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PSCI 2000 Long Essay 3

In about 500 words, respond to 1 of these 2 questions:

1. In the liberalism framework, there are two distinct perspectives: neoclassical liberalism and welfare liberalism. Which viewpoint do you agree with more, and why? Your answer could side with one over the other, agree with certain elements, or even disagree.

2. What are the major kinds of conservatism in the United States today? Which of them do you find most and least satisfactory? Refer to specific policies and positions as you explain your choices.

Hyperloop technology and its implementation.

Hyperloop technology and its implementation..

The 2nd article shared below relies on the Present Worth (NPV) Analysis while the 3rd article applies the Benefit-Cost (B/C) Analysis (it also has the NPVs and IRRs). Discuss their assumptions and the pros and cons of each method. [No calculation is required]. N.B.: The DCF as mentioned in class, is the discounted cash flow methodology where a discount rate is used for calculating the present worth or the equivalent annual worth of a cash flow. While you are comparing the two articles, consider the project life, discount rate, cost structure, estimation methods, environmental impact & sustainability, and safety factors and explain and demonstrate where applicable how they have been incorporated in their respective analysis. The comparison points were given here as guidelines. You could find a few other factors to compare or not to a compare the two works on all points. At least the top 4 points according to your judgment should be included in your answer. Be reasonably critical No need for any major calculations. Include some if deemed useful for your comparison

Question 2 [30 points] // computational In the second article, to assess the impact of uncertainty in data on the NPV analysis, the author created some 9 scenarios. Choose two of the scenarios and replicate their results given in Table 16 (pp: 55). Be thorough and list all assumptions used. Discuss the thoroughness and usefulness of the author’s sensitivity analysis. Explain how different you might have done your sensitivity analysis. What about RISK? List risk factors [you could refer to the 4 files here and the internet with a citation.] Describe how you would have quantified risk. In your opinion, is the 2nd and 3rd paper sensitivity and risk analysis good enough? Explain! Question 3 [15 points] // non-computational What is the WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) used in the DCF calculations of the 2nd paper? How it is calculated and when it is used. How is it related to our class?

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Scenario response : stress

PSCI 2000 Long Essay 3 Scenario response : stress.

The paper should be 825 words long Read the following scenario and write your response. “Dave and Lisa are regulars of Midtown Cafe where Amy serves coffee as well as light alcoholic beverages at night. Dave is a coal miner and Lisa is a middle school teacher. Amy works on a shift at this cafe and also a musician. One day, they got into a discussion on whose job is most stressful, but was unable to come to a conclusion and asked an opinion from another regular person who was happen to be sitting at the cafe in that evening. Imagine that you are the other regular who was being asked for your opinion and write your response. Include all the contributing factors of the source of stress for each individual, followed by your conclusion. Your conclusion can discuss significant difference among different occupations or discuss no difference. However, your reasoning has to be logical and rational rather than emotional. Link for reading

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First, what was the book or film about? What were the subjects or topics covered?

First, what was the book or film about? What were the subjects or topics covered?.

Each review should include four general sections. First, what was the book orfilm about? What were the subjects or topics covered?

