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presentation script

(What strategy are you using? Subpoint 1: Evidence to support Main Point 1 (cite sources)b. Subpoint 2: Evidence to support Main Point 1 (cite sources)(Transitional phrase to Main Point #2)

Management Plan: Exploring Business 2.1, Karen Collins, Flat World Knowledge, ISBN: 9781453375099

Management Plan: Exploring Business 2.1, Karen Collins, Flat World Knowledge, ISBN: 9781453375099.


The student should submit a written report providing the following management plans for your proposed company: Mission statement Core values Organizational structure You can find some guidance on developing a mission statement and core values in the “Mission Statement and Core Values” section of (Chapter 18) or corresponding equivalent in other versions of Collins’ text, Section 2 “Standard Business Plan Format:

Instructions”. Be sure to describe the relationships among individuals within the company, listing the major responsibilities of each member of your management team. Present these relationships graphically by including an organization chart, either in the body of the document or as an appendix.

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Waste of medicines

presentation script Waste of medicines.

Description A waste of medicines can be defined as the cost of any medicine that is prescribed and dispensed but not taken correctly to achieve the intended therapeutic outcome, or value of any disposed or unused medicines. Please read through the attached research paper and write the following parts: 1) Discussion (it has four sections: Planning and Purchasing, Storing and Receiving, Pharmacy and other factors). 2) Conclusion. 3) Recommendations ——————————– In the discussion part, please discuses the following for each sections: -General description of the study in terms of goals and justifications -General overview of the result in terms of similarities and differences -Compare the results (for all four sections) with other studies in terms of factors affecting waste of medicines and policies

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This Essay Has To Be About How Sexism Affects Our Society

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Ethical Conduct of Research

Ethical Conduct of Research.

 Select a healthcare related research study. Identify the sample population. Analyze and critique the study to identify if sampling method reflects ethical principles including consent, conditions of the participants, study approved by IRB, Minimum 12 pages excluding title and reference page. APA format,8 references within 5 years.

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Galvanic corrosion

Galvanic corrosion.

Describe one of main issues of our industrial is the Galvanic corrosion which occur under installation some of these support types may develop metallic contact. Even though both the pipe and support are steel, the metallurgical differences can still provide a small difference changed to create corrosion which affected by the environment of the working area Project Statement The objective of the Corrosion project is to educate others about the issues of corrosion and how it affects the industry. The project is to obtain a component which is undergoing any type of corrosion and make a 15-20 pages’ report which should include following. a) A brief introduction b) A description of component working environment c) Composition d) A description of type corrosion e) Corrosion control techniques used to maintain the component f) Conclusion g) References the Project is required to first obtain a component and make a literature survey about the component, working environment and material composition. The Project should comment on the type of corrosion, effects on material composition, environment, and location, safety awareness, new technologies and methods of controlling the corrosion and standards used.

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American film audience in the middle of the 20th century?

American film audience in the middle of the 20th century?.

Write a response to the following questions in 750 words or fewer in total. Include a total word count at the bottom of the page. 1. What does Rome represent for the American film audience in the middle of the 20th century? Discuss at least two of the following films in your answer to this question: Quo Vadis, Ben Hur, Spartacus, Cleopatra. 2. One question that comes up surrounding the reception of the ancient world in cinema is the fidelity of modern films to the ancient sources for the events and characters depicted. In what contexts do you think screenplay writers and directors should strive for such fidelity (historical accuracy) and in what context do you think they should not? Discuss this issue with respect to any three films we have seen this semester. 3. Is there a single genre to which all of the films we have seen this semester belongs? If so, how would you define the genre? If you think the films belong to more than one genre, list and define all and say to which genre each film belongs. Which films (if any) push the genre/these genres to the limits?

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Report on the article by Joynt et al. Compensation of chief executive officers at nonprofit US hospitals

Report on the article by Joynt et al. Compensation of chief executive officers at nonprofit US hospitals.

1. Read the article focusing on the five key elements of the article described in the PPT presentation and the Guide to preparing a report of a published study, Part-II. You can also watch the video shown below. Note, these key elements are NOT the same as the elements described in your report on Published Research Study #1. 2. Write a report on the article in which you identify and describe the following key elements: f. Data collection procedures and instruments.

g. Data analysis procedures. h. Results. i. Discussion and conclusions. j. Limitations. 3. In addition to your description of the five elements above, write a brief summary of the article (300 words or less) describing, in your own words, 1) the reason the study was conducted, 2) the key methods, 3) the main results, 4) the authors’ interpretation of the results, 5) a summary of the author’s discussion, and 6) your interpretation of the main results. NB: this is an objective summary of the article; it is not an evaluation or critique of the published paper

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