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Presentations of ADHD: Although ADHD is often associated with children,

Presentations of ADHD: Although ADHD is often associated with children,. I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Presentations of ADHD
Although ADHD is often associated with children, this disorder is diagnosed in clients across the lifespan. While many individuals are properly diagnosed and treated during childhood, some individuals who have ADHD only present with subsyndromal evidence of the disorder. These individuals are often undiagnosed until they reach adulthood and struggle to cope with competing demands of running a household, caring for children, and maintaining employment. For this Discussion, you consider how you might assess and treat individuals presenting with ADHD.
Learning Objectives
Students will:

Assess client factors and history to develop personalized therapy plans for clients with ADHD
Analyze factors that influence pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes in clients requiring therapy for ADHD
Evaluate efficacy of treatment plans
Apply knowledge of providing care to adult and geriatric clients presenting for antidepressant therapy

By Day 3
Post a response to the following:

Provide the case number in the subject line of the Discussion.
List three questions you might ask the patient if he or she were in your office. Provide a rationale for why you might ask these questions.
Identify people in the patient’s life you would need to speak to or get feedback from to further assess the patient’s situation. Include specific questions you might ask these people and why.
Explain what physical exams and diagnostic tests would be appropriate for the patient and how the results would be used.
List three differential diagnoses for the patient. Identify the one that you think is most likely and explain why.
List two pharmacologic agents and their dosing that would be appropriate for the patient’s ADHD therapy based on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. From a mechanism of action perspective, provide a rationale for why you might choose one agent over the other.
If your assigned case includes “check points” (i.e., follow-up data at week 4, 8, 12, etc.), indicate any therapeutic changes that you might make based on the data provided.
Explain “lessons learned” from this case study, including how you might apply this case to your own practice when providing care to patients with similar clinical presentations.

Case 2: Volume 1, Case #14: The scatter-brained mother whose daughter has ADHD, like mother, like daughter
Presentations of ADHD: Although ADHD is often associated with children,

