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PUB 650 Grand Canyon University Affordable Care Act Presentation

PUB 650 Grand Canyon University Affordable Care Act Presentation.

(PUB650 W4)The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (most often referred to as the Affordable Care Act or ACA) is the largest piece of federal health legislation of the last 50 years in the United States and has had widespread impact on health insurance and health care delivery. The ACA was signed into law in 2010 by President Barack Obama, and implementation of the ACA has been an ongoing, dynamic process met by opposition and challenges. For this assignment, create a presentation that outlines the past, current, and future of the ACA. In a presentation of 10-15 slides, address the following:Briefly outline the process by which the Affordable Care Act became law. Include a timeline of key milestones.Articulate competing viewpoints of the ACA, including supporting evidence for each viewpoint.Describe successful and unsuccessful attempts to challenge the ACA since its passage, including grounds for appeal and repeal attempts.Analyze the current impact of the ACA on Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP/SCHIP.Describe future issues, needs associated with the ACA by key stakeholders including health care providers, insurers, employers, the government, and the public.Make recommendations for improvement of the ACA, including supporting evidence for recommendations.Include a title slide, references slide, and speaker notes in your presentation. solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style 7TH ED
PUB 650 Grand Canyon University Affordable Care Act Presentation

Montgomery College Rockville Department of Homeland Security Threat Analysis.

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Homeland SecurityThe United States’ critical infrastructure—power, water, oil and natural gas, military systems, financial systems—have become the target of cyber and physical attacks as more critical infrastructure systems are integrated with the internet and other digital controls systems. The lesson learned in mitigating and defending against cyberattacks is that no entity can prevent or resolve cyberattacks on its own. Collaboration and information sharing are key for success and survival.This is a group exercise, representing collaboration across all sectors to support and defend US critical infrastructure. In the working world, a team like this would include agencies, industrial partners, and private sector corporations. Each organization has different strengths and skills, different access to information, and different authorities to report to. When the sectors work together and share resources and skills, the result is that everyone benefits from the defense and protection of US IT infrastructure.You can model the same collaboration, leveraging each other’s expertise, sharing each other’s knowledge, and teaching each other. This will include providing contributions specific to your role in the scenario:Homeland Security Representative, special taskThere are seven steps that will help you create your final deliverables. The deliverables for this project are as follows:Security Assessment Report (SAR): double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.undefinedAfter Action Report (AAR): double-spaced Word document with citations in APA format. The page count does not include figures, diagrams, tables, or citations.undefinedPresentation: PowerPoint presentation for executives, along with a narrated or in-class presentation, summarizing your SAR and AAR reports.
Montgomery College Rockville Department of Homeland Security Threat Analysis

NUR 2356 Rasmussen College Mod 5 Designing a Care Map Discussion.

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After reviewing the medical conditions presented in the textbook, including osteoporosis, osteomyelitis, disorders of the feet, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel disorder, rotator cuff injury, or other musculoskeletal disorders, develop a care map using the template directly after these instructions. For this assignment, include the following: assessment and data collection (including disease process, common labwork/diagnostics, subjective, objective, and health history data), three NANDA-I approved nursing diagnosis, one SMART goal for each nursing diagnosis, and two nursing interventions with rationale for each SMART goal for a client with a musculoskeletal disorder.Use at least two scholarly sources to support your care map. Be sure to cite your sources in-text and on a reference page using APA format.Check out the following link for information about writing SMART goals and to see examples: can find useful reference materials for this assignment in the School of Nursing guide:…Have questions about APA? Visit the online APA guide:
NUR 2356 Rasmussen College Mod 5 Designing a Care Map Discussion

Comparative Analysis Report ” Should I go the the Florida Keys or Hawaii as a single mom with my 8 year old daughter?. Paper details The requirements of this report are: The body of the document is >1250 words (this means the body of the report will be >5 pages in length). The report will be double spaced with one inch margins. You will include at least two graphics and/or tables (that are NOT just for decoration). You will use and reference at least five DIFFERENT external sources (this includes the relevant in-text citations and reference listing). The report will include a title page, abstract page, table of contents, and references page (these are NOT included in the 1250 word requirement) Sources : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Comparative Analysis Report ” Should I go the the Florida Keys or Hawaii as a single mom with my 8 year old daughter?

