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As of January 7th 2016, African American females only make up two percent of medical doctors in the United States. Two percent is a discouraging number for majority of black women but I know that Clark Atlanta University will fulfill my plans of being a part of this growing percentage. Clark Atlanta University is my key to a career along with other young black females. Receiving my doctorate degree from a historically black college (HBCU) would exceed the expectations I set for myself while furthering my knowledge and leadership roles in society. Learning from a university that was built upon historically black figures is an experience that will give me the platform to lead African American females in society today.

Beginning the start of my career at Clark is putting me one step closer to my future goals of being in the medical field. Specifically, accomplishing these goals will set a positive example for other young black women to follow. Being a role model to African American women is also where my leadership skills could be improved. Although I will be an undergraduate I plan to work towards my bachelors of science and continue my education until I have received my PHD. With this knowledge I can improve the health of the people while saving the lives of my community with the education this university has to offer me.

I am aware I will be facing tough challenges and obstacles but I am most certain with the support your campus has to offer I will be able to accomplish anything that crosses my path. Success is something I strive for on a daily basis, and as a student in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) academy I have been well prepared to take on the challenge of attending the rigorous courses this university provides. After visiting the campus I can conclude I am comfortable with the environment and surroundings of the campus.

The black community and black culture is well respected and honored at Clark Atlanta University. Growing up as a black female has caused others to feel I am incapable of reaching my dreams in the world. My race and sexuality should not be used to determine my place in society and what I can contribute to the medical field. Attending this university will allow me to branch out and strive for what I believe in. Clark Atlanta University will prepare me for success, enhance my learning, and elevate my knowledge as I enter adulthood.

Major reforms and reformers of the antebellum era

Major reforms and reformers of the antebellum era.

Write a paper of 750 to 1100 words (3 to 4 typed, double-spaced pages) in which you describe the major reforms and reformers of the antebellum era. Consider, for instance, temperance, education, prisons, women’s rights, anti-dueling, and antislavery. How did the Second Great Awakening contribute to this reformist impulse?

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