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Prominent Leader Paper — Catherine the Great

Who is the leader?2. Summarize his/her background (personal, educational, geographic, etc.)3. Describe the leadership style, characteristics and traits of the leader discussed. 4. Describe how the leadership style or traits of the leader had a positive or negative impact on their ability to effectively lead their organization. Include positives and negatives.5. Describe how the leader approached or addressed one problem or situation. Please be specific about the scenario.6. Critique the leader’s approach to the above situation, and discuss an alternative method to handle the problem or situation. You cannot state I would not change anything or I simply agree. You must have an alternative method to address the situation in question 5.7. What is the title, author, copyright date, and publisher of the book? (if applicable)8. Utilize APA for Reference Page

Optimization Theory

1) Answer whether the following schedule is serializable or not with reason.
π‘Ÿ!(π‘₯);π‘Ÿ”(π‘₯);π‘Ÿ#(π‘₯);π‘Ÿ!(𝑧);𝑀!(π‘₯);𝑀#(𝑦);π‘Ÿ$(𝑧);𝑀$(𝑦);π‘Ÿ%(π‘₯);𝑀$(𝑧); 2) If you make a counter with multiple threads, why atomic operations (e.g.
CAS or fetch_add) is faster than pthread_mutex_lock? Explain the reason why.