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Problem Gas Solving: Gas, Stoichiometry and Neutralization

you indicate what is the solution to the exercise once you are doneThe goal of the assignment is to demonstrate you understand the concept of Lewis and resonance structures.YOUR PROBLEM:50.0 mL of carbon dioxide at 685mmHg and 22.5C reacted with excess water. Obtained carbonic acid reacted with 0.105M solution of aluminum hydroxide. How mL of aluminum hydroxide solution was required for this reaction? This is a video assignment. I need you to solve the problem and simply provide in extreme details on how you solved the problem. I need to be able to read off the paper in order to record myself. thank you!

Based on American history;Contrast the rationale that differed between European and U.S. imperialist actions.

Based on American history;Contrast the rationale that differed between European and U.S. imperialist actions..

Contrast the rationale that differed between European and U.S. imperialist actions.

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Learning contract

Problem Gas Solving: Gas, Stoichiometry and Neutralization -The objective is must be related to occupational therapy field
-follow the instructions in the file and please write the requirements in details
-And please when u wrote the objectives send it because all the other parts depend on it , so I want to see it before u complete the other parts
-no plaragism
-APA 7 style
2000 words

Contextual Project in Public health

Contextual Project in Public health.

 How to do the Activity? ·To write on 10 concepts (already identified) and write down as to how those concepts applied or could be used in the learned subject. ·To identify the significance of these concepts are applicable in various topic chosen · Listing the factors, how can these concepts implemented in the real world context. ·Current research activity related to the concepts. ·Quote relevant research studies being done related to this concept (It could be general publications/Article reviews/News Paper Report ·How to apply these concepts in his current health profession?

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Writing about tatto

Deliverable – Discussion 2: Tattoo as an Artform (Purposes and Functions) – Discussion 2

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has a long and varied tradition, dating back 1,000 years. During the

early 19th century, the art of tattooing was brought from Polynesia to

Europe by sailors, and was mainly the domain of men. In the present day,

however, tattooing has become ubiquitous, with both men and women

adorning their bodies with tattoos, often as a fashion statement. In

fact, in America today, one in five people have tattoos, and 36% of

people aged 18-29 have tattoos.
Your AssignmentIn this Discussion, you will select a specific image of a tattoo, then post a 500-750 word analysis in which you explain the primary purpose or function represented in the tattoo. You will base your analysis on the concepts from the reading and videos, as well as your own ideas and insights.
This Discussion is worth 100 points. Please read the instructions and Grading Rubric before you begin.
Due Date
Your contributions to this Discussion are due by Sunday, February 20 at 11:59 p.m
Your responses to posts by at least two different classmates is due by Sunday, February 27 at 11:59 p.m.
You must post in the Discussion before you can read your classmates’ posts.
Instructions and Grading CriteriaBefore you begin, review the reading and study guides for pages 20-34 of Artforms. Also, be sure to watch the Content – Video Lecture: The Purposes and Functions of Art
Organize What You Plan to Write
Important! Approach this discussion as you would if you were writing a college paper.

In other words, don’t just start writing in the discussion board

without having a plan. I recommend that you open a Word document and

write a polished 550-750 word paper, then copy and paste this into your

discussion post.
Outline – Start with an outline and organize your analysis into separate topical paragraphs that begin with topic sentences (see below). It may be helpful to use headings.
First Paragraph – In

your first paragraph, introduce and describe the tattoo you chose and

clearly state the primary purpose or function represented in the tattoo.

You will explain more in the subsequent paragraphs.
Subsequent Paragraphs – Support

your choice of purpose or function in each of the subsequent

paragraphs. Use reasoning that demonstrates a clear understanding of key

concepts from the reading and videos.
Topic Sentences – At the beginning of each of the subsequent paragraphs, write a concise topic sentence that clearly states the key point you plan to make in that paragraph. This

approach will make it easier for your reader follow your key points and

how they support your choice of purpose or function.
Stay focused

on the tattoo you are writing about and don’t wander off-topic. Support

your key points with clear descriptions and observations of the image

you selected.
Step One – Search for an Image

you must search online for a clear image of an actual tattoo. You will

post this image in Step Two and use it as the basis for your discussion.

