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PSY-832 response to classmate Dari Moore Week 7 DQ 2

PSY-832 response to classmate Dari Moore Week 7 DQ 2.

Please provide a 250 word response to the below question using at least 1 cited article or journal and please reference in APA 6th edition format. Reference needs to be within response and at the endAs mentioned previously, the future of leadership is based upon morals and the core values of individuals who lead their respective organizations by example with use of service, loyalty, and dedication. Leadership in this case is not to be found self-serving or self-gratifying rather initiated by common goals of the entire organization from the ground up. The Christian worldview places leadership under the notion that God is in control and is the head in every decision made, which validates the belief that morals and core values lead to trust, openness, shared responsibility, and interdependence to achieve expected results.Suitable ethical management pursues answers for the realization of ethos, rules, and policies that involve the two-sided responsibility connected to the concept of man as a source of values ( Nass, 2015 ). Administration must then be recognized as transactional ( Nass, 2015 ). This means that since people are not morally adaptable and a matching re-education is therefore to be viewed as idealistic, management, along with configurations and policies, must at least aim at getting opportunistic employees to cooperate and follow suit( Nass, 2015 ). Autonomous managers who in an ethically legitimate managerial position must obtain the moral right to understand that the Christian belief is that one has the responsibility of one’s self to abide in perfection while promoting the happiness of others( Nass, 2015 ).
PSY-832 response to classmate Dari Moore Week 7 DQ 2

Evaluation of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Evaluation of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Thomas Paine’s journalism career proved to be incredibly useful shortly after moving to America from London with the help of Benjamin Franklin in 1774, as he had released a pamphlet labeled “Common Sense” in 1776 while the Second Continental Congress had been discussing independence in Philadelphia. Thomas Paine was an Anti-monarchist– meaning he did not agree with the ways of monarchy– and in love with the colonists’ idea of revolution and rebellion. However, not everyone shared his infatuation with the ideas of declaring independence, encouraging him to write and release his most well know pamphlet titled “Common Sense”. He begins by addressing the fact that while government is “a necessary evil” because the individual purpose of the government is to protect life, liberty, and property. He then moves on to distinguish between a government and a society, explaining that society is the good that comes from people joining together to make differences, and a government is an institution created to protect the people from the wrongdoings and corruptions that they may do or cause, which is what causes it to be considered a “necessary evil” that should be judged on what they are able to accomplish. He then moves on to talk about a fictional scenario in which a group of people is placed and abandoned on an island, causing them to make connections with one another and eventually creating laws and rules for their community. The laws that they create appease everyone on the island because they were the ones who created them, and because they knew what they would be needing as well as what their community could benefit from, the laws were peacefully followed. He then applies this situation to the colonies, arguing that they would thrive if they created their own rules for the same reasons. In doing this he makes his opinions of the British government incredibly clear, vocalizing his thoughts that the British government is granted too much power, and their system is not entirely fair or reasonable. Paine then proceeded to effortlessly transitions into talking about monarchy and hereditary succession. He argues that “Man was born into a state of equality”, and there is an unnatural divergence between royalty (the king specifically) and their subjects. He referred to and quoted biblical text to further support his argument, concluding that monarchy had originated from sin, and hereditary succession is intolerable, if people were to wish for a king they should be granted the right to choose, and following bloodlines has proved to be problematic throughout history with incompetent leaders and unnecessary wars. Paine then acknowledges the argument that the colonies had prospered under British rule and furthermore should stay under rule of the king. He retaliates by arguing that the colonies no longer need them, as they had grown and evolved during the time they were under British rule, and they have no need for their help anymore. He challenged the argument that Britain deserved their allegiance because they had protected them by saying Britain had only protected them to ensure their own economic well being, and the Brits have been attacking them instead of protecting them. Thus deeming them undeserving of the Americans loyalty. Paine moves on to explain that the colonies have little to nothing to gain from continuing to side with the British, especially when compared to everything that they can accomplish once they declare their independence and begin to negotiate and ally with other parts of Europe. Not demanding dependence would only result in the same problems becoming issues again in the future, making it critical for them to gain their freedom immediately. He even went as far as to take into account the size of each colony and their capabilities. He explained the form of government the colonies should adopt, a democracy that grants each colony with equal weight in every matter. Paine concludes his writing by saying that the colonies lack respectability under the rule of Britain, and they seem like uncoordinated rebels in this battle, which is preventing them from forming necessary alliances with other nations that could become critical for them. Once they have a more reputable reputation, they can acquire necessary help from other nations in their fight for freedom. For these reasons, Thomas Paine vocalizes that it is imperative for the colonies to declare their independence from the British. “Common Sense” sold extremely fast, and word traveled quickly, Thomas Paine’s writing had a large impact, and many people wanted independence and supported the cause as well as the fight for it. Paine was incredibly effective in getting his two main points–Independence from Britain and the creation of a democratic republic– across to his audience, boosting morale and causing the majority of people in the colonies to jump on board with their plans, fully supporting the cause and some even volunteering to fight in the war. It had helped that Paine was blatantly biased to the Americans, making them more inclined to support him, not to mention his pamphlet was beautifully written, appealing to the religious and personal beliefs of his audience while still managing to efficiently belittle King George and the British as well as efficiently boost the colonists and their beliefs. This piece of writing played a critical role in the American Revolution, without it, many would be hesitant and tentative to join the cause because demanding independence is a huge step, and there could be drastic consequences for speaking out against the king so loosely. It is likely largely due to “Common Sense” that the Declaration of Independence was written, and largely due to Thomas Paine that the colonies were so readily supportive of it. Works Cited Paine, Thomas. Common Sense . Common Sense , 1776. Evaluation of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense

Superfood hype:Changes in Nutritional pattern and Consumer behavior

essay help online Superfood hype:Changes in Nutritional pattern and Consumer behavior.

Consumers have become more and more concerned about what they eat and the effects of
these foods on their health. To communicate health benefits to their customers, producers and
marketers make use of various health and nutrition claim. At the same time, numerous food
trends have emerged, with every single one of them suggesting a new way of dieting and the
promise of a healthy life.
Superfoods follow the most recent consumer trend towards health, wellness, novelty as well
as exotic flavors. Despite the numerous controversies and debates about superfoods, there is
surprisingly little research in peer-reviewed scientific journals about superfoods in general,
much less about consumers’ perceptions towards superfoods as well as on possible other
reasons (e.g. diets, nutritional patterns) why superfoods have gained these attractions. The
study should evaluate which factors and mechanisms influence people’s perceptions or frames
of superfoods, in addition to their general behavior.
Type of project: literature research
Superfood hype:Changes in Nutritional pattern and Consumer behavior

AMU Understanding School System in Germany Essay and Responses

AMU Understanding School System in Germany Essay and Responses.

MLA format, 250 words +In our Lessons you have two readings in preparation for this cultural forum. One is a fact sheet about the German school system. The other is a subjective opinion piece written by a German who teaches in the American university system. Read the fact sheet (“The German School System”) before you read the subjective opinion piece (“A German Compares School Systems”). Then answer the questions below and post your response in 3 corresponding paragraphs.Please read the PDF titled “The German School System” and think about how the German school system differs from the American school system (or the school system in your native country). List 2 pros and 2 cons of the German school system based on what you learned from this fact sheet.Please read the PDF titled “A German Compares School Systems.” List at least two points on which you agree with the author, and 2 points on which you don’t agree.Did you experience a change of opinion between completing your reading of the fact sheet and completing your reading of the opinion piece? What aspect of the German education system would you like to know more about?Response #1 – 100 words +Hello All!I do agree that the maternity and paternity leave is better in Germany and hence the school system is more geared towards that. Kindergarten in the states being free is nice but I have noticed that it is more of a day care because it is free whereas the German kindergartens aren’t free. I have personally seen how Germans handle kindergarten and realize that it is the building blocks of getting a child ready to live his life by teaching him normal daily functions and how to do certain tasks at his cognitive level. Also I agree with no doing homeschooling. I understand why it gets done..kind of…but it will never replace the social and academic knowledge you learn from attending an actual school system. The things I do not agree with is the fact that teachers are highly regarded in the states. I do feel that they are appreciated in what they do because it is a necessary job that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Also the fact that you can go to any college you want you just sign up I don’t agree with. Having to apply and being vetted against other applications makes the normal U.S. student want to do the best he can from day one. Knowing that you have to try harder than the person next to you will make people more successful in life I feel like.For the German school system more specifically that fact that the kids are separated right off the bat is I believe a con. As well as the fact that only one of the 3 is poised for college. Splitting kids up the young I feel like won’t let them figure out what they want to do because they are so young. And having only one of the three types of schools going to college seems like if they are in another school they won’t try for that because they know it isn’t possible. The pros in my opinion are that the german children attend school in the morning and have a lot more homework. It seems as if Germany makes school match work with less breaks but a more consistent schedule. Another thing I like is the cheaper cost for tuition on higher level education. As someone who is currently going through school I have noticed that it is very costly and would prefer not to have to pay as much like some other countries.No I didn’t see to much a change of opinion. Living in Germany has made me learn about the school system a little bit since I have a 3 year old that I was looking to put into school right before COVID happened. If there was anything id like to learn more about is how the actual german kids that are going through it like it and how they currently feel about it.-AlexResponse #2 – 100 words +Through reading “The German School System” it is clear to me that education is much different in Germany than in the United States. There are some things that I noticed that I think are interesting:Pros:-Students have more options to focus on their goals through the Hauptschule, Realschule or Gymnasium. I think that this is great because it allows everyone the opportunity to pursue things that interest them and will help them get where they want to go faster instead of making everyone do the same classes.-Combining vocational training with classes is great because it provides work experience which I think is important for learning any job.Cons:-The families have overriding authority on the placement of their children. I think this could be good in theory but has the potential to be abused by parents who think their child belongs somewhere they may not succeed.-It sounds like the system is inconsistent between states and I think this could be problematic for a widely consistent education for the citizens.I also enjoyed reading “A German Compares School Systems.” It was interesting to read about the differences from someone who has experience in both.Points I Agree With:-Teaching in the US is considered to be just a job. I wish that teachers were paid more and had more resources to work with. Education is very important and it has never felt like the US placed as much emphasis on it as it should have.-Attending college in the US is very expensivePoints I Disagree With:-I don’t think that college degrees are as prestige oriented as they used to be. Of course there are fields where the college you attended matters, but for the most part I think that most employers only really care that you have the degree and don’t really care where it came from.-I think that when the author speaks of half of all Americans getting degrees, this number is misleading. Only about a third of Americans have a bachelors degree which is what most employers desire.Overall, these writings were very interesting and opened my eyes to so much that I had never even thought about. It is fascinating to see these differences between cultures.
AMU Understanding School System in Germany Essay and Responses

