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propose a resolution to Human Trafficking through the application of information from a variety of related fields, which may

propose a resolution to Human Trafficking through the application of information from a variety of related fields, which may include sociology, law, psychology, and ethics.

The Solution Proposal to Human Trafficking

1. Create a clear thesis statement that identifies your social and criminal justice issue.

2. Summarize Human Trafficking issue in approximately one to two pages.

3. Describe what makes Human Trafficking an issue.

4. Provide data to show how this issue has made an impact on society. Include graph if possible

5. Explain which social justice principles need to be addressed and why.

6. Detail the cultural and diversity issues present in Human Trafficking

7. Describe how addressing Human Trafficking contributes to the goal of a more just society.

8. Analyze the empirical research on Human Trafficking

9. Propose a possible resolution to Human Trafficking

10. Evaluate which branches of the criminal justice system are impacted/involved and how they either help or hinder Human Trafficking.

11. Analyze how the criminal and social justice theories (in relation to the United States Constitution) and landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions impact Human Trafficking and support the resolution.

12. Examine how the judiciary, corrections, and law enforcement systems address social equality, solidarity, human rights, and overall fairness for all and how these essential concepts impact your Human Trafficking and the resolution.

13. Evaluate how poverty, racism, religion and other socio-cultural variables may apply to contemporary social and criminal justice by drawing information among the fields of, but not limited to, criminology, law, philosophy, psychology, science, and sociology. Must address and four poverty, racism, religion, and other socio-cultural variables

APA 7 format
Must have introduction and conclusion paragraph
Must site throughout
Must have reference pages
Must have 15 scholarly resources
Academic voice



HERE ARE THE GUIDELINES: What is the form and topic of the paper? This paper should stake and defend an argumentative thesis on one of the philosophical arguments (options stated below) we have engaged in this course by: 1) Fully reconstructing the author’s argument for the position, 2) Developing a philosophical objection to the position, 3) Articulating a defense of that position that answers the objection, and 4) Explaining how this all justifies your argumentative thesis. A thorough reconstruction of the argument will both explicitly state the main claim of the argument (the thesis/conclusion), the reasons provided to support this claim (premises), and the way these reasons work together logically to establish it. A philosophical objection demonstrates a problem for the logic of a position (think validity or soundness) that is supposed to undermine the justification for the position’s conclusion. The defense of the position should directly address the objection and show how the logic of the argument would be preserved. The outcome of the objection and response is your thesis, and the defense of this thesis should clearly explain how the objection still holds, despite the response, or how the response handles the objection. Make sure your paper stakes and defends an argumentative thesis, fully reconstructs the author’s argument, fully develops a philosophical objection, and articulates a strong defense to this objection. What is the structure of the paper? This paper is a formal critical analysis paper. There should be an introduction and a conclusion with the entirety of the body well organized in paragraph form. Your introduction should explicitly state your thesis, briefly outline the author’s argument, state the objection and response that you will explore in the paper, and suggest how this objection and response justifies your thesis. Your conclusion should succinctly recap what you have done in the paper. The paper must be rooted in the text, either through indirect or direct reference. Make sure to CITE YOUR SOURCE using APA in-text citation style (no reference list or bibliography needed if you use only texts assigned in the course; formal reference list or bibliography needed for anything not assigned in the course). What should I write on? Choose ONE of the following arguments and develop critical analysis of it: • “Beyond the Ethics of Admission: Stateless People, Refugee Camps, and Moral Obligations” by Serena Parekh • “Privacy, Security, and Government Surveillance” by Adam D. Moore • “Torture in Principal and in Practice” by Jeff McMahan Technical Details The paper must be typed, double-spaced (approximately five to seven pages), 12-point font, and submitted to Blackboard by 11:59 p.m. on the due date. 

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Pharmacology Question

propose a resolution to Human Trafficking through the application of information from a variety of related fields, which may Biosimilars Position Paper

The assignment is to turn in an electronic copy of a 3-5-page position

statement on biogeneric drugs. This position statement is NOT to be

about your personal beliefs on the topic, but that of one of the six

groups listed below. Be sure to cover topics such as possible uses and

abuses, pros and cons, ethical issues, etc. You may be as creative as

you like when describing who you are and what position you are

taking. You must include references for this paper.
1. FDA administrator

2. Spokesperson for Generic Pharmaceutical Association
3. Vice-president for marketing for a company manufacturing an

innovator recombinant product
4. Patient currently spending $20,000 per year for a single

recombinant medication
5. Plan administrator for an insurance company

6. Politician running for national office
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