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Proper Sampling

Be sure to provide the sampling method used, why the sampling method is improper, what type of sampling should have been used, and why.

English Question

This is an essay is a compare/contrast essay

over the two essays provided in class from the electronic textbook. You must

provide tow comparisons and one contrast, or two contrasts and one comparison

your choice over the two essays.
This essay must be a minimum 750 words that

does not include your works cited page. You must have two in text citations and

two citations on your works cited page. Remember to include the word count

with your name and date.

Case Analysis: l How the ethical code of the company and salesperson conflict

Proper Sampling Case Analysis: l How the ethical code of the company and salesperson conflict.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following: The key issues of the case study Ethical position of the company Ethical position of sales personnel How the ethical code of the company and salesperson conflict The positive and negative consequences of the ethical decisions of the company and salesperson A description of how you think the salesperson could act successfully and with integrity Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

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How would you say society is affected by ethnic diversity? Explain in detail, using at least four specific examples.

Ethnic diversity involves the characteristics, religion, customs, attitude, beliefs and language concerning other groups of people who share common ancestral origin. It affects the society in many ways. In the recent past, increased travel possibilities and communication has made the travelling of people and their culture spreading all over the world. Ethnic diversity has both positive and negative effects to the society. The positive effects is that, it facilitates awareness and creates greater understanding of other different cultures, it teaches individuals to be tolerant, Religions can see individuals of different racial origins who all follow the same faith. Negative association between society ethnic diversity and social cohesion indicators which include attitudes towards the community and neighbors, suggest how diversity may lead to decline in social cohesion; this may lead to negative effects like people being treated unfairly as some groups work against the society, may lead to extremist groups, police harassment and prejudiced employers who will give jobs to individuals from certain races. Example of the positive effects of ethnicity may include; it creates peace and harmony as different believes, cultures and religions are incorporated together. It facilitates variety of ethnic celebrations where members are introduced to foreign foods, festivals, music and fashion. On the other hand, ethnicity may also bring conflicts. Ethnic prejudice between groups may lead to disagreements and also biasness.

Consider both the positive and negative effects of belonging to a community. What pressures are exerted on individuals by communities? Think about a community that you or a friend has experienced. How does this community describe itself, and is the description consistent with the way outsiders would describe it

Since the dawn of time, people have always formed communities so that they may feel to be part of something. People need to belong; to one another, to families, to friends, to the country and culture, and to the world. To belong is primal, fundamental to one’s well being and sense of happiness. Individuals focus heavily on being part of great communities. Surrounded with interesting value driven individuals, with positive views and focused to change the world for better. Belonging to a society may have both its positive and negative effects. First of all, one’s feeling about his society may be negative. Focusing on what makes a strong society strong and how its members benefit. But what makes a weak society weak and how it affects its members. For a society which is not good, society and group divisions can become exaggerated, insular beliefs may grow, prejudice expands, and gang groups grow, racism, political and religious extremism, and this can be bad for its members. Good society allows its members with a strong sense of belonging, connection, needs fulfillment and strength. For example under the current description of racial equality, Blacks due to the lack of intactness of their social mechanisms of mutual independence are no longer accountable to their community.

When it comes to punishment for criminals, how often do you feel the offenders get what they deserve? Do you notice disparities within the criminal justice system that concern you? If so, what specifically do you find bothersome?

Real justice requires individuals to suffer from their wrong deeds and in ways which are appropriate to their wrong deeds. All guilty people deserves to be punished in proportion to the severity of their crime and in the cases of murder, the murderer deserves death as punishment for his or her crime. The measure of punishment in any given case must depend on the crime atrocity, criminal’s conduct and the unprotected and defenselessness state of the victim. Imposing appropriate punishment is the manner which law systems must respond the society’s cry for justice against offenders. Punishments which the courts have been imposed by the courts have not been befitting enough to give criminals what they deserve. However, disparities in the criminal justice system have always existed. With black people feeling that they are more prone to be punished severely when it comes to criminal activities. Racial bias, both implicit and explicit has put more people of color on probations and in prisons than the white people. Disproportionally, colored people many a times have been deprived of their liberty.