The Healthcare Applications Comparison: Cerner vs Wipro Case Study

Introduction As patients and healthcare providers continue to handle an increasing volume of health information, such as medical histories, clinical laboratory results, care management, and medications, among others, healthcare vendors have focused on developing new health IT (information technology) applications to assist patients and healthcare providers to manage, share, and control health information electronically and engage more actively in managing health. Healthcare applications capture a diverse range of software, hardware, and Web-based applications designed to support healthcare providers and patients in handling information. This subspecialty of health informatics encourages healthcare stakeholders to adopt electronic communication and information management to enhance healthcare outcomes and decision-making. Furthermore, healthcare applications also cover analysis of information requirements, as well as implementation of effective methods to improve healthcare information accessibility and to model and integrate patients’ preferences into healthcare records. Today, vendors have embarked on sustained efforts to develop modern applications to run on a variety of distinct platforms, including mobile devices, Web platforms, and messaging systems, among others (Posada 2014). Vendors have designed these applications to benefit patients and their care providers (Mosa, Yoo

International Development homework help

custom writing service International Development homework help. This is a paper that requires the student to demonstrate how the past is relevant to the present. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper well.,Demonstrate how the past is relevant to the present,Goal: Demonstrate how the past is relevant to the present through comparing the Black Death Documents with modern social reactions to our current pandemic.,Task: Write a 3-4 page essay that compares the Black Death social reactions with TWO modern documents of your choice. Using the questions below as guides, write a cohesive comparison essay that links how human reactions to pandemics have similarities and differences., Questions: (Use evidence from the documents as well as Two Modern sources to demonstrate how human social behavior continues to be predictive in the face of a ,pandemic,.,How do governments react in the face of pandemics? What steps do they take or what tactics do they employ to slow down or stop the spread?, What is the response of the religious community? Also, what practices do they engage in or how is it view in the lens of the religious community?, Medical knowledge, treatments, and home remedies. In what ways do humans seek understanding in the midst of pandemics and what things are they willing to seek out in order to “cure” themselves?, Blaming others. Why do humans chose an outward source to blame the infection on and what are the implications?, Use two outside modern sources in addition to the provided document.,Remember, ensure  that the pages are exclusive of the cover and the reference pages. Also, ensure that you include all the references you use in finding research for this assignment paper. References should be at least three for the paper. All references, citation, and writing should follow the APA formatting and styling guidelines. Finally, ensure you focus on the assignment topic in detail.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,International Development homework help

Critique of the article “More Critical View Of Britain’s Colonial Project Needed”

Critique of the article “More Critical View Of Britain’s Colonial Project Needed”. I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

Singapore’s 2019 Bicentennial initiative, which comprised exhibitions, heritage tours, light art installations and musical shows, celebrated the transformation of Singapore from an obscure fishing village to a modern metropolis, with emphasis being placed on the role of ordinary citizens and their predecessors in nation building. However, not all appreciated these efforts. One British tourist, for example, wrote a letter to The Straits Times’ Forum page ( in which he urged Singaporeans to not forget the role of colonial Britain, especially since Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, received a British education.
Read the article entitled “More Critical View Of Britain’s Colonial Project Needed” by Ng Qi Siang in response to this letter, and write a critique of the text, incorporating the following:
a) An introductory paragraph that identifies Ng’s thesis (using your own words as far as possible). This can consist of a few short sentences, or a single all-encompassing sentence that encapsulates the writer’s reason and conclusion, and the focus of his work. (5 marks)
b) Your introductory paragraph should contain a summary of Ng’s claims. You should state these briefly, enumerating them using signals such as firstly, secondly, etc. You also need to state whether you agree or disagree with Ng’s viewpoint on the issue, and provide a brief reasoning for your stand. (20 marks)
c) Your own assertions about the ideas and issues in Ng’s article, supported by your own arguments and evidence drawn from at least three external resources, which agree or disagree with specific points in the reading. This incorporates and synthesises the views of others into your writing. Naturally, your critique will be more robust if you cite more resources. Please recognise ONE agreement point and THREE disagreement points. You should present Ng’s claim, reasons, evidence and assumptions. Develop your position and assertions pertaining to the key issues using the concession and refutation process. (40 marks)
d) A paragraph recognising the overall strength and weakness of Ng’s arguments based on your evaluation in Question 1(c). Please provide ONE area of strength and ONE area of weakness in the main article. You should also suggest how Evans could make her arguments more convincing. (10 marks)
e) A concluding paragraph that sums up your main points and gives a sense of cohesion to the whole essay. You should state briefly the flaws of Ng’s arguments and reiterate your stance. (5 marks)

