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Profiling Entrepreneurs: .The first will be for a commercial enterprise . Students will present a brief profile of the

Profiling Entrepreneurs:
.The first will be for a commercial enterprise . Students will present a brief profile of the entrepreneur and their business in a presentation followed by questions from peers and the professorEach profile should outline the following:
Name of the enterprise and entrepreneur The problem it attempts to solve
The goal of the organization
# of people affected or served
Why you chose to highlight this enterprise / entrepreneur
You are free to choose any example from around the world and please feel free to use pictures or add a short video in your presentation.

can consumer price index predicts the gold price return ?

This research attempts to search out the particular relationship between consumer price index (CPI) and gold price returns (GPR. In order to do so, regression analysis method is applied on the sample size of 60 observations across the years 2015 to 2019 monthly were data has been taken with the account to measure the nexus between the mentioned variables. The findings from the research are that both variables have positively casual impact in both ways. The future researchers can carry forward this research by increasing the sample size and also by taking more variable affecting on these dependent variables.

APA manual

Profiling Entrepreneurs: .The first will be for a commercial enterprise . Students will present a brief profile of the Scenario:
Your professor assigns a 5 page research paper on either virtual reality use in physical therapy or EHR alert fatigue.
Task:Presented with a common scenario (which you will see once you open the quiz), you will be asked to locate one source you would use, and answer the following questions:
What was your research process? (How did you find the source? Where did you look? How many results did you view before choosing yours?)
What was your (quick) evaluation process? (What is the source? Why do you think it’s useful for this context?) *You do not need to read anything in full, just skim titles/abstracts to make your decision at this point.
How would you cite this source using APA format? You will lose points if you don’t at least attempt to cite your source for this assignment. HINT: Look up the type of source–e.g. book, journal, website, etc.–in your APA manual to find the format specific to that type of source.)
Minimum word count: 75 words- reference not included.
You will be graded on content, organization/writing style, and whether or not you attempted to cite your reference in APA format.

Type of leaders in the Arab world and what type of leadership is common in Arab country

Type of leaders in the Arab world and what type of leadership is common in Arab country.

1. Guidelines for research project: – Formulate the research problem, develop a clear and precise research question(s), research objectives and significance. Identify research method and a tool for data collection. (This constitutes PART ONE of your research, titled: “Overall Research Orientation”). – Do a literature review by scanning the available literature on the chosen topic. (This constitutes PART TWO of your research, titled: “Theoretical and Conceptual Framework”). – Choose an organization to collect data about your research from. Make sure that the chosen organization is a one that you can easily get access to. Start collecting data. Give a short and brief summary introducing the chosen organization for your research at the beginning of this part. (This constitutes PART THREE of your research, titled: “Research Findings”). Write down your findings without analyzing what you found. – Analyze your findings by relating to literature reviewed in part one, adding to it your own thoughts as a researcher. (This constitutes PART FOUR of your research, titled: “Data Analysis”). – Draw conclusions and give recommendations (in bullets only). (This constitutes PART FIVE of your research, titled: “Conclusions and Recommendations”). – List your references and appendices (Questionnaire, Interview questions, etc.). Please use the APA referencing style. – Paper length is appx. 4000 words (without references and appendices). Times New Roman; 16’ for main titles, 14’ for headings, 12’ for text; 1’ all margins (top, bottom and sides); 1.5 line spacing. 2. Main readings : 1. Northouse, P. (2016). Leadership Theory and Practice. Seventh Edition. SAGE. 2. Passenhein, O. (2010). Change Management. 1st Edition. eBooks at 3. Spaho K. (2013). Organizational communication and conflict management. Management, Vol. 18, 1. (Pp. 103-118). 4. Broussine, M. & Callahan, R. (2016). Public Leadership. (In) Boviard, T. & Loeffler, E. Public Management and Governance. 3rd Edition. Routledge. 5. Hartley, Jean. (2018). Ten propositions about public leadership. International Journal of Public Leadership, Vol. 14 No. 4 (Pp. 202-217). 3. Suggested readings: 1. Jean, S. (2019), “Leadership and the rule of law in conflict and post-conflict societies”, International Journal of Public Leadership, Vol. 15 No. 3, pp. 130-136. 2. Mau, T. (2019), “Enhancing leadership capacity in the public sector: branding as an employer of choice”, International Journal of Public Leadership, Vol. 15 No. 3, pp. 155-169. 3. Hellström, M. and Ramberg, U. (2019), “Senior public leaders’ perceptions of business intelligence”, International Journal of Public Leadership, Vol. 15 No. 2, pp. 113-128. 4. Wart. V. Montgomery. (2003). Public-Sector Leadership Theory: An Assessment. Public Administration Review (PAR). Vol. 63, No. 2 (Mar. – Apr., 2003), pp. 214-228. 5. Campbell, K. & O’Leary, r. (2015). Big Ideas for Big Problems: Lessons from Conflict Resolution for Public Administration. Conflict Resolution Quarterly. 6. Rahim, M. Afzalur. (2001). Managing Conflict in Organizations. 3rd Edition. Quorum Books. (PP 17-33 & 75-95) 7. Siraj ud Din, et. al. (2011). An investigation of conflict management in public and private sector universities. African Journal of Business Management. Vol. 5(16), pp. 6981-6990,

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Review of the Glass Castle book by Jeanette Walls

Review of the Glass Castle book by Jeanette Walls.

