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Proverbs Important Part In Reggae Music Theology Religion Essay

It was stated earlier in the introduction that proverbs play an important part in Reggae music as it is an essential aspect to the genre, but in order for us to fully appreciate the role they play, a connection between them and the genre must be explored. Jamaican proverbs are well-known for their roles in creating moral commentaries and as it is a known fact that the Reggae discourse is primarily concerned with the giving of advice – teaching values, wrong’s from right’s and issuing warnings- proverbs are quite useful in this context. An example of a warning can be found in Peter Tosh’s album Mama Africa which was released in 1983, in his song Glass House he warns, “If you live in a glass house / don’t throw stones / If you can’t take blows, brother / don’t throw blows” (“Glass House,” Mama Africa 1983). Tosh warns us not to criticize other individuals for faults that we ourselves might possess, similar declarations can be found in Bob Marley’s Misty Morning where he states:”like one of my friends say/ From a reggae riddim/ Don’t jump in the water,/ If you can’t swim.”(Misty Morning, Kaya 1978). Proverbs, along with their functionality, also hold poetic qualities; this is so as they contain musical features such as rhyme and rhythm making them very useful in the Reggae discourse. Throughout the Reggae culture, proverbs are typically chanted, sung, or shouted transforming it into musical notes that a key to the unique sound of Reggae music. Proverbs in Reggae music are many times used to re-live history, to showcase the past and the many struggles that the ‘black community’ has faced throughout the years. Bob Marley has created numerous songs that echo this idea, one of which is the widely popular Get up! Stand Up! which was co-written by fellow Reggae artiste Peter Tosh. The song was heavily influenced by their upbringings and the struggle they faced with their Rastafarian religion in Jamaica. The song had first made an appearance on The Wailers 1973 album Burnin’ but it was later included on the compilations Legend and Rebel Music. Get up! Stand up! can be viewed as an argument, an argument for those individuals that are being harassed beneath the weight of oppression, the song serves to persuade these said individuals to stand up for themselves, to rebel against the cruelty that they face. Its fundamental focus is the rebellion against the teachings of the Christian religion that hinder black people from attempting to achieve their freedom in the here and now. It is a social commentary against the ‘Babylonian’ system of hierarchical religions, religions which oppress its members and look down upon other faiths. Three proverbs are clearly seen the song and there are two in the first stanza: “all that glitters is not gold/ half the story has been told”, this proverb advises not to be lured into believing things because everything isn’t always what it seems. He warns that though a fantasy might sounds alluring there is no substance to it. The second proverb refers not only to history but to theology. The African’s voice throughout history has been hushed primarily by colonial influences throughout the years, what is told is only half of the hidden truth, one will never really know what truly happened. The third proverb intimates that many people are “wise” to the trickery of Christian advertising; he’s telling us that religion is a fallacy and only a way of controlling, “We know and understand/ Almighty God is a living man/ You can fool some people sometimes/ But you cannot fool all the people all the time” (Get up! Stand up!, 1973). These proverbs are a favorite among Rasta’s and are used in the negotiation of power. The imbalance of power between the ruling class and the oppressed is addressed by the speaker and points and accusing finger specifically towards the use of Christian texts and teachings that seek to reinforce the ‘status quo’. Exodus is the ninth studio album released by Bob Marley
Implicit Bias in Healthcare Question.

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As we have emphasized during our discussions/meetings, this first synthesis essay is explaining “what” your issue is; essay 2 will be about why is it a problem and essay 3 will focus on how to find solutions for this problem. Your research question for each essay is an attempt to formulate the focus of that paper. Answering the question will help you state your thesis. For instance, for a topic on implicit biases against mental health on college campuses, a research question could be: what are the implicit biases related to mental health issues among college students? A research question helps you have a specific focus in your essay.Start by locating 4-5 sources: 1-2 primary sources (interviews), and 3-4 secondary sources (you can use google scholar to locate scholarly sources and simply google to identify reliable popular sources). State your research question for the synthesis essay, and then create a synthesis chart in order to show how you have analyzed your sources and how you will connect the ideas from different sources. Making the synthesis chart will help you break down your sources and organize them around the main ideas in your essays. This way, when you start writing your synthesis essay, you will have the sources for each of your main points already written out and you just need to connect them in your own words. You can quote or paraphrase your sources.
Implicit Bias in Healthcare Question

Terrorism & Constitution Sacrificing Civil Liberties in National Security Discussion.

