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– Problem 18 – Problem 19 – Problem 27 – Problem 36 – Problem 37 Complete the exercises using Essay

– Problem 18
– Problem 19
– Problem 27
– Problem 36
– Problem 37
Complete the exercises using MS-Excel, using functions and formulas as appropriate.

Your totals need to tie into the numbers that the totals are representing. Therefore, if your totals do not tie into the total I provided, either put your total in based on your numbers to tie into your work, or delete my total.

If your numbers don’t tie into my total, you will receive partial credit for the correct numbers with-in the answer so long as you either put your total in, or delete my total. If the total does not tie into the numbers above that the total represents, for example you left my total in but does not add up to above I will mark the entire section wrong.

You must put in negative numbers as such. If you want the number to represent a negative #, you need to enter the number as a negative #.

You must put commas in you numbers wherever applicable.

The Form and Function of Family

The Form and Function of Family.

 What is a definition of family that encompasses the different family structures prevalent today? Discuss the importance of acknowledging nontraditional family structures. Explain how family systems theory can be used to better understand the interactions of a modern family (traditional or nontraditional). Why is the concept of family health important? Consider the various strategies for health promotion. How does a nurse determine which strategy would best enable the targeted individuals to gain more control over, and improve, their health? References are needed.

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Cell Phones and Business Applications

– Problem 18 – Problem 19 – Problem 27 – Problem 36 – Problem 37 Complete the exercises using Essay Cell Phones and Business Applications.
Here is a guide to help you.
Note: In a Research Proposal there are three main Chapters:
I. Statement of the Problem
II. Review of Related Literature
III. Method

Note that you need to include five primary sources as minimum requirement for the review of literature section and use other sources as needed and by all means include as many primary sources as you wish for a sure foundation to your proposed study.

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Defence to international crimes

Defence to international crimes.


Evaluate the extent, if at all, superior orders ought to amount to a defence to international crimes. 4000 words including footnotes, excluding bibliography.

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Option 1 Creating Content for SEO

Congratulations! You’ve just launched your career as a freelance copywriter! You notice that most of the “gigs”—client projects—are associated with writing content for articles, white papers, or blogs that help companies get their website pages ranked high and maximize SEO.
Select an international B2B (business to business) or B2G (business to government) company, and think of an article you would like to write for this company’s website.
Step 1. Formulate your ideas for your article by:
picking a topic that is narrow and focused.
identifying and analyzing your target audience.
identifying key words and phrases that will be important as search phrases that people type when they are looking for information online.
Step 2. Write a 500-word article on your topic and:
include a compelling title and supportive subheadings.
use five to seven keyword phrases in your article; do not use the keywords more than 10 times in your article. Bold your keywords/phrases.
be sure to check your article for tone, flow, and grammar. (HINT: Read your article aloud and listen for how the language flows. It can get tricky when you’re incorporating key words.)
include your article in an appendix to your paper.
choose an image you would use in your article and include it.
Step 3. Write a paper that:
describes your company and the article you are writing for it. Explain how this article would appeal to an international B2B or B2G company.
identifies the keywords/keyword phrases for your article. Explain how you analyzed and identified these keywords/phrases, and include how they relate to your target audience and their online searches.
uses references to explain how and why you’ve created your content as you have—your choice of language and images, use of headlines, and so forth.
analyzes how your content will appeal to a global audience.
identifies and describes any potential ethical issues with your content.
Submission Requirements
Your well-written paper should be 8-10 pages in length not including the required cover and reference pages or appendices.
Discuss and reference concepts taken from the assigned textbook reading and relevant research.
Support your paper with at least three scholarly references (one of which includes the textbook). The CSU Global Library is a good place to find these references.
Format your paper according to the current APA formatting requirements, see the CSU Global Writing Center.

What is the role of the Queen in the play? Why does Shakespeare make her a woman instead of the girl as the historical figure was?

What is the role of the Queen in the play? Why does Shakespeare make her a woman instead of the girl as the historical figure was?.

Your purpose is to analyze one of Shakespeare’s Richard II. The objectives for this essay are: (1) to demonstrate the ability to narrow down a topic, (2) to effectively present a focused analysis in which summary of plot and unnecessary details are avoided, (3) to use the drama concepts studied in class such as plot, character, performance, setting, conflict, etc. effectively in the analysis, (4) to use critical and innovative thinking in the analysis, (5) to effectively use Reader-Response criticism as lens, (6) to prove points using the text, (7) to use grammar, mechanics, and punctuation conventions effectively, and (8) to use MLA conventions adequately. Length and Format 2-3 typed pages, double-spaced, 1” margins, 12-point standard font size. Task Write a focused critical interpretation of Richard II. The analysis must be both original and insightful. It must reflect the point of view of the Reader-Response school of criticism It must include a reflection statement about yourself (see Body section on p. 2) Due Date Submit on Canvas by 11:59 pm on Thursday, August 15 Criteria of Evaluation Essay has to include a creative title that reflects your interpretation of the play. Number the pages on the upper right corner of each page. Ex.: Jones 1. MLA format (parenthetical citations and works cited entries for each source) is required. Avoid using the second person Use the present tense to refer to events that happen during the timeframe of the play. Development of a strong introduction that includes a clear thesis statement, opening arguments, and writer-based techniques such as a forecast or a framing device. As you go through the evidence, include assertions, examples, and explanations to convey critical readings and interpretations of the texts with which you are working. Don’t over quote nor end your paragraphs with a quotation. Always explain the quote’s significance, especially in relation to the thesis statement. For quotes of four lines or longer use the “block format” and explain the details of this long quote and why it means. Prove points using the text. End with a concluding paragraph that presents more than a recapitulation of the thesis and main points, but a “Big Picture” of the importance of your analysis. Proper use of grammar and syntax will be important in conveying ideas lucidly. Structure Introduction “Hook” the reader by introducing its author, by briefly summarizing the plot, by concisely describing an interesting aspect from the play, by describing its main themes, and by providing relevant background information about the play, its author, and any other relevant information. Then ease into your thesis: 1-2 sentences that encapsulate your interpretation of the play. Thesis should be arguable and not solely based on personal opinion or constitute a statement of fact. Articulate the thesis in specific and effective. Underline this statement, please. Body Develop your analysis. Remember to make logical claims and prove them with ample and appropriate evidence from the play. Make analysis innovative. Include a statement about why you think you interpret the play this way. Reader-Response criticism stems from the life of the critics themselves. So, what do you think in your background, age, gender, educational level, etc., makes you see the play the way you, and only you can and do? Conclusion End your analysis by paraphrasing your thesis and leaving readers with a sense of closure avoiding both a mechanical repetition of previously mentioned points as well as bringing up a new topic.

