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procedures for compliance.

procedures for compliance..

t’s time to describe the monitoring tools for your two compliance plans in a way that all employees will understand at a large medical facility where you are the Compliance Officer.Your assignment is to write a 2-3 page section describing the
monitoring tools for each compliance plan. (That means a total of 4-6
pages for the two plans; you can write them in one Word document.)Then, create a 1-page procedure based on one of your monitoring
tools. Monitoring tools you should cover for each plan should relate to
the policies and procedures you developed in previous modules.You chose policies/procedures under the key compliance areas of
Compliance Standards, High-Level Responsibility, Education,
Communication, Monitoring/Auditing (for Safety), Enforcement/Discipline,
and Response/Prevention. (Check them out if you forget! Remember, you
may have written about different policies/procedures for the two
different compliance plans.)
procedures for compliance.

CJ 497 CC New York City Police Department Society Love and Security Essay

CJ 497 CC New York City Police Department Society Love and Security Essay.

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Final look at it As part of your culminating research experience, you will conduct an independent research project on an aspect of the work in the criminal justice realm that you’re interested in doing. In this paper, you will provide information on an organization/type of organization, its employees, and investigate an aspect of interest related to the actual work being conducted (e.g. if you’re interested in being a police officer, you might investigate how police agencies oversee officer use of force through policies and/or training). You will also examine the research considering histories, contexts, and incidence of systemic racism and discrimination, and identify how the organization and your professional role can attend to these issues.Your paper will should be approximately 8 pages in length, NOT including a title page and references page. You will produce the paper following APA formatting guidelines for text, in-text citations, and references. If you would like to include graphical data or information please seek prior approval and it is imperative to properly cite it. Here is a basic rundown of what should be included in the paper:Here is a basic rundown of what should be included in the paper:Title PageIntroduction (a paragraph or two setting up the paper; there is no need for an abstract)Description of the organization/professional role, including scope, key demographics, and other pertinent informationSpecific research into a component of the organization, operations, professional role, policies, practices, or programs.Research and discussion of systemic racism and how the agency or professional role can be anti-racistReferences page in APA format
CJ 497 CC New York City Police Department Society Love and Security Essay

Ethical Standards of Judges Essay

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Ethical Standards of Judges
Compare the potential ethical issues of elected judges with those of appointed judges. Then, review the Code of Conduct for United States Judges via Of the five ethical canons listed, which one do you feel is the most important for federal judges to uphold and why?
Support your position with reference to concepts provided in the assigned readings and by discussing and citing at least one credible outside source
Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length (not including title or reference pages), double spaced, and conform to APA formatting (including in-text citations and properly formatted references).
Ethical Standards of Judges Essay

Multinational Enterprises Engage In Foreign Direct Investment Economics Essay

A multinational enterprise is defined as an enterprise that engages foreign direct investment (FDI) and owns or controls value adding activities in more than one country (John H. Dunning, 1992). Today all big multinational enterprise was once a small firm with a less number of employees. Once the firm started manufacturing the product according to customer needs and satisfaction, then the firm can achieve high success in the market. To start a business a firm needs a capital amount. In the beginning stage of business the firm does not know how to market the product and who are the entire customer’s and what actually the consumer want. The main reason that firms outsource the products is to know what actually the consumer really needs and to understand the market conditions. Outsourcing helps to reduce the overall costs in an organization. So the cost factor becomes less. Once the firm satisfies customer needs and satisfaction then the business and market can be globally expanded. To achieve high success in business, the firm has to design products according to consumer needs and satisfaction than market conditions. Market conditions are also an important factor; the firms should know how well the product is playing into market and how long it lasts in the market. Customers are the king source in business. To reach our product to all kinds of customers is through advertising, the advertising costs are expensive. So if the firms outsource the product then there is no problem to worry about advertising costs. To expand the business globally the firm has to manufacture products with good quality. A national enterprise is the one which does business within the country and it has no foreign direct investment (FDI) and no exchange value. The difference between national enterprise and multinational enterprise is national enterprise has less number of competitors and multinational enterprise has more number of competitors. Once the business started growing globally the multinational enterprise contributes fifty percent of funds to its organization. To do a business in a particular product, the product has to be patented. The cost of obtaining the patent license is expensive. So if the firms outsource the products then the patent cost becomes less. If the patent license is obtained, then the business can be expanded globally and export cost is also reduced. “Globalization is the circulation of goods, services and capital, but also information, ideas and people. It has shaped all of the twentieth century, albeit with large cyclical variations and has become an increasingly visible force in recent decades” (World Bank, 2000). FDI Local Packing

BA 634 Campbellsville Current and Emerging Technologies Research Paper

BA 634 Campbellsville Current and Emerging Technologies Research Paper.