1-Present ideas that you have that would result in the national parks being more attractive to African Americans as a tourism destination.2-To what extent should Native American history be interpreted in our national parks? What should tourists be exposed to in terms of Native American history?3- -Civil LibertiesHow should our country at war balance our citizens’ civil liberties and the need for national security? Relevance to TodayWhat relevance does this period of history have in our world today and the statements and policies of President Trump? Relevance to NationHow does the fact that our country established a national site to honor a difficult period in our past reflect on us as a nation? Relvance for TouristsWhat is it that tourists should learn about when they visit Manzanar?
Terrorism & Constitution Sacrificing Civil Liberties in National Security Discussion

references to project 6 of them. Need help with my Political Science question – I’m studying for my class.

Submit a reference list showing your research for the Environmental Issues Project. The reference list should have a minimum of 6 sources and follow the APA format. You reference list can include citations from articles, your textbook, books, magazines, interviews, the Internet, etc. Make sure that the list is in alphabetical order.
Submit your completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.
Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document. (Mac users, please remember to append the “.docx” extension to the filename.) The name of the file should be your first initial and last name, followed by an underscore and the name of the assignment, and an underscore and the date. An example is shown below:
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references to project 6 of them

Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne UAV innovation Research Paper

Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne UAV innovation Research Paper.

Instructions:Write a literature review that highlights the various human factors aspects in Unmanned Aerial Systems flight. (Maximum 10 pages, not including references)The following elements are required for your paper:IntroductionBackground of UAS and Civilian Use (2 points) Describe the various UAS (‘drones’) civilian applications0 points1 point2 pointsDoes not meet standardsBrief description of UAS usesDetailed description of UAS Cognition, Stress, and Decision Making Elements in UAS flying (8 points)Explore the various cognition and decision-making elements associated with UAS civilian flying. What are some of the human factors challenges for the pilot? Be sure to include how automation and user interface/interaction can play a role in the effectiveness of the pilot.0 points1-4 points 5-7 points8 pointsDoes not meet standardsBriefly mentions some elements of Cognition aspects but lacks adequate detailPaper addresses all these elements; however, some detail is lacking or errors in this sectionAll elements addressed with excellent detail Previous flight Experience vs. Gamer experience vs. no experience (8 points)Explore some of the research conducted with respect to various types of experience and whether they correlate to UAS flight ability. Detail how the studies were conducted0 points1-4 points5-7 points8 pointsDoes not meet standardsBriefly examines how experience may or may not relate to flight ability but lacks adequate detailPaper adequately examines experience vs. ability but does not go into how studies were conducted in high detail; or some errors in this sectionAll elements addressed with excellent detail with respect to how various research was conducted to examine experience with respect to ability Conclusion (2 points)Conclude the paper with summarizing how human factors is involved with UAS flying. Include your inferences as to what are the most important elements, based on your research, that would make a good UAS pilot.0 points1 point2 pointsDoes not meet standardsBrief conclusion (weak)Detailed conclusion with excellent inferences made
Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne UAV innovation Research Paper