Cyber-crime – New Ways to Steal Identity and Money Essay. Introduction Cybercrime takes place online, and new methods of committing the cybercrime keep emerging because criminals look for easier ways to steal from unsuspecting internet users. Individuals or groups of people commit crime. The crime has increased because more people use the internet to do their shopping, banking or social networking such as Facebook and Twitter (Watson 1). Cybercrime is committed by criminals that operate as communities and share tools and strategies on how to commit a crime. The criminals steal individuals’ identities and money. Identithe ty theft involves stealing of another person’s personal information and impersonation. Identity thieves steal information such as social security numbers, employer numbers, name, and passport numbers among others. The stolen information enables criminals to steal money especially bank or credit card details. It is difficult to track down cybercriminals because of the anonymity nature of the internet. Criminals hack computers and operate them from a far location. However, because each country has different cybercrime laws it becomes complicated to prosecute or track criminals in a different country. Cybercriminals use various methods to steal individuals’ identity and money because it is easier and less risky than the conventional methods of stealing for instance bank robbery. Phishing sites Phishing sites are fake websites criminals use to get personal information from internet users. Criminals send people the phishing sites as an attachment or link through emails. The user is tricked into opening the attachment or clicking on a link because it looks important. Once they click the links or download attachments their personal information is stolen. Some phishing sites request users to enter personal information such as bank details, usernames and passwords. The users fall prey because the phishing sites look real and their personal information is stolen. Malware Criminals use malware to gain access to personal computers. They infect personal computers with malware. The malware enables them to steal personal information such as names, credit card, and bank account details. Using the stolen information the thieves are able to create a digital identity, and using it they can do anything that a user would do online and they succeed in committing cybercrime (Watson 1). Botnet Botnet is “a collection of internet-connected PCs which have been infiltrated by malware and remote-controlled by the botnet owner” (Waterson 1). The computers infiltrated with malware are used to steal personal information from internet users and identities. The criminals use the botnets and control them from a central location to send out phishing mails. Information harvested by the criminals is organized and ready for use. The Botnet controllers are an organized community and some sell the stolen identities and use the rest to steal money from people. The owner of the botnet engages in renting out the botnet to the cybercriminals. The cybercriminals work hard to increase their botnets through infection of new computers to look for more internet users and steal their identities (Watson 1). Stealing money using the stolen identity Criminals use the stolen identities in various ways such as stealing money from accounts or creating bank accounts among other things. Moreover, the stolen personal information can be used in buying commodities online. The cybercriminals use mules to assist in transferring money from bank accounts so that the money can get into the cybercriminals’ hands. Armed with stolen bank account details a mule is able to help the cybercriminals steal money. The mule then engages in forwarding “the money into another bank account to which in turn the mule gets to keep a small percentage of that stolen money” (Waterson 1). Cybercriminals use online payment channels to move money from an individual’s bank account and then to their accounts. There can be linking of these accounts to the debit cards and the money can now be withdrawn using these cards through ATMs. On the other hand, there can be transferring of big amounts of money into a fake account established by cybercriminals and this money is instantly withdrawn before the banks become suspicious (Waterson 1). Moreover, some cybercriminals hack email addresses and send emails to the people in the contact list informing them that he owner of the email is stranded therefore needs financial assistance. The unsuspecting recipients may lose money if they send because they will send the money to the identity thieves (Katie 1). Some cybercriminals steal money by sending people emails that claim they have won a certain amount of money. To claim the prize they are required to send their bank details to facilitate transfer to their bank accounts. Those who fall prey and send the details become victims often criminals who use the details to steal money from them. Some criminals send people spam mail and tell them they need help transfer a large amount of money, but they need the recipient of the email to give them bank details so that they can send the money to their bank accounts. They can keep a portion of the money to entice them. A greedy unsuspecting user sends his or her bank details and his or her money is stolen. Some cybercriminals set up business scams and entice people to invest for high returns. People put funds in such online scams and after the criminals collect enough they pull down the websites and people lose their hard earned funds. Protecting oneself from the identity thieves Cybercrime is found to be a lucrative business, carried out by the organized criminal groups. Every person that uses the internet ought to ensure that they are protected by taking protective measures. One such measure is that the internet users need to be extremely careful when they click on the links found in their emails. Moreover, caution should be taken in regard to providing personal information, which is sensitive, online. Such information includes the login details of the bank account. Users should know that their banks will never ask them personal information using an email and before filling in such information they should call to ascertain the authenticity of those emails. The users also need to be careful when posting personal information on the social media networks such as Facebook (Waterson 1). The information users post on the social networks can be used by cybercriminals to recreate passwords that they can use to hack their accounts (Katie 1). They should also ensure that they keep changing their passwords often. Besides, they should be strong to avoid making it easy for criminals to guess them. Moreover, they should avoid using same passwords for different accounts like many users do (Katie 1). Users should also scan USB and external disks to ensure they are not infected with malware that can be transferred to the computers and comprise they security online. They should also check if the website they use for banking is secure before they enter their login details. A secure website has a web address such as https:// but if it is http:// it is not secure. Moreover, the internet users should make sure that they have the basic “anti-virus protection software” on their PCs (Waterson 1). They also need to make sure that their PCs are protected with extra “data protection software such as AOL DataMask, provided by SentryBay, which safeguards against key logging, phishing, screen captures, etc” (Waterson 1). Conclusion Cybercrime has increased in the recent past and become more complicated. Thieves are stealing individuals’ identity online and using it to steal money. The popularity of social networks has helped cybercriminals to gather information about people and use it to hack their accounts and steal usernames and passwords. The stolen information is used to impersonate people or create ghosts that steal money from individuals’ bank accounts and credit cards. Some use the credit cards to shop and the bill is charged to the owner. Stealing of identity is simple as people can do it anonymously and finding them is hard. The methods that cybercriminals use to steal money keep changing. Thus, internet users and organs that fight cybercrime ought to be on the lookout. The users must be made aware of the methods that cybercriminals use and sensitized on how to protect themselves from falling victims of cybercrime. The agents that deal with cybercrimes should strive to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals to protect internet users. Works Cited Katie, Leslie. Hackers find new ways to steal your identity. 20 Sep. 2010. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. . Waterson, Dave. Cyber Criminals – How They Steal Your Identity and Your Money, 29 Apr. 2013. Web. 16 Apr. 2013. . Cyber-crime – New Ways to Steal Identity and Money Essay
CJC1000 class discussion board.. I need help with a Law question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Please watch the documentary on Miami Dade County jails.
You can click on the link or copy the link and paste it into a new window to view the video in YouTube:
Behind Bars: The World’s Toughest Prisons – Miami, Dade County Jail, Florida, USA | Free Documentary
Duration: 48:01 User: n/a – Added: 11/5/18
YouTube URL:
Using information from the video and your textbook answer the following questions: (THE ONLY REFERENCES ALLOWED FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS THE BOOK AND THE DOCUMENTARY)

