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Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Coversheet: PLO #2

Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Coversheet: PLO #2.

Attached is an example please complete in your own words do not copy from the example and put your answers on the attached outline . You are a Preschool teacher for children 2 to 4 years old. For this assignment PLO 2: Design, implement, and evaluate environments and activities that support positive developmental play and learning outcomes for all young children.Related Assignments (these are assignments required in other VVC CHDV courses to provide you with the prerequisite knowledge and skills needed to prepare for your student teaching course). Reviewing these assignments may help you identify the knowledge and skills you currently have related to this PLO.Activity Planning Forms (CHDV 150, 160, 200)Block Plan (CHDV 150) and/or CHDV 200 culturally relevant block plan (optional)ECERS (CHDV 160 Knowledge at the beginning of CHDV210: Please list (using bullet points) the knowledge you currently have related to this Program Learning Outcome (PLO).Skills at the beginning of CHDV210: Please list (using bullet points) the skills you currently have related to this Program Learning Outcome (PLO).NOTE: the following sections should be based upon your student teaching experiences.**Growth: Please discuss how your knowledge and skills listed above have grown as a result of your student teaching experiences. Please provide very specific examples from your student teaching experiences that illustrate your growth in knowledge and skills. (Follow the grading rubric!)**Beliefs: How have your student teaching experiences influenced your beliefs about creating a developmentally appropriate curriculum and the importance of observation and reflection?**Future Growth & Action Plan: Think about your future teaching, list three specific “goals” to help you improve upon your existing knowledge, skills and teaching practices related to this specific PLO. Also, identify how you will achieve each of these three goals. Be specific. For instance, will you enroll in a course? If so, what course? Will you read a book? What book?
Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Coversheet: PLO #2

Albizu Cognitive & Psychosocial Development Self Evaluation Discussion.

(300 words minimum for main posting with 200 word replies to two classmates)For this discussion, address the following:Looking back on your own life and your development throughout the lifespan up until the present time, which one of your developmental stages was the most important in helping you become who you are today?Why?Attached my self evaluation and you can also be guided by the answers of Mireldys and Vanessa200 word reply to Mireldys I would like to begin discussion by emphasizing how significant and enriching was reading The Developing Person Through the Life Span. Learning about the different developmental stages and gaining understanding of each stage in particular, as to what each involves was very fascinating. It really allowed me to understand more of myself and be able to identify events that took place throughout my life that defined me as I am. As I look back and reflect on my own life and personal development throughout my lifespan up until the present time. I feel that my middle childhood was a very important developmental stage in my life which highly influenced the person that I am today. During this developmental stage not only did I experience numerous physical changes but also a lot of emotional ones. Particularly that I migrated to the unites states during that time in my life. This event impacted my life in many ways, especially because my mother, sister and stepfather stayed behind in Cuba. Having to leave Cuba was a radical change as I had to leave everything I had known behind, most importantly leaving my mother and sister behind. I came to the unites states to live with my father who had already been living in the Unites States during that time. Fortunately, few months after my arrival my mother, sister and stepfather arrived to the united states.During that time in my life, I experienced numerous challenges, adaptation, social integration, self-esteem issues. I had begun school at a foreign country with a different language, teaching style, and culture which affected my academic journey. I was always a good student and facing this language barrier affected my emotional wellbeing during that time. My social interactions and relationships were also difficult due language difference. Leading to multiple bullying experiences. I experienced a lot of discrimination, emotional uncertainty, and adaptation challenges because of it. However, I strongly feel that I successfully overcame those challenges due to my family structure, the way my parents raised me and the dynamic they implemented with me during those years. Even though i was raised by divorced parents. I believe they did an amazing job and were able to properly coparent and have a functional and healthy environment for myself. Ultimately this was increasingly beneficial towards my overall development.200 word reply to VanessaLooking back at my life and my development throughout my life span until the present time, I want to say that the developmental stage that was most important in helping me become who I am today is the Industry vs. Inferiority stage. In this stage, which is typically experienced between ages 5-12, a child feels the need to win approval by demonstrating specific competencies that are valued by society and begin to develop a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Although all the stages played an important role, I believe that this stage may hold just a little more weight than the others.One of the reasons why I chose this stage is because of the simple fact that I consider myself to be an overachiever. I am also a people pleaser and enjoy feeling approval from others. I do not seek approval when it comes to the person I am and the choices I make (although some opinions are important and matter to me), but approval of my work and the way I can assist others in a time of need. From a very young age, I have always worked hard. I feel like working hard gives me a purpose. It gives me a sense of pride in what I do, especially when I do it well. Even until this day, when a professor, colleague, friend, or my boss compliments my work, I feel very good about myself. I believe that instinctively, we all want to feel valued by others. We also want to feel like others find us competent and useful. As an adult, I always strive to be up to date with technology and anything that would be useful to others so that if they need assistance, they know they can come to me. I really enjoy being a resource for others. I often find myself laughing because at work, when technology fails, a lot of my co-workers call me to help solve the issue (or at least try).This developmental stage has really paved the way in helping me become who I am today. I have realized that this can also backfire on me. Often times, people would rather seek help instead of trying to solve something themselves. I have realized that people can take your desire to help and provide relief to their advantage. As with everything, balance is important. It is important for me to learn how to tell the difference between helping someone and having someone take advantage of what I can offer to them.
Albizu Cognitive & Psychosocial Development Self Evaluation Discussion

Citing specific evidence from Gilgamesh, history assignment help.

