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Promotional report campaign for DMO Report

Introduction The report was about a tourism promotion campaign that involved the reopening of the Africa Lion Safari performed by the Greater Western Sydney (GWS) tourism in Warragamba, Sydney in Australia achieved between 2008 and 2012. The GWS consisted of 14 local government areas (LGA) that comprised of Auburn council, Wallondilly Share, Camden Council, City of Pernith, City of Campbell town, City of Parramatta, City of Bankslown, City of Liverpool, City of Blue mountains, City of Holroyd, City of Fairfield and City of Hawkesbury. The GWS was estimated to have a population of1.9 million according to the 2006 census. The population covered a locality of over 9000km squared including residential, rural and industrial zones. As the marketing manager of the GWS tourism promotion team, I sent the campaign report to the management team for its consent on the campaign ideas and expenditure. The marketing strategy comprised of the following subunits; brief discussion of the DMO campaign in terms of size, turnover, visitation, number and occupancy rates and data information, promotion in campaign strategy, target marked profile, competition and channels of distribution (Haney

Initial Point of View and the other Side of the Story Essay

Public surveillance is known to instill some fear among the populace to the extent that the limits of the nature of information shared even to close associates for fear of reprisal. Therefore, in my view, surveillance should be limited to certain places especially the CCTV cameras that have been placed in every place that people pass by particularly in towns. The public should be offered the right to its privacy as stipulated in many constitutions of different countries. This will bring about freely interaction among the members of the public where they can express their views freely without any worry that the information will leak and become privy to parties deemed to be wrong (Monmonier 55). The other limitation of surveillance to the public is on telephone use. People are denied their right to freedom of expression through monitoring of the information they pass through phones. Surveillance through the telephone forces people to limit the information they pass on phones as they feel insecure. Furthermore, a person can be traced where he is and when the conversation took place and it may be used as evidence in a court of law if the information threatens public safety. It has also been noted that surveillance gadgets fixed at work places also limit employees’ privacy. They limit their social interaction and behavior while working. They tend to make them remain focused on their work without any unauthorized side-jobs or informal conversations. However on the other side, Monmonier (180), explains that the use of surveillance helps in monitoring the behavior of individuals in public places such as riots, use of abusive language and any unruly behavior among the public. The security bodies through the use of surveillance gadgets such as the CCTV fitted in public places are to obtain information of what happens and in case an awkward behavior erupts, they are able to know the people involved in such activities. Thus, the members of the public in such gatherings can control their behavior and that of their friends. Herman (469) also explains that the surveillance gadgets fitted in the streets and other social places such as banks helps to prevent unacceptable acts like crime. People carry on their daily business without fear since the surveillance gadgets provide 24 hour coverage. In case of any crime committed, it is followed up as the gadgets record all the activities and the concerned persons. Security officers can easily monitor people’s behavior in a public meeting through the use surveillance gadgets without having to be there physically. The surveillance gadgets are fixed on the entrance and inside the meeting grounds and thus recording all the people’s activities within the meeting. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When people are aware of the presence of surveillance gadgets such as CCTV and voice recording, they will avoid any misconduct to secure themselves from law breaking. This is used mostly in public gatherings and social places where there are large crowds of people (Herman 300). The surveillance gadgets can also be used by employers or supervisors to monitor the work in progress. The surveillance gadgets are fixed at the working points and from a single point, the supervisor can easily follow what the workers are doing and even how far they are with the work. This reduces the administration costs to the firm as only few administrators may be needed. Lastly, with the faster transfer of information, it is very easy to even monitor terrorism globally as the surveillance gadgets records for 24 hours and this information can be viewed in any part of the world (Monmonier 112). Works Cited Herman, Kruegle. CCTV Surveillance: Analog and Digital Video Practices and Technology. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2007. Print. Monmonier, Mark. Spying with Maps: Surveillance Technologies and the Future of Privacy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2004. Print.

