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Prejudice and Discrimination of Homosexuals

In different countries of various beliefs and culture, people with homosexual behavior are often being subjected to prejudice and discrimination. In comparison with minority groups, who are one of the common topics of prejudice, this group of homosexual people are also subjected to stereotyping. ‘Social scientists have typically defined prejudice as a negative intergroup attitude’. [1] Sexuality orientation can be classified further into three main topics: Homosexuality, Bisexuality, and Heterosexuality. Homosexuality refers to sexual behavior/actions or seductive attraction among people of the same sex. The word ‘gay’ is commonly being referred to a male homosexual, whereas ‘lesbian’ is designated for female homosexuals. Right here in Singapore, majority of the public still have that prototypical mindset and misconstrue behavior which often leads to discrimination against this group of people. ‘This is extremely unhealthy because homosexuality has been declassified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association in the 1970s, and people in this day and age are still seeking to turn gay people straight, often resulting in negative effects on the subject.'[2] Simple stereotyping can be thought as all gay are feminine and all lesbians contain machismo hormones within them. Some even have misconceptions and labeled the gay as the main culprit for transmission of sexually transmitted disease or AIDS, considering them having a higher chance of contracting these diseases. In this modernized and civil society, it will be of much appreciation if homosexuality is much understood better by the public. If this discrimination continues to cycle around, it will cause a deleterious effect on the homosexual person. This may eventually lead to escalation of suicidal cases or further deterioration on the mental health. This is a topic that we should pay attention to. Homosexual discrimination can be found in anywhere or in any working sector. A homosexual man who has a kind soul within, have no exceptions either, he may have to bear the brunt of discrimination from a high profile sector. Gays are banned from donating their ‘contaminated’ or ‘filthy’, some might criticized on that, blood out; a legislation set by the Food and Drug Administration. [3] As mentioned, discrimination can be found in anywhere even in a small country like Singapore. A distinct proof which leads to discrimination being amplified in the country is where colonial legislation, Sections 377 and 377A of the Penal Code [4] are still brought into play. This shows that Singaporeans are too conservative to accept the fact of homosexual behavior coming into their existence. Discrimination against gay is being applied in various level of sector in the society. Achieved from a report, a highly educated personnel displaying out her ferocious attitude during a debate in Parliament in 2007 was shown that she compared anal sex as ‘shoving a straw up your nose to drink’.[5][6] The debater herself was a professor of law; specializing in international human rights law would present out such an outrageous quote on gay rights. Putting aside public discrimination, the power of media plays a strong part in this role. In a newspaper article, exaggerated from the fact by the journalist, the gays were believed to be involved in promiscuous sex or are drug addict which is solely stereotyping thinking from the journalist.[5][6] The examples mentioned above are showing how typical people possess adverse thinking against homosexuality. Prejudice and discrimination against homosexuality will bring a vicious cycle effect to the society as it can be commonly identified as a talking topic for adults, or it may be a mistaught lesson for a child. Basically, chances of stereotypically thinking and discriminating against homosexual persons can happen in everyday conversations between people. Living in this society, people only know how to discriminate homosexuality as they tend to follow the majority. This is similar to, giving a primary school student a complicated algebraic question where he/she only knows how to apply simple standard mathematics formulations. This society needs to be better educated about homosexuality just like the student needs to be taught on how to work out that algebraic question. By educating people about homosexuality does not mean that they will stop discriminating gays. However, providing positive and correct information about homosexuality to teenagers who are stepping into this society and understanding of their sexuality is important. They will feel less fearful in the future. An example can be taken, the author of an article has a niece who came home and shouted, “Gays are disgusting!” He knew that the niece learnt that hatred from a classmate, who in turn had this hatred digested from the parents. This shows that people allow this hatred to become an ongoing cycle, which in time it turns out