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Project Governance

DescriptionA literature review on “Project governance” including keywords, framework and a table (which we can discuss further).

The instructions and the paper that must be used/referenced in the Literature review (M…
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Quality improvement on Pressure Ulcers or any of the empty circles on the paper details box.

Quality improvement on Pressure Ulcers or any of the empty circles on the paper details box..

Evaluation of your project will be completed utilizing the following criteria. 1. Describe the situation/outcomes and the quality indicators you will be addressing. You may use one or more of the Patient Quality Indicators described by the ANA or QSEN (10 points) o Mix of RNs, LPNs, and Unlicensed Staff Caring for Patients in Acute Care Settings o TotalNursingCareHoursProvidedperPatientDay o PressureUlcers o PatientFalls o PatientSatisfactionwithPainManagement o Patient Satisfaction with Educational Information o PatientSatisfactionwithOverallCare o PatientSatisfactionwithNursingCare o *NosocomialInfectionRate o *Nurse Staff Satisfaction 2. Perform a literature search to provide evidence based practice data to support the proposed change needed. You must use at least three (3) relevant nursing journal articles from within the last 5 years (10 points). 3. Describe how you would use the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) described in your text to implement this change if you were going to implement your plan. (10 points) 4. Outline a detailed plan that will allow you to implement this change with minimal resistance. Include how this change should affect client outcomes. 5. Describe the flow of communication that you feel would be necessary to successfully implement this change. (10 points) 6. Cite references using APA format. Include reference page. Paper should be grammatically correct. (10 points).

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The Global Factory in the World Economy – tests of the conceptual structure.

Project Governance The Global Factory in the World Economy – tests of the conceptual structure..

 Criteria 1. Title Page 2. Outline3. Abstract 4. Table of Contents 5. At least 10 Academic References (additional sources maybe used to complete this assignment) 6. 10 double-spaced pages, Times New Roman 12pt.font 6. Headings and Subheadings must be included within the paper APA Format required – both in-text citations as well as full references at the end of the paper. The topic may be developed in any way that you wish. Createan Outline that will then act as your Table of Contents.

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Selected Economic Question

Learning Goal: I’m working on a economics question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

17.Option 2
Question 1
You are given the following financial data about an assembly machine to be implemented at a company:
– Investment cost at year 0 (n=0) is $22,000
– Investment cost at the end of the first year (n=1) is $18,500
– Useful life: 15 years
– Salvage value (at the end of 15 years): $7,000
– Annual revenues: $18,000 per year
– Annual expenses: $5,000 per year
– MARR: 10%
Assuming the first revenues and expenses will occur starting from the end of year 2, determine the conventional (without considering the time value of money or non-discounted) payback period.
Group of answer choices4.04 YEARS4.13 YEARS
3.91 YEARS
4.21 YEARS
4.09 YEARS
Question 2
A large food-processing company is considering using laser technology to speed up and eliminate waste in the potato-peeling process. To implement the system, the company anticipates needing $3.2 million to purchase the industrial-strength lasers. The system will save $1,500,000 per year in labor and materials. However, it will incur an additional operating and maintenance cost of $300,000 per year. Annual income taxes will be $170,000. The system is expected to have a 10-year service life and a salvage value of $200,000. If the company’s MARR is 18%, calculate the net present worth of this investment.

Question 3
You have been asked to evaluate investment of purchasing a parking lot under the following conditions:
– The proposal is for a parking lot costing $4,000,000. The deck has an expected useful life of 15 years and a net salvage value of $625,000 (after tax adjustment).
– The tenants have recently signed long-term leases, which leads you to believe that the current rental income of $250,000 per year will remain constant for the first five years, then the rental income will increase by 10% for every five-year interval over the remaining asset life.
– The estimated operating expenses, including income taxes, will be $65,000 for the first year and will increase by $6,000 each year thereafter.
Considering an annual interest rate of 15%, what is the net present worth (NPW)?