Analysing Vitamins And Minerals Biology Essay

best essay writers Analysing Vitamins And Minerals Biology Essay. A free radical is reactive and unstable electrically charged atom with an unpaired electron in its outermost shell. To become stable, the free radical has to either give up or gain an electron from another molecule (Tortora et al. 2006, p. 32), thus effecting the body’s ability to maintain normal cell function (Rolfes et a. 2009, p. 391). Free radicals have been implicated in the aging process, heart disease, the development of cancer and other chronic diseases (NCNZ 2009, p. 56). Antioxidants are natural compounds that prevent or neutralise the damaging effects of free radicals, by donating an electron to the unstable molecule without affecting their own stability. Each vitamin and mineral antioxidant functions to protect a particular part of the body (NCNZ 2009, p. 56). For example, selenium functions as a component of proteins that prevent free-radiacal formation (Rolfes et al. 2009, p. 457) in tissues and cell membranes, and Vitamin C protects body fluids from oxidative stress (Rolfes et al. 2009, p. 351). Briefly discuss three factors that can affect the assimilation of supplements. Include within your discussion the reasons why supplements may be necessary and why these are sometimes poorly utilised by the body. Supplement absorption is dependent upon many different factors such as the body’s nutritional requirements, digestive function and time, supplement form and method of preparation, the types of foods they are taken with, and the presence of synergists, co-factors or inhibitors. Most vitamins are well absorbed in the digestive tract. Water soluble vitamins are readily assimilated directly into the blood and are better absorbed when digested with food. Fat soluble vitamins enter the blood via the lymph and require carriers for transport (NCNZ2 2010, p. 48). Fat soluble vitamins are best taken after meals (Haas 2006, p. 90). A fat deficient diet limits assimilation of fat soluble vitamins (NCNZ2 2010, p. 49). Minerals have a lower absorption rate than vitamins – they compete with other minerals for absorption, and often require carriers for absorption and transportation (NCNZ2 2010, p. 51). Low stomach acidity also impacts the absorption of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin B12 (NCNZ1 2010, p. 26). Calcium also, requires adequate stomach acidity dissolve prior to assimilation (NCNZ2 2010, p. 52). Supplement form and method of preparation result in differing levels of bioavailability. Naturally derived vitamins and minerals are believed to be assimilated better by the body. Natural supplements may be absorbed up to 85% more than their synthetic counterparts (NCNZ1 2010, p. 8). Naturally occurring forms of the same vitamin or mineral may also differ in absorption. For example, alpha tocopherol is the most active of the eight different naturally occuring forms of Vitamin E (NCNZ1 2010, p. 17). Some minerals are bound or chelated to different compounds that enable the mineral to be better absorbed by the body. Ionic minerals are fully dissolved in water particles, and appear to have superior absorption rates (NCNZ1 2010, p. 11). A varied balance of nutrients are required to work effectively together as synergists and cofactors to promote the absorption and function of vitamins and minerals in the body (NCNZ1 2010, p. 10). Vitamins and minerals can interact as synergists. Cofactors can include enzymes and coenzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, and activators (NCNZ1 2010, p. 9). For example, Vitamin C absorption is increased when taken with bioflavonoids (NCNZ1 2010, p. 28). And Vitamin C, an antioxidant, is a synergist for Vitamins A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, calcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium. List four points detailing when supplementation may be necessary for someone? Declining mineral levels in foods: As the human body does not manufacture minerals, we need to obtain our daily requirements through our diet. However, intensive farming and agricultural practices since WWII have resulted in minerally deficient foods grown in nutrient depleted soils. If our fresh produce is deficient in nutrients, we may require additional supplementation as well as a healthy diet (NCNZ1 2010, p. 6). Pregnancy: Women who are planning pregnancy, are pregnant, or who are breastfeeding benefit from a balanced diet and supplementation of certain nutrients such as iron, folic acid and zinc to ensure an adequate supply of micronutrients to minimise the risk of maternal problems and birth defects (Haas 2006, p. 569). Life stages: Haas (2006, p. 89) recommends taking additional supplements to support the best possible health during life transition periods, such as adolscence or menopause. Supplementation is particularly beneficial in the elderly as they eat less, and are less efficient at assimilating nutrients