If you like, you may share images of your own tattoos. In either case,

please only select images that are appropriate within the standards of

this institution – NO nudity or anything too graphic, and please post

images that are clear and easy to discern. High resolution images are

Helpful tip:

Think out of the box. As you search for an image, don’t limit yourself

to only traditional tattoos. There are so many complex, original and

beautiful contemporary tattoos, out there. Select a design that is

really interesting to you.
Step Two: Post in the Class Discussion
Your post is worth 80 possible points
First, post the image you found in Step One. Follow these instructions that explain How to embed an Image in a Discussion Reply as a Student (Links to an external site.)

in 500-750 words, explain how the tattoo you chose is an example of one

of the Purposes and Functions listed below. Please note that the tattoo

might be an example of a few different purposes and functions. However,

you must select only one purpose or function, the one that best applies to the tattoo you chose, then cogently explain and justify your choice based on concepts from the reading and videos.
Please note that because of the personal nature of tattooing one’s body, all tattoos might be viewed as Art as Self-Expression. As such, please do not write about the tattoo as Art as Self-Expression unless the tattoo truly expresses something unique and autobiographical about the person wearing the tattoo.
Helpful tip: Before you write your post, take some time to apply what you know about each

of the purposes and functions to the tattoo you chose. Write down the

characteristics that would qualify the tattoo as being Art as

Commentary, Art for Worship and Ritual, Art for Commemoration, etc. Do

this for each purpose and function listed below. This process will help

you identify the purpose and function that best applies to the tattoo

you chose.
Purposes and Functions of Art
Art as Commentary
Art in Worship and Ritual
Art for Commemoration
Art for Persuasion
Art as Self-Expression (unique and autobiographical)
To help you think about your post, consider the following:
(You are not required to answer each of these questions. This list is included to help get you thinking.)
What are the main features of the tattoo? Describe them.
What makes it unique compared to other tattoos you’ve seen. Explain.
What is the level of skill or training required to execute the tattoo?
Is there a tradition behind the design? Describe it.
Is the tattoo a symbol of a group? If so, tell us about that group and why they use this style of tattoo.
What type of statement is being made by the person wearing the tattoo?
You are welcome to do more research about the tattoo, but it is not required. I’m mostly interested in your original thought and how well you apply concepts

from the reading and videos. Remember to cite your sources and do not

plagiarize or cut and paste information from the internet!
Step Three: Respond to Two Classmates
Each post is worth 10 possible points (20 points total)

review the posts of your classmates. Post a substantive and cogent

response to a post by two different classmates (at least 100 words

each). Consider the key issues that underpin this topic, including the

characteristics of the tattoo, the statement being made, the

training/skill level of the artist, traditions, personal choices, etc.
Do you agree or disagree with their reasoning for their choice of purpose or function? Why or why not.
Did they leave out something important? If you think so, introduce this to the discussion.
Did you find something interesting in the post, but you don’t fully understand? Politely ask them to clarify for you.

Investigate Distributions with Graphs – Availability Ends,For this task, write a paper using the following structure: • Begin with a one or two-paragraph introduction that summarizes the meaning of the reading material. • Answer all of the questions incl

Investigate Distributions with Graphs – Availability Ends,For this task, write a paper using the following structure: • Begin with a one or two-paragraph introduction that summarizes the meaning of the reading material. • Answer all of the questions incl.

For this task, write a paper using the following structure:
• Begin with a one or two-paragraph introduction that summarizes the meaning of the reading material.
• Answer all of the questions included in Parts 1 and 2 below. Be sure to answer questions using complete sentences and show all work in your calculations.
• Provide a written conclusion, when appropriate, for the problem that you are addressing. The last part of your paper should include a paragraph or two that explains the information that you learned in the assignment. Support your paper with at least two references.
Part 1
1. Explain the difference between a categorical variable and a quantitative variable.
2. Explain what is meant by the term distribution of a variable.
3. Determine the difference between a pie chart, a bar chart, and a histogram.
4. List different properties one can use when describing the shape of distribution.
5. Here are the exam scores of 10 students in a statistics class: 50 35 41 97 76 69 94 91 23 65. Create a stem plot for this data set. Use the tens digits as the stem.
6. Describe a time plot and explain when it is appropriate.
Part 2
1. Among persons aged 15 to 24 years in the United States, the leading causes of death and the number of deaths in 2011 were: accidents, 12,032; suicide, 4688; homicide, 4508; cancer, 1609; heart disease, 948; and congenital defect 429.