Discuss the demographics of the jail inmates.
Describe the jail facilities.
Describe the jail staff.
How does what you saw in the documentary compare to the information in your text? Be sure to cite specific examples and use data/statistics.

The response should be at least 300 words.
Required Textbook and Materials ( FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT IS CHAPTER 6)
Author: Frank Schmalleger Title: Corrections in the 21st Century, 7th edition (8th edition is also acceptable)
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780078140921

CJC1000 class discussion board.

Colorado Technical University Emergency Management Paper.

Assignment DescriptionIt is critical that professional emergency managers understand emergency management from a progressive perspective. Studying emergency management in this way leads emergency managers to examine homeland security issues in other nations, including their respective hazards, vulnerabilities, successes, and failures. Progressive examination of international emergency management also unveils the manner in which professionals in other nations incorporate the universal emergency management principles of preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery, which may or may not be labeled identically between nations.Comparative Emergency Management: Understanding Disaster Policies, Organizations, and Initiatives from Around the World: Click on the link to Chapter 1 to open and read the word document. This article illustrates how the discipline of comparative politics may help increase our understanding of disasters in other countries as well as promote more effective emergency management institutions and practices domestically and abroad. Assignment GuidelinesIn an essay of 3-4 pages compare and contrast emergency management in 2 countries other than the United States, such as Israel and Great Britain.You may select any two nations from the following list (some sites are located in the Unit Resources and MUSE):
RussiaGreat BritainFranceSwitzerlandIsraelChinaYour essay should thoroughly address the following regarding the nations that you have chosen to examine:PoliciesWhat do the policies address, and how are they developed? Explain.ProceduresWhat training takes place with regard to emergency management?What tasks and functions are performed? Explain.ChallengesWhat are the most significant challenges faced by the 2 countries? Explain.SuccessesWhat emergency management operations have been successful? Why?Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.
Colorado Technical University Emergency Management Paper