Second, what was the thesis or the main point? What was the author/director trying to prove? What sort of evidence did she/he use to prove those points? (Quotations, statistics,anecdotes, etc.) Give some specific examples of the evidence. Was it convincing? Also, ifappropriate, comment on the author’s sources. Were they mostly primary? Were they archival?Third and most importantly, put the thesis or main points of the book/film into the broader context of US history. How did this add to your understanding of important general issues such as foreign policy, race relations, or women’s rights? Does the book orfilm argue something new? To do this use properly cited specific information from The American Promise, at least.Finally, what did you dislike/like about the book or film? Would you recommend it to another student?STYLE The reviews should be double-spaced with normal margins. Quality, not quantity, is what counts. Proofread carefully, as sloppy work will be penalized. Identify the source and page number for any direct quotations or paraphrasing of information that is not common knowledge, either with footnotes, endnotes, or in parentheses.BOOKS A historical monograph is a non-fiction scholarly work about one specific topic, as opposed to a history textbook which is a general work on many topics. You should choose a monograph about a topic from US history within the time period of the class, approximately 1492 to 1865. If you are interested in a particular topic your instructor would be happy to discuss possible books with you. See the reverse side for some books which do not require approval.Films Any movie or film that covers a topic relevant to US history to 1865 would be acceptable. Some great choices: Black Robe, The Crucible, The Patriot, The Mission, Amistad, Glory, Lincoln, or 12 Years a Slave, new Birth of A Nation, Kingdom of Jones. WOMENLauren Burgess, Uncommon SoldierNancy Cott, Bonds of WomanhoodLaurel Ulrich, A Midwife’s TaleMary Beth Norton, Liberty’s DaughtersJaqueline Jones, Labor of Love, Labor of SorrowMarli Weiner, Mistresses and SlavesStephen Oates, Woman of Valor: Clara BartonDrew Faust, Mothers of InventionEve Laplante, American Jezebell: The Uncommon Life of Anne HutchinsonNATIVE AMERICANSAlvin Josephy, Patriot ChiefsJames Axtell, Invasion WithinFrancis Jennings, Invasion of AmericaRobert Utley, Indian Frontier of the American WestJohn Sugden, TecumsehWilliam Cronon, Changes in the LandCOLONIALAlan Taylor, American ColoniesEdmund Morgan, Benjamin FranklinJill Lepore, The Name of War: King Phillip’s WarDavid Price, Love and Hate in JamestownFred Anderson, The War that Made America: A Short History of the French & Indian WarVirginia Anderson, Creatures of Empire: How Domestic Animals Transformed Early AmericaSLAVERY/AFRICAN AMERICANSJohn Blassingame, Slave CommunityStephen Oates, Fires of JubileePeter Wood, Black MajorityWilliam McFeely, Frederick DouglassWilliam Piersen, Black YankeesIra Berlin, Many Thousands Gone: The First Two Centuries of Slavery in North AmericaMILITARYEdward Countryman, American RevolutionReid Mitchell, Civil War SoldiersJames McPherson, Battle Cry of FreedomJames McPherson, For Cause and ComradesJoseph Glatthar, Forged in BattleLaird Hunt, NeverHomePOLITICSDavid Donald, LincolnAnnette Gordon-Reed, Thomas Jefferson and Sally HemingsJoseph Ellis, Founding BrothersArnold Rogow, Fatal Friendship: Hamilton and BurrGary Wills, James MadisonJames Lewis, John Quincy AdamsWESTERNPatricia Limerick, Legacy of ConquestThomas Noel, The City and the Saloo

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DOC Assignment Religion and Population: Use the Audio Lecture on Religion, the documentary and website about Jim Jones to answer the following questions?

DOC Assignment Religion and Population: Use the Audio Lecture on Religion, the documentary and website about Jim Jones to answer the following questions?.

DOC Assignment Religion and Population

Use the Audio Lecture on Religion, the documentary and website about Jim Jones to answer the following questions?


Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple


1.  First of all, how can the People’s Temple be characterized as a cult using the 13 characteristics listed in the Characteristics of a Cult handout? Use each of the 13 points in the list as the basis for your answer. Use examples from the video to support each point.

2.  Why did people join the Peoples Temple? What were its functions? Why was it so appealing?

3.  Conversely, what were some of the problems members of the Peoples Temple face?

4.  What was it about Jim Jones that made him so appealing? In other words, what do they do to make people such devoted followers? Use examples from videos and article.


Based on the  PBS documentary World in the Balance


1. Describe the different population issues impacting India, Japan, and Kenya. Each is different and unique so make sure you are specific about the challenges each country faces. Use examples from the documentary.



Based on any of the topics above, find one article through SIRS Researcher or a graph/other info on Statista and summarize and analyze in no more than two paragraphs. Please include either APA or MLA citation of source material.

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Assignment ­ Written Assignment

Assignment ­ Written Assignment.

Assessment 2 Information This court is in Brisbane,Australia

Type: Assignment ­ Written Assignment

Task Description:

Length: Concise responses to 12 questions (approx. 2000 words in total)

You will be required to attend a criminal court in your area during the semester. You will need to

answer 12 set questions about what you observed, and your reflections on the process. The set

questions and more detailed requirements following criteria. It is important not to leave this item to

the last minute, especially if you live outside a major area where courts may not sit regularly. In

Criteria & Marking:

Each question is worth between 2 and 6 marks each. In total, the court report is worth 40 marks.

Answers are assessed on the basis of accuracy, clarity of expression, and depth of demonstrated



You must use references to support your answers. This is vital in every section of the assessment.


report has two parts. In the first part (Questions 1 to 5

), you are asked to explain or describe some key concepts that are important to your understanding

of criminal court processes.

In the second part (Questions 6to 12), you are asked to describe and reflect on the criminal court

hearing that you observed.