a) Use Excel to make a bar graph to display this data.
b) Suppose that the number of deaths due to all other causes is 5,786. Use Excel to create a pie chart for this data set. 
2. The sales manager at a certain company is trying to decide how much of the budget to allocate for sales personnel for the upcoming year. Typically, sales costs run about 15% of Sales. To help develop an estimate, the sales manager studies sales (in millions $) during the past 2 years at company X, which are given in the table below.

Month Sales
January 390
February 205
March 270
April 245
May 320
June 290
July 299
August 345
September 326
October 355
November 359
December 371
January 368
February 358
March 345
April 380
May 391
June 403
July 410
August 430
September 410
October 415
November 310
December 450

a) Use SPSS to create a histogram for sales. Use class widths of 25 and begin with 225. The class endpoints should be 225, 250, 275, …, 450.
b) Create a time plot for this data. The horizontal axis should indicate the month. 
3. A group of doctors were interested in testing diets intended to lower blood pressure. Before they began their experiment, they randomly selected a group of 50 people and determined their BMI. The results are provided below.

a) Use classes with endpoints 15, 16, 17, … , 34 and count the number of people in each class.
b) Use SPSS or Excel to create a bar chart for this summarized data. Make the gap width zero to obtain a histogram. Copy and paste your chart into your Word document.
c) Describe the shape of the histogram.

Subject BMI Percent Fat
1 21.95 28.7
2 27.75 32.3
3 25.09 25.8
4 19.23 19.6
5 19.60 22.4
6 20.31 26.4
7 22.29 32.7
8 28.65 33.5
9 19.47 23.4
10 21.44 21.8
11 26.85 37.1
12 21.88 30.9
13 23.90 36.3
14 21.54 29.8
15 22.61 31.9
16 18.91 21.6
17 18.46 24.6
18 17.05 20.5
19 17.70 24.6
20 16.61 18.1
21 16.94 22.9
22 18.77 26.2
23 18.39 27.2
24 17.86 17.7
25 17.98 20.8
26 15.37 17.5
27 18.84 21.3
28 15.82 18.7
29 17.71 28.8
30 14.99 17.1
31 16.75 26.2
32 16.46 20.4
33 15.87 19.5
34 18.08 21.7
35 15.58 18.1
36 17.15 29.8
37 15.82 20.6
38 18.61 22.9
39 16.66 19.3
40 20.83 27.9
41 24.56 36.4
42 20.19 25.1
43 24.13 39.7
44 20.86 33.6
45 33.57 46.8
46 29.14 38.9
47 26.17 36.7
48 31.46 38.5
49 19.08 23.3
50 23.54 35.9

4. The monthly return of a stock is the change in its market price plus any dividends received during the month. The figure below provides a histogram of the monthly returns of a hypothetical stock for Company ABC.

a) Describe the overall shape of this distribution.
b) Indicate the approximate center of this distribution.
c) Determine the largest, approximate, monthly return range.
d) Indicate the most likely interval of returns.

5. Go to the Pew Research website and find an article supported by a visual presentation of data that you find interesting.
a) Write an essay that describes the main points of the article.
b) Describe how the data is presented. Explain the type of graph that is used and the specific information that is illustrated by the graph. 
Length: 5 – 7 pages
References: Include a minimum of two scholarly peer-reviewed resources.

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Herzberg Two factor Theory

Herzberg Two factor Theory.

Literature Review


One of the most cited and discussed satisfaction theories includes: –

1.  Maslow hierarchy of needs

2.  Mc Gregors Theory

3.  Herzberg Two factor Theory

Review these Theories and explain how these 3 theories.

·        How these theories link to job satisfaction and employee retention.

·        How these theories are used to enhance job satisfaction.

·        How these theories influence job satisfaction and encourage best practices.

