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Produce an integrative project management report

The cellular company chosen is Sunrise in Luzern, Switzerland. 2. Take a look at the example for reference on how to write.3. Goal: Develop an innovative phone service that can respond to major problems that people are facing in Lucerne.4. The new service to be provided can be 5G.5. I just need no. 5 : Developing Project Schedule and no. 6: Develop the Cost Estimate and Budget done. So please focus mainly on this and the rest you can just understand to help you write these parts. 6. Any questions please let me know.

from a sociological/global perspective, why a lot of young people delay marriage in present day of American society, Or why majority of them have to get a college education?

from a sociological/global perspective, why a lot of young people delay marriage in present day of American society, Or why majority of them have to get a college education?.

– Description of the Global system and the economic structure of different nations in the system: for example: at which level a nation or nations are place in the global system? – what economy sector dominates the economic structure of the nation(s) – how the global system work -Describe the effects of the global economy on society and on individual people’s life, especially its effect on American society and American people, and relate these effects to the above mentioned phenomena. -Discuss the historical, environmental, and technological factors that may contribute to the development of the global economy. use some of the terms: the world system ( or global economy),core nations, semiperipheral nation, peripheral nations, primary economy, secondary economy, tertiary economy, deindustrialization, the first world, second world, the third world, the developed nations, developing nations, underdeveloped nations, subsistence economy, industrial economy, post-industrial economy

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Sheriff’s Artificial River

Produce an integrative project management report Sheriff’s Artificial River.

 Your paper should have an introduction that does not just get the paper going; it should preview the paper’s major argument and provide a skeleton outline. Getting the intro right is key. Following the intro, your paper should make points methodically, with each paragraph making a clearly discernible point. Your conclusion recaps your argument. Finally, use simple, straightforward language. Simple does not mean simple-minded. It brings clarity and even elegance to your writing. Drawing on material from the entire book, not just a particular chapter, address one of the following: (1) Sheriff argues that the Erie Canal turned out to “evoke feelings of ambivalence” (55) among the canal’s promoters. “Progress” turned out to have up sides and down sides. What aspects of the canal project evoked feelings of ambivalence? What canal developments inspired excitement and pride? Fear and opposition? Why? OR (2) We argue about the government’s proper role in the economy today, whether the subject is international trade agreements or tax incentives for new businesses in Buffalo. What was controversial about the government’s role in the Erie Canal, and how did the different sides line up? What broader views of the role of government in the economy did these views represent?

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Reading Journal PART A AND PART B

ALl the instructions are attached
Text: Texts/Materials

Lipschultz, Jeremy Harris. Social Media Communication: Concepts, Practices, Data, Law and Ethics. 3


links to the video:
What makes something go viral?(…)
Social media? Get serious! Understanding the functional building blocks of social media
Why do we watch TV? | Uses and Gratification theory explained

Critical thinking exercise : Woolworths’ Corporate Responsibility Strategy

What challenges do you think a company like Woolworths Group is facing when developing and implementing a companywide corporate social responsibility strategy that takes into account the more than 200,000 employees, diverse interests, and stakeholders?
Woolworths Group is trying to reduce its carbon emissions or footprint by 10 percent. Based on where we are as a world, is 10 percent enough of a reduction? Perhaps global warming is not real, what do you think?
Instructions :
Original threads should be at least 250 words. The thoughts and opinions expressed in your thread need to be substantiated by research and literature (from the textbook or outside sources). All references should be in correct APA style. While this is a formal discussion environment, you are allowed to use the first person perspective in all your posts since you will be expressing your personal opinions. All original threads should: Bring clarity to the issues being discussed. Raise new and novel (yet relevant) points. Relate issues to personal experience. Rationally defend your stated position.

Gender Stereotypes in the Media,When we talk about gender, we are not speaking about the biological sex of an individual (i.e male or female); instead, gender is a cultural construct that is attributed to a person’s sex (i.e. what makes someone “a real m

Gender Stereotypes in the Media,When we talk about gender, we are not speaking about the biological sex of an individual (i.e male or female); instead, gender is a cultural construct that is attributed to a person’s sex (i.e. what makes someone “a real m.

