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Problems with Learning English in My Country college application essay help online Accounting coursework help

Problems with learning English in my Country Nowadays, English is our international language, the importance of English cannot be denied. With the help of developing technology , English has been playing major role in many aspects, such as, economy, technology, politics, and education. English is also used in many international events, such as seminar, public discussion. Although English is commonly used in the world, in Indonesia especially, English is rarely used in the society.

For example, students only used English in school while the English subject is being learned, they never used it in their family or their society. That is one of the problems learning English in my country, Indonesia. And I think the other problems are the less interest and the lack confidence to learn English. Firstly, the less interest in learning English. People just haven’t realize that English is important things that must be mastered in the modern world, we can’t deny that.

Maybe most of the people just think that English is just complement thing and we don’t need to master that. But from what I believe, English can take us anywhere, just like my English lecturer said. I think, what every school must do is encourage their student to learn English seriously, as serious as they learn math, science and many other subject that interest the student. But the problem is that in Indonesia, we can’t just pick our favorite subjects, we are all forced to learn every subjects in school.

And the students can’t focus and improvising their talent and interest to their favorite subjects (Sorry a bit out of topic). But let’s back to the topic, so the importance of English should be introduced to everyone, and the interest itself will come from people who understand that. Secondly, since we know the importance of English, we still face a problem, it is the lack of confidence in learning English. Some people have no confidence to speak and write in English, even that they are interested in English.

They afraid they will have a bad pronunciation when speaking, and a wrong grammar in writing, and if everyone realize his/her mistake they will get laughed from everyone in class, that’s one of Indonesian bad culture. Obviously, the confidence of people who get laughed at will reduced. We should stop that bad culture, the wrong one should be corrected and encouraged. And I guarantee he/she will enjoy learning English because of that.

Pharmacology and Diverse Populations

Pharmacology and Diverse Populations.

Pharmacology and Diverse Populations

Paper details Write for your organization a 3–5-page impact report regarding the health concerns of a new immigrant population. Describe the population’s health concerns and issues, explain current pharmacological treatments, and explain how culture and traditional practices may affect use of pharmacology. Identify evidence-based strategies for the organization and nursing staff to use to educate the population and promote health and wellness. By successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria: SHOW LESS Competency 1: Apply practice guidelines and standards of evidence-based practice related to pharmacology for safe and effective nursing practice. Describe current pharmacological treatment regimens for the health concerns and issues of a population. Competency 2: Explain the relationship between quality patient outcomes, patient safety, and the appropriate use of pharmacology and psychopharmacology. Explain traditional beliefs and practices of a population with regard to health concerns and issues. Explain how the cultural values and traditional practices of a population affect the acceptance and use of pharmacology. Competency 3: Apply the principles and practices of cultural competence with regard to pharmacological interventions. Identify evidence-based, culturally sensitive strategies an organization can use to educate a population about the appropriate use of pharmacology. Identify evidence-based, culturally sensitive strategies nurses can use with a population to promote health and wellness. Competency 4: Communicate in a manner that is scholarly, professional, and consistent with expectations of a nursing professional. Describe the health concerns and issues for a specific population. Write content clearly and logically with correct use of grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Correctly format citations and references using current APA style. Assessment Instructions Imagine the county health department notifies your organization that a large number of immigrants are expected to be resettled in your area. The organization, wanting to be prepared to handle any health concerns of the population, tasks each department with readying for the influx of immigrants. Your supervisor asks you to prepare an impact report on the pharmacological needs of the population that can be shared with other departments.

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