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Spreadsheet Decision modeling MGT425

The Assignment must be submitted on Blackboard (WORD format only) via allocated folder.
• Assignments submitted through email will not be accepted.
• Students are advised to make their work clear and well presented, marks may be reduced for poor presentation. This includes filling your information on the cover page.
• Students must mention question number clearly in their answer.
• Late submission will NOT be accepted.
• Avoid plagiarism, the work should be in your own words, copying from students or other resources without proper referencing will result in ZERO marks. No exceptions.
• All answered must be typed using Times New Roman (size 12, double-spaced) font. No pictures containing text will be accepted and will be considered plagiarism).
• Submissions without this cover page will NOT be accepted.

Retirement and Estate Planning

Retirement and Estate Planning.


The student will develop solution(s) to cases, provided by the instructor. Each case study must have a title page, Turnitin Originality Score (if required), and a reference page. (There should be a minimum of three to four references for each case study.) Total page count of each case study should be 4 to 6 pages (1,200 to 1,800 words). FINC 355 RETIREMENT AND ESTATE PLANNING Estate Planning Case Study #2 1 A couple, Carol and Al French, in their mid-60s, New York State residents, have seen their net worth balloon from $3 million to more than $6.5 million during the last four years, chiefly through rapid appreciation of a stock portfolio primarily invested in large-capitalization growth stocks. The client had read articles in financial publications about the ·near total confiscation of IRAs upon the death of the last to die of the account holder or spouse. The client has approximately $1.25 million in these types of plans, with his wife listed as the beneficiary. He had planned to hold the stock portfolio for life in order to get a step up in basis, avoiding capital gains taxes for himself and his heirs. He also planned to name his wife as beneficiary of all IRAs in order to assure her of a source of income if she survived him. The client also had a number of charitable bequests in his will. The client had more than 40% of his investment holdings in a single large cap stock and was growing concerned about the lack of diversification. He wanted to diversify his portfolio while avoiding federal and state long-term capital gains taxes. Calculations determined that there were potentially tremendous net after tax benefits available to the client’s children if they, rather than the spouse, were named as primary beneficiary on some or all of these IRAs. However, the client remained concerned about his wife’s financial well-being if his IRAs were left solely to the children. The client had several competing objectives: 1. Diversifying the investment portfolio, selling off $1-1.5 million of the single large-cap stock which dominated the portfolio. (He would still maintain over $1 million of that stock after these sales.) 2. Minimizing and, if possible, avoiding capital gains tax on the sale of any stock. 3. Assuring sufficient cash flow for the rest of the client’s and wife’s lives (about 30 years). 4. Minimizing transfer and income taxes so that the children and grandchildren receive the greatest amount of net assets possible from the estate.

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Mischel (1972) examined the relationship between delayed gratification as a child and variables related to success

Mischel (1972) examined the relationship between delayed gratification as a child and variables related to success.

Paper details

Mischel (1972) examined the relationship between delayed gratification as a child and variables related to success (i.e., future SAT scores, higher competence).

From this general research idea, outline the following: A logical hypothesis that identifies two variables (you can choose which variables you would focus on from the example) An appropriate research strategy An appropriate research design The threats to validity and how they will be addressed The interpretation of data and conclusions you will be able to draw (Be precise – are you looking at mean differences? Correlations between variables? Can you infer causation?) NOTE: You are not expected to consult outside sources to answer this question. You should use logic rather than research studies to justify your hypothesis. Parameters

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How do feminist critiques of international relations help us understand world politics

How do feminist critiques of international relations help us understand world politics.

How do feminist critiques of international relations help us understand world politics

Paper format: 8-10 pages, excluding title and bibliographical pages; Times New Roman (12 font); Double spaced. Expectation and Rubric: Your paper should contain a clear thesis statement that articulates the argument of the paper. There should be a clear structure to organize the paper. Critical analysis and reflection using evidence from at least 5 academic sources (journal articles, books, etc.) is required. To buttress your argument, you should endeavor to acknowledge and respond to potential counterarguments. Your essay should be well written in plain and understandable language, taking into consideration sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, consistent citation style, and spelling errors.

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