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Presentation/Promotional Assignment

Presentation/Promotional Assignment.

GUIDELINES AR ARE ATTACHED TO THIS EMAIL ====>YOU DON’T NEED TO DO THE VIDEO RECORDING, JUST DO THE SPEAKER NOTES.THIS IS WHAT I POSTED: THIS IS THE EXAMPLE I PROVIDED, AND THE IDEA THIS PRESENTATION SHOULD BE ABOUT. ====>e-commerce Digital Agency. I am sure that this already exists and might even be saturated at this point, however, I strongly believe that this business venture could be huge if implemented right, especially with how e-commerce is on the rise lately.Online marketing has been around for a long, long time, and I am sure that ad agencies have been around for just as long. That is why my agency will offer other, less traditional, services accompanying our digital marketing services. We will offer a service to aspiring Drop-shippers, and other e-commerce sellers (Amazon, eBay, Wish, etc) to let us prepare their websites, products, and online stores (including all sales channels) from SCRATCH, as long as they provide us with a few general preliminary ideas about their desired store, product or niche in the beginning phase. We will even offer account/business analysis and upgrade-your-business features to pre-existing eCommerce sellers to expand our audience, and their business.I would market this business the same way I would advise a client to market theirs; online. My audience targeting would be worldwide. I believe with the recent surge in eCommerce, many may have decided (including myself) to pursue or maybe even just try the eCommerce world. Without the proper guidance in this type of business, you are almost guaranteed to fail as there are so many variables involved in it. Through my own personal experience, it is hard to find the right FREE content on the Internet to help you pursue your online business. That can only be accomplished through real-life experience or proper guidance. If my eCommerce side gigs turn out to be successful in the long-run, I can use those results as an asset for marketing while starting out. Then I can rely on positive customer feedback and testimonials for promoting the agency.I will be using PowerPoint for the presentation. However, I have not decided yet on what ideas and formatting to go with. I have multiple general ideas of what my presentation will look like in the end, however, nothing is official as of right now. I’d appreciate any advice or tips on setting up my actual presentation!
Presentation/Promotional Assignment

BMGT 495 APUS Week 2 & 7 Cash Fraud and Internal Controls Paper & BHP Group LTD Analysis.

Week 7 – Cash, Fraud & Internal ControlsPlease select and discuss one of the following issues:Define internal control and identify its purpose and principles.Define cash and cash equivalents and explain how to report them.Explain the days’ sales uncollected ratio and how is it used to assess liquidity.Describe internal control to cash receipts and disbursements.Explain how to record petty cash fund transactions.Your initial post must be in your own words and be supported with a reference. Post at least two peer responses further discussing and exploring the materials covered this week. Adhere to Forum Grading Requirements as detailed below.Forum InstructionsStudents must post a main response to the weekly discussion question by Day 3,
BMGT 495 APUS Week 2 & 7 Cash Fraud and Internal Controls Paper & BHP Group LTD Analysis

Paper- Aristotle vs Plato, Forming Realites

Paper- Aristotle vs Plato, Forming Realites.

The essay should be typed, have 1-inch margins, be double spaced using 12-point font (with a normal theme – Times New Roman, Calibri, etc.), and should adhere to formal guidelines (have a title, check your grammar and sentence structure, if you are using any sources, cite them properly using parenthetical, in-text citations, and list the full bibliographic entry on a works cited page. Please only submit files in word or pdf format. It is your responsibility to submit the correct file to Blackboard. If you submit a blank or incorrect file, you will be marked off points according to the late work policy outlined in the syllabus.This essay has a minimum word count of 600 content words (excludes name and class information, title, and work cited information). Submissions under 600 words will be marked off 20 points for failing to meet the minimum word count.What is the true nature of reality? Is our world of the senses and everyday objects all there is to reality, or is there something more? As we see from studying Plato’s metaphysics, he would agree that there is something beyond our everyday world. The true nature of reality can only be grasped intellectually, in our minds, by apprehending the forms associated with the objects of everyday experience. It is the forms that allow these objects to exist, and they are eternal, unchanging, unmoving, and indivisible. The forms are true reality, and this realm is the only realm where knowledge is possible. So, reality here consists of two realms (Platonic Dualism) – the real and true realm of the forms (the realm of knowledge), and the realm that we inhabit with our senses (the realm of opinion).Aristotle challenges this view, and advocates for a different understanding of the forms. He contends that there are not two realms, only one. The forms for Aristotle are universals – something that more than one individual thing can be, while individual things themselves are particulars – a specific thing (like you or me). The forms here do not exist in another realm, instead they are a part of particular things, which are a combination of form and matter. We can have knowledge of particular things, according to Aristotle, which makes sensory knowledge in our world of experience possible. He also raises direct challenges to Plato’s view, which you can read more about in the textbook and the PowerPoints associated with this unit.Your task for this essay is to explain Plato’s theory of the forms, in your own words, and compare this understanding with Aristotle’s view of the forms, also using your own words. How are these views similar? How do they differ? Then, analyze the views – which view do you think gives the best, or most complete account? Which makes the most sense to you? Why? What issues arise with each thinker’s argument? Can we resolve these issues? Cite available evidence and good reasons to support your claims. Your essay should be set up as follows:1) Introduction – briefly and generally set up the discussion you intend to have within your essayInclude a thesis statement telling your reader what you hope to show, or attempt to prove with your essay – “This essay hopes to show that X’s view of the forms is the most coherent because it accounts fully for Y. “2) An in-depth explanation of Plato’s theory of the forms, followed by an in-depth explanation of Aristotle’s theory of the forms – compare and contrast the viewsHow are they similar? How do they differ?3) Following your explanation of the views, you need to choose the one that you think is the best, or most complete, and explain why:Which side is the correct way to understand the forms?Why does this view make more sense than the other?What specific problems does this view avoid that the other does not?What problems does this view have?Can they be overcome? How?Consider each of these in a holistic manner as you craft your analysis4) Conclusion (reaffirm your thesis statement without merely restating content)Do not introduce new ides in your conclusionDo not end your essay in a questionThis essay is asking for you to make an argument about which view is the most complete – do not confuse crafting your own argument with offering a mere opinion. Arguments support the claims that they make with evidence and good reasons, mere opinions do not. You must give an argument hereI will be able to give all materials.
Paper- Aristotle vs Plato, Forming Realites

