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Precis’ Twelfth night

Peer reviewed journal articles are written and vetted by experts in theirfield, and they make great sources for both personal study and research papers. This semester,you will select a journal article regarding a particular author or work and write a précis(pronounced “PRAY-see”), which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as “a concise orabridged statement; a summary; an abstract.” corresponding presentation date. 1) Be in MLA formatting and include a works cited page2) Be between 300 and 500 words (1-2 pages)3) Summarize the argument and content of the journal article4) Not make an argument—stick to summarizing and explaining the article.

The research process how theories support nursing research.

The research process how theories support nursing research..

Purpose of the Assignment: The purpose of this paper is to compose a mini-proposal for a research study and demonstrate your understanding of the research process, how theories support nursing research, how to form a solid research question, and choose the best methods for finding the answers. Course Objectives Met by Assignment: 2. Analyze the state of nursing knowledge in a review of literature on one nursing practice problem using published qualitative and quantitative studies. 3. Propose a researchable research problem statement, research question, and hypotheses for a practice problem. 4. Collaborate with peers to design a research plan to improve the state of nursing knowledge on one nursing practice problem using established research methods.

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Mission Mystique

Precis’ Twelfth night Mission Mystique.

Module 2’s readings focused on Strategic Management and Planning with Accountability and Performance. Readings by Campbell & Haley along with Bell, Masaoka and Zimmerman’s work centered on planning and sustainability of nonprofits. For some time now an active debate has existed in the literature in reference to the size and function of government in society, limited government and privatization, and the role of nonprofits as the third sector. In Goodsell’s reading this week, we read about his concept of “Mission Mystique”. The question is does the ideal of Mission Mystique fit in today’s public sector environment given the polarization and frequent changes in leadership, or are the ideals better suited for nonprofit and private sector organizations? Also provide an example of a public organization, which has successfully transitions into an institution embodying Goodsell’s “Mission Mystique”. Provide details of your example organization’s evolution from an organization into a Mission Mystique institution.

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Health Information System


Institutional Affiliation

Assignment 1: Application: Evaluation Project Part 4: Evaluation Methodology

Research Design

This is a descriptive and experimental study that employs mixed methods of data collection as well as analysis in regard to the adoption of the proposed integrated Health Care Information System (HIS). The approach will be both quantitative and qualitative. The aim of this particular study is to expound on the available information regarding the adoption and use of a Healthcare Information System with special emphasis on Electronic Health Records section. The Electronic Health Records System is aimed at enhancing the patient service delivery in the healthcare institutions by synchronizing patient information in a common database that will be accessible by the healthcare institutions. One of the critical features under scrutiny is the uniform access of information such as patients’ historical health data within a synchronized database accessible by health institutions to ensures that patients can be quickly diagnosed without having to query their medication history as it will be available.

The qualitative aspect of this research is driven by the desire to observe both the conventional manual entry and retrieval methods of patient data records as well as the use of the new electronic system in action.

Data Collection Methods

Data collection will involve both qualitative and quantitative methods. The approaches to be used include reports from the records department of a medical institution. An examination of the patient registration process both for first time patients and returning patients will also be done. Conversations with patients who have been served in the healthcare institution will also be used as a method to analyze how they rate their experience of the quality of service.Information will also be gathered across multiple sites of study within the electronic patient recording scope to find out examples of institutions that have used this method and succeeded. An analysis of how the healthcare institutions rate the use of an electronic HIS in comparison to the manual record keeping method will also be done to determine the likelihood of the staff being receptive of the new HIS system.

The second phase of data collection will also include a survey of how the patients rate the electronic HIS. It will be solely focused on action research of the initial use of the HIS in a healthcare set up.Questionnaires will also be administered to the patients in order to gather their experience about the system.

Description of the Context of this Research

The aim of this research is to enhance service delivery in a healthcare institution to both nurses and patients. This will be necessitated by the use of an electronic Healthcare Information System (HIS) to record patient data in a database accessible by health institutions for the purpose of reducing the frequency of medication errors currently experienced under the semi-manual processes.

Data Analysis

In this study, I will employ a data analysis framework proposed by Carol Mutch (2005). This involves browsing the collected information with an open mind to decipher what it communicates. The second aspect will be a keen analysis of the repetitive aspects within the data collected. Then an analysis of the outstanding themes within the data collected will also be used to draw useful conclusions aimed at ensuring a seamless implementation of the new Electronic Health Records (EHR) system.

Measurement of Success of the New System

The success of the new system will be base on three key pillars. The first pillar will be whether it meets the approved standards of ethics in practice of the nursing profession. The second pillar will be whether the percentage of the errors currently experienced in regard to patient data records will be significantly reduced by at least 70%. The third pillar will be determination of whether the confidentiality of the patient health records will be upheld according to the regulations governing the privacy of individual information.


