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Provide the answer for the following question.

Provide the answer for the following question..

This assignment consists of 2 parts: questions about budget
estimation and developing a budget.
Part 1 Questions (10

Provide responses to the following questions

1. You
are providing a review of contractor bids for a component of your
upcoming project. What can be done to determine whether or
not a vendor’s bid is reasonable?

Describe the conditions for which parametric,
analogous and bottom up estimation techniques work best, and
provide 2 examples in support of each method.

3. Why
is a cost management plan important? How does the plan
benefit the project manager?

Part 2 Budget Estimating (30

Using the same scenario from the previous unit on scheduling,
create a time-phased budget for the following project.
Prepare a figure like Exhibit 10.9, CPT 4e, that illustrates the
daily and cumulative costs for the resource-leveled project.

Assume the following hourly rates:

Alcides $45 / hr.

Joan $50 / hr.

Activity ID


Immediate Predecessor

Duration in days


Work Hours per Day


Evaluate freezers





Chart temperatures





Review service record




Consult with HVAC engineer

A, B, C




Develop construction plan





Complete IC assignment





Complete ROI analysis





Conduct regulatory review





Obtain construction approval

F, G, H



Part 3 Budget Estimating
(50 points)

You are the project manager for a process improvement project for
Company XYZ. Prepare a figure like Exhibit 10.9
that illustrates the weekly and cumulative costs for the
resource-leveled project.

Hint: To accomplish this exercise, you’ll need to create a
project schedule in MS Excel (or by hand), create resource
assignments, assign costs to each resource, and assign the
resources to each task. Some resource leveling will be
In this project, you have 3 employees: Ann, Becky and
Clive. Each person is limited to the amount of time
allocated to your project. Ann and Becky are available 30
hours/week; Clive is available 20 hours/week. There hourly
rates are: Ann: $60/hour; Becky: $35/hour; and Clive: $50/hour. WBS Activity Immediate Predecessor Estimated Duration in weeks Resource 1 Process Improvement Project 1.1 Operational definition 1.1.1 Research literature 3 Becky 1.1.2 Identify and define terms 1.1.1 1 Ann 1.1.3 Obtain approval of definition 1.1.2 2 Clive 1.2 Target Selection 1.2.1 Solicit partners for pilot 2 Ann 1.2.2 Hold brainstorming meeting 1.2.1 2 Becky 1.2.3 Identify characteristics of targets 1.2.2, 1.3.1 1 Ann 1.2.4 Obtain approval of partners 1.2.3, 1.1.2, 1.3.4 1 Clive 1.3 Question set 1.3.1 Identify process group members 2 Clive 1.3.2 Develop question set 1.2.3 4 Ann 1.3.3 Prototype and validate question set 1.3.2 3 Becky 1.3.4 Add partners 1.3.1, 1.2.1 3 Becky 1.4 Pilot process 1.4.1 Schedule with target audience 1.2.4 2 Becky 1.4.2 Conduct beta test 1.3.4, 1.2.4 2 Clive 1.4.3 Process feedback from target audience 1.4.2 2 Ann 1.4.4 Conduct pilot 1.4.3 2 Clive 1.4.5 Analyze results 1.4.4 2 Clive Mechanics (10 points)
Part 1 responses should be presented in a
question-response format. Use Arial font with 11 point.
There is no word limit.

Your Instructor will use Turn-it-in to ensure your paper is
authentic work. To avoid plagiarism, see the course
home page for more information and use the Purdue Online Writing
Lab to learn how to paraphrase, summarize and cite the references
you use in all academic writing assignments.

Parts 2 and 3 Use MS Excel (MS Project is not acceptable)
to create the budget estimate and present it similar to Exhibit
10.9. Show intermediate steps (schedule, resource schedule
assignments, resource-leveled schedule and any other elements
needed to create the time-phased budget estimate.

It is expected that each part of this assignment have excellent
mechanics (presentation, grammar and spelling) and exhibit the
quality of work capable of a group of graduate students and
working professionals. All sections of the document submitted
must be readable at 100% magnification.