800 – 1000 words
Critique of the article “More Critical View Of Britain’s Colonial Project Needed”

Michael Jackson Biography Research Paper

Michael Jackson Biography Research Paper. Introduction Michael Jackson was a very famous singer, songwriter, and dancer who won several prizes before his sudden death in 2009. He was praised globally for transforming the pop music and many respected him as the king of pop since he actually changed the music industry and the popular culture. He was born in Gary, Indiana on 29 August 1958 and his music career started when he was a child singing alongside his family under Motown group. The group became famous in the city, as well as nationally, something that made the family to be admired. With time, Michael Jackson started writing his own songs based on the plight of women and the blacks in society. He was the first singer to have produced a single album on popular music in 1982 and this placed him in his own class even though he was still considered a young person with a great potential1. In 2009, the entire world was shocked by the announcement of his death since he was believed to be in good health shortly after the news. It was difficult for the family and friends to accept his death, something that sparked a controversy leading to legal tussles. Consequently, his personal doctor was charged with manslaughter since a postmortem revealed that his body contained dangerous drugs. In 2011, the doctor was handed out a four-year jail imprisonment for unintentional killing. This article gives an account of Michael Jackson’s life with focus on the controversies that surrounded his death in 2009. Early Life Michael Jackson was from a working class African-American family that resided in Gary, Indiana. He was born on 29 August 1958 being the last born in the family of four children. His other brothers were Jermaine, Jackie, and Tito. When he was five years old, he was incorporated into the family band and went on to become the group’s leader, as he was extremely vocal. At this tender age, he showed an extraordinary range of depth that electrified audiences with his capability of conveying intricate feelings. His father was a guitarist and he wanted his children to succeed in the music industry that served as an inspiration to the young Michael. His father was hard on the family and demanded perfection forcing the group to spend several hours rehearsing and polishing its skills before performing in the public. In 1968, Jackson 5 was signed by Gordy, which was a local producer having been impressed by the activities of the group in the town. The family was forced to relocate to Los Angeles due to the hard financial times experienced in the hometown.2 The group established itself as a live performing music group in the new city while Michael’s father, Joseph, was the manager. Gordy and the Supremes singer Diana Ross hosted Michael’s family for several months in Los Angeles upon arrival in 1969. The family was later introduced to the aggressive music business in an extraordinary event. Solo Career Michael Jackson is said to have started performing alone at the age of thirteen when he released a single album. In 1971, he launched an album titled, “Go to be there,” which impressed several individuals making it one of the best selling in the country. In 1972, he released another album with the name Ben. The album featured eponymous ballad concerning the rat and the song was the first single. From early 1970s, Michael Jackson and his family band was busy touring various cities recording the songs and performing with Gordy as the manager. The manager played a critical role in Jackson’s music career since he wrote several songs that made the singer famous. Between 1971 and 1973, the group was so popular to an extent of being immortalized through cartoons in famous media stations. While the popularity of the group was rising, Michael Jackson had issues with the recording company. The main problem was the handling of finances since Joseph, Michael’s father, wanted a considerate share of his children’s efforts. Joseph was of the view that the company was not doing enough to develop the talents of his children, as their participation was never recognized appropriately. The Jackson family wished to manage the production of music, which forced it to terminate all contracts with the Motown group in 19753. This had an impact on the family as well since the elder brother, Jermaine Jackson, decided to continue working with the Motown group having produced several albums with it, even though they did not match those of Michael. Michael and his two brothers set up a new band referred to as the Jacksons, which ended up signing a contract with the Epic Records. In 1978, Jackson and his two brothers produced an album titled Destiny. The album earned the fame for the group as they had been termed as talented songwriters because they wrote all the records without external assistance. The new producer, Quincy Jones, helped Jackson in producing the new single album titled “Off the wall” in 1979 containing hit song, such as “Don’t stop till you get enough”, “Rock with you”, and “She’s out of my life”. From mid 1970s to early 1980s, Michael’s music career received an overwhelming support when he released a new album by the name “Triumph” since it was received with praises and over one million copies were sold away across the country. His brothers realized that Michael’s career would develop better in case they engaged in marketing of the albums and recording more songs, something