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Some instances that she has been an auto cratic leader because she has the attitude that she’s not comfortable with having engaged in small talks wherein she doesn’t need the suggestions of others like her late husband Dale who died on an accident. Dale was anadamant, spontaneous and headstrong leader. – The advantages on this leadership style are that the company may achieve its goals in a shorter period of time or time constrains and resource constrains. The drawback on this is that her employees and subordinates may tend to reveal against her because of her leadership style. . Do you think it’s easy for a leader to change his or her preferred style? Answer: Explain. What are the implications for leadership training? – It’s difficult to adapt on change for a leadership style because as a leader, you think that you are more effective if you prefer the said style. It is your trait or way to be a leader to achieve a goal for the benefit of the organization. It is yourself to know what is the best you to be a leader- Your leadership style may more enhance.

In training, you will be able to discover or you will know about or something that you think it is the right thing to do as a leader. Your characteristics and traits may change because you realize something about your leading style. In that way, it’s easy for a leader to adapt change on the style of leadership. 3. What challenges does a leader who’s replacing a well known leader of any organization face? Answer: How did Teresa Earnhardt deal with these challenges? – The challenge for her is that gender may affect her as a leader.

There are beliefs that men have the power to be a leader than women. So, as a women leader, she may think that her employees and also her co- executives may look down on her because of just a woman. One challenge on her also was how to adapt on change and how to be the same on with her late husband Dale Earnhardt on managing his company that made it as a well-known company. – In all challenges that he faced, replacing a well-known leader (DaleEarnhardt), she tried to adapt on change.

A positive change that could benefit on her and also to the organization. She showed what is in her, the strong determination and characteristics. She continued working and negotiating to other business, used her skills and strengths as a leader on the company. But she continued working behind the scenes. 4. How might the fact that a stock car racing is a male- dominated business affect Teresa Earnhardt’s approach to leading her company? Answer: When in charge of the work of women in the male, the female leader of a more democratic tendency weakened.

Clearly, the group norms and the stereotype of the male characters affect women, to enable them to adopt a more authoritarian style of action.. Mitsubishi Motors North America – Case Study 1. What do you think Mitsubishi’s philosophy might be regarding the role of strategic human resource management? Explain. Answer: Strategic human resource management process is very important to any organization in the present day context because it contributes to the organizations performance to a greater extent even on a highly volatile environment.

Any organization’s existence and the survival in the short and long run will mainly depend on the right people being at the right positions in the right numbers. Looking at the Mitsubishi’s mission statement the following could be viewed as their philosophy. Our employees are the main contributing factor to our success and we make all endeavors to identify and reward their inputs. We set very high standards on work ethics and discipline in our organization.?

Planning and Programming in Family Life Education

Planning and Programming in Family Life Education.

Family life education is relevant across the lifespan, is inclusive of all types of families, and is designed to meet the needs of the target audience (Arcus, Schvaneveldt, & Moss, 1993). In regard to diverse audiences, program content must be culturally appropriate in order to be effective. Family life educators must determine the appropriate scope of their program and establish the relevance, or applicability, to their audience (NCFR, 2010b). Given, the stated fact presented and in reflecting on your reading coupled with outside research, what are some best practices (actions) in creating and presenting a strengths based and culturally aware program for the diverse families served in programs today? Share and discuss at least 3. References Arcus, M. E., Schvaneveldt, J. D., & Moss, J. J. (1993). The nature of family life education. In M. E. Arcus, J. D. Schvaneveldt, & J. J. Moss (Eds.), Handbook of family life education: Foundations of family life education (pp. 1-25). Newbury Park, CA: Sage. National Council on Family Relations (NCFR). (2010b). Family life education content areas: Content and practice guidelines. Retrieved from the NCFR website.

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