Question 4
Would you accept the investment of the previous question? In other words, is it profitable?
Group of answer choicesYESNO
Question 5
Consider the following project balances for a typical investment project with a service life of four years:
n (end of year)Cashflow AmountProject Balance0-$1,000-$1,0001$100-$1,1002$520-$8003$460-$5004$600$0Determine the interest rate used in computing the project balance.
Group of answer choices23%
Question 6
Would the project of the previous question be acceptable at a MARR of 12%?
Group of answer choicesNOYES
Question 7
Maintenance money for a new building at a college is being solicited from potential alumni donors. You would like to make a donation to cover all future expected maintenance costs of the building. These maintenance costs are expected to be $48,000 per year for the first five years, $60,000 per year for each of years 6 through 10, and $72,000 annually after that (toward infinity under the assumption that the building has an indefinite service life). If the money is placed in an account that will pay 15% annual interest, how large should your gift be?

Question 8
In the previous question, what is the equivalent annual maintenance cost over the infinite service life?

Question 9
Consider the following two mutually exclusive projects:
nProject AProject B0-$15,000-$25,0001$5,000$02$12,000$X3$8,000$XPW (15%)?$9,600The firm’s MARR is known to be 15%.
Compute the PW (15%) for Project A.

Question 10
In question 9, compute the unknown cash flow X in years 2 and 3 for Project B.

Question 11
In question 9, which project would you select?
Group of answer choicesTHEY ARE THE SAME.PROJECT A
Question 12
Consider the following two mutually exclusive investment projects:
nProject AProject B0-$15,000-$25,0001$5,000$14,5002$8,000$9,0003$5,000$10,0004$6,000Using the least common multiple analysis period, determine the present worth of project A. Assume that i=12%.

Question 13
Using the least common multiple analysis period, determine the present worth of project B. Assume that i=12%.

Question 14
For questions 12 and 13, which project would you select?
Group of answer choicesPROJECT APROJECT B
Question 15
Two options of feed-water storage installation are being considered to serve over 20 years of useful life:
Option 1: Build a 20,000-gallon tank on a tower. The cost of installing the tank and tower is estimated to be $170,000. The annual operating and maintenance cost after tax adjustment is estimated to be $2,000. The salvage value is estimated to be negligible.
Option 2: Place a 20,000-gallon tank of equal capacity on a hill near the refinery. The cost of installing the tank on the hill, including the extra length of service lines, is estimated to be $120,000 with negligible salvage value. The annual operating and maintenance cost of the water tank is estimated to be $1,500 after tax adjustment. Because of the location, an additional investment of 13,000 in pumping equipment is required. The pumping equipment is expected to have a service life of 10 years with a salvage value of $2,000 at the end of that time. The annual operating and maintenance cost (including any income-tax effects) for the pumping operation is estimated at $1,000.
If the firm’s MARR is known to be 12%, what is the net present worth of option 1? (Use negative sign if needed)

Question 16
In the previous question, what is the net present worth of option 2? (Use negative sign if needed)

Question 17
For questions 15 and 16, which option would you choose?
Group of answer choicesOPTION 1OPTION 2
Requirements: 7 questions typed Answer and Calculation sheet | .doc file……..PLEASE ANSWER FOLLOWING QUESTION…1,3,9,11,14,15,16. QUESTION 7 AS REQUIRED ABOVE.

Global stratification

Identify and explain three (3) differences between the modernization and dependency theories. Write a thoughtful paragraph for each difference identified (3 paragraphs total).
Grading criteria:
Students can gain up to 5 points per paragraph written, and 5 points for the bibliography (list of sources consulted).
Each paragraph must identify and explain one difference between the theories.
Each paragraph must demonstrate that the student completed the required readings and videos. Each paragraph must contain a direct reference or quotation to some of the required readings.
Each paragraph must be original, using student’s own work or ideas.
A complete list of used-sources must be included after the 3 paragraphs. Sources must be listed using APA or ASA format.
A plagiarism check software will be used. Plagiarism will result in a grade of 0.

New Demand

Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.
Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:
Due to the Covid-19, the demand for hand sanitizer has tripled. Should Johnson

Baroness Von Riedesel & Saratoga campaign,You are to write a twelve-to-fifteen page research paper about the Saratoga Campaign in which you are to do three things. First you are to explain who your character was (Baroness Frederika Von Riedesl) and what r

Baroness Von Riedesel & Saratoga campaign,You are to write a twelve-to-fifteen page research paper about the Saratoga Campaign in which you are to do three things. First you are to explain who your character was (Baroness Frederika Von Riedesl) and what r.

