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Prince Georges College Antisocial Personality Disorder Mental Illness Discussion

Prince Georges College Antisocial Personality Disorder Mental Illness Discussion.

Clearly identify each segment of the required response in order to facilitate discussion development. personality disorder for character: antisocial personality disorderNew Hit Miniseries: You are a scriptwriter and are creating a new character around which a new TV miniseries will be created. As you develop your character you think,“Hmmm… their presence in the program should be rather “extreme” (i.e., their actions, behaviors, cognitions) in order to capture and hold the audience’s interest. In fact, the character should appear to qualify for diagnoses of a personality disorder – but hey, most folks don’t know what to look for so, this will give the character depth and intrigue.” As you think this you receive a phone call. The director wants a 150 word or less character summary in one hour….Share with us what you will present to the director: Include in your caricature:1. Name of your character, gender, age, occupation, other relevant demographic or physical qualities. 2. A description of your character’s personality. Weave into the description specific affective, behavioral, and cognitive examples that point to the personality disorder you have selected for expression. 3. Offer relevant background information (family, history, favorite activities, habits).
Prince Georges College Antisocial Personality Disorder Mental Illness Discussion

PJM330 Colorado State University MOD2 Effective Project Scheduling Essay.

Please complete the simulation that I will provide and write a discussion post of at least 300 words and 1 APA citationOnce
a tutor has been selected I will give detailed instructions as to how
to access the simulation needed to complete the exercise.
Module 2: Sim Discussion

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Sim Discussion (15 Points)Initiating/PlanningThe simulation you are completing as part of your Portfolio Project
is used to apply your expanding knowledge of project management. In
Weeks 1-6 you will participate in a discussion about your experiences
with the simulation; altogether, your participation in these discussions
is worth 90 points of the 350-point project, so it is important that
you engage in the weekly conversations.In this Week 2 Sim Discussion, share your experiences with Lesson 1: Initiating/Planning and your progress within the simulation.Identify, integrate, and cite a project management concept related
to initiating or planning that is discussed in one of the two course
textbooks in your response.Your post must include the course textbook you have selected in the
References, and the concept from it that you have selected must be
specifically cited using at least one in-text citation in the body of
your post. In addition, make sure to include specific details about your
interaction with the material in the simulation.
PJM330 Colorado State University MOD2 Effective Project Scheduling Essay

PSY 32100 PUEA Study of Personality Anxiety and Penalties Discussion

PSY 32100 PUEA Study of Personality Anxiety and Penalties Discussion.

I’m working on a criminal justice case study and need an explanation to help me learn.

This is a Results and Discussion section of this jury study. I will be sending the information and PowerPoints on how to write this sections.undefinedI sent you 4 documents with the examples and (how to write the sections) the document named “jgzuman_j2” is the initial paper please read the initial paper so you know what the case study id about and how to write the discussion and resultsundefinedI also sent you the document “the jury study” which is the actually study and what is being written about. You must include 1 FIGURE AND 1 TABLE for the results and discussion section.
PSY 32100 PUEA Study of Personality Anxiety and Penalties Discussion

