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Present a case where this problem is manifested (i.e., where voter ignorance/irrationality or tyranny of the majority can be seen).

Present a case where this problem is manifested (i.e., where voter ignorance/irrationality or tyranny of the majority can be seen). Appealing to this case, to the authors we read, and (if you wish) other sources, answer the following: What systems can be implemented to counteract this problem, or to mitigate its effects? How effective can these systems be in controlling the problem or mitigating its effects? What, if anything, does this problem tell us about democratic forms of government?Pls pls no plagaiarsm and make sure to present a very strong argument to the question you wil choose. try to reference these authors mills,aristole and  caplan, rawls, thoreau,

‘What is Romanticism?’

‘What is Romanticism?’.

Higher-level requirements: This essay, per the will “analyze, question, or reformulate a period or literary-historical concept. ‘What is Romanticism?’ could be a compelling title, for example. This paper will respond to at least one scholarly source. You may choose this text “Calinescu_five faces of modernity – page 41-68” (I will upload it as pdf). The close-reading skills you developed in the earlier essay and throughout the course (; and here: will help you to find arguments and textual support for your broad appraisal of a big idea. (I will upload the earlier essay – The Song of the Pirate (1840) by José de Espronceda). Your essay will develop an idea. Your idea is a thesis which is not simply verifiable but is arguable and which, we hope, could convince an intelligent reader. An example of this kind of idea could be that the superhero film is determined more by the heroes’ weaknesses than their superpowers.

Another example thesis: The detective novel is normally understood to be the genre of the rational individual subject, the genre of industrial bourgeois knowability. It could, however, (you argue) be more fruitfully read as the modern literary genre most feverishly obsessed with unknowability, deception, obfuscation, and the breakdown of logic. Another example: the renaissance art is more politically self-conscious and explicitly neo-classical in Spain than in other areas of Europe owing to Spain’s imperial ambitions, even the Reconquista prior to 1492. In order to defend your thesis, upon which you have arrived through the careful questioning of the texts before you, you’ll have to have recourse to textual evidence and scholarly analysis. Search the MLA international bibliography (here: ography) to find scholarly sources. Pay attention to grammar, style, orthography (make sure you have subject/verb agreement, gender agreement, proper subordination) and the cogent argument, thorough analysis, responsible rhetorical and conceptual ‘stone turning.’ That is, did you read very closely? Did you elaborate a thesis which departs from shrewd observation and offers a new idea to address problems or intellectual opportunities related to a literary-historical term? Did you cover your bases? Is your argument original? Did you diligently address other critics’ ideas?

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