that made them quit singing and concentrate on supporting Michael4. With time, Michael became independent in the sense that he did recording of songs, as well as performing. In 1982, he produced a heart touching song with the rock legend, Paul McCartney named ‘The Girl is mine’, and this raised his popularity. In the same year, the hit song appeared in the thriller with at least ten songs that were voted the best songs in his entire life. His Grammy victories proved that his artwork was exceptional, as it demonstrated talent in rhythm and blues. At this time, he broke the records of various artistes in the country, as he found himself in the Guinness Book of Record. In his entire life, he won thirteen Grammy Awards and this was surprising since eight of them were won in a single night in 1984. Before his new record, no artist had managed to reach the finals with more than two songs5. Pepsi, Bad, and Never land The world’s famous companies, such as Pepsi, approached him to sign contracts for promotional purposes having recognized his contributions to music. In 1984, he signed a lucrative contract worth five million dollars. Unfortunately, this progress did him more harm than good, as he was badly injured while performing on stage. He had an operation to remodel the broken muscles and this was the time when debates about his everyday life begun since he tried plastic surgery. He requested for a surgical procedure that altered the shape of his nose, something that was met with mixed reactions from fans. In the same year, he worked with the Jacksons in producing a new album titled “Victory” and his partnership with Mick Jagger was surprising in the production of ‘State of shock’, the song that became a hit. In 1985, he shocked the entire world when he urged the US to offer support to the African continent through the song ‘We are the world’. Analysts observed that this was a show of altruism since he was not singing for money, but instead he was passing a special message to the world’s superpower to extend economic, social, and political support to the continent whose people were suffering from poor governance, low standards of living, economic challenges, and ignorance. In his view, the US was in a position to help the poor countries in developing their infrastructure, which would in turn improve the conditions of living on the continent. In late 1980s, he had created a private ranch referred to as never land, which specialized in keeping pets, chimpanzees, and bubbles. This attracted various views from analysts as some observed that he was exploring a second childhood having been raised as a Jehovah Witness with strict rules. He welcomed children in his ranch to play and some pundits accused him of trying to abandon his black race in favor of the white race6. Additionally, Michael was believed to care about his life so much to an extent of sleeping in an improvised chamber to increase the life expectancy. This was another challenge that Michael had to live with given the fact that racism was a major issue in the American society at the time and people of his caliber were expected to fight it through music instead of supporting it by adopting a different lifestyle. In 1991, he released another album full of controversies regarding gender since his gesturing towards the end of the video was a sign of violence against women. In 1993, he was invited to perform in Super bowl XXVII and Winfrey Oprah had an opportunity of interviewing him for the first time. He was met with tough questions regarding his behavior and conduct towards the black race, but he was quick to respond that a disease named vitiligo had affected his skin color and that he was never negative towards the black race7. In the interview, he accused his father of not taking proper care of the family, which had led to poor relationships among its members8. Molestation Allegations and Career Decline Claims of child abuse and molestation were raised against Michael in 1993 when a thirteen-year-old boy alleged that the singer had fondled him. It emerged that the music star had a habit of spending the night with young boys in his Never land ranch. However, the police moved in to find any supporting evidence with little success. Since the allegations were affecting his career, Michael was never concerned with authenticating the claims, but instead he moved in to settle the case with the boy’s family. Another child alleged to have been molested, but the singer insisted on his innocence. In 1994, Michael made up his mind to tie a knot with Lisa Marie Presley, but the union was short lived since a divorce was granted in 1996. Pundits were quick to mention that the marriage was simply for publicity to restore confidence among the fans. He entered into another marriage in 1996 shortly after divorcing with Presley and ended up having two children through artificial insemination. Two years later, the pair separated and the court gave Michael full guardianship of the two children. In 1995, his career was said to be in last stages when he released a song titled ‘History’. In 2002, he was blamed for coarseness on the stage when he appeared perplexed during the MTV prize show. In the same year, he was accused of child abuse when he dangled his son, Prince Michael II in the balcony in Germany. Even though he tried to explain the situation by claiming that he wanted the fans to see the boy, many were reluctant to buy his story to an extent of requesting the government to adopt the child. In 2004, the singer was charged with a variety of