from food. High consumption of stimulants: High consumption of refined foods, caffiene, alcohol and regular smoking can deplete nutrients in our body (Haas 2006, p. 154). Nutritional deficiencies create a variety of symptoms and increase our susceptibility to disease. Supplementation can used as a primary treatment for specific problems, for detoxification, or to restore nutritional imbalances (Haas 2006, p. 88-89). C r NCr Question 5 What is the best absorbed form of vitamin E? List three female health complaints where evidence has shown that vitamin E can help. The most bioavailable form of vitamin E is alpha-tocopherol. Naturally occurring vitamin E (d-α-tocopherol) is more biologically active and potent than its synthetic equivalent dl-α tocopherol (Zimmerman 2001, p. 29). Fibrocystic breast disease Clinical studies have shown vitamin E supplementation as an effective treatment for fibrocystic breast disease (Murray 1998, p. 456; Haas 2006, p. 104; Zimmerman 2001, p. 32). Menopause Vitamin E supplementation of 400-800IU daily has been shown to reduce symptoms associated with menopause, particularly hot flushes and atrophic vaginitis (Stengler 2001, p 479; Murray 1998, p. 637, Haas 2006, p. 104) . Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) Symptoms of breast tenderness, depression, nervous tension, headaches, fatigue, insomnia and cravings are reduced in women with PMS following vitamin E supplementation (Murray et al. 1998, p. 747; Stengler 2001, p. 480; Zimmerman 2001, p. 32). C r NCr Question 6 Name at least five whole food sources that are high in vitamin K. Whole food sources high in vitamin K include leafy greens such as cabbage, kale, lettuce and spinach, alfalfa, kelp, eggs, fish and wholegrain oats (Haas 2006, p. 107; NCNZ 2010, p. 17). Apart from food sources, how else is this vitamin provided? Vitamin K is produced in the human body by intestinal bacteria (NCNZ 2010, p. 17). List three important functions of vitamin K. The synthesis of coagulation proteins in the liver – Factors II, VII, IX and X in the coagulation cascade, all necessary for blood clotting Required for bone formation, Vitamin K participates in the synthesis of the bone protein osteocalcin which regulates calcium metabolism. Assists in glycogenesis – the conversion of glucose to glycogen for storage in the liver. (Balch 2006, p. 27) C r NCr Question 7 List four unrefined sources that are high in vitamin A and four good sources of beta carotene. Unrefined sources high in retinol include liver, fish liver oil, egg yolks and whole milk. Sources of beta carotene include carrots, apricots, rockmelon and kumara (Haas 2006, p. 93). Describe the pathway of conversion between beta carotene and vitamin A. Provitamin A beta-carotene is converted to retinal during absorption in the upper intestine and by the liver, and further converted by the body to Vitamin A retinol (Haas 2006, p. 92). Why may large doses of vitamin A be toxic to the body as opposed to high doses of beta carotene? Retinols are absorbed faster and processed more efficiently than beta-carotenes. Conversion of beta-carotene to retinol is regulated in the body and stored in adipose tissue until required (Rolfes et al. 2***, p. 374). Diets that are low in fat may contribute to decreased absorption of which group of nutrients? The fat soluble vitamins – A, E, D and K. Also absorption of carotenoids, such as beta-carotene is enhanced by consuming fat with a meal (NCNZ1 2010, p. 14). C r NCr Question 8 Many of the B vitamins have corresponding tongue and mouth deficiency signs. On the tongue diagrams provided, draw the various signs of B vitamin deficiency that might be seen and write underneath any mouth signs. B1: Lines down the side of tongue and furrows on tongue. B2: Angular stomatitis; cracked lips; cold sores; a sore, bright red or purple tongue that may be mapped. B3: Mouth sores; cracks in the tongue, often in the middle; a red tip; scalloping; raised papillae; possible small tongue. B5: Big, red, beefy tongue with cracks and furrows. B6: Angular stomatitis; enlarged red tongue; redness on the edge of the tongue B12: Tongue may be smooth, with a strawberry tip and edge. (NCNZ 2010, p. 20-27) C r NCr Question 9 Name five unrefined foods that are especially high in B vitamins, at least two of them should be from vegetarian sources. Liver, brewer’s yeast, whole grains, wheat germ, legumes. Describe how a deficiency of vitamin B3 leads to symptoms of anxiety or depression, poor sleeping, and carbohydrate cravings? Trytophan is a precursor of seratonin and vitamin B3 (Haas 2006, p. 47). Vitamin B3 is converted from tryptophan if vitamin B3 levels are low, which depletes serotonin levels. Low levels of serotonin can lead to symptoms of anxiety, depression, carbohydrate cravings and insomnia (NCNZ 2010, p. 22). List seven other vitamins or minerals that are important for stress response? Vitamin A, C, EAnalysing Vitamins And Minerals Biology Essay

