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Programming and Data Science – Training Neural Networks

Programming and Data Science – Training Neural Networks. Paper details Please download daibetes.pdf and convert to csv using ‘pdf to csv converter:’ Please download taskwork.pdf and convert it to .ipynb using ‘Vertopal — Free Online Converter’ Use my incomplete code and given skeleton code at bottom to complete the question and plot the graph. Check ‘picture.jpg’ for graph example. Programming and Data Science – Training Neural Networks
Table of Contents Introduction Summary Analysis Conclusion Works Cited Introduction Rita Joe’s “Song of Rita” received huge following due to its comprehensive scrutiny of historical and contemporary Canadian life. Rita was a renowned writer; she received copious accolades because of her resilience and expertise in writing. Rita is still revered all over the world by both her critics and supporters for the robustly textured books she wrote. Rita was born in 1932 in Whycocomagh, Cape Breton, she was orphaned at a tender age of ten (Macleod 1). The Canadian poet overcame several obstacles to become a world-renowned writer. Rita died in 2007 from Parkinson’s disease (Paul 1). This paper will critically analyze Rita’s book “Song of Rita”. Summary Rita is a Mi’kmaq writer who provided an enlightening story in her book “Song of Rita”. In the book, Rita narrates about her remarkable life during youth and adulthood. Rita talks about her education in Indian residential school as well as the daily obstacles she had to overcome to succeed. The author talks about the daily struggles she faced in her effort to battle with family issues in her aboriginal heritage. Rita also narrates about her turbulent marriage. Moreover, she talks about her differences with the community, which she loved. Rita also narrates about her fight against racism, and poverty. Also, Rita talks about her fight against sexism, which was rife at the time. Interestingly, Rita also talks about personal demons, which were evident in her first poems. Nonetheless, the author finally manages to reclaim her status as aboriginal. Moreover, the poems help Rita to deepen her enduring spiritual quest (Joe 1). Analysis Rita Joe’s poems in “Song of Rita Joe” are well refined and succinct. Rita uses the poems to outline her main challenges, which are reminiscent of the challenges, which faced aboriginals of her time. The book articulates Rita’s defiance in fighting racism, poverty, and sexism. The author shows her struggles with community traditions. Also, it outlines the dominant issues, which affected aboriginals. Rita’s story highlights the strength of women in inspiring the social lifestyles of society. Rita uses persuasive gentleness to send her message to the Mi’kmaq nation. The author stands out as an educator throughout the book. Also, Rita sticks out as an activist who uses gentle persuasion to enlighten her community. The poems in the book are well rhymed, which shows Rita’s prowess in poetry (NUP 1). Rita uses the book to show her patience in an abusive marriage which she endures to have eight children. Rita’s story is reminiscent of aboriginal people popularly known as the lost generation. This generation left their traditions and cultural practices for modernity. In essence, Rita uses the poem to remind the aboriginals of the times when they lost their heritage. Interestingly, the author does not moan over the trauma of life she faced. Instead, Rita writes her poems with aspiration and fervor to illustrate her life and that of her people, the Mi’kmaq. She ends up as a leader in her community out of the unwavering spiritual strength from the Mi’kmaq culture (Newhouse 1). Conclusion Rita Joe is a renowned poet with international accolades. Her book Song of Rita entails an absorbing life story of a woman struggling to solve societal problems such as sexism, racism, and poverty, among others. Rita comes out as a leader who works to revitalize her Mi’kmaq community. The book is well written with astute correctness. This book is inspiring and educative to viewers (Adams and Clare 9-11). Works Cited Adams, Trevor, and Clare Stephen. Atlantic Canada’s 100 Greatest Books, Halifax: Nimbus Publishing limited, 2009. Print. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Joe, Rita. Song of Rita Joe: Autobiography of a Mikmaq Poet (American Indian Lives), Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1996. Print. Macleod, Alistair. “My Favourite Place: Deep Roots on Cape Breton.” Toronto Star. 2012:1 Print. Newhouse, David. Song of Rita Joe: Autobiography of a Mi’kmaq Poet by Rita Joe. 2004. Web. NUP. Song of Rita Joe. Web. Paul, Daniel. A Tribute to an Honourable Lady: Rita Joe – The Closing of a Class Act. 2007. Web.
Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Changes in the Workplace HR Practices Legal and Ethical Implications Preparation for Change Conclusion References Abstract Global tendencies are leading businesses towards globalization of supply chains and diversification of their employees, seeking out new talent and innovation. This leads to the creation of multicultural teams that must collaborate on given projects. In turn, companies must adapt their HRM diversity practices to promote inclusivity. Several practices ranging from recruitment to performance management must change by ethical and legal considerations. Communication is key to establishing change and ensuring a smooth transition. Introduction Globalization is a rapid and influential economic tendency that has a profound impact on the workplace. It is leading to changes in business practices and employee relations which requires organizational restructuring. Companies that adapt to this trend, becoming more inclusive and diverse, are more likely to emerge as successful. This report will examine the potential changes in the global workforce in the next years and how companies can prepare for them. Changes in the Workplace Ease of global transportation and telecommunications means that the global economy overall and numerous supply chains have become spread out across continents and are interdependent for functioning and creation of the final product. Globalization and technological development are going to lead to a shift in workplace demographics towards diversification. The organizational function will evolve with diversification. As a business grows, it expands globally, reaping the benefits of cheaper raw materials and tax breaks in other parts of the world. However, it is ineffective and challenging to send large groups of employees abroad, so they take advantage of the local workforce. Companies have affiliates and teams working globally to promote their products and business relationships, creating multiethnic international divisions. This allows to seek out talent and offer more competitive wages. Diversification is inherently beneficial since it helps to increase productivity, efficiency, and contributes to a positive work environment. Diversity programs in companies significantly contribute to employee motivation, innovation of ideas, and consumer satisfaction. A diverse workforce can be leveraged for marketing purposes as well, appealing to consumers and offering insights on advertising to various groups. Diversification also leads to increased standards, both in domestic companies changing to be more inclusive and in foreign affiliates which must adopt Western practices and avoid unethical business dealings. The primary challenge will include a tremendous cultural shift that will be required within an organization. This could be achieved through heavy investment in training and changed management practices. Ethnic and cultural differences could arise on a fundamental level, due to prejudices or beliefs that will hinder productivity and create workplace conflicts. Challenges in communication may be created due to language barriers and accents. The benefits and challenges of diversification may differ depending on the region and the mix of inclusion practices offered by a company (Mor Barak, 2016). HR Practices In the context of a globalized company and diverse workforce, human resource management practices must change as well to promote diversity, ensure organizational effectiveness, and maintain a culturally tolerant environment. Staffing will have to shift towards a color-blind and gender-neutral approach, avoiding biases that may be targeted, geographically-based candidates. To increase employee retention, strategies must be employed to enhance inclusivity practices, organizational tolerance, and cultural training which will help to mitigate any cultural differences and conflicts among employees while promoting collaboration. Through this, the workplace culture will shift, eliminating barriers and harassment while breaking the glass ceiling for traditional minorities in business (Downey, van der Werff, Thomas,
Organizational Communication – Mobile App Case Study.