Careem Company’s Marketing Management Research Paper

Table of Contents Company History Senior Management Chart Mission and Vision Marketing Strategy Market Positioning What Makes Careem Unique Problems and Solutions Works Cited Company History Careem provides private car services. This business serves customers who require a ride and who cannot or do not want to use a taxi or public transportation. The business operates through a mobile application that allows one to book a car quickly, “using GPS technology, the app finds the customer’s location and calculates an approximate price for the ride”, and a website that provides an opportunity to pay for the services (Hamid par. 6; Rego par. 2). Careem is a rather new business. It was founded only three years ago in 2012 (“About Us” par. 1). That is why its history is relatively short, which does not make it any less eventful. Over the first two years of its existence, the business that was initially founded in Dubai managed to expand to 14 different cities of the Middle East such as Karachi, Doha Beirut, and Cairo (Hamid par. 2). Senior Management Chart Senior Management Chart Mission and Vision Careem is a local business and has a regional vision. The leaders of the company realize that “transport is the lifeline to everything” (“About Us” par. 1). The mission of Careem is to provide the best connection between people and locations in the region. That is why the leaders, managers, and workers of the company apply the best talent and the latest technologies combined with the highest level of professionalism to their operations. Careem is a business-oriented at people both internally and externally. The leaders of the company ensure that only the best professionals in the field are employed in Careem to provide the services of the highest quality to the clients. Careem focuses on innovations and expansion ensuring fast and responsive service and dense coverage of various regions. Marketing Strategy Careem operates in a market with a lot of competition for similar businesses. As a result, the company has to battle all of these competitors for the client base. That is why Careem is very determined about its differentiation in the market. Careem’s marketing strategy is founded on the accessibility of the company’s services. Innovations play a significant part in the marketing strategy of this business. This orientation signifies Careem’s orientation to the future and readiness to embrace all the newest opportunities fearlessly and to improve their image. Besides, rapid expansion facilitates the fast growth of the client base and higher recognition in the market. In that way, a relatively new business has turned itself into one of the most powerful and known private care service deliverers in the market of the Middle East filled with similar companies. Market Positioning Careem’s market positioning is based on the emphasis on the quality of services. In other words, apart from making itself available to a large number of clients by means of expansion and wide coverage, Careem also differentiates itself from the competitors attempting to provide the highest level of comfort and convenience to the clients. This advantage is achieved by means of outsourcing of various processes and operations. For instance, using a regular taxi service, a client would have to call them on the phone, wait for the car to arrive, and then, possibly show the way or explain the route without knowing how much the journey would cost. Careem’s reliance on the latest technologies allows this business to use a qualitatively different approach. The clients of Careem place their orders online using the mobile application or a website. The clients choose their route, and the program instantly calculates the price of the journey and allows the client to pay for it beforehand. Besides, the people who travel with Careem have the opportunity of choosing a car. Even though the business has been operating for just a few years, it has already positioned itself as one of the leaders of the regional market. The key to the popularity of Careem is the thoroughness of service, responsiveness, accessibility, and very fast growth. In fact, one of the co-founders of Careem, Magnus Olsson, has made a statement that the business’ leaders intend to maintain a 30 % growth of Careem every month within the next several years (“UAE Chauffeur Car App Careem Acquires Moroccon Start-Up Taxiii: par. 12; Cherrayil par. 6). What Makes Careem Unique Every business that operated in a densely populated market has to compete with a large number of rivals. Some of Careem’s competitors are older and more experienced; some have better recognition. For example, Careem is often compared with Uber, another car booking service supported by a mobile application. That is why Careem leaders are to constantly ensure that the progress of their service, that their company provides something that others do not have on their list of offers. Non-stop self-improvement is the key to success for Careem. Currently, the company offers car rides that a client can book very quickly using the mobile application of the company. Besides, using a credit card one may buy credits so that the future bookings could be accomplished even faster. The service that differentiates Caeem from Uber is that the former provides the customers with an opportunity of booking a car not only for a ride that is about to happen but also for one that is set in the future. This option is very convenient and allows the clients to secure future rides when something important is planned so that there will be no need to lose time looking for a taxi (“Dubai Luxury Car Service – Careem vs. Uber” par. 6). The prices of Careem are not much different from those of Uber, which means that the company’s intention is to win the clients by means of providing better services for a similar price as well as incorporating more and more large cities of the Middle East into its network. The rapid expansion and versatile and accessible services are the features that make the business stand out. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Problems and Solutions The company’s most important need is resources, the problem of financing was solved by means of attraction of the most powerful investors. The problem of accessibility is solved by the provision of flexible payment opportunities (the clients of Careem may pay online using their cards, buy credits beforehand, or pay with cash). The most recent issues the business faces are of technological character. The application Careem is supported by requires the frequent update of maps, and sometimes fails to process the customers’ data. These challenges are addressed by means of the involvement of the team of the best IT professionals a company can access. Works Cited About Us 2015 Web. Cherrayil, Naushad. Careem raising $10m to strengthen Mideast operations. Web. Dubai Luxury Car Service – Careem vs. Uber 2015 Web. Hamid, Triska. Car-booking app Careem lands $10m in funding. Web. Rego, Nick. Careem vs. Uber. 2013. Web. UAE Chauffeur Car App Careem Acquires Moroccon Start-Up Taxiii 2015. Web. We will write a custom Research Paper on Careem Company’s Marketing Management specifically for you! 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Appropriation of Black Culture Life by Whites Analytical Essay

