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Learning Reaction Evaluation Please help us improve our learning program by responding to our brief evaluation. Please use the following scale: 6=Strongly Agree; 5=Agree; 4=Somewhat Agree; 3=Somewhat Disagree; 2=Disagree; 1 ”Strongly Disagree Course Title Start Date Delegate Name Duration Facilitator Name Cost Centre Strongly Agree Strongly Disagree 3 2 n/a 1. The facilitator was knowledgeable about the subject. 0 The facilitator was prepared and organized. 0 0 3. Participants were encouraged to take part in course discussions. 04.

The acilitator was responsive to participants’ needs and questions. 0 5. The facilitator’s energy and enthusiasm kept the participants actively engaged. 6. The material content was appropriate. 7. The objectives were clearly explained. 0 8. The course content/ materials were sufficient to achieve course objectives. The length of the course was appropriate for the course objectives. 09. 011. 10. I learned new knowledge and skills from this course. This course was relevant to my work. 12. I will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in this course to do my Strongly Agree

Strongly Disagree 13. This course will improve my Job performance. 0 If your response to 13 is ‘n/a’ please skip to question 15. 14. This course will have a significant impact on: (check all that apply) 0 Increasing quality 0 Increasing productivity 0 Increasing employee satisfaction 0 Increasing customer satisfaction Decreasing risk Agree Strongly 15. 17. 18. I would recommend this course to my colleagues and co-workers. 0 0 16. What about this course was most useful to you? What about this course was least useful to you? How can we improve the course to make it more relevant to your Job?

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin..

The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.


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Choose a nonfiction biography to read this semester. It could be a historical person or current person. Beyond the book research additional information from articles, documentaries, interviews, etc. Give specifics select detail that clarify what they believed and stood for. Identify the major beliefs and conflicts and who they were in conflict with. Describe how your person influences our world today. Describe what you agree or disagree with and explain why. The book can be used as one of the sources. Please use proper MLA citation throughout the essay.

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