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Prologue 1650 by Anne Bradstreet Discussion Questions

Prologue 1650 by Anne Bradstreet Discussion Questions.

Discussion Questions:

How do you think the poem would have been written differently in Bradstreet grew up in a non-Puritan society; or even if she grew up today in a modern household with a religious upbringing?
Do you think Bradstreet personally felt more grief than she let on? In other words, do you think her poetry might’ve been more emotional without the limitations/ strict religious parameters of expression back then?
Who are some other female poets you can think of that remind you of Bradstreet? Dickinson is one example that comes to mind for me, she became a recluse later in life due to the pressures of her religious community and the personal loss she faced. Are there any other historical female figures who remind you of the struggles women face due to society, upbringing and expectations (religious or otherwise)? 

Bradstreet, “Prologue” (1650)

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this week’s reading!
It seems like you’re discussing Bradstreet, right? In the future please make it clear who you are discussing right from the start so your reader is able to easily follow along.
You might want to look up the word “obnoxious” in the Oxford English Dictionary and see how it was used during Bradstreet’s time. It doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning as it does today. In 2021, if you were to call someone obnoxious, you are likely calling them rude or annoying. But when Bradstreet was writing in the mid- to late-1600s, obnoxious (according to the OED) meant to be liable or open to something, usually something harmful or some sort of punishment or opposition. So, basically, in this line, Bradstreet is stating that she is putting herself out there and making herself open to people who will insult her by saying (as you note) that, as a woman, she would be much better suited to something like sewing than writing poetry.
Just a reminder – your blog post should respond to the prompts that I left on that module’s VoiceThread, not prompts created on your peers’ blogs. Also, you should focus on the text you signed up for this week (which in your case included two removes from Rowlandson’s captivity narrative).
Prologue 1650 by Anne Bradstreet Discussion Questions

HST 330 University of Toronto Population Health Discussion

HST 330 University of Toronto Population Health Discussion.

I’m working on a population health writing question and need support to help me learn.

In this assignment, you will choose a population of interest and investigate the population with respect to its health issues, the root causes of those health issues, and its capacities for responding to those issues. Why? This assignment is a precursor to your final assignment, the Population Health Intervention Proposal. Your population health assessment will help identify a priority health issue in your population of choice and lay the foundation on which your intervention proposal will be built.1.To begin, choose a population on which you will focus your assignment. a.You may focus on any defined population; for example, a community, a group with shared characteristics/experiences; a school, a workplace, a prison, etc. 2.Conduct secondary research related to your population of interest3.Present the results of your research in a report that summarizes the following:Items: 1. Introduction to the populationa. Define your population interestb. Justify the choice of this populationc. Provide demographics about the population2. Methodsa. Provide a brief description of how you conducted your secondary research (search strategies, nature of the research reviews, etc.)3. Synthesized resultsa. Identify and justify emergent health issues in the populationb. provide a root cause analysis of the structural factors/determinants that perpetuate/sustain the emergent health issues.c. Provide a brief SWOT analysis of the population and its health issues4. Priority Issue.a. Identify a priority health issue for an intervention.b. Justify your choice of the issue with respect to the evidence presented in #3.The assignment will be graded on your level of synthesis, depth of analysis, critical commentary and use of appropriate research materials. Max. 2500 wordsI have attached all the course materials in case you need it.
HST 330 University of Toronto Population Health Discussion

TSU Ch 2 Dynamic Systems & Karl Marx Conflict Theory Literature Review Essay

assignment helper TSU Ch 2 Dynamic Systems & Karl Marx Conflict Theory Literature Review Essay.

Body 1. Identify and provide descriptions of dynamic systems theory and the Karl Marx’s conflict theory by reading chapter 2 & 3 pdfs utilizing the information below. and discuss each theory’s primary assumptions. Explain how and why you decided on these two theories. BY taking each theory assumption and illustrate /apply it to the issue (HOMELESSNESS) at hand in the article Read the How Can We Stay Sober ” Homeless Women’s Experience in a Substance Abuse Treatment Center .pdf peer-reviewed article Dynamic Systems Theory (General Systems) Assumptions/Key Concepts SEE CHAPTER 2 FOR EXPLANATION OF DYNAMIC SYSTEMS THEORY • To be dynamic is to be in motion, continuously changing, active for example, in the peer reviewed article, the participants and the programs offered are constantly growing. • The objects in motion are related and interdependent • Each part is a Holon with horizontal and nested relationships • Each system is morphostatic, morphogenic and homeokinetic Karl Marx’s CONFLICT Theory ASSUMPTIONS/Key Concepts SEE CHAPTER 3 FOR EXPLANATION OF KARL MARXS CONFLICT THEORY • With regard to social life/societies, conflict • A basic feature of society • Often involves coercion thus reflecting power and constraints • Frequently revolves around groups with different interests • Generates opposition, exclusion, and hostility Karl Marx’s CONFLICT ASSUMPTIONS & PRACTICE APPLICATIONS • How societies are structured, arranged, and operate
TSU Ch 2 Dynamic Systems & Karl Marx Conflict Theory Literature Review Essay

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help

Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help. This is a paper that focuses on Macro-level Influences on International Business. The paper also provides tips and requirements for the paper.,Macro-level Influences on International Business,USE Only CASE document and textbook as recourses.,Assignment requires to do a case analysis of Sharp Corporation, a Japanese company. Subsequently, the document must be completed and follow review the Assignment Tips and Requirements and the Note on Case Analysis. Make sure to stay within the time frame of the case study. If the case study ends in 2000, your analysis should assume it is the year 2000., Case Analysis Questions,The following questions are just a starting point that will help you organize your thoughts and better analyze the case. DO NOT simply answer these questions—rather, you must write a thorough case analysis as outlined in the “Assignment Tips and Requirements.”, 1.    Firstly, who is the decision maker in this case? How would you characterize his background? Is he unusual?, 2.    Secondly, discuss Sharp’s history. What has it been good at? Less good at? Also, how is the company perceived?, 3.    Thirdly, how did Sharp become a successful player in LCD?, 4.    Fourthly, describe Sharp’s operating model? What are its pros and cons?, 5.    Also, should Sharp change its operating model?, 6.    Lastly, should Sharp move into China now? Why or why not?,The objective of the case study for Assignment 1 is to expose students to globalization and its ,impact on operational decisions, of companies. Faced with major losses, Sharp Corporation is forced to question its long-standing operating model and to develop a new approach that is more suitable to the environment it now competed in. Finally, make sure to stay within the time frame of the case study. If the case study ends in 2000, your analysis should assume it is the year 2000.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Drama, Film, and Mass Communication homework help

Chemistry: What is the percent activity of a radioactive sample?

Chemistry: What is the percent activity of a radioactive sample?.

What is the percent activity of a radioactive sample (relative to its original activity) that has undergone four half-lives of decay?Select one:a. 6.25%b. 12.5%c. 25.0%d. 75.0%
Chemistry: What is the percent activity of a radioactive sample?

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