Economics homework help

assignment helper Economics homework help. This is an assignment that discusses of a regulatory compliance and risk management brief. The paper takes into consideration the increase in levels of activities in regards to compliance.,A regulatory compliance and risk management brief,You are the head of compliance in a firm regulated in a sector and jurisdiction of your choice. Mindful of the increase level of activities in which your compliance team will be involving in. This will be as a result of the number of additional projects plans within the firm. You intend to apply for an increase in the compliance departmental budget for the coming year.,You recently attended a session at a Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management conference that discussed the most effective methods of securing compliance resource. However, refer back to the notes you made at that time, particularly noting the following points., You schedule a preliminary meeting with the chief finance officer, who has overall responsibility for departmental budgets within your firm. In advance of this meeting you wish to also ensure that the executive board are aware of and support your plans. Accordingly, you intend to include a presentation on this topic at the next board meeting as part of your regular scheduled briefing on current and ,planned compliance activities.,Taking into consideration all that is in your conference notes concerning the volume of regulatory change and potential challenges to securing more budget. Henceforth, prepare an appropriate presentation to the executive board comprising PowerPoint slide content and supporting notes that explain the slide content. Given timing restrictions, your presentation can have a maximum of six slides. Within the slides and/or notes you should include relevant information about compliance costs and challenges, with appropriate examples to support your intended objectives and to help to ensure that board members understand the benefits of investing in effective compliance.,Guidelines,All questions can be answered in relation to a jurisdiction with which you are familiar., Please use the Cayman Islands and the Banking industry when giving examples., Use single spacing, Assignment must be properly reference using footnote referencing system., 1.      I will include the course notes for the chapters applicable to the questionsEconomics homework help

University of Phoenix Week 6 Ch 9 Typical Barometric Pressure Questions

University of Phoenix Week 6 Ch 9 Typical Barometric Pressure Questions.

Assignment ContentComplete the following exercises in OpenStax Chemistry.Ch. 9 (pages 514-523): 6, 28, 36, 48, 58, 84, 94, 104Submit your work as a single Word document. Multiple Word files or other document file formats will not be accepted. Do not submit your work as an image, type your responses.Submit your assignment.ResourcesCenter for Writing ExcellenceReference and Citation GeneratorGrammar and Writing GuidesCopyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.Use this space to build your submission.You can add text, images, and files.Add Content
University of Phoenix Week 6 Ch 9 Typical Barometric Pressure Questions

University of Phoenix Race and Ethnicity in Courts and Correctional System Essay

University of Phoenix Race and Ethnicity in Courts and Correctional System Essay.

This week, you will research an article related to discrepancy and the court system, and it will help you prepare for your Wk 4 – Signature Assignment: Race and Ethnicity in the Courts and Correctional System presentation. Change and sentence discrepancies between individuals of varying socioeconomic backgrounds are concerns when it comes to race and the court system. Research the Brock Turner and Corey Batey cases and their sentences for background information.Research 1 article that discusses an issue or concern related to the sentencing of someone who committed a crime.Write a 350- to 700-word summary in which you: Explain the crime that was committed and the sentence the individual was given.Describe the person’s racial and ethnic background.Explain the issue or concern related to the court’s sentence for the crime.Provide data as to why there is an issue with the sentence.Cite sources to support your assignment.Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Submit your assignment.
University of Phoenix Race and Ethnicity in Courts and Correctional System Essay

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