Your Instructor will use Turn-it-in to ensure your paper is
authentic work. To avoid plagiarism, see the course
home page for more information and use the Purdue Online Writing
Lab to learn how to paraphrase, summarize and cite the references
you use in all academic writing assignments.
Provide the answer for the following question.

Macroeconomic questions, production possibilities frontier?.

Question 1) I have attached a picture file, question1.PNG, so you can see the graph. Consider the production possibilities frontier (PPF) ) that shows the trade-off between the production of cotton and the production of soybeans depicted in the figure to the right.Use the three-point curved line drawing tool to show the effect that improved fertilizers would have on the initial production possibilities frontier by drawing a new production possibilities frontier. Properly label this curve. .Carefully follow the instructions above, and only draw the required objects. Production possibilities frontier is a curve showing the maximum attainable combinations of two products that may be produced with available resources and current technology.I need the coordinates for PPF2. The coordinates should look like this (3.56, 1.87) just for example. That’s not the answer but that is how it should look because that’s the form they want the answer in. Type the new coordinates of the point. (Type an integer, fraction, or decimal for each coordinate. Round to three decimal places as needed.) Question 2) I have attached a picture file, question2.PNG so you can see the graph. [Related to Solved Problem #1]You have exams in economics and chemistry coming up and 5 hours available for studying. The following table shows the trade-offs you face in allocating the time you will spend in studying each subject.Hours Spent StudyingMidterm ScoreChoiceEconomicsChemistryEconomicsChemistryA509473B419280C328986D238591E148093F057495Use the multipoint curve drawing tool to plot a production possibilities frontier showing the trade-off between your economics grade and chemistry grade. Plot all choices A through F. Properly label this curve.Carefully follow the instructions above, and only draw the required objects.For this question I need the graph plotted for me, thanks in advance. I have attached question2.PNG file so you can see the graph.Thank you very much for your help.
Macroeconomic questions, production possibilities frontier?

Assignment – Unknown side lengths investigation.

blue triangle has an area of 2 ft2.
yellow triangle has an area of 4 ft2.
green triangle has an area of 8 ft2.
Tyler knows
the area of each of the composite tiles on the floor of his sun porch. He wants
to find the side length for the entire square room.

What are some strategies Tyler
can use to find the dimensions of the room with the information given?

Use one or more of these
strategies to find the length and width of Tyler’s sun porch.

Assignment – Unknown side lengths investigation

information technology Right  click the link above and open it in a new tab or window. You may also  right click and copy the hyperlink and paste it into the address like of  Chrome or Firefox. CNET  is a great website for technology news and review. Their About Us page  states, “CNET tells you what’s new in tech, culture and science, why it  matters, how it works and what you need. Our global team works 24/7 to  explore and explain the changing world around us. You can depend on CNET  for news, commentary, analysis, features, FAQs, advice, hands-on  reviews, buying guides, amazing photography and fun and informative  videos.” We  want you to read at least one article or view a video about hardware  (not software). Then write a brief summary (or create a short  presentation) summarizing the article using MS Word or PowerPoint. Brief  means no less than 10 sentences but not more than one page. Make sure  to cite your source properly. 

Health Care Employer Risk Management

write my term paper With the growing importance of increasing wage rates for employees, many health care organizations are implementing technology such as self-help kiosks to reduce staffing. Describe both an advantage and a disadvantage to this practice and discuss how patients may perceive reductions in dedicated staffing. Advantage and a disadvantage – Label this    Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years I added this information from the professor from the last work comments.   There should be a mix between research and your reflections. Thanks for posting! . Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way. 

Florida International University Foreigners in their Own Land Discussion

Florida International University Foreigners in their Own Land Discussion.

Discussion 1: Foreigners in Their Own LandReview Film Discussion Guidelines and Grading Criteria on the syllabus. Watch the PBS Documentary Foreigners in Their Own Land the period from 1565-1880, as the first Spanish explorers enter North America, the U.S. expands into territories in the Southwest that had been home to Native Americans and English and Spanish colonies, and as the Mexican-American War strips Mexico of half its territories by 1848.Post a response to Discussion 1: Foreigners in Their Own Land” of at least 300 words (80% credit):Give a summary of the documentary: who? what? when? where? (20%) Give your critical (and personal) reaction to the documentary (20%).Discuss what aspects of Latin American and Caribbean studies are illustrated by the movie? What elements of Latin American culture are illustrated? How does the documentary present the importance of Latin Americans living in the United States? Back up your argument with examples (20%). Do not forget to proofread your post for grammar, punctuation and verb agreement. Use the spell checker!
Florida International University Foreigners in their Own Land Discussion

Daemen College Personal Communication Analysis Project Discussion

Daemen College Personal Communication Analysis Project Discussion.

