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Mr. Dunnah the purpose of this memo is to inform you that the Research into improving Workplace Safety is now finish and ready for your review. I have look at the statistics on work place violence over the past three years, 2011 through 2013. As I stated in my earlier memo I feel, that this is a very important need for the employees, management, and the business. Millions of workers face violence in the workplace every year and it is the second leading cause of occupational injury.

Workplace violence can range from physical assaults to robbery or homicide, with one out of five occupational fatalities occurring because of violence in the workplace. Protecting our employees protects the company. In stating this work place, safety needs to be addressed. Employee safety should be one of the items at the top of our list for improving our business. From the course, I took on work place safety these are the responsibilities of the employer and the employees. We should property orientate, train and supervise staff to ensure safe work practices are followed by all employees.

In addition, consult with all employees about decisions that will affect safety in the workplace. Provide suitable personal protective equipment to make sure workers can do their job safely and train workers how to use PPE correctly, and provide adequate facilities for the welfare of employee. Employees should work safely to protect themselves and others for injury. Wear provided safety equipment. Never interfere with or misuse anything provided by the employer that is used to keep the workplace safe. In addition, Report all hazards, injuries, illnesses.

IMPROVE EMPLOYEE SAFETY IN THE WORKPLACE Prepared for The President of Dunnah Construction Prepared by Darlene Dunnah Human Resource Director December 3, 2013 GB512: Business Communications Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The main purpose of this research paper is to obtain information about the important of Employee Safety in the work Place. The employees of a company is the number one asset of that company and keeping them safe should be a high priority. Millions of workers face violence in the workplace every year and it is the second leading cause of occupational injury.

Workplace violence can range from physical assaults to robbery or homicide, with one out of five occupational fatalities occurring because of violence in the workplace. Protecting our employees protects the company. From the course, I took on work place safety there are responsibilities of both the employer and the employees that should be addressed to insure safety for all. Last year went an individual entered the building and attached one of our employees. He did a great deal of damage doing the attack. We had five work place injuries.

This is way I feel that my proposal should be approved. Introduction We are fortunate to have the safety program setup for our construction sites, which is require under federal law. However, there is a need for improvement in the security system of the office. As the company expands and we bring on more employees we need to upgrade the safety manual, improve the safety training, and the employee safety policies. Millions of workers face violence in the workplace every year and it is the second leading cause of occupational injury.

Workplace violence can range from physical assaults to robbery or homicide, with one out of five occupational fatalities occurring because of violence in the workplace. Protecting our employees protects the company. This is way it is important to have employee safety training and awareness. This training will proved our employees with a wealth of protective benefits. In addition, by protecting all of our employees, both internal and external, we are also helping to protect the company. Workplace Violence

Workplace safety is more than looking at all the hazers within the work place such as wet floors, hazard materials; and so on, it is also protecting employees from work place violence. Workplace violence and domestic violence in the workplace can cause devastating effects on management and employees (Dealing with Violence in the Workplace, 2012). Statistics Workplace violence perpetrators classification: Criminal intent, Customer or client, Worker-on-worker, and Personal relationship. The criminal perpetrator has no legitimate relationship to the business or its employees.

85 percent of workplace homicides fall into this category, customer or client are those that the company prove services to and approximately 3 percent of all workplace homicides fall into this category, worker-on-worker is an employee or past employee who attacks or threatens another employee. Fatalities account for approximately 7 percent of all workplace homicides, and personal relationship has not relationship with the business but has a personal relationship with the intended victim accounts for 5 percent of all workplace homicides (Dealing with Violence in the Workplace, 2012).

Incidence rates for nonfatal assaults and violent acts by industry, 2000 Incidence rate per 10,000 full-time workers Private Sector Overall Health Services Overall Social Services Nursing & Personal Care Facilities Source: U. S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2001). Survey of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses, 2000 (Administration, 2004). Scope of Problem Workplace violence can also include acts that result in damage to company resources or capabilities as well as staff. Employers also now consider workplace harassment and bullying to be a form of workplace violence.