In your report, answer each of the following questions. Use the questions as sub­headings in your

report (see the Information Sheet for further information).

Part One (15 marks).

1) What does the prosecution need to prove in the courtroom for a person to be convicted of a

criminal offence? (2 marks)

2) What are the differences between summary and indictable offences?

3).What is a legal ‘defence’? Describe two common defences in criminal law.


4)Explain the different courts that exist in your State or Territory’s criminal court hierarchy.

5)Briefly describe the following court hearings

a)What is the main purpose of each?a.Summary Trial

b.Committal hearing

c.Jury trial

d.Sentencing Hearing

6)Part Two Which court did you attend, and what kind of hearing did you observe?

7).What were the charges against the defendant? Were these summary or indictable offences? How

did you know this?

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8).Identify who was present in the courtroom and describe the role you observed them perform.

9).Briefly describe the physical layout of the courtroom. How

Did this reinforce the role and status of the judge, jury, lawyers and

/or accused? (

10).Describe the courtroom procedures that took place, including the giving of evidence and

arguments. Were these easy to follow?

Why/why not?

11).What was the most interesting thing you observed during your visit? (2 marks)

12).Define the concepts of due process and the rule of law.

Discuss the extent to which these concepts were upheld or undermined in the courtroom you visited


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Leadership Self-Awareness

Leadership Self-Awareness.

 For this first Case Assignment, your task is to apply some of the leadership development tools that you read about in the background materials to your own personal development. As a warning, this assignment as well as several other assignments will involve taking a lot of surveys. Of course surveys are not the only tools used in leadership development, but they are one of the most popular tools and many leadership coaching companies charge a lot of money for the surveys that they’ve developed. Fortunately some of the surveys discussed in the background readings are available for free. The purpose of taking the quizzes are both for use in your leadership development, and also to get a taste of what various leadership coaches out there are doing and charging their clients for. Make sure to thoroughly review the background readings before writing your paper. The main tasks in this assignment are A) read the background materials, B) take some self-assessment quizzes, and C) write up a self-development plan based on what you’ve read about in this module and your score on the quizzes. More specifically, write a four to five page paper addressing the following questions:

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Islam in global and political conflict

Islam in global and political conflict.

Choose three global conflicts in which religion, in particular islam plays a big factor and analyze it

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Use of Personal Communication Devices in Patient Care Settings.

Use of Personal Communication Devices in Patient Care Settings..

 CO6 Discuss the principles of data integrity, professional ethics, and legal requirements related to data security, regulatory requirements, confidentiality, and client’s right to privacy. (PO 6) This week, we will discuss personal communication devices and their use in healthcare. As we focus on this topic, please address the questions below in the discussion. • How can the use of the nurse’s personal communication device(s) impact patient care positively and/or negatively? • What are the ethical and legal implications? • What does the professional literature say about how communication devices can support safe nursing practice? Reading Hebda, T., Hunter, K., & Czar, P. (2019). Handbook of informatics for nurses & healthcare professionals (6st ed.). New York, NY: Pearson. • Chapter 5: Using Informatics to Support Evidence-Based Practice and Research (pp. 83-84) • Chapter 7: Electronic Health Record Systems (pp. 126-128) • Chapter 12: Workforce Development (pp. 214-217) • Chapter 13: Information Security and Confidentiality (pp. 239-258) • Chapter 16: Continuity Planning and Management (Disaster Recovery) (pp. 338-339) • Chapter 17: Using Informatics to Educate (pp. 349-350) • Chapter 18: Consumer Health Informatics (pp. 382-383 (2011, August). White paper: A nurse’s guide to the use of social media. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.) Please be detail about the post and you can use an outside scholarly reference along with the reading. Please use the book HEbda T Hunter K and Require article. Please pay attention with the grammar and APA format

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MAT 1140: Introduction to statistics

Some of the discussions have focused on finding good and bad graphics. The discussion will focus on the story that goes better behind the graphics. It will serve as a segue into Chapter 10.
Initial Post
Step 1. Look through the Spurious Correlation website to find correlations that you really like or that you find humorous or surprising. Note that there are additional correlation , but you will need to click on the “Next Page” link towards the bottom of the first page to navigate to them.
Step 2. Find two correaltion , one positive and one negative. Add the both charts to your discussion post and indicate which is your postitive correlation and which one is your negative correaltion. Then attempt to explain the correlation. Remember that thes are called spurious correlation and may not have a serious explanantion, so go for the absurd. The more elaborate the strange the story the better.