Read “Eulogy of the Dog” (p. 344-345). Answer both critical thinking questions that follow.

According to the George G. Vest “Eulogy of the Dog”, man’s best friend may turn against him and become his enemy. His children whom he raised with care and love may prove ungrateful. A man may lose his money, perhaps when he needs it most. People prone to fall in their knees to do us honor when they see success in us may be the first ones to throw stones of malice when failure settles upon us. The dog is the only one friend who is unselfish and that a man can trust in this selfish world. The one that will never prove ungrateful or treacherous is the dog. Gentlemen of the jury, man’s dog stands with him in poverty and in prosperity. In sickness and in health, sleeping in cold ground when, wintry wind blowing while the snow is driving fiercely, when all friends desert, he remains.

 “The Men We Carry in Our Minds”: Based on the images of men and women that you carry in your mind, who has it better – men or women? Why?

According to Scott Russell Sanders, “The Men We Carry in our Minds”, he shares his predisposed views on working class community and the manner in which this experience based view prevents him from understanding women’s disadvantages with a background full of advantages. This work deals with the challenges which exist between social class’s issues and sex. It demonstrates the troubles lying between poor and the rich, males and females. Focusing on the psychological consequences and the division of labor, it must be hard for women in the time although it is even harder for men. Women have less to be worried about than men. Men feel “guilty” women feel “innocent”. In modern word world, life has become harder for men. Men have to work hard through dangerous jobs which take a toll on their bodies. Women have easy life than men.

 Read “Mid Term Break” by Seamus Heaney (399). Answer both critical thinking questions that follow.

A boy sited in schools medical area waiting to be given a lift home. The school bell rings enhancing the fact that the boy is waiting for something. After arriving home, he sees his father crying in an open porch. Their home is packed with neighbors and strangers who offer their condolences. He then notices his baby sister in a cot cooing and laughing while his mother takes his hand. She is so much in deep grief and anger that she is not able to cry. The body of his young brother finally arrives in an ambulance and the next morning when the home is quiet, the boy moves to the bedroom to see his brother for the last time. This poem is about a sudden death f a young man’s little brother who was only four years old and the cause of his death was that he was hit by a car. The poem takes the audience along with poet’s journey to accepting the death of his younger brother. There is mourning and this shows how death affects the neighbors and the local residents. Neighbors show respect for the grieving family by standing up and shaking the poet’s hand. The poem title, “Mid-Term Break” suggests a holiday of sorts and a time for enjoyment but centrally, it deals with grief and emotional upheaval.

 What do people mean when they talk about power? Focus on a particular context (state government, family, school, or community).Who has power and who does not – and why? Is power related to money? To respect?

Power has been defined in many different ways; people look at power as having the control over resources, political control, influence, strength, or energy/electricity. Power is ability of making another person do something that he or she would not otherwise do. Government’s power is categories in three distinct branches which are; judicial, legislature and the executive. All these powers are vested in the nation’s constitution. The government has the power to declare war, print money, make laws and collect taxes. Family power5 is very crucial in family settings especially when it comes to making of decisions like managing money, about where to live, parenting and s on. When I come to the power in community, at times the world may become chaotic, overwhelming, and scary. In such situation the community has the power which comes with care and concern making individuals feel for others and this keeps life going on.

Read “Richard Cory” on p. 142. Do you feel the poem speaks to America’s obsession with celebrity culture? Can you identify a modern-day Richard Cory and compare/contrast that celebrity’s plight with Cory’s struggles.

In the poem “Richard Cory” by Edwin Arlington Robinson, from the outside looking in, his life was a complete success n any objective standards. Wealthy and happy appears in good physical and possess every reasonable luxuries and necessities of life. To everybody, he is a true American celebrity. But inside he is dying. Despair and Hopelessness makes him feel alone and isolated. SA celebrity cannot just walk in to anyone and say, I am not okay. People expect Richard Cory to be always okay. In fact, there is no legitimate reason for him to feel otherwise. But celebrities are human too. After days, weeks or even years, he finds his condition to be unbearable. The poem reminds people to be sympathetic, outreaching and understanding with fellow human beings. The face which one holds up to others may not represent what he or she actually feels inside.