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Public Health Question

Dear Writer,

Please read the article about a non-experimental study that uses matching.

Please respond to the following questions.

1. How are people in the case group different from the control group?
2. How was matching done here? Tell me specifically: On what factor(s) were respondents matched that they were the same? On what factor(s) were they matched that they were different?

3. What was the main finding? In other words, how did the matched pairs differ? What was the significant difference between the individuals in each group (other than the one they were matched on)?

4 a and 4 b. This is not an experiment, but it is a real-life and recent example of how matching is used in research. Doing an experiment to study this would be unethical and generally impossible. But let’s say that you somehow could. Let’s say you wnat to test the main finding of the study (see your response to #3). How would you put people into conditions tst out the main findings in an experiment? So a) what would the conditions be and b) how would you put people into them?