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Project Presentation

Project Presentation. I’m trying to learn for my Programming class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

GOAL: To design and develop a GIS Project.

Oral Presentation required (10 minutes)
Correct use of GIS techniques and database design (0 – 50 points)
Quality of Geospatial analysis; describing what you did in the project (0 – 60)
Creativity in the problem solving (0 – 50)
Quality of final products: maps, charts, figures, tables, metadata (0 – 40)
Final Presentation (0 – 100)
Kang-Tsung Chang (2016) Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, 9th edition, NY: McGraw-Hill ISBN19: 978-1-259-92964-9Additional Reading Materials:

Wilpen Gorr, Kristen Kurland (2017) GIS Tutorial 1 for ArcGIS PRO, ESRI Press,
Michael Law, Amy Collins (2018) Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, 5th edition for ArcGIS 10.6, ESRI Press

Writing Requirements:

Your final submission needs to be a power point (for oral presentation) and 6-10 page paper in APA formatting.
Include a minimum of 6-9 outside sources
Use the Databases and APA template located in the Student Resource Center to complete the assignment.

Project Presentation

Case Study 5.2 Cultural and Organizational Integration at MMI: The Monument and Metropolitan Merger.

This Case Study begins on page 623 of the text.Your Case Study should have the following 5 sections: Summary, Problem Identification, Recommendations, Response to Questions, and Personal Reflections. The first 3 sections are based on information within the study. The case study questions are included at the bottom of the case and the Reflections are your own thoughts on the case. Your case study should be 3-5 pages in length following APA 7th Edition Style and Formatting Rules and should fully address each of the 5 sections. Your case must include at least 2 Scholarly References (one may be the course text).Once you have summarized the case, identified the problem(s), and devised your recommendations, answer the following questions:How would you characterize the change initiatives during the MMI merger integration?How effective was the roll out of these initiatives in terms of timeline, sequence, and impact?What advice would you give Kruger to derive even more value from the merger?After answering these questions, be sure to wrap up your Case Study by sharing your Personal Reflections on what you learned from the case and any closing thoughts.From:Cummings, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2015). Organizational development and change (11th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.
Case Study 5.2 Cultural and Organizational Integration at MMI: The Monument and Metropolitan Merger

SUNY Buffalo State Contemporary US Society and Platos Ideal Discussion.

Plato wrote that the wealthiest person in a community would earn no more than five times what the ordinary worker in their community made in a just society. Contemporary US society is far from Plato’s ideal. According to the Census Bureau, in 2018, the American per capita income is $36,080, and the household median is around $63,179. The top 5% average household income at $416,520. This means that the top 5% of the income distributions make 6.59 times than the median household. This result will be much higher for the top 1% household.Assuming that two earners compose the average household, the top 5% individuals’ average earning is $208,260. In contrast, the worldwide average is around $10,000 per person. Please answer the following:Is this fair?Are the salaries of people at the top the result of efficient work, hard work, or is this the result of unchecked greed and power from elites?Is the disparity between average earnings in the US and the rest of the world the result of these same forces?Data Sources:
SUNY Buffalo State Contemporary US Society and Platos Ideal Discussion

AIB College of Business Study of Disease in Populations & Scientific Method Essay

AIB College of Business Study of Disease in Populations & Scientific Method Essay.

Hello,Dr. John Snow was a pioneer in applying the Scientific Method to the study of disease in populations establishing the foundations of the study of Epidemiology. His seminal work was conducted studying cholera outbreaks in London in the mid-19th Century.1. What were Dr. Snow’s key observations during the 1831 Cholera outbreak in the mining community. Specifically discuss the geographic pattern of disease. Did his observations support the prevailing theory that a miasma (foul odors) spread cholera? What did he hypothesize instead?2. After studying the first cholera outbreak in London, Dr. Snow had 3 key observations on Cholera outbreaks. What were these three observations, and how did each contribute to his new hypothesis for the transmission of cholera?3. How did Dr. Snow test his theory in the Grand Experiment (1854) and what were his findings?4. Describe Dr. Snows investigation of the Broad Street Cholera Outbreak.5. What public health actions (s) did Dr. Snow advocate for the Broad Street Epidemic?Additional resources:……… file contain all the info and LMK if you need anything
AIB College of Business Study of Disease in Populations & Scientific Method Essay

