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Prepare an 8 page data analysis and quality improvement initiative proposal based on a health issue of interest. Include Essay

Prepare an 8 page data analysis and quality improvement initiative proposal based on a health issue of interest. Include internal and external benchmark data, evidence-based recommendations to improve health care quality and safety, and communication strategies to gain buy-in from all interprofessional team members responsible for implementing the initiative.

“Media and Politics in the Age of Trump”

“Media and Politics in the Age of Trump”.

 Before beginning, make sure you re-read or read the section, “Media and Politics in the Age of Trump” in the Skyepack course pack carefully. You are also required to read a second article, “The New Media’s Role in Politics.” After reading and thinking about the two arguments, answer the following question: Are the media–old and new–ensuring the continued strength of democracy in the United States or are the media undermining democracy? Thoroughly explain and support your argument. Your answer must show that you have read and carefully thought about all assigned readings, especially the two articles mentioned here. To receive bonus points, you must also include additional material based on your own research (which must be clearly incorporated into your essay AND properly cited at the end of your essay–include author’s name, title, source name, and URL).

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Modelling analysis for isotherm model- adsorption

Prepare an 8 page data analysis and quality improvement initiative proposal based on a health issue of interest. Include Essay Modelling analysis for isotherm model- adsorption.

The best model to describe the data was sips isotherm ( by using single batch adsorber) now we need to optimise the result for modelling by using two stage please see the comment and try to describe the behaviour and analyse and compare the finding for one stage and two stage adsorption ( by figure provided and table) 1- read carfully paper 1 to now more about the study and purpose. 2- read paper 2 for comparsion and analysing the findings 3- extend conclusion by adding some significant finding with example or numbers ( max half page) 4- modifey the abstract ( max 3 or 4 line ) answer the questions which are 2- Why freundlich is less above 95%? Is it because that outlier and show a bad relationship in one stage batch absorber? 3- We state that sips is the best isotherm model. Is anything can prove it here in these graph see stage 2 . However note the best model is determined by the one that is the best fit to the isotherm data (i.e. SIPS). Therefore, in the last section once you have discussed the differences, rather than state either Langmuir or Freundlich is better, discuss how their use would lead to either an over estimate of the required adsorbent and better removal than required (Freundlich) in comparison to the real case (best isotherm fit) of the SIPS, or an under-removal from the target (Langmuir) vs the real case with SIPS. answer the comment majority of other 2 paper just for comparison, analysing and significant finding. important: no descriptions are needed like the relation, increase or decrease just critical thinking.

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Physical Security Design Project

Physical Security Design Project.

 Design Project Assignment Instructions Design the physical security requirements for a privately owned single story distribution center (warehouse for various retail goods). This question requires you to incorporate all the major points from the course reading and discussions: physical design, CPTED, physical security, barriers, locks, lighting, IDS, entry control, and CCTV/recording. The research project presentation must have a minimum of 12 slides with extensive speaker notes (bottom of each slide). Mandatory Project Format (sequence and specific headings): Slide 1: Title slide (similar to an APA title page – title, name, date, etc., but no running head) Slide 2: Introduction (do not forget to introduce your project) Slide 3 (and as needed): Body of your project (various physical security elements to be included in and around the building Conclusion Slide: Include your final conclusions References Slide: 8-10 references are highly recommended and need to be in proper APA format As a basis for your physical security requirements, ensure you incorporate standards, guidelines, best practices and/or other resources that are properly cited via in-text citations and references. Superior projects that receive high scores will include numerous standards and guidelines, etc. (particularly those from ASIS, other organizations, and government sources).

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