the industry try to create barriers even if it means spending some money on the same project [iv] . If the current firms in the industry can keep potential entrants at bay, the entire subject of competition and its impacts on the incumbent firms’ profits become moot. The threat of new firms to enter an industry is low if the incumbent firms have high powers to influence prices, control resources and shape the nature of competition within the industry. In Florida, the industry has organized its firms and formed an association to deal with such matters. The association, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, protect the firms from any external entrants as much as possible. It has partnered with the government to set high standards for any firm that wish to enter into the industry. This makes potential investors be scared away from entering such a market hence the industry can be classified as enjoying the powers to protect its current forms from the potential entrants. Suppliers and their bargaining power Supplier power is the capability of vendors to decide the prices and terms of supply. Suppliers include vendors of labor, raw materials, and capital goods. If their power is high, then the profit margins of the incumbent firms tend to be low. Such low profit margins make an industry unattractive to potential entrants. The existence of many suppliers indicates low supplier power, and vice versa. Firms in the industry rely on many supplier categories to accomplish its services. The major suppliers of the industry are those that supply fuel to firms in the industry. Shell Company [v] is the main supplier of fuel in the industry but there are other potential companies which can supply. Ocean Village Company has entered into agreement its suppliers on terms of sale which are not altered till the agreement period expires. Substitute products and services The availability of substitutes for an industry’s products and services alters the power of the incumbent firms. As the availability of substitute products and services rises and the easy of substitute increases, the power of incumbent firms to control prices and terms of business declines. In the case of this industry, the substitute might be airline transport, rail and road. However, they do not provide the intended services the buyer wants when choosing. Cruise industry provides recreation facilities, good environment in water and others that a person on leisure activities needs. This makes the industry enjoy limited substitute products and services. The power of the firms operating in the industry is therefore high. Competitors and rivalry Competitive rivalry is the extent to which firms respond to competitive moves of other firms in the same industry. In some industries like cruise industry, “gentleman’s agreement” exists whereby firms respect one another’s market niches and follow a “live and let live” strategy (Ireland et al, 2008, p. 82). The industry has formed an association which deals with such issues as competition and unwanted behaviors within the industry. This reduces competition and rivalry within the industry making the companies operated in a friendly manner. They are associated to provide better and quality customers to leisure customers and there is no need to compete in the expense of the industry and consumers. In other sectors within the larger leisure industry, a “dog eat dog” [vi] idea prevails, cutthroat competition is the rule and competitive moves are vigorously encountered. This happens in hotel sub industry since many firms exist here. Government involvement This is another force, although not commonly talked as, which influences any industry. It is a requirement for the firms in any industry to comply with all government regulations including registration, paying taxes and be responsible to the environment. Government involvement determines the profitability of an industry. Sometimes, the government comes in to protect its consumers from exploitation by firms in any industry [vii] . They can decide to control prices and quality of services offered. The amount of tax charged also reduces the company operating in that industry’s profits. It can be realized that in Florida, the government ensures that the safety of sailors is maximum and the quality of services offered is optimal. Since the firm operates in water, it is supposed to maintain high standards to protect the environment, water in this case. According to Kassing (2006) [viii] , Government provides infrastructure for all commercial recreation and tourism enterprises. However, the government involvement in this industry is minimal. This is because the industry does not offer basic commodities which would make the government intervene to control prices. The company enjoys government protection from sea rivals. The requirements the government has put in terms of new entrants are too involving making the industry one of those that are hard to enter into by new companies. Conclusion The forces determine profitability of any industry as they influence the costs, prices, and required investment of firms in that particular industry. Buyers power influence the prices Ocean Village Company and any other company can charge. It also has an influence on investment cost since empowered buyers asks for expensive services. Supplier’s bargaining powers influences input costs like fuel. The rivalry influences prices and competing costs. On the other hand, entry threat limits price charged and makes incumbent firms invest to avoid it (porter, 1985, p. 7). The Florida based companies operating in the cruise industry formed an association, Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association, which has changed the industry structure. They agree on how to conduct businesses, how to create entry barriers and common features to adopt so as to satisfy their customers in Leisure-Cruise industry. It is a strong association of firms that have made the industry one of the popular in Florida and profitable.

Liberty University Using Prayer With Clients Journal Article Review Paper

Liberty University Using Prayer With Clients Journal Article Review Paper.

