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The biggest gap between General English and Business English is the use of expressions in Business English. If someone sets his or her goal to improving his Business English, he or she should focus on improving business vocabulary. “Many studies have established the fact that there is a high correlation between vocabulary and intelligence and that the ability to increase one’s vocabulary throughout life is a sure reflection of intellectual progress. ” said Bergen Baldwin Evans, a professor of English in Northwestern University.

This has the meaning that the more business words and business terms you learn, the more knowledge in Business English you get. There is no doubt that learning Business English is an essential part of mastering Business English. As realizing the importance of this matter, every student of English for Special Purposes Department of College of Foreign Languages put their effort in learning Business English. However, the study materials for Business English vocabulary are still quite difficult for them to approach because of some objective reasons.

To some extent, as the concept of Business English has just become popular in Vietnam since 2007 the year Vietnam joining World Trade Organization, the qualified study materials for Business English in Vietnam are pretty limited and expensive for Vietnamese students. Fortunately, we are now living in the time of Information Technology and the Internet is a useful tool for students to access to the knowledge. There are more and more students make their choices to use Internet to support their learning.

Specifically, students of English for Special Purposes Department of Da Nang College of Foreign Languages, who major in Business English, have a trend to learn Business English vocabulary through online news. In additions, even some teachers also encourage their students to use this method as well as apply this method on their teaching. However, not every student knows how to learn Business English vocabulary through online news effectively and the benefits this method brings to the users. The amount of information on the Internet is nearly unlimited, which makes students confused of picking up exactly information they need.

Everyday, there are thoundsands of news released online and this number increasing every second. The massive amount of online news can disorient the students. Therefore, if they don’t know the right way to apply this method, they will not only take no advantage of it but also waste their time. For the above reasons, this research “A study on learning Business English vocabulary through online news of ESPD students in Da Nang College of Foreign Languages” is carried out with the aim to help the students to find out the ways to learn Business English vocabulary through online news effectively.

This will help ungraduated students who major in Business English can approach this method more easily. We hope that the research will have a minor contribution to the learning and teaching Business English, especially helping students to improve their Business English vocabulary. 1. 2Scope of the study Learning Business English vocabulary is an essential part for students majoring in Business English. There are many ways for them to practice as well as improve their vocabulary. However, due to the limitation of knowledge, time and resource, the study will be restricted to the method of using online news to learn Business English vocabulary.

This study is conducted within 200 students of English for Special Purposes Department of Da Nang College of Foreign Languages, who major in Business English. 2. Hypothesis : This study is based on two hypotheses for the method of learning Business English through online news: Firstly, it is hypothesized that learning vocabulary through online news is useful for students. Secondly, it is hypothesized that every student of ESPD of DaNang CFL is aware of the advantage of the method and have been using this method to support their studying. 3. Research aims and objectives 1. Aims

Chapter 1, Introduction, consists of the rationale, the aims and objectives, the scope of the study, the hypotheses, the research questions and the organization of the study. Chapter 2, Literature and theoretical background, provides a brief literature review and theoretical background for the matters of study. Chapter 3, Research design and methodology, presents the research method, and the procedure of data collection and analysis. Chapter 4, Findings and discussion, discusses in the result of the data analysis. This chapter focuses on figuring out the ways of using the method of learning Business English vocabulary through online news.

Evaluation of Product Potential.

Evaluation of Product Potential..

You are the Vice President of Product Development for a small pharmaceutical company that currently has three products on the market: a lipid-lowering drug, an anti-inflammatory, and a beta-blocker. Each of the products has a modest market share and less than 5 years left on its patent. The Director of Research and Development at your company wants to meet with you about a new drug, his department is working on for the treatment of type II diabetes. To prepare for this Application, review the resources on portfolio management, risk analysis, and other factors that need to be considered when deciding which medical products are the best candidates to move into development. To complete this Application, write a 2 page paper that includes the following: Identify the major criteria that you will use to evaluate the proposal. For each criterion you identify, create a list of specific questions you intend to ask. For each question, anticipate and identify two or more possible responses and how each possible response would influence your evaluation of the drug’s potential and its feasibility for your company. Your paper should be written in the following format: 1. Criterion name a. Question (Possible response) – interpretation (Possible response) – interpretation (Possible response) – interpretation b. Question (Possible response) – interpretation (Possible response) – interpretation

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