In addition, we have domestic violence that spills over into the workplace (Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies and Research Needs, 2006). Prevention Dunnah Construction Company written safety policy covers all that is required by OSHA however, I feel that the security locks on the doors are a needed safety step that the company has not addressed (Heldi Cardenas, n. d. ). One-step to help with workplace violence and improving employee safety is training, training and more training. Along with the training, we need to develop a better safety program.

The federal law, regulated by OSHA, employers provide a workplace free from recognized hazards. Workplace violence falls into this category. This is why training is important to recognizing the warning signs, taking action to mitigate dangerous situations, and developing skills for the prevention and response to violent situations. The improvement to the security of the building will only require us to replace the doors to the building with new security doors, which will require each employee to have a security key, for entry.

Each employee has to wear an ID badge with in the office now, so we only have to program that badge with the security code to open doors. Security door locks will let the employees know that they are safe from this type of workplace violence these security locks will protect not only our employees but also our property and equipment. The benefits that will be gained for the installation of the security locks and the security guard will be a gain to the company and the employees.

With the feature in place the company can expect to reduce workers compensation cost, medical expenses, cost of training replacement, and most of all these improvements can result in significant improvement to the organization’s productivity and financial performance. There will also be additional costs to train management and employees on the new safety feature, the purchase of the equipment or rental of the equipment to create the ID badges that will be needed to be worn to enter and leave the building.

The updating of the safety policies, as I noted earlier, to include the dos and don’ts in the use of the ID badges (Walker, 2002). The following dos and don’ts should be added to the employee handbook under policy Each employee must use their badge to enter the building as well as leaving the building. If you forget your badge at home, you will have to return home and get it. If the badge is lost or misplace it must be report to management. The badge will be replace at the employees cost. Employees or management are not allow to prop and door open Employees or management is not allow to let anyone into the building on their badge.

In addition to the security doors and the security system security personal should also be add to the payroll. The present of security personal patrolling the grounds will help protect the company’s property as well as the employees. Security personal will also cut down on work-on-worker violence on the grounds of the company. Safety Policy A safety policy is the foundation of a safety program that may include safety committees, safety recognition, safety suggestions, safety reporting and other activities that raise safety awareness and create a safe work environment (Walker, 2002).

The workplace safety policy should be given to each employee to read and sign that they have read and understand the new policies of the company. The new policy will describe how safety is to be managed, who is responsible, requirements of how specific activities and consequences of noncompliance. Conclusion The improvement to the safety feature of this work place will help to improve the morale of the employees and increase employee productivity. The training will get everyone involved and will show them how important it will be for them to follow all of the new policies.

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Please code the E/M code and any other procedures for the following case from your CPT coding book and add modifier if applicable:
DATE: 10/11/21
Attending Physician: Katie M. Robbs, MD
The patient is a male, gestational age 41 weeks, 5 days, born by Cesarean section in this facility, 10/10/21, 27:37. This is a subsequent hospital visit.
IMPRESSION: Neonate was of a single birth, BWT 2,857 grams without significant OR procedures with a normal newborn diagnosis. 21″ long. Head circumference: 31 cm. Amniotic fluid: clear. Cord: 3 vessels. Head is acrocephalitic, and there is evidence of premature cranial suture fusion. The fingers of the right hand are syndactylic, as well. APGAR SCORE: 1 min. = 7; 5 min. = 8. Heart rate: 100; respiratory effort: good; muscle tone: active; response to catheter in nostril: cough; color: body pink, extremities blue MATERNAL HISTORY: 40 years old, G2P2, blood type B , planned C-section due to previous C-section birth three years ago. General anesthesia. HIV-tested during pregnancy: neg. ADMINISTRATIONS: Hepatitis B, peds, vaccine (recomb) 5 mcg/0.5 mL, given: 10/12/21 RECOMMENDATIONS: Newborn has acrocephalosyndactyly. Consultation with neonatologist requested.
Katie M. Robbs, MD PHJ/mg D: 10/11/21 09:50:16 T: 10/13/21 12:55:01

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