offenses, including kidnapping of a minor, giving alcohol to a young person with an aim of molestation, false incarceration, and extortion. Final Months The court conducted its investigation and acquitted the singer of all claims, but this never changed people’s mind given the fact that his reputation had been destroyed while he was struggling financially to meet the expenses of his luxury lifestyle. In fact, he was not in position to maintain a basic bank account because of the soaring court cases. One of his fans, the Prince of Salman Bin Hamad, donated several dollars to cater for Michael’s expenses in the ranch. Consequently, Michael was invited to the Middle East as a guest of the state to perform for the prince. He was rewarded lucratively since he received at least seven million dollars excluding the living expenses. Michael promised to produce a single album with the prince and entertain his family during special occasions. In 2008, Jackson was unable to sustain the cost of the ranch and he failed to pay an approximated twenty-three million dollars loan. The prince of Salman believed that the singer was a conman and that he was supposed to be jailed since he had entered into a contract yet he was reluctant to honor it. In the US, he had failed to settle a loan worth millions of dollars. The bank decided to auction his property, but the singer moved to court to block the court sentence. He announced that he would be performing in London to raise the much-needed finances to prevent the auctioning of the ranch and other personal properties, something he termed as the final curtain call. Many analysts never expected the fragile pop star to handle the pressure of over fifty concerts in the English capital9. The singer proved that he was in a position to handle pressure once again since he agreed to appear at the O2. Surprisingly, his reception in London was awesome since the tickets were sold in less than four hours. The London tour was expected to restore the public confidence towards the star, but the announcement of his sudden death made this a dream. Doctors gave a testimonial classifying that Michael had suffered a cardiac arrest while being in his Los Angeles house. The medics tried everything to save his life, but it was impossible and he died at the age of fifty. Many people across the world expressed great sympathy and grief and memorials were placed globally, especially in his hometown and the places he was expected to perform. The government, in collaboration with fans, held a televised monument on 12 July 2012 at the Staple Center to mark the death of the pop star. It was approximated that over one billion fans watched the live memorial online while at least seventeen-thousand five-hundred tickets were sold out through gambling. The family decided to conduct a private funeral service for Michael on 3 September 2009 with only family members and two-hundred being invited. The songwriter had dictated in his will that the two children would be handed over to his mother, Katherine Jackson. The wish of Michael’s father was that the three children were to be kept out of the public limelight10. In February 2010, the family of the pop singer was met with sorrow when they learned that their loved one was indeed killed accidently upon the release of the official document detailing the cause of the death. The report claimed that Michael had succumbed to propofol intoxication, which is a dangerous chemical used to induce sleep. The doctor had failed to offer proper prescription since the patient was not supposed to mix the chemical with other substances used in reducing pain. Further police investigations established that the doctor was not licensed to offer such prescriptions meaning he had violated the professional codes of conduct expected of any medical doctor. Again, the physician never took proper measures to ensure that Michael survived given the fact that he never undertook any monitoring as recommended when prescribing the drug. Consequently, the court ruled that the pop star had been killed accidently in what is often referred to as homicide. The doctor had to be investigated to establish whether he was guilty of manslaughter and the results indicated that he was indeed responsible for the death of the music icon of the country, something that handed him a jail term of four years from 7 November 2011. The family has since accepted the situation and moved on with life. In 2012, the family was engaged in a tussle once more when the guardianship issue emerged. Various members of the family wanted a share of Michael’s estate and the only way of achieving this was through guardianship. Conclusion Michael Jackson was a talented singer and songwriter who inspired many young people to further their careers in music, but just as any other human being, he had controversies. He lived a comfortable life full of praises until early 1990s when he was first time accused of molesting children. Soon after, he tried to cover up the claims by entering into consensual unions with members of the opposite gender, but this never restored his image as a renowned public figure. He died suddenly at the age of fifty and he will forever be remembered for changing the music industry and the society. Works Cited Abimboye, Demola 2009, The Man, His Weird Ways. Newswatch. Web. Cocks, Jay 1984, Why He’s a Thriller. Time. Web. Giambusso, David. “Michael Jackson memorabilia owner recalls turbulent past with musical family.” The Star-Ledger 3.1 (2009): 1-21. 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