You have just joined the staff of a small start-up. The founder has asked you to recommend an app that will support their CLW, collaborative learning work, allow them to grow, and interface with some of their larger enterprise customers. The staff works in project team. The teams are dispersed from your office for different periods of time to work on different projects. The staff member may be part of more than one team at a time. The company needs to select software for mobile collaboration. What do you recommend?Please select one tool for cloud based, mobile collaboration. Report on the following: Introduction and app description, including source and pricingCommunication Processes supportedReal time synchronous and/or asynchronousIntra, interpersonal, team/group and large groupDecision makingFile sharing—for Written report preparation and oral presentation preparation collaborationInterface, Data access channels for input—for example, voice, video, text, graphics etcPersonal assistant integrationTeam and project management Due datesRemindersCalendarMeeting schedulingCommunication and data security—is data secure? Explain. Conclusion–How does software support Collaborative Networked Learning and Collaborative Learning Work? (your tool) supports CNL (and/or) CLW by………… Or, (your tool)_supports CNL (and/or) CWL because it…….Reference Web Pages:The Best Online Collaboration Software of 2018,2817,2489110,00.aspTop 10 Online Collaboration Tools for Increased Productivity Review & Rating,2817,2477507,00.aspCollaborative learning-work Intelligence and Personal Identity
Organizational Communication – Mobile App Case Study