As a Research Project, select one of the following research areas: Cloud Computing (Intranet, Extranet, and Internet), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, or Medical Technology. Please find below the document.Understanding Evolving TechnologiesAs we all know technology is evolving at a rate that, to some, seems overwhelming. These technologies often evolve to offer higher quality products and services at lower prices causing a disruption in markets that is sometimes perceived as unwelcome. These disruptive technologies are sometimes the results of innovative business models that are also part of the evolving processes of a competitive marketplace. This is an individual research paper required from BA643 students. As a Research Project, select one of the following research areas: Cloud Computing (Intranet, Extranet, and Internet), Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, or Medical Technology.The research paper must only include materials from peer reviewed journals and peer reviewed conference proceedings. APA formatted citations are therefore required for the final submission. Newspapers, websites (URLs), magazines, technical journals, hearsay, personal opinions, and white papers are NOT acceptable citations. Each submission will be checked for plagiarism. All plagiarized documents will results in a grade of zero for the exercise. If there is extensive synonym use or not understandable, long sentences, the document will results in a grade of zero for the exercise.The final research paper must include your through analysis and synthesis of the peer reviewed literature used in your research paper.All images, tables, figures are to be included in the appendices and DO NOT count for page limit requirements.Long quotations (i.e. paragraphs) are NOT permitted. Only one quoted sentence is permitted per page.Footnotes are NOT permitted.Document DetailsChapter 1 IntroductionBackground/IntroductionIn this section, present enough information about the proposed work such that the reader understands the general context or setting. It is also helpful to include a summary of how the rest of this document is organized. Problem StatementIn this section, present a concise statement of a research-worthy problem addressed (i.e., why the work should be undertaken – don’t say required for the class). Follow the statement of the problem with a well-supported discussion of its scope and nature. The discussion of the problem should include: what the problem is, why it is a problem, how the problem evolved or developed, and the issues and events leading to the problem. GoalNext, include a concise definition of the goal of the work (i.e., what the work will accomplish). Aim to define a goal that is measurable.Research QuestionsResearch questions are developed to help guide the authors through the literature for a given problem area. What were the open-ended questions asked and why did you find (or not find) them adequate. Relevance and SignificanceConsider the following questions as you read through the article and state how the author(s) supported, or left unsupported the relevance and significance of their research literature: Why is there a problem? What groups or individuals are affected? How far-ranging is the problem and how great is its impact? What’s the benefit of solving the problem? What has been tried without success to correct the situation? Why weren’t those attempts successful? What are the consequences of not solving the problem? How does the goal of your study address the research problem and how will your proposed study offer promise as a resolution to the problem? How will your research add to the knowledge base? What is the potential for generalization of your results? What is the potential for original work? Barriers and IssuesIn these paragraphs, identify how the problem is inherently difficult to solve. How did the solution the author(s) propose address the difficulties? Chapter 2 Literature ReviewIn this section, it is important to clearly identify the major areas on which you will need to focus your research in order to build a solid foundation for your study in the existing body of knowledge. The literature review is the presentation of quality literature in a particular field that serves as the foundation and justification for the research problem, research questions or hypothesis, and methodology. You will develop a more comprehensive review of the literature as part of your research. Chapter 3 Approach/MethodologyList the major steps taken to accomplish the goal of your study. Include a preliminary discussion of the methodology and specific research methods you plan to implement. Chapter 4: Findings, Analysis, and Summary of Results Include an objective description and analysis of the findings, results or outcomes of the research. Limit the use of charts, tables, figures to those that are needed to support the narrative. Most of these illustrations can be included as part of the Appendix.Chapter 5: Conclusions ReferencesFollow the most current version of APA to format your references. However, each reference should be single-spaced with a double space in between each entry. Formatting DetailsMargins The left-hand margin must be 1inches (4 cm.). Margins at the right, top, and bottom of the page should be 1.0 inch. (See exception for chapter title pages below.) The Research Report text may be left-aligned (leaving a ragged right edge) or may be both left- and right-aligned (justified).Line Spacing Double-spacing is required for most of the text in documents submitted during the Research Report process. Paragraph SpacingThe text of the document is double-spaced. There should be no extra spaces between paragraphs in sections; however, indent the first line of each paragraphs five spaces. Page Numbering All pages should have page numbers in Arabic numerals in the upper right-hand corner. Type StyleFor body text, you should use 12-point Times New Roman. Text for the cover page may be larger but should not exceed 14-point size. Text for the chapter title text should be 14-point size. Be consistent in your use of typefaces throughout the document. Do not use a compressed typeface or any settings on your word processor that would decrease the spacing between letters or words. Sans serif typefaces such as Helvetica or Arial may be used for relatively short blocks of text such as chapter headings and captions but should be avoided in long passages of text as they impede readability. Title Page Every document that is submitted must have a title page. The title page includes the exact title of the research report, date of submission, your team name, and the name of each team member. Chapter Title Heading, Subheadings, and Sub-SubheadingsIt is required that submitted Research Report use no more than three levels of headings in the body text. All headings should have only the first letter of each word capitalized except that non-major words shorter than four letters have no capital letters. Instructions for heading levels follow:Level 1: Chapter Title Heading This heading starts two inches from the top of the page, is centered on the page, and is set in 14­point type. The first line contains the chapter number (e.g., Chapter 4). The second line is blank. The third line displays the chapter title, is centered on the page, and is set in 14-point type.Level 2: SubheadingStart the subheading at the left margin of the page, four spaces (i.e., two returns when your document is set for double-spacing) down from the title, set in bold 12-point type. Double-space (one return) to the subheading body text. Indent the first line of the body text five spaces.Level 3: Sub-SubheadingStart the sub–subheading at the left margin of the page, double-spaced (i.e., one return when your document is set up for double-spacing) from the subheading, set in 12-point italics. Double-space (one return) to the sub-subheading body text. Indent the first line of the body text five spaces.
BA 634 Campbellsville Current and Emerging Technologies Research Paper