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Prestige Telephone Company BY mtssnik2362 Scott Johnson, Nicole Phillips, Ashton Shuler, & Brandy Watts February 25th, 2014 Group Contributions Responded to all texts, discussion boards, and emails Participated in online chat and conference call Answered question 3 Provided the framework of how the case would be set up Suggested new ideas for later projects on how to discuss our topic Answered question 2 Set up a conference call, but we could not all attend, so we decided on a later time Came up with the idea we all should write a short conclusion for each question to make it easier to write a bigger one at the end of the case

Answered question 4 Formatted the case into the format needed Set up the FaceBook message we used to check in with each other and share ideas Answered question 1 Set up a conference call where we confirmed what question each person would answer Made sure everyone was up to speed on what the individual expectations of the group would be QUESTIONS 1 . ) Appraise the results of operations of Prestige Data Services. Is the subsidiary really a problem to Prestige Telephone Company?

Consider carefully the differences between reported costs and costs relevant for decisions that Daniel Rowe is onsidering. In deciding whether Prestige Data Services is a problem to Prestige Telephone Company, we must look at the benetl ts and costs that are associated with company as a whole and as separate functioning parts. While the subsidiary looks to show a loss while standing on its own, it was initially created to provide services to the parent company.

The benefits that it provides to the parent company allow them to operate at a lower cost of service. When we look at the shared costs that the data company and the telephone company have (accounting, payroll, etc) we have to emember that if the data company was not there, the costs of the shared services would be completely associated to the telephone company. Also, the services that the data company provides are at a much lower cost to the telephone company.

It is hard to look at the activities in the two companies separately because they are dependent upon one another for services and that is why the subsidiary was created initially. Prestige Data Services allows Prestige Telephone Services to reduce their costs in two ways – shared expenses and reduced supply chain costs. From this point of view, the ubsidiary is not a problem for the parent company; it is a benefit to them. 2. ) Assuming the company demand for service will average 205 hours per month, what level of commercial sales of computer use would be necessary to break even each month?

BMGT110 Week 6 Discussion

Reply to at least four different postings by other classmates. Responses to initial postings should be specific and assess whether posting accurately and sufficiently addresses the questions asked in the discussion topic and should incorporate relevant research correctly. Explain your assessment as to why the information is or is not correct and/or complete, providing correct information to enhance the discussion.
1.)The definition of diversity in and of itself means different, therefore it stands to reason the definition of a diverse work force would mean to have different people of various backgrounds, beliefs, and lives that are ever changing all coming together (like a melting pot) to form a workforce needed for a business. A great example of a diverse workforce would be the United States Military, I am currently serving in the military as a welder. I can tell you for a fact that no one in the military is the same. We all come from different backgrounds and ways of life, a fine example of a knit workforce that functions in tune with one another regardless of where they come from.
I am not entirely sure why (on the civilian side of employment) employers would higher diverse groups, but if I had to take an educated guess it would be to encourage those like the individuals they hired to want to also apply to work for them knowing that they will be able to be them selves and not be judged while working in a stable, secured, and professional work environment. I believe that the benefits would be to have a pool of diverse potential employees to have if an employer ever needed to hire more employees if the need to had ever raised. The benefits I personally would see would lots of individuals who could put aside their differences to do a job both proficiently and professionally as they could regardless of their history, backgrounds ( to a certain extent), or beliefs.
One strategy an employer could use would be to advertise to all groups and hire those who are both qualified and diverse for the job position. In my personal experience as a minority (out side of the military), it is important to me that a company advertise openly that they are accepting of all diversities before or during an applicant process. That way it is understood before and after taking a job that the working environment is a safe place regardless of how you identify.
One potential problem an employer might experience during a hiring process, is speculation from a applicant that they were not offered position based on their minority. A way of gently handling this situation would be to explain your reasoning with work ethic examples as to why they weren’t offered the job. Let them know about the employment policy regarding the protection of diversity. Encourage them to apply at a later date if another position becomes available. It’s important that they are shown value as a person, regardless of how they identify.
Science Direct (2014) diversity means similarities and,No two humans are alike.
2.)Diversity in the workplace means that different types of people work at the organization. Diverse workplaces have employees of varying ages, gender, race, education, marital status, etc. Organizations want to attract diversity for different reasons, such as innovation, localization, and adaptability. Diversity brings innovation because employees with different perspectives and ideas collaborate. Diversity brings localization because the employees can relate to broader demographics. Diversity brings adaptability because new ways of thinking and decision making allow the organization to keep up with consumers.
To attract a diverse workforce, organizations must use internal and external tactics to recruit applicants. An example of internal recruitment is hiring from within. An example of external recruitment is an organization attending job fairs at different colleges or universities to attract younger candidates. It is important for organizations to appeal to everyone, so they should emphasize diversity during recruitment. To retain a diverse workforce, organization should implement and require diversity trainings. Some people have never been in a diverse atmosphere, so trainings can ensure that all employees are taught how to work with others.
Issues that can arise from focusing on diversity are cliques, communication barriers, and and resistance to change (Vaux, 2016). Cliques can form when a place is very diverse because people are more comfortable being around others who are similar to them. Conflicts can stem from communication barriers. People may speak different languages or perceive conversations differently than others. Resistance to change can be an issue because some people are stubborn.
Vaux, R. (2016, October 26). Diversity issues affecting the workplace. Small Business – Retrieved March 26, 2022, from
3.)Diversity in the context of a work environment would mean having people with different backgrounds, experiences, and life experience. This can come from different religious backgrounds, work experience, race, gender, age, educational background, sexual orientation, and even geographic location (Williams, L. (2022)). A diverse workforce could look like people from all walks and areas of life working together as a unit to accomplish a goal for the company they work for.
Diversity has been a large topic at my current employer, with greater focus on Employee Resource Groups and getting current employees to become more involved with D