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Students will demonstrate that they recognize the differences between psychology and related fields through their performance on tests and/or assignments. Students will demonstrate their understanding of the scientific method as it applies to research in the field of psychology through their performance on tests and/or assignments. 3. Students will exhibit critical thinking skills regarding popular images of psychology and actual psychology research and applied work through their performance on tests and/or assignments. 4. Students will exhibit comprehension of content in basic areas of psychology through their performance on tests and/or assignments. 5.

Students will exhibit independent learning through their erformance on the Social Psychology Movie essay assignment. 6. Students will demonstrate awareness of individual differences in various aspects of human behavior, as well as cultural differences and the role of cultural factors on behavior, through their performance on tests and/or assignments. Methods of Instruction 1. Lectures or presentations pertaining to each chapter or major topic 2. Outlines or study guides (handouts) for each chapter or major topic 3. Class discussion regarding critical issues in the field of psychology 4.

Viewing of movies and movie clips illustrating various aspects of psychology 5. Reading assignments and written responses for various topics in psychology Course Content Topics include an introduction to the field of psychology including the history of psychology and psychology research methods, as well as a survey of numerous subfields within psychology including (but not limited to) biopsychology, consciousness, human development, learning, cognitive psychology, memory, intelligence, motivation, emotion, stress & health, social behavior, and abnormal psychology.

Course Policies Attendance It is important that students attend class regularly for lecture and discussion aterials, handouts, and class assignments and announcements. Attendance will be checked regularly. Late assignments and makeup exams will not be accepted without written proof of an excused absence, which includes (1) personal illness, (2) university-sponsored trip or activity, or (3) death in the family. Most (if not all) assignments may be submitted electronically, thus reducing the likelihood of missed deadlines.

Students who miss class at any time are responsible for obtaining lecture and discussion notes and assignments from a classmate. Students who miss an in- lass exam date or graded assignment must contact the professor within three class days, provide written documentation of a university-excused absence, and make arrangements to complete the missed assignment or take the makeup exam within a reasonable amount of time. Students who stop coming to class during the semester will not be automatically withdrawn from this course; therefore, students wishing to deadline

Philosophy Question

I hope you are doing well, a few important requirements for the Philosophical Essay.
The essay will be 4 – 5 full-page (not to exceed 6 pages)
The Philosophical Essay will be a thoughtful, reflective work.
The Works Cited will be on a separate page.
Your essay should be written based on the outline you submitted during week 4 combined with your additional thoughts and my feedback for the assignment.
You will use at least three scholarly/reliable resources with matching in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
All essays are double spaced, 12 New Times Roman font, essay title, along with all paragraphs indented five spaces.
Your essay will be written at a college level with an introduction, body paragraphs, a conclusion.
Along with in-text citations/Works Cited page in MLA formatting.
You will follow the MLA format throughout this essay.
Remember – any resource that is listed on the Works Cited page must have an in-text citation in the essay to match or this is considered plagiarism.
You will pick one of the following topics only to do your paper on:
According to Socrates, must one heed popular opinion about moral matters? Does Socrates accept the fairness of the laws under which he was tried and convicted? Would Socrates have been wrong to escape?
Consider the following philosophical puzzle: “If a tree falls in the forest and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?” (1) How is this philosophical puzzle an epistemological problem? And (2) how would John Locke answer it?
Evaluate the movie, The Matrix, in terms of the philosophical issues raised with (1) skepticism and (2) the mind-body problem. Explain how the movie raises questions similar to those found in Plato’s and Descartes’ philosophy. Do not give a plot summary of the movie – focus on the philosophical issues raised in the movie as they relate to Plato and Descartes.
Socrates asks Euthyphro, “Are morally good acts willed by God because they are morally good, or are they morally good because they are willed by God?” (1) How does this question relate to the Divine Command Theory of morality? (2) What are the philosophical implications associated with each option here?
Explain (1) the process by which Descartes uses skepticism to refute skepticism, and (2) what first principle does this lead him to? (3) Explain why this project was important for Descartes to accomplish.
Fulfill all the requirements to get a good grade.