to be a fear for some people but under the influential of people around them they have no choice but to accept it resentfully. Here is another down to earth reason why is it important to stop all there discriminations. Let’s ask ourselves this question, “Who are all these gays and lesbians?” These people are our very own Singaporeans. Living in a country, which does not give you the rights that belongs to you, is equivalent to pushing the gays and lesbians with no choice but to move out from this country to another, which will truly welcome them despite of their differences. A country without any natural resources cannot afford to drive out her gay sons and daughters. People always have the wrong comprehensive thinking that spreading of HIV and AIDS are associated with gays. They will think that as long as they perform safe sexual intercourse or preventing themselves to have sex with men will free them from contracting HIV or AIDS. They have shown an erroneous thinking which makes them believe that as long as they are not gay, they will be safe from diseases. A statistics result [7] shows that the number of people infected with the diseases through homosexual means is lesser than those of heterosexual means. When it comes to a serious stage, it will be death. Therefore, this myth has to be busted. People who are being discriminated might not have the courage to face it and the solution they will go for will be ‘death’. Sexuality based discrimination caused death in teens, a report shows. [8] In response to such incidents, Ellen DeGeneres speaks out, urging that we stop discriminating against gays, because “one death is tragic, four is a crisis” [8] Be it homosexual or heterosexual, we still come together and live as one and everyone deserves the right to be treated equally. The homosexual citizens will not be pleased if they found out that they are not treated to the same benefits that heterosexual citizens are being treated as. We should not hesitate to open up our views on them or in another way we must learn to accept what they are. Penal code337a criminalizes those who have sexual act between two males [2] [4]. This is one of the main reasons why Singaporeans are still badly discriminating the homosexuals. In many other countries, homosexual were slowly being received and laws were executed to protect them similar to the laws which heterosexual have. Protecting homosexuals against violence and discrimination is important. As they are the minority group which makes them an easy target. As we know, all the male Singaporean has to go through National service. Even homosexuals have no exception to this. The worst case will be, they do a self declare that they are gay and they will go through a thorough psychiatric assessment which then they will be by default downgraded to Public Employment Status C (PES C) in regardless of their fitness[9] . Once a soldier declared that he’s gay, his army’s world will be totally different from others. From this example, we call recall on that; inequality being faced by them in this society was a result from prejudice and discrimination on homosexuals. In order to have a prominent result, one should draw back their attention to the society. We all know that the root cause of this problem came from the society who discriminates, as and when; like or dislike, as they want. Thus, a solution which deals directly to the root cause will be an ideal one to recede the problem. In this society, filled with excitement, it is still required to be better educating these people about homosexuality. As research has found out that there are two groups of people with the different attitudes on how they think gay are. The group with a positive attitude toward gay usually has a few friends around them who falls under this, being gay, category. In contrast, with those with negative attitudes believe that they do not have any gay friends around them, in actual fact they do. Their discrimination towards gays goes back to the being stereotypical and prejudice. [10] We can conclude this by looking at simple theory. In order for a majority group to keep up its performance, it seeks cooperation from the minority group. To put in simpler words, a minority group like homosexuals can be influential to the majority group. Therefore, there is a need to bring prejudice and discrimination on homosexuals to a halt. Education on understanding one’s sexuality needs to be taught to young adults and teenagers. Negative remarks about the homosexual society should be reduced via this education. Even parents need to be taught that being homosexual is not a crime nor is it wrong, and that it is a part of life.
Reverse logistics can be regarded as a characteristic feature of the contemporary business world. It has led to the transformation of the linear model to “a model of closed material-energy cycles” as goods (that have become unnecessary to customers) move to the manufacturer or distributor that reuses some components of the products they produced (Graczyk