What was your final budget? Which did you select as the best hotel for the sales conference and why?

What was your final budget? Which did you select as the best hotel for the sales conference and why?.

In this exercise, you will use software at various online travel sites to arrange transportation and lodging for a large sales force to attend a sales conference at two alternative locations. You will use that information to calculate total travel and lodging costs and to decide where to hold the conference.The Foremost Composite Materials Company is planning a two-day sales conference for January 15 and 16, starting with a reception on the evening of January 14. The conference consists of all-day meetings that the entire sales force, numbering 125 sales representatives and their 16 managers, must attend. Each sales representative requires his or her own room, and the company needs two common meeting rooms – one large enough to hold the entire sales force plus a few visitors (200) and the other able to hold half the force.Management has set a budget of $125,000 for the representatives’ room rentals. The hotel must also have such services as overhead and computer projectors as well as business center and banquet facilities. It also should have facilities for the company reps to be able to work in their rooms and to enjoy themselves in a swimming pool or gym facility. The company would like to hold the conference either in Miami or Marco Island, Florida.Foremost Materials usually likes to hold such meetings in Hilton- or Marriott-owned hotels. Use the Hilton and Marriott websites to select a hotel in whichever of these cities would enable the company to hold its sales conference within its budget.Link to the Hilton and Marriott home pages and search them to find a hotel that meets Foremost Materials sales conference requirements. Once you have selected the hotel, locate flights arriving the afternoon prior to the conference because the attendees will need to check in the day before and attend the reception the evening prior to the conference. Your attendees will be coming from Los Angeles (54), San Francisco (32), Seattle (22), Chicago (19), and Pittsburgh (14).Determine the costs of each airline ticket from these cities. When you are finished, create a budget for the conference. The budget will include the cost of each airline ticket, the room cost, and $60 per attendee per day for food.
What was your final budget? Which did you select as the best hotel for the sales conference and why?