help me with my homework Appropriation of Black Culture Life by Whites Analytical Essay. Cultural appropriation is where by “Whites duplicate licensed property, social declarations, and customary learning from African culture without their authorization” (Hardy 73). The United States is one nation that cultural appropriation has significantly manifested itself. To this end, the US has for many years been christened a ‘melting pot.’ This is owed to the fact that the nation’s population is made up of people drawn from all over the world, coming with different cultures. As a consequence, Americans “who grow up in diverse communities may pick up the dialect, customs and religious traditions of the cultural groups that surround them” (Hardy 74). Cultural appropriation happens when a minority community is robbed off its culture by a more dominant group. This subject, in most cases, tends to make people who are socially conscious to frown. The unapproved utilization of an alternate culture includes dance, dress, music, dialect, old stories, food, customary medication, religious images, and so on. The cultural appropriation is destined to be hurtful when the source group is a minority group that has been persecuted or misused in different ways, or when the object of appropriation is especially delicate. Cultural appropriation is not alright. It is always accompanied by strains of bias, and on a bigger picture it amounts to racism. Also what makes cultural appropriation more incensing for non-White individuals is the way other individuals (Whites and non-Whites) can take off their costume and come back to regular life without the separation or disgrace normally connected with those cultural articulations. It is a fact that one may discover any components of an alternate culture or subculture to be sensational or even have an odd fixation or interest with it. Utilizing those representations is an affront that accompanies a long history and pattern of racial and ethnic segregation and preference. Elvis Presley was not the originator of rock and roll that featured Chuck Berry. Moreover, ‘Ice Baby,’ a hip-bounce melody produced by Vanilla was the first of the kind to top the charts of the great tracks of the time. Furthermore, Justin Timberlake successfully changed his genre of music from pop sensation to the heartfelt songs that are unlike his culture. Kreayshawn, the new White young lady rapper, is just the most recent result of culture appropriation. As such, one could easily argue that she is just trying to live with what contemporary hip-hop music has come to- “without substance, whack, sexualized and talentless” (Hardy 75). Would one say that she is appropriating Black culture or simply diluting it? One should not accept since she is realistic. Kreayshawn’s picture, how she conducts herself, her verses are all subordinate to her- an exceptionally restricted perspective of Black culture. She is a consequence of a kind that was perpetually changed once America acknowledged that there was a chance of cultural appropriation from a small persuasive culture. Kreayshawn, craftsmen like her, and the individuals who co-sign them are all guilty parties in the selling of cultures to other communities (Hardy 78). In 2013, Miley Cyrus turned into the pop star most connected with cultural appropriation. Amid recorded and live exhibitions, the previous kid star started to ‘twerk,’ a dance move with roots in African-American culture. Author Hadley Freeman of ‘The Guardian’ specifically took issues with Cyrus’ ‘twerking’ at the MTV Video Music Awards in August 2013. In front of an audience and additionally in her feature she utilized the repetitive figure of speech of having dark ladies as her sponsorship vocalists, there just to be stroked by her and to respect her squirming derriere, Freeman brought up (Dawkins 470). Cyrus was expressly copying ‘crunk’ music features as well as the hip-hop style of music. She felt she was Lil’ Kim as she cherishes ‘hood music.’ As a result of this, the impact was not of a respect, but of a minstrel show, with a youthful well-off lady from the South doing a pompous impersonation of ‘wouldark’ music, and diminishing ‘wouldark’ dance lovers, to foundation grain and dark ladies that overstated sex object. The Italian-American hotshot, Madonna, has been blamed from copying music outside other groups of cultures, including gay culture, dark culture, Indian culture and Latin American cultures. Madonna may be the greatest culture vulture yet. In “Madonna: A Critical Analysis,” writer JBNYC brings up how the pop star wore Indian saris, bindis, and dress amid a 1998 photograph shoot for ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine. Moreover, in the following year Madonna took part in a geisha-enlivened photograph spread for Harper’s ‘Bazaar’ magazine. Before this, Madonna copied from Latin-American culture for her 1986 feature “La Isla Bonita” and from gay ‘wouldark.’ Furthermore, she aped Latino culture for her 1990 feature “Vogue.” Iggy Azalea hails from Australia and exhibits an Australian accent. Nonetheless, she changes her accent more often from her ‘Mullumbimby’ (Australia’s) to grungy when rapping, an accent synonymous with the people from the South of America. This imparts her profound respect for great rap craftsmen, for example, Tupac, referring to him as the motivation for her to enter the business. Iggy’s case is a typical example of culture appropriation. Other artists from the ‘New Off the Boat’ exhibit how the is use of Black culture speaks sincerely about Asian culture. While aping the ‘New Off the Boat,’ Eddie Huang, an eleven-year-old Taiwanese boy finds himself culturally misplaced as he tries to ape Kool Moe and Run D. In details, he is shown “swathing in a loosely goose-like, brilliantly shaded garment synonymous with the hip-hop uniform of the time, with her hands folded high over his waist, and nodding his head” (Dawkins 460). This is exactly what Moe and Run do on stage. All these inclusive images of resistance were presented to imply a little kid’s (Eddie Huang) uneasiness with his late migration from Washington D.C.’s Chinatown to the splendid, insipid scene of rural Florida. Lastly, we look at Eminem as he appears to be a victim of race-nonpartisan. He gets access to the sensitivity of various rap crowds, as though rap itself is what is being indicted, and in this manner he endears the experience of all rappers- himself included- like being in rivalry with lawful power. With this, Eminem is simply informing the Blacks to be cautious of exploitative cultural appropriation especially by the Whites. Importantly, with this trend there will be dare consequences. If ‘whiteness’ gets to be imperceptible inside rap, the apprehension remains that the fine art will lose its association with the African-American experience, and with it, its authenticity and explanation behind human will be dealt a blow (Dawkins 461). “Sing For The Moment” song pushes it between racial ‘essentializing,’ estranging it to the rap group in which Eminem implies to be a part while referring to his enrolment as a manifestation of legitimate barrier (Dawkins 463). Though a percentage of ‘The Lonely Island’s’ music features depend upon an ‘essentialized’ White-face rap persona for mocking designs, Eminem’s “not kidding” tries to fit and mix it with dark rap’s imperviousness to white power, and thus could be seen as ‘racialized’ and exploitive (Howes 44). An authentic singer ought to feel free and original in his or her music, as opposed to appropriating or stealing. They should be genuine. The vast majority of people wish they should quit having discussions about prejudice and how it works in American culture, but they cannot. Rather, they decide to endure it all for the purpose of stopping culture appropriation. A genuine social exchange is not just for vocal motion, ensembles, religious conventions, musical styling or different things (Howes 46). This trend should be a continuous discussion so that one can really comprehend it in the social and political motion of a group. This will enable one to genuinely comprehend the regular loads and biases that are regularly seen to underestimate certain culture. In conclusion, one should not simply acquire or pay praise. One should stop copying especially from the minority group. One honest thing that people should do is to do a research about a particular culture, understand the struggles through which they underwent to come up with the features that you feel attracted to. What is more likely to “convince is taking one stride further by being politically dynamic and work in solidarity with said people groups” (Howes 54). Works Cited Dawkins, Alesan. “Close to the Edge: The representational tactics of Eminem.” The Journal of Popular Culture 43.3 (2010): 463-485. Hardy, Marieke. “She twerks hard for the money: Iggy Azalea.” Melbourne Post. 13 August 2013: LZ01. Print. Howes, David. Cross-cultural consumption: Global markets, local realities. New York: Penguin, 1987. Print. Appropriation of Black Culture Life by Whites Analytical Essay