To design your project, is to create the questions and the way you want to ask the questions for your paper.The design is your choice (essay, question and answer) ,but you must stay within the boundaries of the rubric.Personal Communication Analysis Project (PCAP): This class focuses on helping you understand your personal communication competence and how that impacts personal and professional relationships. The Personal Communication Analysis Project, worth 100 points. For this assignment, You will design a small project that will help you to develop communication skills in your goal areas. There is a range of possible projects that you can do – for example, interviewing professionals in your career area, interviewing an international student., or complete a mock job interview at the Career Services Center. Most importantly, you will be encouraged to design projects that will be personally beneficial to you. The project must be 2-3 pages in length, double spaced, 12pt. font, 1-inch margins all around and standard font like Times New Roman .RUBRIC FOR ASSESSING Interpersonal Communication PCAP:Points to Consider:• What did you do as your project?• Why was that the way you chose to work on your skills?• How did you measure your project?• What was it like going through the process?• Did you learn what you expected to?• What will you take from this moving forward?RubricPCAPPCAPCriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization of Your PaperIncludes an (Introduction, Body with Clear Main Points, Conclusion)20.0 ptsFull MarksThe organization is sequential and appropriate; paragraphs are well developed and appropriately divided; ideas linked with smooth and effective transitions.12.0 ptsPartial MarksCompetent organization, without sophistication. Competent paragraph structure; lacking in effective transitions8.0 ptsPartial MarksLimited attempts to organize around a thesis; paragraphs are mostly stand- alone with weak or non-evident transitions.4.0 ptsNo MarksOrganization, while attempted, was unsuccessful. Paragraphs were simple, disconnected and formulaic. No evident transitions or planned sequence.20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesis StatementThe thesis tells the reader the significance of the Interpersonal Skill you’ve chosen to as the focal point your project, and what you learned through your project. The thesis should also tell the reader what to expect from the rest of the paper.20.0 ptsFull MarksEngaging and full development of a clear thesis.12.0 ptsPartial MarksCompetent and well-developed thesis; thesis represents a sound and adequate understanding.8.0 ptsPartial MarksMostly intelligible ideas; thesis is weak, unclear, too broad, or only indirectly supported.4.0 ptsNo MarksMostly simplistic and unfocused ideas; little or no sense of purpose or control of thesis20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeInterconnectionUse of Testimony and examples in the paper, connect to the textbook to the topic of conversation. Background, accomplishments, communication strategies.20.0 ptsFull MarksProvides specific examples with clear explanations and connects them to theories discussed in the textbook.12.0 ptsPartial MarksProvides specific examples with vague explanations and connects them to theories discussed in the textbook.8.0 ptsPartial MarksProvides vague examples but connects them to theories discussed in the textbook4.0 ptsNo MarksProvides vague examples20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar and Writing Style, APA Style20.0 ptsFull MarksFree of punctuation, spelling, and capitalization errors. Uses APA style for all citations12.0 ptsPartial MarksContains several (mostly common) punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization errors. Uses APA style mostly for citations.8.0 ptsPartial MarksContains many errors of punctuation, spelling, and/or capitalization that interfere with meaning. Uses APA style partially for citations.4.0 ptsPartial MarksFrequent errors in spelling and capitalization that hinder communication. APA style is not used for citations. (0 to 2 points)20.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCovered Consider Points20.0 ptsFull MarksCovered all considerations10.0 ptsPartial MarksCovered 4 points5.0 ptsPartial MarksCovered 2 points2.5 ptsNo MarksCovered no points20.0 pts
Daemen College Personal Communication Analysis Project Discussion