The Worrying Population Statistics Essay

Table of Contents Summary Analysis Interpretation Opinion/insight References Summary Roberts (2011) article highlights on the increased world population, which currently stands at about seven billion people. To estimate the world’s population, UN and USCB use statistics and censuses from over 228 political entities and countries. The censuses and statistics not only help to project deaths inclusive of those caused by epidemics but also to project births inclusive of those conceived by the refugees. Approximately, 367,000 people are born each day while 153,000 people die each day hence resulting into an increase of 78.5 million people annually. As revealed, the increased population results from the gradual decline of deaths and gradual increase of births in a rapid manner. As a result, more people are born whilst fewer people succumb to death thus leading to population increment “attainment of billion-person milestones every 12 or 13 years” (Roberts, 2011, para. 11). Analysis However, one cannot help but note the statistical discrepancies that exist between the United Nations and USCB. USCB notes that the population will not reach 7 billion until four months are over. This implies that the United Nations ‘miss’ the population estimation “of 28 million, which is more that all people in Saudi Arabia” (Roberts, 2011, para. 2). The justification behind the outcome is the “margin of error of at least 1 percent” (Roberts, 2011, para. 4) which is said to give room for errors. Considering that UN and USCB collected information from similar sources, the estimation should be approximately the same and therefore, the error margin is not justifiable. A close look reveals that the disparity results from interpretation of figures. USCB use ‘silly’ or impractical population interpreters ‘population clock’ that projects the number of persons who die or are given birth to every minute. As indicated, UN “don’t use a population clock” (Roberts, 2011, para. 6). Unfortunately, USCB dismisses these claims when they state that their estimates are precise ‘remarkably close’ (Roberts, 2011, para. 10). This shows that they are not willing to solve the population’s statistical differences between them and UN. Interpretation The more people the world has, the more resources are used. Therefore, if there is an increased population that the world can barely support, people will competed for the available resources including land, water and the available economic opportunities. This implies that there are people who will be destitute. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, increased competition for the available resources implies that people will have to fight for the resources thus resulting to conflicts, which can lead to wars. This explains why there is a need to have proper population estimates. They form the basis of addressing the needs and problems that the world’s population is facing such as mitigating overpopulation. Opinion/insight Changes in population could affect all people including me. If the world becomes overpopulated, I would likely succumb to poverty or live in a war-stricken society. For this reason, I think that the USCB and the UN should collaboratively evaluate the population estimates. This will help them come up with the most appropriate method that they can use to interpret the statistics and the censuses collected. In addition, this will help them come up with a more precise estimate for the world’s population and project how the population growth will be in future. This way, all members of the society including the government and the international bodies can come up with precise solutions that could help mitigate overpopulation. References Roberts, S. (2011). U.N. says 7 billion now share the world. Retrieved from

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