Stories of Rwanda’s Recovery from Genocide Essay

The thousands of the ethnic Tutsis were killed during the hundred spring days in Rwanda in 1994. The open violence against the Tutsis demonstrated by the Rwandan Hutus resulted in mass killings which can be defined as the genocide against the Tutsis. However, in spite of the genocide’s tragic consequences and terrific destructions within this Central African country, the Rwandans showed the significant courage and patience to re-build the society where the Hutus and Tutsis continue to live side by side. Thus, many countries facing the problems associated with the relations between different ethnicities can rely on the Rwandans’ experience to recover from the terrific results of the genocide because the Rwandan society changed significantly based on the positive transformations; because the government’s effective approaches to re-building the society allowed to stabilize the situation in the country; and because the genocide was ceased with references to the actions of the internal actors rather than international actors’ activities. Today, the killers and the victims of the genocide live side by side, and the government focuses on finding the effective measures and legacies to overcome the consequences of the genocide and to state the principles of justice in the country. Although the echo of the genocide is still observed, the Rwandans did a lot to contribute to the positive social transformations and to recover from the tragedy. From this point, the Rwandans are inclined to use the principle of operating what they have to recover instead of hoping for better opportunities. The Rwandans achieved significant successes in recovering from the genocide not only with the help of transforming the society but also because of changing their visions of the genocide (Wilkens presentation, October 31, 2013). As a result, the other countries can operate the experience and lessons of the Rwandans in order to recover from the similar tragedies. The main change which occurred in the Rwandan society after the genocide and which contributed to the process of recovery is the observed stabilization in relation to the social and economic life. During the genocide, “leaders used family ties to target male relatives for recruitment into the killing groups, which were responsible for carrying out the genocide”, and during the years after the tragedy, the leaders or authorities intended to promote the peace in the country with the help of reforms to stabilize the economic and social lives (Fujii 2008: 568). With references to the case of Rwanda, it is necessary to discuss the concept of stabilization in its close connection with the idea of decreasing the ethnic divisions in order to prevent the further demonstrations of violence based on the ethnic prejudice (Fujii 2008: 596; I’m Not Leaving 2013). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is important to note that the international actors played a minimal role in affecting Rwanda’s recovery from the genocide because the genocide was ceased predominately with references to the internal forces. The international community showed little interest in the problems experienced by the Rwandans. Thus, the attempts of the United Nations to regulate the process can be accessed as minimal and not enough to influence the development of the crisis (Wilkens presentation, October 31, 2013). Although the Rwandan genocide destroyed the lives of thousands of people, the country has recovered from that horrific event relying on the internal forces and authorities’ policies rather than on the activities of the international actors. Works Cited Fujii, Lee Ann. “The Power of Local Ties: Popular Participation in the Rwandan Genocide”. Security Studies 17.3 (2008): 568-597. Print. I’m Not Leaving. 2013. Web. 02 Nov. 2013. . Wilkens, Carl. “Stories of Rwanda’s Recovery from Genocide”. UC Irvine School of Social Sciences. Irvine, California. 31 Oct. 2013. Lecture.

Intelligence Led Policing: Ethical Issues

The second important report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary set out the main elements of intelligence led policing and crime reduction “Policing With Intelligence” (HMIC, 1997). Both report accepted the use of intelligence led policing tactics in crime reduction of high volume crimes such as vehicle theft and burglary which so far had only been used in tackling serious crime. The use of information technology was seen as the major vehicle and conduit for managing the increased information generated as a result of a change in policy to intelligence led policing. The increasing fear in the community about crime and the fear of crime, coupled with a loss of confidence in the police, fuelled a drive towards an increase in private security arrangements. This move is seen in the growth of private security companies both residential and in shopping centres, initiated by both private citizens, commercial premises owners and insurance companies. The desire and practice of amassing information resulted as part of the increase in the risk society (Maguire, 2000), but increased information and data does not necessarily lead to crime reduction. Although the police may benefit from access to huge amounts of statistical data, some academics have suggested that the impetus for this has in fact emanated from other external institutions such as health, insurance and education establishments (Ericson and Haggerty, 1997). The data processed by the police has been used by these establishments for their own risk assessment purposes rather than being used for crime reduction purposes. The recent requirement for the police service to produce annual and other reports and publishing key performance indicators which required statistical returns was another fundamental reason for the computerisation of criminal records. In fact some commentators argue that the computer systems are barely used in the fight against crime reduction (Ratcliffe and McCullalgh, 1998). The unease which the police feel about the drive towards intelligence-led policing is set out in a report on Merseyside Police (Barton

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