Answer the following question in a one-page paper:Citing specific evidence from Gilgamesh (not from the textbook), explain the role(s) of kingship in ancient Sumerian society. In other words, one might ask, what were the duties of the king or what was a Sumerian king expected to do or what were some of the characteristics of kingship in Ancient Mesopotamia?Before proceeding, you might wish to read the short notes and review the study questions on Gilgamesh. Professor Romeo also has some ideas for those of you who are having trouble with this assignment. You can also check out our short video on this assignment.Your paper must follow this format:font size 10 or 12 onlyone-inch marginsdouble-spaced page number citations for your quoted evidencenot to exceed one (1) pagename at the top left must have brief introduction and conclusion paragraphs (each not to exceed two sentences)You may consider submitting drafts of your assignment to your instructor for feedback before submitting the assignment for a grade. At times, you may be asked to rewrite your essay before it is graded. This is done for your own benefit and will result in an improved grade.
Citing specific evidence from Gilgamesh, history assignment help

Otis The Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry Essay

Otis The Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry Essay.

I’m working on a marketing project and need support to help me study.

Please review this article below.Write a three full page review applying some of the concepts to the fashion industry.Select a theme from the article and use that as your topic for the essay.Then write a full three pagesOffer an introduction and a summaryConduct additional research and offer at least four additional references and citations.Offer references and at least one citation for every referencePlease use APA formattingPlease edit your work using Grammarly.comMargins are 1 inch around.Do offer a cover page.Must be a Microsoft Word document
Otis The Social Media Marketing in the Fashion Industry Essay

Art assignment (follow all inspirations please)

assignment helper Art assignment (follow all inspirations please). I need support with this Art & Design question so I can learn better.

Sustainability is one of the new concerns in art and architecture as well as society in general. The artist Tara Donovan takes throw aways as you saw in the video and transforms them into art. There are and have been several artists, including in the text, working with mixed media or ready-mades, and throw aways. Look up Marcel Duchamp and Vic Munoz for some variations. Here is a chance to become one. Materials can be found as simply as looking in your recycling bin. Then post a photo of your work, jpg, along with a small summary about your process and your thoughts on the elements, principles and functions of art as you created it.
20 pts.
Complete by date and time. Be sure to view everyone else’s and respond to 2 posts or more by end of day.
Materials needed: mixed media, adhesiveCreate a sculpture project using the additive sculptural method. Assemble ready-made materials such as sticks, light bulbs, cotton swabs, and other items to create a representational form. See Deborah Butterfield’s Conure (page 198) for inspiration.
more inspiration: article on art made from trash
Art assignment (follow all inspirations please)

UMUC Criminal Justice Systems Set of Private Agencies & Government Discussion

UMUC Criminal Justice Systems Set of Private Agencies & Government Discussion.

InstructionsNo directly quoted material may be used in this project paper. Resources should be summarized or paraphrased with appropriate in-text and Resource page citations. Comparison Paper (Juvenile Justice/Adult Justice Systems)The juvenile justice system is similar to the adult criminal justice system in many ways; however, fundamental differences do exist. In this assignment, you will:Compare and contrast the juvenile and adult criminal justice systemsAnalyze and describe how they are similar and how they are fundamentally different.Explain why the juvenile justice system is different, and the principles behind those differences.Note that this is not a research paper, but rather a reflective paper that analytically summarizes the course material presented in the textbook and within the online Course Content.Format RequirementsPaper should be a minimum of 750 words or about three FULL narrative pagesDouble space12 pt. font1” marginsUse APA citations for all sources (outside references not required)Include APA reference page (not included in word count)Additionally -· Create a cover page for your assignment (not included in word count)Include your nameCourse title and numberProject titleTopic selectedDate of submission
UMUC Criminal Justice Systems Set of Private Agencies & Government Discussion

Liberty University Use of Lethal Force by Police during Crisis Response Paper

Liberty University Use of Lethal Force by Police during Crisis Response Paper.

Research Paper: Final Paper Assignment Instructions
Crisis intervention in law enforcement can take many forms. Police are called to respond to potential suicide, individuals with mental illness, unruly children, armed citizens, fights, and many other potentially dangerous situations. In recent year, law enforcement officers have been criticized for their response to many of these crises. Whether or not this criticism is warranted, it is imperative that law enforcement agencies follow evidence-based practice when establishing policy. The only way to ensure this happens is to conduct empirical research that identifies crisis intervention problems and offers potential solutions to help inform the law enforcement response. This assignment offers students the opportunity to identify a problem in area of crisis intervention and propose research that would study the issue. The criminal justice field typically operates under theoretical approaches from the social sciences as well as leadership and organizational management disciplines. Students will consider this as they develop the research proposal. For example, if your chosen topic is police use of force, you may choose to look at the concept of group dynamics or a theoretical approach from the field of sociology or psychology that focuses on officer characteristics and their impact on use of force incidents. It is important to underscore your research proposal from within a theoretical perspective that can direct and inform your proposed study.

Liberty University Use of Lethal Force by Police during Crisis Response Paper