Psychological View on Identity Change Essay

assignment writer Introduction Identity change is a set of actions, which can be described as planned changes. This can be in either an individual’s conception or expression of their individuality in the way others see them. In identity change, the most valuable thing revolves around an individual’s psychology in terms of gender identity. The psychological view of identity change is a significant way for an individual to view him/herself in relation to other people around them with varied ideas and nature. Identity is seen in a person as a whole and what makes him/her unique (Derek, 1998). Analyze social phenomena utilizing theoretical frameworks A social movement is a way that brings about change in the social life of individuals. It can also be thought of as establishing another way in which one can associate with others around them. One of the theories is Cyclical, where the assumption is that social phenomena associated with change occur for similar reasons and exhibit similar outcomes. Secondly, we have a linear theory, which implies that whenever there is a change in social life, analysis of the reasons must be unique. It is believed that in social change, being unique is in relation to the fact that in order to produce unique societal effects, the processes must be linear. In addition, we have the resource mobilization theory, which is a combination of both collective action theory and organizational theory (Douglas, 1982). Identify ethical problems faced by individuals or communities and identify effective solutions The ethical problems that individuals can face are addictions to substances like alcohol and drugs. Another problem is abortion, whereby debates have been there whether to allow abortion or not. The issue of abortion is also debatable, whether it is a concern of the church to decide on or if it is a legal issue. The other problem is corruption that is engraved in society and how well to deal with it. Lastly, there is this issue of population control. It is a concern on how best to control population increase without contradicting any religion or perception of anyone. The effective solutions to these problems can be done by first establishing trust. Another solution is by teaching good moral values to society. Moreover, society needs to differentiate between what is acceptable and what is not to them (Adam, 2006). Explain the concept of social deviance and provide examples of deviant behavior in a social context Social deviance is actions attributed to an individual, which violate cultural norms and the way of conducting oneself amongst society. Social deviance can be conceptualized into three broad classes. One is the structural functionalism, which combines both social integration and regulation. They both combine how groups and institutions are attached and how they relate to the norms of society. Secondly, we have the strain theory, which analyzes the similarity between social goals in comparison to ways of achieving them. Lastly, we have the differential association, which is described as deviant behavior and is not part of a person but is something that is learned in a process. Examples of deviant behavior are of a taboo, which is considered to be of importance and not to be spoken of publicly. Another example is of a person who speaks his mind about morality in society. Such a person would be considered deviant (Douglas, 1982). Describe the process, by which your identity changed at some point in your life In identity change, personality is represented and embraced in a specific fashion. It is a belief that changes in self-perception and can paint a picture of an individual to society. My identity changed in a conceptual way. As a human being, I had to be self-conscious about what I wanted to achieve. The next process was how I relate to the social environment and whether I will achieve my goals. In changing my identity, I had to be aware of the responsibilities involved and the fact that all blame lies solely on me (Derek, 1998). Conclusion In conclusion, identity change revolves around an individual. The sole idea to change from one state to another is a conception from oneself. The process of identity change always attracts criticism, which may be positive or negative. In order to cope with identity change, one should consider the societal impacts of what he/she intends to do. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference List Adam, B. (2006). Ethical issues in contemporary culture. Web. Derek, E. H. (1998). Personal Essays: Social Deviance. Web. Douglas, J. D. (1982). The sociology of deviance: An introduction. 1st ed. Goffman, Carlifonia.

Continuation from other assignments. This just compiles all that have been previously done. These sections must be added: Secondary data set used How data collected in this data set Validity and reliability of the data set

Continuation from other assignments. This just compiles all that have been previously done. These sections must be added: Secondary data set used How data collected in this data set Validity and reliability of the data set. I’m working on a Statistics exercise and need support.

Please incorporate edits and suggestions from my instructor: Hello Dielda, please see my comments re: your research question(s) on this and previous assignments. It would be great if you only had one question, and explored additional variables as potential confounding ones. Please make sure to do so for the rest of your assignments. As of now, you performed descriptive and bivariate analyses. You will need to add unadjusted and adjusted regression analyses (for which you will include potential confounding variables or covariates of your main independent variable).

Bold sections are new and need to be incorporated into previous assignmanets.

Wk 11 Proj
Your Final Scholar-Practitioner Project Report should be 20–25 pages (excluding title page and references).
Make sure to include the following in your report:

Title page
Research topic and background
Research question
Secondary data set used
How data collected in this data set
Validity and reliability of the data set
Data analysis plan (variables and statistical procedures)
Data dictionary and data table
Results and interpretation (descriptive and inferential tables)

Descriptive analysis tables or graphs with interpretation
Inferential analysis tables or graphs with interpretation

Limitations of study
Two recommendations for future research

Implications for social change

Continuation from other assignments. This just compiles all that have been previously done. These sections must be added: Secondary data set used How data collected in this data set Validity and reliability of the data set

Pasadena City College Coronavirus In California Fact Sheet

Pasadena City College Coronavirus In California Fact Sheet.