Bin-Shihon Group Company’s Analysis Research Paper

nursing essay writing service Company Background and Fundamental Values The Bin-Shihon Group is located in Saudi Arabia and was founded by Bin Shihon in the year 1950. The company has its headquarters in the city of Riyadh and has established successful businesses in the sectors such as transport, real estate, household, tire and battery, machinery and trucks, and joint ventures. The company has diverse interests in different sectors of the economy and operates within the codes of integrity, business excellence, accountability, and entrepreneurship. The fundamental values of the company are customers, people, stakeholders, and business partners (Bin-Shihon Group par. 2). Major Divisions of the Company The major divisions of the group operate under different company names such as BBG Group FZE, Bin-Shihon for Household, Bin-Shihon Real Estate Holding Company, Aliur Laud Transport Company, Al-Mohtaraf, and Al-Hloul Heavy Equipment Company among others (Bin-Shihon Group par. 3). The share of each division is summarized in the table below. Division Percentage Share (%) Tire and Battery 37.95 Household 6.50 Real Estate 24.11 Transport 15.60 Trucks and Machinery 20.71 From the above table, it is apparent that the tire and battery sector has the highest share of 37.95 followed by the real estate sector. The household sector has the least share of 6.50 of the total value of the Bin-Shihon Group (Bin-Shihon Group par. 5). The share per division is summarized in the pie-chart below. Specific Focus: The Tire Industry Players and Competition in the Tire Industry The main players in the Saudi tire industry are Bridgestone, Michelin, Bin-Shihon (Bin-Shihon Commercial Company and BBG Group FZE), and Goodyear. The Goodyear Company has market share of 32% followed by Bridgestone at 27.9%. The Bin Shihon Group occupies the third position at 25.3% with Michelin controlling 16.4%. This is summarized in the graph below. Company Saudi Tire Industry Market Share (%) Goodyear 32 Bridgestone 27.9 Bin Shihon 25.3 Michelin 16.4 The Goodyear and Bridgestone have successfully used the business to business (B2B) contact management strategy to penetrate the market and maintain dominance due to expanded distribution networks and series of marketing campaign. However, the Bin-Shihon Group, through its subsidiary companies such as Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE, has used the strategic business to customer contact system and multiple branding strategies to survive competition and expand its market. Bin-Shihon Tire Division The tire division of the Bin-Shihon Group is operated under the Bin-Shihon Commercial Company and BBG Group FZE. These companies deal in exclusive brands such as Hankook, United Tires, XL, Barox, Safari, West Lake, Triangle, Zoom, and Forceum (Bin-Shihon Group par. 6). Marketing Analysis Innovation and Multiple Branding As part of the tire division’s market entry strategy, the Bin-Shihon Group utilized its innovative and expertise capabilities in product development by offering multiple brands of the tire products to appeal to different customers with different needs. For instance, the group opted to deal in exclusive brands such as United Tires, XL, Barox, Safari, West Lake, Triangle, Zoom, and Forceum (Bin-Shihon Group par. 3). Besides, the group is known to be the only venture dealing in many brands of tires in Saudi Arabia. As a result, the group was able to create an environment of own competition since customers were offered a variety tire products with different price tags. Therefore, the company was able to easily penetrate the Saudi Arabian market through the multi branding strategy. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More First Mover Strategy The Bin-Shihon Group also used the first mover strategy to enter and penetrate the tire market in Saudi Arabia through securing exclusive rights of dealership in the Hankook tire brand. Being the first and only company in the Saudi Arabian market dealing in the Hankook tire, it was easy to penetrate the market without competition or challenges since this brand of tire in renowned globally for its quality and affordable price tag. The brand positioning strategy ensured that the business increased its presence in the Saudi market as a respectable distributor of exclusive Hankook tire brand (Bin-Shihon Group par. 6). Proactive Marketing Mix In order to penetrate the highly segmented market in Saudi Arabia, the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies negotiated for discounts, competitive pricing, and flexible distribution network to ensure that the targeted customers were able to get value for their money. Through this strategy, the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies were able to implement the high-quality low-prices strategy to outperform any form of competition in the Saudi market (Bin-Shihon Group par. 3). The Bin-Shihon Group developed a complex distribution network within the Saudi market to ensure that customers across Saudi Arabia are able to get the tire products in the most convenient way possible. Since the target market is dynamic, the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies used the business to business and business to customer contact management strategies in order to reach the customers across all regions of Saudi Arabia. Product Promotion and Branding Lastly, the Bin-Shihon Group used series of promotion strategies to enter and penetrate the Saudi tire market. Through the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies, the promotion strategies involved personal selling, advertising, and sales promotion to ensure that the targeted clients were brought on board as stakeholders in the tire venture. The promotion messages were further customized to incorporate the aspect of Saudi language in product marketing and branding. Besides, the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies used personnel of Saudi origin in order to win the trust of the conservative customers in Saudi Arabia. Lastly, the business model within the tire division was integrated to ensure that the dominant Islamic culture was part of the product branding strategy. Customer Loyalty Management The Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies have strategic and effective customer relationship management approaches to guarantee customer loyalty. For instance, the two ventures within the Bin-Shihon Group have series of annual promotion activities such as discounts for purchases of different tire brands. Through the laggard activism strategy, the Bin-Shihon Group has been able to guarantee customer loyalty in the short term by offering premium customer experience, low charges, and compact customer care support. In the long term, the Bin-Shihon Group has established a contact management system that integrates the standard operating procedures that promote consistency in customer service. These strategies are aimed at ensuring continuous expansion and customer satisfaction. The vision supports the Business to Customer (B2C) strategy for sustainable business. As a market leader and the third largest tire dealership group in Saudi Arabia, the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies initiated several support services to customers and communities surrounding its branches. As indicated in the group’s website, the Bin-Shihon Commercial and BBG Group FZE companies initiated 25 different support services to the community. These initiatives have enabled the group to expand rapidly due to improved customer loyalty. Moreover, the group has managed to penetrate the traditional markets as the suppliers perform the function of marketing the group to potential customers. The CRM strategies of the group are effective because group’s model of running the customer assurance strategies allow for the customer preference tracking process and live feedbacks. For instance, adoption of the hybrid system of management by the group was meant to ensure direct contact with customers within the shortest time possible. The hybrid system is very successful in contact management and positive attitude reassurance. We will write a custom Research Paper on Bin-Shihon Group Company’s Analysis specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Bin-Shihon Group. Our business: Divisions. 2015. Web.