Review of the Glass Castle book by Jeanette Walls 

Should be about 2 or 3 well-developed paragraphs in length and should address the following points: -A brief summary of the book, including the author’s purpose in writing it. -A review of the strengths and weaknesses of the book, including a discussion of the author’s style. -An evaluation of the book’s overall quality, including whether you would recommend the book to a friend. Needs: Book of “The Glass Castle” book Jeanette Walls

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Information Technology Question

Question 1 – Briefly explain any steps you are taking, or plan to take, to gain hands-on experience in your program of study. (50 – 100 words)
Question 2 – State two goals you hope to achieve through applying your coursework this term to your workplace experience. (50 – 100 words
**. I have attached the image of courses which I am taking this semester

The importance of your major and how you plan to use it to make an impact.

The importance of your major and how you plan to use it to make an impact..

Winning submissions will provide clear details, demonstrate creativity, appropriately cite sources (if necessary), and express the personal thoughts and opinions of the applicant. A clear thesis and supporting arguments that belong solely to the author. My major is Multimedia Studies with a concentration on Film, Video and New Media. The goal is to use  videography skills to raise awareness for the environmental issues we are facing today. “I’m really drawn to documentary movies (before the flood, forks over knives, ice on fire etc) that shed light on how important it is to help protect the planet we live in and i believe that’s what i will be doing in the future.”

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Write about Emotional Intelligence and how its factors in at college and real world application.

Write about Emotional Intelligence and how its factors in at college and real world application..

Writing Prompt

Write about Emotional Intelligence and how its factors in at college and real world application. Discover concrete techniques for raising your own Emotional Quotient (EQ). This includes perceiving yourself accurately, exercising emotional self-control, practicing resilience, and developing empathy. Then turn those lessons around to build your awareness of others and learn to inspire helpful communication and manage conflict.


·         Use MLA format

·         Type at least four pages

·         Use credible sources (Check with your instructor if you are not sure your sources are credible). 

Ask an Essential Question

An essential question frames your unit of study as a problem to be solved. It should connect students’ lived experiences and interests (their only resources for learning something new) to disciplinary problems in the world. In addition, it should connect what they learn back to the real world, where they can put their new understandings to work.

Essential Question: Why is Emotional Intelligence important?

Be Sure to Answer these Questions in your Research Paper

·         What is Emotional Intelligence?

·         How can you most effectively gain from knowing the benefits of these intelligences?

·         Discuss the benefits of Emotional Intelligence skills getting to know and understand others. 

Emotional Intelligence Quadrants 



Social Awareness

Relationship Management


Note: Use at Least Three Resources

·         Your textbook

·         An article or journal

·         Video 

·         You choose 




For the presentation you will share at least one skill learned in the course (creator mindset) and how it changed your approach to some aspect of your life or college experience. Create a 5-8- minute PowerPoint presentation or a Prezi and you may add a short video clip. Using your Research paper; develop a presentation based on your assignment choice.


Address the following statements:



o    Explain or demonstrate the challenge.

o    Explain or demonstrate what On Course strategy or strategies are helping or have helped you address the challenge.

o    Explain or demonstrate what the outcome is so far… how has applying the strategy impacted your life and/or your success as a student.

o    Explain or demonstrate what success means to you.

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Normal Distribution (Variables in medicine).

Normal Distribution (Variables in medicine)..

Many variables in medicine follow a normal distribution where there are approximately an equal number of values below the mean as above the mean. Describe two variables that you work with that would probably follow a normal distribution. Also note which of the two variables would be likely to have a larger standard deviation and why.

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Social divisions as a course of economic imbalance in America

Social divisions as a course of economic imbalance in America.


Writer ID:Writer ID:188860. The paper you started already i ordered for homework the last time, I need you to expand it into 5 pages. I uploaded everything including the workscited (there’s sources already). 1.) Make sure re: read all the instructions please including examples especially with highlighted. 2.) Make sure there’s introduction and conclusion. 3.) Thesis (see the highlighted instruction) 4.) Make sure there’s an argument. 5.) Make sure every paragraph has sources. 6.) Transition (slow, fast) 7.) Make sure there’s like both rising and falling. Example; raising on prices and falling on prices. Increase on percentage and decrease etc. Depending what’s writing. 8.) After writing, please please look at the rubric, to check if the paper contains everything what the rubric has

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Close to Home Reflection

Close to Home Reflection.

Close to Home Reflection

Paper details Edit this Reflection on this Case Study. Answer the questions. Please make this a PERSONAL REFLECTION but also use the following questions as a guide: What might have caused Bill to feel the way he did? Why would Bill want to express his feelings about Elizabeth to Linda? What could account for the different reactions of Bill and Carla to the crisis with Elizabeth? Was there anything that Linda did or did not do that may have contributed to Bill’s current emotional struggle? Should Linda have responded differently to Bill when he expressed his feelings about Elizabeth and Carla? Given the events that have taken place, should Linda be concerned about Bill? In other words, just how serious do you think Bill’s emotional upheaval is? Should Linda tell Carla about what Bill said to her? If you were Linda, would you feel compelled to do anything to resolve this issue during the same evening that Bill talked to you? The following day? At a later time? If so, specifically, what would you do? In general, what are the purposes or goals of early intervention in the case of a child like Elizabeth? Is, in fact, early intervention an appropriate service in such situations?

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