.Journal Article Review Assignment InstructionsOverviewFor this assignment, you will read one of the articles from the professional, peer-reviewed journal articles provided in the Assignment Instructions folder (no outside articles allowed for this assignment). You will then write an article review based on your chosen article. Article: Using Prayer as an Intervention With Clients Who Are Substance Abusing and Addicted and Who Self-Identify Personal Faith in God and Prayer as Recovery Resources2009 by Juhnke, G. A., Watts, R. E., N.S., Guerra, & Hsieh, P.undefinedInstructionsYour Journal Article Review must be approximately 3–5 double-spaced pages (not including the title and reference pages) and must be created in a Microsoft Word document. Use the following guidelines to create your paper: 1. Provide a title page in current APA format. Divide your summary into sections with the following Level One headings: Summary, Interaction, and Application (review the current APA Manual for guidance on levels of headings if needed).2. Develop a summary of the main concepts from the article. Do not duplicate the article’s abstract. If the article describes a research study, include brief statements about the hypotheses, methods, results, discussion, and implications. If any test measures or statistical methods used are given in the article, do not provide detailed descriptions of these. Short direct quotations from the article are acceptable, but avoid long quotations in a paper this size. This section is the foundation of your Journal Article Review (at least a third of your paper). Make sure that you include the core points from the article, even if it means a longer section. 3. In your own words, interact (in approximately 1 page) with the article. Appropriate comments for this part of the paper should include, but are not limited to: your initial response to the article, comments regarding the study’s design or methodology (if any), insights you gained from reading the article, your reasons for being interested in this particular article, any other readings that you may plan to do based upon having read the article, and other thoughts you have that might further enhance the discussion of your article. Your subjective comments in this section must be clearly tied to main points from the article, not peripheral ideas. While not required, you are encouraged to consider any other information from previous articles you may have read in previous courses, or in other places you have encountered information relating to the themes in the article you are reviewing. For example, does the ACA Code of Ethics have anything to say about the themes being discussed in your journal article? Are there passages of Scripture that directly relate to the article? Are there ideas and concepts from previous courses you have taken in your program here at Liberty or elsewhere that relate to the article you have chosen? You are encouraged to include them, and make sure you include proper citations and references at the end of your paper. 4. In your final section (in approximately 1 page) write how you would apply the information you have learned from this article to a particular counseling situation. This could be in a church or clinical session. Develop this section as if you are a clinician, or even a pastor, and your parishioner or client has come to you with a problem—grief, depression, substance abuse, infidelity, etc.—and is needing your help. Adequately describe the counseling scenario, including the presenting problem. Draw out concepts from the article and apply the concepts from this article to the scenario. Show the reader how you are expressly drawing from the journal article in this application section; be sure to cite correctly in current APA format. 5. Provide the complete citation for the article being summarized on a reference page in current APA format. If you choose to cite other sources, please include them as well.
Liberty University Using Prayer With Clients Journal Article Review Paper

Civilian and Military Tribunals Differences Essay

Five difference between civilian and military tribunals Governance The military courts are governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the same body is responsible for creation of the military laws in the United States. The UCMJ was created in the 1950s and ever since the system has been aligning its fundamentals of justice to the national civilian justice structure. On the other hand, the civilian justice system is governed by the judiciary in accordance to the laws created by the legislative arm of the government. Jury selection In the civilian justice system, the accused has a right to be judged by a jury that consists of his or her peers. The jury is normally made up of 12 jurors. However, the military justice system is different since the members of the jury can only be commissioned military officers. The accused can only choose from a list of the proposed members. There is no a specific number of jurors for military cases as they can be as few as 3 and as many as 12 depending on the specific case. Jury’s verdict In a civilian court, the jury must reach a undivided judgment for a conviction to be deliver. In most cases, the court only requires a simple majority decision. On the other hand, military courts are strict on the jury decision making process. For a verdict to be delivered, two thirds of the juries vote is required. Therefore, the martial courts do not experience hung jury. The appeal process In a civilian court, the appeal process takes long before it is resolved. In most scenarios, people on death row die of ordinary causes even before their appeal is processed. With the military justice system, this is slightly different. Within the military justice system, the commanding officer who established a court-martial is capable of reducing the sentences of granting clemency. Hassan cannot plead guilty In civilian courts, the accused pleads guilty in order to stay away from the death penalty and to get life incarceration. In essence, a lot of time and resources are saved when this path is taken in the civilian justice system. In addition, it helps the criminal to avoid the death penalty. In the military on the other hand, the offender cannot plead guilty when the prosecution is seeking the death penalty. Personal opinion Is citizenship an issue to consider in allowing tribunals Citizenship should not be considered when allowing tribunals because the offender has broken the law of the land. Considering his or her citizenship may compromise the jurisdiction of his her indictment and hence affecting the trial. Whenever the law of the land has been broken, the offender should face the full force of the law regardless of his or her nationality. Historical use of tribunals Tribunals were used in the by the government to settle disputes outside the legal justice jurisprudence. A tribunal is a person or an institution given the mandate by the government to conduct and solve a legal dispute outside the normal justice system. In most cases, tribunals where used in solving employment disputes, social disagreements and other culture related issues that required social and ethical consideration in creating a resolute verdict. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Issue of safeguards to justice Justice is only served when the offenders face the full force of the penalty attached to their criminal offenses. When this is not done, then justice is not served at all. When giving certain powers to individuals who can easily influence the direction of a verdict is a very volatile decision in the American military tribunals. Currently, there are several senators drafting a policy to restrict the powers of the military commanders in the decision making process in the tribunals. This will reduce the cases of guilty officers escaping judgment and penalties for their actions. Opposition to tribunals Those opposed to tribunals are very articulate about the inconsistency of serving justice in the military justice system. Some people argue that tribunals are created to provide the accused an easy gateway to escape the full wrath of the law. Most cases that have been handled in tribunals have ended up in mysterious lack of enough evidence. In addition, military tribunals are also highly secretive therefore the lack of surveillance creates an easy pass for guilty officers. Issue of retaliation for holding tribunals Holding tribunals creates a risk of retaliation as it looks like the government is deliberately trying to humiliate in a public parade the government of the offender. This can create a situation whereby the two nations may get into a conflict. The American justice system as a model for the world In many ways, the American justice system forms a perfect model for the entire world system. The American justice system is one of the most developed and effective system in the world. Most of the world’s nations have aligned their justice systems to the American model due to its efficiency and speed of delivering justice.

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