Case Study: Application Architecture

Brian Jerozal For any given organization, it is vitally important to always ensure that the payroll system is designed in such a way that overall effectiveness in enhanced. Traditionally, payroll systems were not quite complicated since employees were more or less few in number. However, the modern-day payroll systems have to take into consideration numerous aspects such as insurance cover, house allowances, bonuses, advance payments and the like. In addition to this, the world has experienced tremendous innovations in terms of cutting-edge technological advancements; these technological innovations have enabled organizations to streamline their payroll systems and thus enhance the standards of effectiveness. For this case study, a comprehensive analysis of the payroll system of a leading American firm will be done. Emphasis will be made upon the specific type of architecture that should be used while establishing the new payroll system for the organization. The various technological platforms that shall be integrated into the new payroll system will also be documented while also presenting a graphical illustration of the new model. In addition to this, a comprehensive analysis of possible issues of ethical concern with regard to the new payroll system shall also be conducted. Considering the fact that this organization has a wide area network that interlinks the numerous offices in different parts of the United States of America, it is of paramount importance that the new payroll application system be based on a solid architectural framework. Such an architectural framework must consider all-important factors such as the avoidance of errors, synthesis of data contained in inventories, evaluation of allowances, and integration of the prevailing rates of income tax. Following is an analysis of the specific components of the architecture for the new payroll system. As mentioned above, the payroll system of such a large organization should be based on a solid framework that considers all-important factors. Firstly, the architectural framework must have the capacity to evaluate the fine details pertaining to the payment of employees. The number of hours of work done by individual employees should be included in the new architectural framework; this is one of the most critical aspects of any kind of payroll system (Bragg, 2004). The hours vary from one employee to another and as such, this results into pay variations even among employees who are categorized in the same job group. Apart from the number of hours, another important variable that must be included in the architectural framework for the new payroll program is the prevailing rates of tax or revenue deductions. On an annual basis, the Federal Government of United States of America reviews the rates of income tax in accordance with the specific budgetary projections. These rates must be taken into consideration while calculating the total pay of all employees and as such, the new architectural framework should have the same (Steinhoff, 2000). Another important variable that should be included in the design of the new payroll system is the labor data; the nature of work done within an organization varies from one employee to another. This results into pay variations and as such, it must be included in the design of the new payroll system. The employee master file is another crucial aspect that must be taken into consideration while designing the new payroll system; the master file provides all the fine details about the employee including pending bonuses, increments and other miscellaneous information. Apart from the employee details, the architectural system of the new payroll program shall also include the relevant platforms for making precise calculations. Some organizations incur huge expenses every now and then as a result of using payroll systems that are characterized by substandard levels of accuracy. In order to avoid such eventualities, the new payroll system should be carefully designed in such a way that high levels of accuracy are attained while performing calculations. Finally, the architectural design should also have the capacity to provide an updated payroll without any kind of delay; this will go a very long way towards helping the organization avert unnecessary instances of time wastage (Bragg, 2004). As already mentioned in the introductory section of this paper, the extensive advancements in technology have made it possible to streamline the payroll systems in all kinds of organizations. In order to successfully implement the architectural system for the new payroll system as outlined above, it is of paramount importance to examine some of the most important technological components that shall be used. Firstly, internet connection will serve as an important element from a technological point of view. This is because the organization has offices in different parts of the United States of America and as such, reliable connection is required (Steinhoff, 2000). Considering the expansive nature of United States’ landmass, it would be critically important to back-up the wide area network connection with high-speed fourth generation internet connectivity. In order to enhance the security of the data transfer from one office to another, unique internet protocol addresses must be used. All the IP addresses must be encrypted in accordance with the specifications provided by the main server in order to streamline communications while also enhancing the standards of security. Apart from internet connection, another important technological platform that must be integrated into the architectural framework of the new payroll system of the organization is the use of quality software applications (Bragg, 2004). There are numerous payroll software applications available in the United States and global market; however, this fact notwithstanding, some are characterized by fundamental flaws such as the lack of accuracy and susceptibility to cyber-crime. One of the most effective payroll software for corporate organizations is the Dynamics GP. Produced by Microsoft Corporation, this software has the capacity to streamline the payroll systems within the organization since it has high levels of accuracy and also saves time. TRAVERSE by Open Systems is another software application that might come in very handy for the payroll system of this organization since it is characterized by high levels of effectiveness (Boroughs, 2008). Despite the fact that the new architecture for the payroll application in this organization would be characterized by high levels of efficiency, it is critically important to pinpoint the fact that there are several potential issues of ethical concern that might characterize its implementation (Boroughs, 2008). For instance, the new application might contribute immensely towards the infringement of fundamental rights of the employees because of being too dependent on detail. The potential ethical issue can arise in the connection with the new architecture for example reduced jobs,if the company uses the architecture method for the new payroll, then the employee might no longer be essential. Usually, the company has a department where it looks at the payroll of the employee, but with this system, most of the job will be done and handled by the computer. Fraud is another concern, the employee who knows about computer and networking can easily manipulate the information like changing the time sheet. Hacking is one of the most common problems in today’s world. No matter how secure the company system is, there are people who can back the system company. Putting their information in the web can be hacked and the information can be used against them. In addition to this, the fact that the computer systems of the organization are connected with one another might result into the disclosure of the payroll details of employees to unwanted parties. References Boroughs, A., Hunter, I.,