Sales promotion is a direct inducement that offers extra incentives (e.g., coupons, rebates, buy-one-get-one) to enhance or accelerate the product’s movement from producer to consumer. Sales promotion

g., coupons, rebates, buy-one-get-one) to enhance or accelerate the product’s movement from producer to consumer. Sales promotion: — May be used anywhere along the marketing route: from manufacturer to dealer, dealer to customer, or manufacturer to customer. — Normally involves a direct inducement (such as money, prizes, etc.) that provides extra incentives to buy, visit the store, request literature, or take some other action. — Is designed to speed up the selling process. Sales promotion expenditures in some companies consume 75 percent of the advertising/promotion budget, compared to 25 percent for advertising. Sales promotion is expensive, but effective. By Wednesday, post at least once regarding the following. By Sunday please reply at least twice to your classmates. What do you think of these points? Can you share any observations of these dynamics occurring in the marketplace? Can you share any experiences of your employers (past or present) experiencing these dynamics? ********** Have a look at some of the winning campaigns from the  Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Consider the creative approaches used as well as the media executions. Select 1 example and discuss how they utilized integrated marketing communications effectively. Consider the target market, the message, the objectives and the media choices when discussing the effectiveness of the implementation.

ISSC 363 AMU Cloud Security Mode of Protecting Data Stored in Computer Devices Essay

term paper help ISSC 363 AMU Cloud Security Mode of Protecting Data Stored in Computer Devices Essay.

Assignment Instructions:Please Read the following articles on Cloud Security and their Associated Risks:Zamfiroiu,
A., Iancu, B., Boja, C., Georgescu, T., Cartas, C., Popa, M., &
Toma, C. (2020). IoT Communication Security Issues for Companies:
Challenges, Protocols and The Web of Data. Proceedings of the … International Conference on Business Excellence, 14(1), 1109–1120. Maniah, Abdurachman, E., Gaol, F., & Soewito, B. (2019). Survey on Threats and Risks in the Cloud Computing Environment. Procedia Computer Science, 161, 1325–1332., I., & Odeh, A. (2020). Security and privacy of electronic health records: Concerns and challenges. Egyptian Informatics Journal. Albakri,
S. H., Shanmugam, B., Samy, G. N., Idris, N. B., & Ahmed, A.
(2014). Security risk assessment framework for cloud computing
environments. Security & Communication Networks, 7(11), 2114–2124. Library EBSCOThen,
discuss with your classmates why Cloud Security is different from that
of traditional network architectures and what you think the future holds
for Cloud Security and it’s adoption rate with company’s. What are
some technologies and solutions that can be used to reduce risk for the
“Cloud” or “Cloud Data”. Minimum of 250 words, apa style.
ISSC 363 AMU Cloud Security Mode of Protecting Data Stored in Computer Devices Essay

Describe the government mechanisms that have affected the genomics industry, AND propose a strategic direction for 23andMe that leverages

Describe the government mechanisms that have affected the genomics industry, AND propose a strategic direction for 23andMe that leverages these government influences, think about your proposal for 23andMe going forward. Government Mechanisms to choose from: which of these have affected genomics industry and how? government industrial policy infrastructure government funded R

Wright State University Most Important Concepts Methods and Terms Reflection

Wright State University Most Important Concepts Methods and Terms Reflection.

Read Chapter 1: Introduction: Why Project Management? and Chapter 2: The Organizational Context: Strategy, Structure, and Culture in attached text book and reflect on the readingsReflect on the assigned readings. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:Think of a successful project and an unsuccessful project with which you are familiar. What distinguishes the two, both in terms of the process used to develop them and their outcomes?Consider the Expedition Everest case at the end of the chapter: what elements in Disney’s approach to developing its theme rides do you find particularly impressive? How can a firm like Disney balance the need for efficiency and smooth development of projects with the desire to be innovative and creative? Based on this case, what principles appear to guide its development process?Compare and contrast the organizational cultures at Amazon and Google. Imagine if you were in charge of a project team at both companies. How might your approach to managing a project, developing your team, and coordinating with different functional departments differ at the two firms?EVERYTHING SHOULD BE IN APA FORMATEVERYTHING SHOULD BE PLAGIARISM FREE. PLEASE POST PLAGIARISM RESULT.CITE ALL THE REFERENCES
Wright State University Most Important Concepts Methods and Terms Reflection