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Creating A Fact SheetFor the final assignment for the Coronavirus in California Project, you will be creating a fact sheet based on your research from the COVID-19 Comorbidities and the Vulnerable Communities and COVID-19 discussion posts.The idea behind creating a fact sheet is to inform the general public about an issue. Specifically, your target audience will be the residents of the city that you identified as being particularly vulnerable to complications from COVID-19. You should assume that your audience will have a limited scientific background. You will be writing from the perspective of your medical specialty, but your goal is to make the science that you researched understandable to a general audience, while including the sources from your background research.Assignment RequirementsWhile your final fact sheet will contain graphics, this assignment is just asking you to submit the text and your graph. As you are writing each section of your fact sheet, please use third person (no I/we) and think about consider how the elements fit together to create a fact sheet with good flow — it should proceed logically. Address each of the prompts below:An overviewIn a brief paragraph, discuss the coronavirus comorbidity that you focused on in your medical specialist role and the physiology of this health condition. Explain what is known about why this comorbidity contributes to more severe COVID-19 outcomes.This paragraph can be very similar to what you wrote for your first post of Vulnerable Communities and COVID-19.A bullet point list of key facts, including:The current COVID-19 case rate in your focal community. Use the County of Los Angeles Public Health website (Links to an external site.) to find the most up-to-date numbers. (Click on ‘Table: Community Case/Death’ in the menu to see statistics by community. Rates are per 100,000 population.)The % of adults in your focal city that exhibit the comorbidity. The risk factors of this health condition, including relevant statistics for your focal city. (Refer back to Vulnerable Communities and COVID-19 if necessary.)A bar graphCreate a bar graph comparing the prevalence of your chosen comorbidity in your focal city to three other communities. (Use the data provided in COVID-19 Comorbidities.)Be sure to properly label the x- and y-axes!A summaryThis can be written as either a few bullet points or a short paragraph.Summarize what residents in your focal city should know about coronavirus and the focal comorbidity.What steps that can be taken to prevent the comorbidity and reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus?References cited
Remember to cite all information sources fully, including in-text citations and a properly formatted reference list at the end, for full credit. Please make sure that your sources are credibleLinks to an external site. and that you properly cite all sources. You can use any citation style you would like (MLA, APA, etc.). Here is PCC’s guide to APA styleLinks to an external site..Submission GuidelinesSubmit this assignment as a pdf.GradingThis assignment will be graded complete/incomplete. The content itself will be graded as it appears in your final fact sheet. The rubric attached to this assignment is to help guide your peer review.Peer ReviewUpon completion of this assignment, you will be assigned two peer reviews to complete. This is an opportunity for you to see what others have been working on and for everyone to receive constructive feedback on their fact sheet before submitting the final version next week. Please review the assignment directions and the rubric first and then give written comments to your peers. Choose at least two of the prompts below to formulate your comments for each of your peers.What are two things you think they communicated in their fact sheet really well?What is one place they used a source or the data in their fact sheet that worked really well?What is one place they might be able to strengthen their fact sheet by making better or different use of a source or the data? Make one or two general suggestions for how they could strengthen their fact sheet. This could be to add material, reorganize a paragraph or sentence, clarify language, or make any other changes to increase clarity.Suggest corrections to any grammatical issues in the text or formatting issues with the graph.Helpful ResourcesHow do I upload a file as an assignment submission in Canvas?How do I know if a source is credible?How do I know if I have a peer review assignment to complete? (Links to an external site.)How do I submit a peer review to an assignment? (Links to an external site.)Where can I find my peers’ feedback for peer reviewed assignments? (Links to an external site.)RubricFact Sheet Rubric – Text and Graph Only (1)Fact Sheet Rubric – Text and Graph Only (1)CriteriaRatingsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeScience ContentExcellentAll scientific content is present, accurate, and well-written. The physiology of the comorbidity and its connection to severe COVID outcomes are well explained.GoodAll scientific content is present and meets. The physiology of the comorbidity and its connection to severe COVID outcomes are explained. Answers could use more depth or detail.DevelopingSome parts of the science content incomplete.IncompleteMultiple areas of content incomplete.No MarksThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeUse of Sources and DataExcellentAll background sources and data are used effectively to support statements. The current number of documented coronavirus cases from the County of Los Angeles Public Health website is included. All citations are present both in text and in works cited. All citations properly formatted.GoodAll background sources and data are used to support statements. The current number of documented coronavirus cases from the County of Los Angeles Public Health website is included. All citations are present both in text and in works cited with few to no formatting errors.DevelopingSources not well used or citations incomplete and/or not properly formatted.IncompleteSources not used effectively or citations are not used.No MarksThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGraphExcellentA properly formatted graph with labeled x- and y-axes is included that compares the prevalence of the health condition in the focal city to three other communities.GoodGraph has minor formatting issues.IncompleteGraph has major formatting issues.No MarksThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSpelling and GrammarExcellentNo spelling or grammar errors.Minor mistakesMinor spelling or grammatical errors that do not affect readability.Major errorsMajor spelling and/or grammatical errors that affect readability.PreviousNext
Pasadena City College Coronavirus In California Fact Sheet