• Adhere to all MLA 8 guidelines, including a Works Cited page. The Works Cited page should include 1) the text you are analyzing and 2) the two credible research articles
• Length: 800-1000 words

When we talk about gender, we are not speaking about the biological sex of an individual (i.e male or 
female); instead, gender is a cultural construct that is attributed to a person’s sex (i.e. what makes someone “a real man“ or “ladylike“). We learn these cultural constructs directly via our families, peers, and friends, but we also learn them indirectly through media. In fact, research shows that media images directly impact our behaviors.

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with images that attempt to shape how we define masculinity and femininity. We see this in social media, commercials, films, tv shows, literature, and music, just to name a few. For this assignment, you will analyze a text of your choosing to consider how the media reaffirms or challenges gender stereotypes.

Here’s How to Begin:
1. Think about how your own ideas of gender are influenced by the media
-What books, movies, or television shows did you watch growing up? In what ways did those shows teach you about gender?
-Who is your favorite musical artist? Listen to his/her/their work to see how gender stereotypes are being reaffirmed or called into question.
o Look at current advertisements (commercials, print ads, etc.). What do they say about being “a lady” or “a real man”?
o Go to your Instagram feed and see how masculinity and femininity are being portrayed there.

2. Select one specific text that reaffirms or challenges gender stereotypes. 
o This text can be a social media post, #hashtag, advertisement, music video, piece of artwork, literature, television show, movie, news broadcast, etc.

3. Provide an analysis of your selected text.
o How does your text reinforce stereotypical notions of masculinity/femininity? 
o How does your text challenge stereotypical notions of masculinity/femininity? 
o If someone outside of our culture and society were to look at your text, what would they think we value when it comes to masculinity/femininity?
o What are the keys to being the ideal man or woman, as indicated by your selected text?

4. Incorporate, at minimum, three credible research articles to further enhance your critique and interpretation. These questions will help guide your research:
o In what ways does the genre reinforce stereotypes of masculinity/femininity?
o In what ways does the genre challenge stereotypes of masculinity/femininity?
o What are the consequences of media perpetuating these stereotypes?

Open for topic ideas.

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Global Public Relations in the Democratic Republic of Congo through transnational activism

Global Public Relations in the Democratic Republic of Congo through transnational activism.

 Thesis is to be about global public relations through transnational activism (particularly NGOs), and its influence on policy-making at the domestic and international level. In particular, this thesis will look at the public relations strategies used in developing countries in which there is a weak government unable to protect its citizens rights and where transnational corporations act “freely,” such as in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Using the Global Public Relations framework from the Global Public Relations Handbook: theory, research and practice by Krishnamurthy Sriramesh and Dejan Vercic ( chapter 1), a country profile of the DRC should be used to describe public relations in the country and how it is influenced by infrastructural variables (which include political system, economic system, culture, media, legal system and activism). Understanding the context of the DRC will help with understanding what PR strategies can be used and how, using a case study, they were implemented (successfully or not). A case study on Amnesty International’s campaign highlighted human rights abuses in cobalt mining ( valuable mineral used in electronics including electric car batteries, laptops and cellphones) in the DRC, can then be used and evaluated to see the impact Amnesties GPR strategies had on changing domestic and global policies surrounding the cobalt industry and overall corporate social responsibility in the DRC. What this thesis should show is the potential and crucial role transnational activism, as global public relations, has in global governance, between corporations, governments and civil society.

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Assignment week10: Dissecting a Global Marketing Strategy

Assignment week10: Dissecting a Global Marketing Strategy.

Competencies Addressed in This Assignment and Aligned to Learning Outcomes The following competencies align with indicated learning outcomes and each criteria for the assignment aligns to a competency.

Competency 1: Formulate a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. Create a marketing plan. Build and sustain long-term customer relationships. Assess how to identify markets. Competency 3: Elaborate the relevance of the marketing mix in a digitally driven global economy. Assess how to identify markets.

Competency 4: Integrate ethical marketing practices into marketing strategies. Build and sustain long-term customer relationships. Assess how to identify markets. Overview In this final assignment, you have the opportunity to combine all the knowledge you have gained in the course and apply it in the form of an extended case study.