During our first meeting, each student will be assigned one character (Baroness Von Riedesel) who played a role in the campaign in which the British forces under Lieutenant General John Burgoyne sought to separate New England from the other American colonies by capturing the Hudson Valley. The campaign culminated in the Battles of Saratoga in September and October 1777.
You are to write a twelve-to-fifteen page research paper about the Saratoga Campaign in which you are to do three things. First you are to explain who your character was (Baroness Frederika Von Riedesl) and what role he, she, or it played in the events that culminated in the Battles of Saratoga on 19 September and 7 October 1777. (Consider all major events between 20 June and 31 October 1777, specifically including the battles of Fort Stanwix, Orikany, Ticonderoga, Hubbardton, Bennington, Hudson Highlands, and the two battles at Saratoga – Washington & Howe should also include a discussion of the Philadelphia campaign.) Include a brief biography to help place his or her actions in perspective. Second, you are to answer the question of whether the Battle of Saratoga was “decisive,” even though the Revolutionary War continued for another five years – if so, why, if not, why not. Finally, you are to assess all the factors that played a role in determining the outcome of the campaign. Historians argue for many “determinative” elements, including sheer numbers, strategy (advocated by Carl von Clausewitz), tactics (Baron Antoine Henri Jomini), mobility, technology (Martin van Creveld), individual soldier/sailor (skill/morale – Ronald Spector), military system (training, logistics, etc), national economic power (Paul Kennedy), the environment (geography, weather, demography, disease, etc.), intelligence (including disinformation and deception – Sun Tzu), diplomacy (alliances and negotiations), the political system (democracy-confederation v. totalitarian state), and ideology (a “cause,” such as liberalism, religion, race, culture, nationalism, etc. to sustain the troops through adversity). You are to identify the one that you think was most important in this case and explain, in detail, why you thought that factor was more important than the others. You are to do a thorough job of research, relying on secondary, and where available, primary sources to become the class expert on your character and warfare at the time of the Battle of Saratoga. You are to turn in a hard copy of your paper in class on Wednesday, 24 October, and post your paper to the appropriate Discussion page in Blackboard by 6 pm that day. You are to be prepared to answer questions about your character and explain his (hers or its) role in the proceedings in class on 29 and 31 October. Review your classmates’ papers on Blackboard before we meet on Monday, 29 October.

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Climate Change Due to Human Activity

Climate Change Due to Human Activity.

Choose a specific aspect of this general topic and drill down on it. What is the issue? How is it affecting people locally (to the region in which this is occurring)? How does it affect people globally?

How does it affect other inhabitants of this planet, ie. animals, plants, insects, etc.? Please included images, graphs, charts, and statistics of this specific topic. –Write a 50 word Lead-in Copy (max) –Write a 450 word body copy description which analyzes your topic (min)—use your own words based on how well you understand the topic

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‘WE’ Russian Novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

‘WE’ Russian Novel by Yevgeny Zamyatin..

1.Have a topic statement 2. Have a cohesive style, beginning, middle and end/conclusion when using the essay. 3. Your thoughts that the literature evoked, questions made you consider, questions you may have like to discuss in class

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my week 2 managerial finance

Managerial Finance WEEK 2 ACTIVITY 2
1. Today, you earn a salary of $36,000. What will be your annual salary twelve years from now if you earn annual raises of 3.6 percent?
2. You own a classic automobile that is currently valued at $150,000. If the value increases by 6.5 percent annually, how much will the automobile be worth ten years from now?
3. This morning, TL Trucking invested $75,000 to help fund a company expansion project planned for 4 years from now. How much additional money will the firm have 4 years from now if it can earn 5 percent rather than 4 percent on its savings?
4. Your father invested a lump sum 26 years ago at 4.25 percent interest. Today, he gave you the proceeds of that investment which totaled $51,480.79. How much did your father originally invest?
6. You want to have $25,000 saved 6 years from now to buy a house. How much less do you have to deposit today to reach this goal if you can earn 5.5 percent rather than 5 percent on your savings? Today’s deposit is the only deposit you will make to this savings account.
7. Your older sister deposited $5,000 today at 8.5 percent interest for 5 years. You would like to have just as much money at the end of the next 5 years as your sister will have. However, you can only earn 7 percent interest. How much more money must you deposit today than your sister did if you are to have the same amount at the end of the 5 years?
8. Your coin collection contains fifty-four 1941 silver dollars. Your grandparents purchased them for their face value when they were new. These coins have appreciated at a 10 percent annual rate. How much will your collection be worth when you retire in 2060?