Law homework help

research paper help Law homework help. Discuss Union’s charge of negligence against Meng.  Do they have a case; i.e. is the charge applicable? Why or why not?, Discuss Union’s charge of common law fraud against Meng.,Discuss Union’s charge of negligence against Meng,Instructions:, Download and read the casePreview the document for this assignment. Write a report to address the questions below.,Discuss the issues or problems and applicable law(s) in the scenario., Be sure to address all questions.,Provide an explanation for each of the questions., Provide justification for each answer and support your information with at least one credible source other than your textbook., Be sure to proof read your assignment before you submit it to ensure it is free of spelling and grammar errors., Cite your sources and format your essay using the APA style guide. You are not to write an abstract., Create your assignment in a Microsoft Word document., Name and save your file using the following file naming convention:  Yourfirst_LastName_Ux_assignment,Questions,Discuss Union’s charge of negligence against Meng.  Do they have a case; i.e. is the charge applicable? Why or why not?,Discuss Union’s charge of common law fraud against Meng.  Do they have a case; i.e. is the charge applicable? Why or why not?,In your opinion, would the stockholders be successful in a suit against Meng under the antifraud provisions of Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 of the, Securities Exchange Act of 1934?, Why or why not?, Unit 2 Case: Butler Manufacturing Corporation,Butler Manufacturing Corporation planned to raise capital for a plant expansion by borrowing from banks and making several stock offerings. Also, Butler engaged Meng CPA, to audit its financial statements. Butler told Meng that the financial statements would be given to certain named banks and included in the prospectuses for the stock offerings.,Meng did not confirm accounts receivable during the audit, and as a result, failed to discover a material overstatement of accounts receivable. Additionally, Meng was aware of a pending class action product liability lawsuit that was not disclosed in Butler’s financial statements. Despite being advised by Butler’s legal counsel that Butler’s potential liability under the lawsuit would result in material losses, Meng issued an unqualified opinion on Butler’s financial statements.,Union Bank, one of the named banks, relied on the financial statements and Meng’s opinion in giving Butler a $500,000 loan., A couple of months after obtaining the Bank loan, Butler also raised $16,450,000 through stock offerings.,Shortly after obtaining the loan from Union, Butler began experiencing financial problems, but was able to stay in business because of the money raised by the offerings. Then, Butler was find liable in the product liability suit. This resulted in a judgment Butler could not pay. Butler also defaulted on the loan from Union and was involuntarily petitioned into bankruptcy. This caused Union to sustain a loss and Butler’s stockholders to lose their investments.,As a result,,• Union sued Meng for negligence and common-law fraud., • The stockholders who purchased Butler’s stock through the offerings, as well as stockholders who purchased shares subsequently traded on a national securities exchange, sued Meng, alleging fraud under Section 10(b) and Rule 10b-5 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934., Note: These transactions took place in a jurisdiction that holds accountants liable for negligence to known and intendclxed users of financial statements.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Law homework help

hey was great working with you. i have privately invited you. CAPSTONE PROJECT wk 4

hey was great working with you. i have privately invited you. CAPSTONE PROJECT wk 4. I’m trying to learn for my Computer Science class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

US Organization Capstone Paper Outline/Summary
This Capstone Project focuses on an US Organization. If you chose this option in Week 1, this week you will use this option to submit deliverables in Weeks 4, 5, and 8.
This week, submit an outline/summary (including bibliography) of your paper proposal for the Capstone Project. Your submission will include:

A title page
Paragraph(s) about your project
Paragraph(s) about the data that will be used to create your BI solution
A paragraph about the BI tool(s) you selected to perform data analysis
The outline of your project
A bibliography with at least five scholarly or peer-reviewed sources from the CSU Global Library
Being formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.).

See the full description of the Portfolio Project Assignment found in the Module 8 assignment page.
The public datasets file in the Module 4 folder with the assignment contains datasets you can use for this assignment. The self-evaluation form is in the Module 4 section with the assignment.
hey was great working with you. i have privately invited you. CAPSTONE PROJECT wk 4

Essay. 1000 words

Essay. 1000 words.

NARRATIVE & ANALYSIS ESSAY:This essay is both narrative and analysis. It is narrative in that you will be narrating (almost like telling a story in a memoir—the purpose of this narrative is to analyze your progress). Since it’s a narrative, it’s about you and what you did, so you can write in the first person.But it is also analysis, in that you must go beyond just saying what you did, and instead, analyze how you made that progress, in which areas you excelled, and in which areas you faced challenges.MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:1000 words (about 5 pages of double-spaced typing)3 Parts with the content as described aboveEssay does not contain pervasive grammatical and language errors that detract from reading
Essay. 1000 words