In Unit 2 you selected a publicly traded firm with a global presence for this assignment. You will now take a critical view of the firm’s marketing operations and analyze how well the firm is performing against their stated strategy. Using the various topics covered in the course (marketing mix, services marketing, et cetera), evaluate the firm’s performance for all areas that apply. Comment on how well the firm executed making recommendations for areas which require improvement or that stand out for their excellence. Instructions For this assignment evaluate the following: How the firm identifies culturally sensitive marketing communication in its global operations The firm’s CRM methodology in working towards achieving long-term customer relationships How the firm is integrating a digital platform with broader Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). The firm’s approach towards increasing revenue through brand Management, market penetration, or add-on services. Requirements Your paper should meet the following requirements: Written communication: Must be free of errors that detract from the overall message. Resources and citations: Format according to current APA style and formatting guidelines. Be sure to write in third person to receive credit for APA writing. Include a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference list. Use APA levels 1, 2, and 3 headings as required. Length of paper: 3000 words, double-spaced pages; do not include the title page or the reference page in your word count. References: A minimum of two scholarly references other than the assigned readings.- Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 points. You are required to submit your paper to Turnitin. Once you review your results and make any needed changes, submit your paper for grading.

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Dual Relationship Case Study

Dual Relationship Case Study.

Benchmark- Dual Relationship Case Study


Paper details:

Research Psychologist A has been conducting a study with human subjects for nearly a year. As a result, A has come to know Participant M quite well. The study is taking longer than expected, and some of the participants are leaving the study. Because of the nature of the working relationship with the participants, Research Psychologist A and Participant M have become interested in an intimate relationship. Since neither one wants to jeopardize the progress of the study, they agree to retain only a professional relationship for the duration of the study, and then to pursue an intimate relationship once the study is completed and the results have been published. In this assignment, you will address the ethical issues of this case and will present options for resolving the ethical conflict. You will be required to consider individual perceptions as well as the needs, potential, and motivation of the involved parties when positing your resolution. General Requirements: Use the following information to ensure successful completion of the assignment: Review the 2010 APA Ethics Code. Refer to Pope, K. S. (n.d.). Dual relationships, multiple relationships, & boundary decisions in the course materials for this topic. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. In addition to those listed in the assignment directions, this assignment benchmarks the following writing competencies: C7.1: Produce scholarly academic writing and C7.2: Demonstrate written logic, argument, and persuasiveness. Doctoral learners are required to use APA style for their writing assignments. The APA Style Guide is located in the Student Success Center. You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the directions in the Student Success Center. Directions: Write a paper (1,750-2,000 words) in which you do the following: Describe the ethical conflict in the scenario above. Describe the options for resolving the ethical conflict including the interpersonal perceptions and other considerations that influence the options. (Benchmarks: Relationships, Spirit and Self-Discovery C8.2: Evaluate changes in one’s ability to be perceptive of others.) Identify the preferred option for resolving the conflict, and explain why it is the best option. How does this option address the needs, potential, and motivations of the involved parties? (Benchmarks: Relationships, Spirit and Self-Discovery C8.3: Synthesize the potential and motivations of self and others.) Propose steps Research Psychologist A should take to avoid a similar situation in the future.

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Critical Thinking CYS564 Module11

Document requirements:
– Word Format Only
– Add references (APA Style) from IEEE or Elsevier publishing websites , just last 5 years publications
– Add Table of content
– Add Table of figures
– Add Add list of abbreviation
– Avoid Plagiarism
– spell-check
– grammar-check
– Be sure to write the document in a research-oriented way (Technical Writing) by using APA format template
Critical Thinking Requirements:
As a security architect, submit an assignment that addresses the questions below. Be sure to explain the process

and steps you would use, as appropriate.
– How would you minimize users clicking on links without considering the risks of their actions?
– How would you address Web page addresses that are disguised or take you to an unexpected

– How would you ensure that third-party software has a mechanism for receiving security

– How would you ensure users know how to configure their web browsers securely?

Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.