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Support will also be provided by the tutor. Higher level learners will complete entire application form. Language development and challenges will be set by tutor at drafting stage and independent writing activity. Learners will be encouraged to use a dictionary / thesaurus to promote independent study skills. Curric Ref. Time (min) 5 min Stage / Topic Introduction Tutor Activity Introduce topic, lesson aims & objectives. Write up. Elicit purpose of application forms. When have learners completed application forms Elicit nformation that application forms ask for.

Write up on the board mind map Explain task. Learners will complete a draft copy of an application form. Provide support and assistance with drafts. Discuss areas of form learners found difficult, in each level group- cover spelling with lower levels, and effective answers with higher levels. Explain that learners will now complete “best” copies of application forms. Student Activity Listen & Respond as appropriate. Call out times they have had to complete application forms : Jobs/ Benefits / Doctors. Actively participate in group discussion : Notes / Resources Whiteboard & markers.

Whiteboard & markers. Warm Up 15 min Discussion Whiteboard & markers 5 min Task Prep Listen & Respond as appropriate. Repeat task instructions to ensure understanding. Complete application forms Ask Questions based on problems experienced in completing draft copies. Correct draft forms according to feedback / discussions Learners use draft copies to complete “best/flnal” application forms. Application form template (1st copy) 25 min 15 mins Drafting Application forms.. At this stage work with higher level learners on effective answers to open q’s on form.

Poetry Explication – O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

Poetry Explication – O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman.

 Poetry Explication • Do a complete analysis and close reading of your poem. • Your analysis should include a complete scansion of the poem and notes on all aspects of the poem’s structure and meaning. • Explication should include interesting, complex and provable thesis. • Explication must discuss the following aspects of your poem and you must use these words correctly in your paper: • Meter (place of metrical interest) • Diction • Tone • Imagery • Speaker • Audience • Theme

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