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Select three approaches to summarize. Include examples of the types of psychological disorders appropriate for each therapy. {Insert type of therapy approach}{Insert type of therapy approach}{Insert type of therapy approach} Summary of Approach The psychodynamic approach to therapy seeks to bring unresolved and past conflicts from the unconscious to the conscious, meaning childhood memories and past memories that are buried deep in your memory or ones that you wanted to forget, are brought to the fore front to be discussed.

Indivduals use repression to push threatening conflicts into the unconsciousness. This approach explores brakes down the unconsciousness for the therapist and the patient. The behavioral approach therapy build on the basic processes of learning such as reinforcement and extinction, and assume that normal and abnormal are both learned meaning that you will learn things to modify behavior using some sort of conditioning which is classical or adverse.

These types of conditioning involve some sort of action that reduces the frequency of undesired behavior by pairing an unpleasant stimulus with the undesired behavior to teach or learn lessons. The cognitive approach to therapy teaches people to think in more adaptive ways by changing their dysfunctional cognitions about the world and themselves meaning the cognitive approach helps people understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors.

People learn how to change their thinking and behavior. Disorders appropriate for this therapyAnxiety disorders that are appropriate for this type of therapy such as obsessive-compulsion disorder, bi-polar disorder, and phobic disorders. Disorders that are appropriate for this type of therapy include anorexia, phobic disorders, ADHD, autism. Disorders that are appropriate for this type of therapy include phobic disorders, depression and anxiety disorders.

Racism is the ideological component of a racially stratified society

Racism is the ideological component of a racially stratified society.

Paper requirements

This paper should attempt to answer, through the lens of concepts covered in this

class, a question that interests you about the social world. The paper should be 7 – 10 pages double-spaced.


Question to be answered…

Why is integration of public school so difficult to accomplish in the United States?


Concepts covered throughout class

Racism is the ideological component of a racially stratified society.




Macro vs Micro


Causes of segregation


Racial discrimination

Obviously, wealth / income matters greatly for where people live.

Discrimination has become more subtle, but still exists.

Racialized preferences are embedded in the housing market, therefore causing and perpetuating

segregation without anyone intending to be discriminatory.


Neighborhood Racism

Karyn Lacy (University of Michigan, Blue-Chip Black)

In her interview with upper middle-class black families, she found that:

Families also deal with competing impulse of wanting to live in predominantly

black neighborhood to insulate themselves and their children from everyday racism.




Class vs. Race


Fair housing act 1968

Passed in the aftermath of MLK assassination

Makes it illegal for sellers and real estate agents to refuse to sell or otherwise discriminate home buyers on the basis of race and other protected status

Strengthened the Dept of Housing and Urban Development


Types of Racism

Scientific / biological (17th c. to WWII)

Cultural (1960 – present)

Colorblind (1960 – present)

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