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project 3

Turn in the final draft for project 3 here. Below is the rubric for project 3.
The proposal briefly addresses a specific problem.
The proposal identifies a specific target audience who will benefit from the solution
The proposal meets the needs of the immediate audience who you will need the approval or financial support
The proposal offers a plausible course of action (step by step detail of the plan)
The infographic synthesizes the most salient points of the problem and proposal.
The infographic follows the principles of graphic design (contrast/color, repetition, alignment, and proximity).
The infographic uses the appropriate fonts. It should not use more than three types of font.
The infographic mixes text with visuals to create a concise version of the proposal.
The infographic should be clean with no distracting elements.
The images should be appropriate to the content and audience.
Integration/Reliability of Sources
The speaker establishes credibility with credible sources(ethos).
The speaker fully supports their solution with sound evidence with the use of sources (logos).
The writer incorporates at least 3 credible, current, reliable, and relevant sources that are introduced in a way to show the reader why they are credible.
The writer demonstrates that they have thoroughly researched the solution.
The writer effectively incorporates sources using a variety of summary, paraphrase, and quotation. Quotations are not overused and necessary to the proposal.
The author clearly understands and analyzes the sources and how to incorporate them into their argument.
The introduction to the proposal is compelling and encourages the audience to continue reading.
The sections of the proposal are organized and build off of one another.
Transitions between sections are logical, and it is clear to the audience how each part is connected.
The conclusion offers a clear solution/response for the audience and is not a mere repetition of the problem.
Style and Length
The speaker’s style is compelling because the sentence lengths are varied and the proposal is easy to read.
The word choice is appropriate to the audience and situation.
The Works Cited follows MLA/APA citation guidelines when creating the bibliography (with at least ten sources).
The proposal is easy to follow through the use of headings and other visual cues.
The proposal has 5-6 pages with the infographic and Reference Page