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Contrast, and compare the basic sociological assumptions of two of these theorists (Durkheim, Marx or Weber)

Contrast, and compare the basic sociological assumptions of two of these theorists (Durkheim, Marx or Weber).

Theories of Society


Paper Guidelines


For the written component of the course students will write one short papers (five to seven pages of text). The paper will take a current event article and then highlight, contrast, and compare the basic sociological assumptions of two of these theorists (Durkheim, Marx or Weber) from the unit being studied and suggest how the assumptions of these theorists shapes our understanding of the topic and society in general. In sum, how would two contrasting theorists see, interpret, and try to understand the current event. The paper will count as 20% of your final grade.


Specific Requirements: The paper should be five to seven pages in length, typed double spaced Times New Roman, 12 point, page numbers, with margins no larger than one inch each side. All papers must include students’ full name, a title, as well as the course and section. Cite all sources and document materials on a separate reference page.


In terms of style, students are free to write how they see fit so long as the paper contains the following sections:


1)      An introduction setting up the paper, introducing the topic and current event, and a hook—why the subject is important or why we should care.

2)      A descriptive narrative about the current event including specific details and citations.

3)      Review of the key assumptions and critical elements of the two theorists or paradigms you have chosen to highlight in the paper—what is the gist of the theory? What assumptions about people or society do they make? How do they explain social interaction?

4)      Analysis of the current event using the review (3) above. How would each of these perspectives attempt to explain the current event sociologically (not personally)?

5)      A conclusion summarizing the paper, pointing out any new insights, why the findings are sociologically significant, and pointing out possible future directions for subsequent research.

6)      Bibliography/ Works Cited


Writing Tips (suggestions):


1) Read the assignment carefully.  Figure out what is being asked of you.  If you are uncertain about anything ask before it is too late!


2) Follow the suggested outline or format.


3) Spellcheck your paper and proof it both before and after printing. Be careful with spellcheck, it can fill in words that make your paper awkward if left unchecked. Do not rely on a thesaurus—it comes off as very artificial. Words were invented to expressed nuanced meanings, thus not all word choices are good ones. At the same time, mass repetition of words and phrases are a mistake. Look at page and section alignments. When using Grammarcheck, know that it is not perfect and is often wrong, particularly when dealing with complex sentences.


4) Have a peer review your paper and talk to you about its strengths and weakness after you have read it yourself out loud several times. Utilize the services of the writing center.


5) Be careful with your citations. If it is not your words or your idea, you need to cite where it came from; if it is a “quote” you must give page numbers. When citing use APA, ASA, or Chicago manuals of style if you are not sure what to do. The idea behind citing, outside of honor code violations, is to direct a reader to the exact source from which you got the information. A full works cited page should be provided at the end for the readers’ reference.


6) Do not use don’t and so on. Remove I from the papers as much as possible—you are writing the paper but when you talk about the importance of a subject or what we know about a subject, you are not alone! You are speaking through the theories and theorists. By limiting it to what you think is important sells the subject short—if it is important it will be important to many, if not all, and that is why we study it.


7) Paragraphs are important and so is indenting them after the first one or the subsequent first in each labeled section. Labeled section help set-up the paper. If you find yourself writing about a new topic or idea you may want to break the two into paragraphs?


8) Know when to use the proper syntax; simply throwing in an inadvertent comma, semi-colon or colon is not okay. Each thought gets a period and each continuing thought a semi-colon. A list is often preceded by a colon but if the list is short, simply separate it by first, second, and so on. A first, however, should be followed by a second.  And pages should be numbered…


9) Outline or think things through before you start to write and do not expect good results on the first draft particularly if it is the night before it is due.




Choose 2 of these 3 theorists: Durkheim, Marx and Weber

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YouTube Video Discussion

Watch Don McMillan’s now famous YouTube hit “Life After Death by PowerPoint 2010.”
Compose a complete response to the following questions. Make sure that your response meets

the following criteria:
– Begin with the question in the form of a statement (Example: The question asks, “What is

your favorite color?” You respond in a complete sentence, “My favorite color is blue.”).
– Use paragraph form to introduce your response but present your key points in an organized

and highly READBLE format.
(a) Which specific PowerPoint ills is McMillan satirizing?

(b) Do the bad habits represented in the YouTube video correspond with design

principles introduced in this chapter? (Make sure to draw specific parallels to

support your answer)
(c) Which example was your favorite?
Be sure to label your responses a, b, c