Carlos Albizu University Employee Handbook Discussion

Carlos Albizu University Employee Handbook Discussion.

Week 6 Healthcare Policy and Economics APA Style Question Part 1 Discussion Prompt 1-3 Paragraphs Complete your Week 6 discussion prompt. The article below reviews racial and ethnic minorities in relation to low health literacy and poor outcomes. This means that individuals who have little or no understanding of medical terminology, or have little or no reading skills have less chance of being healthy or improving on their health (Housten et al., 2019). If you were on the board of a health clinic in a low-income area, what type of policies do you believe would improve the health outcome of your community? Is it important for board members to know members of the community? Why or why not? Housten, A. J., Hoover, D. S., Correa-Fernández, V., Strong, L. L, Heppner, L., et al. (2019). Associations of acculturation with English- and Spanish-language health literacy among bilingual Latino adults. Health Literacy Research and Practice. 3(2), 81–89. doi:10.3928/24748307-20190219-01 Use in-text citations when you quote or paraphrase information. Use APA Style to cite and reference the article and any additional sources that you use. Students – here is a great article to compliment your reading for the discussion this week. According to Cunningham (2018) the health of people with low incomes often suffers because they can’t afford adequate housing, food, or child care. Such living conditions, and the stress they cause, can lead to higher rates of tobacco and alcohol use and increase the risk of health problems developing or worsening over time. In addition, partly because they are more likely to be unable to afford care, people with low-incomes use fewer preventive care services. As a result, there are fewer opportunities for practitioners to assess and educate these patients about their health risks. Even when low-income people do see health care providers, the social needs like poor housing that may affect their health and complicate treatment are rarely addressed. If health plans and providers can better meet the needs of these patients, such improvement might spur higher quality improvements throughout the system. Reference Cunningham, P.J. (2018). Why even healthy low-income people have greater health risks than higher-income people. The Commonwealth Fund.… Watch Video Health Literacy Duration: 1:37 User: n/a – Added: 11/12/14 Watch Video Health Literacy and Cultural Competency Duration: 3:21 User: n/a – Added: 2/19/16 Watch Video How Effective Healthcare Communication Contributes to Health Equity Duration: 7:15 User: n/a – Added: 5/21/12 Watch Video Healthcare: Assisting Older Adults Who Have Low Health Literacy Duration: 4:03 User: n/a – Added: 10/7/18 Watch Video The Challenge of Healthcare Literacy Duration: 1:17 User: n/a – Added: 9/1/17 Watch Video What is Health Literacy? Duration: 3:09 User: n/a – Added: 8/17/20 Part 2 (Please Separate this part to a different Word Document) Week 6 Assignment: Employee Handbook Policy and Procedure Objective: Explain the importance of a properly crafted Employee Handbook as the first policy and procedure manual presented to onboarding employees. For this assignment, you will create a section of the policy and procedure manual, Employee Handbook. Every new onboarding employee should receive a well-written employee handbook in the first week of the job, preferably the first day. The handbook includes information including dress code, paid time off, and termination. Imagine that you are leading a healthcare organization. You will write one section of an employee handbook for your organization. Choose from the following five sections: Dress codeAnti-discrimination policyAnti-harassment policySubstance-free workplace policyTaking disciplinary action Compose the section exactly as it would be included in the employee handbook. Do not copy and paste something from another employee handbook. Create your own. Include a handbook cover page. Your cover page should reflect the type of organization you are representing.Be sure to identify the size and type of organization you are writing the policy for.In addition, provide one to two paragraphs explaining the importance of employee policies as outlined in an employee handbook.What significance do these policies have for new and veteran employees? There are many great templates on the Internet. Here are a few handbook examples: Sample Employee Handbook TemplatePrime Time Healthcare Employee HandbookHendricks Community Hospital Association Employee Handbook
Carlos Albizu University Employee Handbook Discussion

The Letter by Jonathan Edwards Essay

custom essay The Letter by Jonathan Edwards Essay. Introduction North America was a dramatic place throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. The situation occurred after the colonists began to settle in the country. The colonial settlers wanted to spread Christianity to the natives. According to the European settlers, every person was supposed to be a Christian believer. This was the best process towards creating a moral and religious society. Jonathan Edwards’ document supports most of the themes and ideas studied in class. This paper places Edwards’ letter within its proper context as a historical document. Summary and Personal Response to the Article Article Summary This article by Jonathan Edwards describes the ordeal that awaits every person who is not in Jesus Christ (Foner 78). The author explains why every evildoer will burn in hell. The author explains how God will put every sinner in hellfire. The author also explains how God hates sinners. Such sinners are abominable in God’s eyes. The author reminds his readers that every person on earth is alive because of God’s mercy. The essay informs every sinner about his or her tribulations. The author explains why every sinner is hanging on a thin thread. The author goes further to explain how (and why) every offender will suffer for eternity. This exquisite misery will be timeless (Foner 79). Every sinner is in the danger of this inevitable misery and wrath. Every unholy person will face this dismal hellfire. Detailed Analysis and Response to the Article This primary document is an open letter written to the Americans during the 18th century. The aim of Jonathan Edward’s letter was to spread the idea of Protestantism and Christianity in the American colonies. The author believed that many people had become reckless and did not care about their religious obligations. The document warned them about God’s wrath. The letter is a primary document supporting most of the events and activities that characterized these colonies in the 18th century. Many preachers and bishops used such documents to spread Christianity (Foner 85). This primary article supports most of the class readings and themes. For example, James II succeeded King Charles II. The people “executed this idea because they were against anything to do with a Catholic king” (Foner 87). The Toleration Act had empowered Protestants to worship freely as Christians in England. However, the colonialists decided to manage their own colonies with little influence from Britain. The prosecution of Salem witches took place during the century (Foner 86). Every colony had its own bishops and evangelists. Most of the colonists and Native Americans had become reckless. This explains why similar documents were necessary to control the people behaviors and get them closer to their creator. Edwards’ document is meaningful because it supports the themes taught in class. The colonists had become free. The society was associated with different sins and malpractices. Protestantism was also growing new roots in society (Foner 94). This letter explains why the colonialists wanted every American to follow God’s commandments. This primary source is worth reading because it gives a true picture of America throughout the 18th century. Concluding Remarks This letter by Jonathan Edwards supports the themes of Christianity and repentance in North America during the colonial period. Such religious foundations and opinions fueled the prosecution of wizards and witches in North America. The letter explains why religion would become the pillar or foundation of American society. This document explains why society expected every person to believe in God. This led to the establishment of America as a Christian nation. Works Cited Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty! An American History. New York: Seagull, 2011. Print. The Letter by Jonathan Edwards Essay