Using the following videos : VIDEO: Hispanic American Veterans Share Their Experiences in Vietnam VIDEO: SOLDADOS: Chicanos in Vietnam Essay

Using the following videos : VIDEO: Hispanic American Veterans Share Their Experiences in Vietnam VIDEO: SOLDADOS: Chicanos in Vietnam Answer the following question quoting and citing when needed.nswer the following questions: Chicanos in Vietnam – Breakdown the story of Chicanos in the Vietnam War. Focus on the individuals who participated. Why did they participate? What roles did they have? Where did the war take them? Did they see battle? What was the war like for Chicanos both at home and abroad? Breakdown their experiences? What happened to Chicanos during the Vietnam Era? What happened to Chicanos after the war ended and they returned to the States? What did Chicanos achieve or gain or even loose from the Vietnam War? What were some of their accomplishments if any?

Would someone create this scenario research paper?

Would someone create this scenario research paper?.

ScenarioYou are a Cyber Security Threat Analyst for a consulting company that does work for both the public and private sectors. You have been assigned a new project, and it is to help to develop a process or framework for a mid-sized (200 employees) software company. The software company develops a commercially available Web-based system with an accompanying mobile application (Android and iOS) for the financial sector. The company’s yearly revenue is approximately $15 million. The Director of Research and Development is concerned about their application development and the development operations (DevOps) activities in regards to insider threats. The software company frequently uses contractors, (on-site and remote) and some of the contractors are from foreign countries. The contractors help develop and test their software product and are also used for in-house software development and maintenance. There is only one Research and Development (R&D) facility for the company. Your project is to create an action plan/framework to help mitigate cyber risks due to development operations, application development, and insider threats. Realizing insider threats are a concern, it is also your job to ease the Director of Research and Development’s mind in regards to continuing to use contractors and those of which are from foreign countries. He is a fact driven decision maker and would benefit from facts regarding how multiculturalism and diversity could benefit his company and not harm it.Consider the following in your action plan:How you will convince the director you can effectively address any potential issues related to multiculturalism and diversityHow you will utilize problem-solving skills and conflict resolution to bridge cultural differencesHow you will address change that occurs due to the presence of multiculturalism and diversity in a business environmentBackground about the NIST Cybersecurity Framework:President Obama issued Executive Order 13636, Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, in February 2013. The order directed NIST to work with various stakeholders to develop a voluntary framework based on existing standards, best practices and guidelines with the intent of reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructures. NIST released the first version on February 12, 2014. The NIST Cybersecurity framework is available in three formats one of which is a database driven tool that is compatible with later versions of Microsoft Windows and MAC’s OS 10. More information about the Cybersecurity Framework can be found on the NIST website (“Cybersecurity Framework,” 2015).In addition to creating and maintaining a Web-based financial system and mobile application to accompany it, the company uses several enterprise-based systems for day-to-day operations. They have an email system, customer relationship management system, source code control system, a bug tracking system, and technical support tracking system. The technical support tracking system is an in-house developed system and considered a legacy system. The company is researching various technical support systems to replace the legacy system. The other enterprise systems were purchased/leased from various vendors. The customer relationship management system is cloud based and an Oracle product. The other systems reside on-premise and are in a harden data center located 10 miles from the R&D facility, and it has successfully gone through a SSAE 16 audit.The company has a business continuity plan; however, the disaster recovery plan needs to be improved as the company does not have a hot backup site. They do backup all critical systems several times per day. The backup data is automatically streamed to another harden data center (also SSAE 16 certified) that is located 25 miles away. All of the systems at the data center are considered critical systems. In addition, the system test and software quality assurance departments have all the necessary software and hardware (mobile/tablets included) to sufficiently maintain high quality assurance. This test infrastructure is located at the R&D facility and not in the data center.Instructions:In this Assignment, you will analyze the NIST Cybersecurity framework. You will determine if it can be used as a guide to produce an action plan/framework for the company to use in an effort to reduce the likelihood of insecure application development and insider threats. If it cannot be used/mapped to the software company, then what framework or method is better suited for the software company? Will you use various frameworks/guides and result in a hybrid approach? You have to produce an action plan/framework, so it is important for you to do as much research as possible on other types of solutions.It is very important for you to consider that the cybersecurity landscape includes cyber criminals, hackers, activists, etc., who use the latest technological tools and technologies to cause harm. The action plan/framework that you create should be agile enough so it can adapt to changing risk environments over time. Finally, as you formulate your plan, costs will have to be justified in time, so consider the revenue of the company and an industry standard percentage spent on cyber security budgets.Your action plan should be at least 5–6 pages of content (exclusive of cover sheet etc.), using Times New Roman font style, 12pt, double-spaced, using correct APA formatting, and include a cover sheet, table of contents, abstract, and reference page(s). If applicable, be sure to document your content with proper APA in text citations that match your reference list. You can have more than one table and more than one figure; however, they must be fully explained.You must support your research and assertions with at least three credible sources. You may use peer-reviewed articles, trade magazine articles, or IT research company (Gartner, Forrester, etc.) reports to support your research
Would someone create this scenario research paper?

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