diagraming. I’m working on a Computer Science exercise and need support.

Consider an appointment system at a medical clinic, where a patient can request to make an appointment to see a certain doctor at a specific time. Additionally, a doctor can use that system to record the timings where he would be available to see his patients. A receptionist can print schedule information for a specific day at that clinic.
In one use scenario, a patient will make a request with the receptionist regarding an appointment with the doctor. The receptionist will look up the patient to see if the patient has any bills to be paid. The receptionist will then ask the patient whether he or she wants to set up a new appointment, cancel an existing appointment, or to change an existing appointment. If the patient wants to create a new appointment, the receptionist asks the patient for some suggested appointment times, which the receptionist matches against potential times available. The receptionist finally creates a new appointment.
In another scenario, a patient simply wants to cancel an appointment. In this case, the receptionist looks up the patient and checks to see if the patient has any bills to be paid. The receptionist then asks the patient for the time of the appointment to be canceled. Finally, the receptionist cancels the appointment.
Using these scenarios, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Develop a number of scenarios (at least 5), for the following user scenarios:

Existing Patient Makes New Appointment (see scenario details above)
Existing Patient Cancels Appointment (see scenario details above)

Step 2: Interface Structure Design

The interface structure defines the basic components of the interface and how they work together to provide functionality to users.
A WND (Window Navigation Diagram) is used to show how all the screens, forms, and reports used by the system are related and how the user moves from one to another.
In a WND, each state in which the user interface may be is represented as a box. Furthermore, a box typically corresponds to a user interface component, such as a window, form, button, or report.
Figure 10-4 on p. 375 of the text shows a sample WND. Create a WND based on the need need to build the following GUI components for the appointment system:

A client menu
“Add Client” form: Used to add a new client/patient to the system
“Find Client” form: Used to find an existing client/patient in the system
“Client List” report: Used to issue a report of the existing clients in the system
“Client Information” report: Used to issue a report including information about a specific client

Step 3: Sketch (using any of the diagramming resources below ) the user interface components that you identified from Step 2

“Add Client” form: Think of what fields would be needed for every client
“Find Client” form: Think of what fields would be needed to search for a specific event
“Client List” report: Think of what fields need to be included in that report
“Client Information” report: Think of what fields need to be included in that report

Diagramming Resources:

Microsoft Visio
Microsoft PowerPoint


Gestalt Psychological Theory Essay

Gestalt Theory/Therapy Among the developing counselors, there exists the belief that the approaches employed in Gestalt therapy are “stern” and “aggressive”. In particular, Gestalt psychology is based on a theory that a human mind is inclined to see connections between objects and phenomena, thus perceiving them as unified happenings. For instance, a series of flashing lights on a Christmas tree or a neon sign is seen as moving even though they just flash in sequences creating an illusion of movement. In the same manner, a cluster of dots organized in a circular shape will be perceived as a circle as if the dots were connected. Gestalt principles include those of similarity, proximity, order, symmetry, closure, and figure; these principles explain how people tend to see the world around. According to Gestalt, the same principles are applied to the concepts of motivation, thinking, problem-solving, economic, and social behavior. Family Systems Thinking and Freud’s and Adler’s theories are based on ideas similar to those used in Gestalt theory. In particular, Family Systems Thinking revolves around the perception of a family as a unified unit where the behavior of one member is interconnected with that of the entire group. The theories of Freud and Adler focused on the types of personalities, which, again, were characterized as unified sets of features determining their owners’ reactions, motivators, and behaviors based on the connections and quality of the personality traits. In that way, the latter theories work as the support of the approaches of Gestalt. Consequently, even though such approaches may be seen by some counselors as “aggressive” or “stern”, they are the dynamics noted by many other theorists and used as the bases for several different theories.