Ludwick, D. A., & Doucette, J. (2009). Adopting electronic medical records in primary care: lessons learned from health information systems implementation experience in seven countries. International journal of medical informatics, 78(1), 22-31.

Mutch, C. (2013). Doing educational research. Nzcer Press.

Nguyen, L., Bellucci, E., & Nguyen, L. T. (2014). Electronic health records implementation: an evaluation of information system impact and contingency factors. International journal of medical informatics, 83(11), 779-796.

Scientific ethics and integrity / Pseudoscience

Scientific ethics and integrity / Pseudoscience.

Paper 2 Option 1: Scientific ethics and integrity / Pseudoscience

The scientific approach has resulted in an explosion of technology and knowledge about our world. However, because of its success, the misapplication of the scientific method without high standards of ethics and integrity, or the use of the trappings of scientific study to lend credence to a spurious idea (“pseudoscience”), can be a dangerous thing. In this paper, you will explore what happens when the process of scientific thought is either negligently or maliciously derailed.

Choose a contemporary (since 1875) phenomenon in which this happened. (It doesn’t have to be specifically astronomical.) Discuss what happened (telling the story if it is not a familiar one), and describe in what way the principles of scientific integrity, ethics, and/or rigor were compromised. Also describe what “warning signs” someone else might observe that would hint that something is wrong. What questions should a skeptical audience (whether fellow scientists or the general public) have asked that could point out the flaws in the argument being made? Finally, if the issue resulted from negligence, rather than malice, describe what the researchers should have done instead to ensure that they didn’t reach incorrect conclusions. 

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An Attach shows the requirement in a CEX nerusince insights from related prevuse assiments

Part A: Choose a solution to develop further
Refine one of your possible solutions from last week elected idea a little more and describe it.
Part B: Determine how to engage your customer
Brainstorm ways to use the triangle framework, motivational triggers, various types of rewards, variable rewards, and the IKEA effect to overcome impediments in the customer experience. Consider how you will onboard customers and curate the experience.
Part C: Tinkering Team Fishbowl
Submit the question or topic for discussion you posed to your Tinkering Team and the key takeaways that came from your fishbowl discussion.

please explain why you choose to study MSIT (Master of science information technology)

I am applying for MSIT (Master of science information technology)at Westcliff university and I need 1 page in APA format to Discuss the specific intended program, MSIT. Please mention that I have been studying BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) at that school for 4 years and I enjoyed that.
No references needed

What is the purpose of code types?

What is the purpose of code types?.

What is the purpose of code types?

b. When is it appropriate to use a code type?

2. Differentiate between a two-point code type and a three-point code type?

3. Explain the internal symptom cluster and list the scales that appear within this cluster.

4. Explain external aggressive tendencies cluster and list the scales that appear within this cluster

. 5. Explain the general problem area cluster and list the scales that appear within this cluster.

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Gender Inequality SOCIOLOGICAL POV,write a . 7 – 10 pages (This does not include cover page, reference/ bibliography page or reflection section) 3. Cover page (the tile of the paper, student’s name, instructor’s name, name of class, date — all informatio

Gender Inequality SOCIOLOGICAL POV,write a . 7 – 10 pages (This does not include cover page, reference/ bibliography page or reflection section) 3. Cover page (the tile of the paper, student’s name, instructor’s name, name of class, date — all informatio.

1. APA Format is used (proper page headings, citation format and coverpage)
2. 7 – 10 pages (This does not include cover page, reference/ bibliography page or reflection section)
3. Cover page (the tile of the paper, student’s name, instructor’s name, name of class, date — all information is centered). In addition, the cover page and entire paper must have proper page headings in APA format
4. There is an introduction and thesis statement as well as a body and conclusion to this paper. The conclusion should restate the main points addressed within the body of the paper. There should not be any extra spaces between paragraphs or subheadings within the body of the paper.
5. Underline, Identify, define and explain the sociological perspective used within the body of your paper. Be sure to define the perspective and show how the perspective selected supports at least one of your main points.
6. All key terms must be defined and the source of the definition(s) must be properly cited and formatted in APA style
7. Sociological concepts must be used. Be sure to underline the concepts used, define each concept and show how each concept is related to the main points being presented.
8. Wikipedia or any internet source related to Wikipedia, YouTube videos, Dictionaries or Encyclopedias was not used as a source within the body of this paper
9. The Paper has at least 4 main arguments or ideas. The ideas/arguments are clearly explained, outlined, cohesive and supported by academic/reliable research. At least 80% of this paper must be in your own words. You may paraphrase research found using your own words and cite the source of the information. PROFESSOR WILL BE CHECKING FOR PLAGIARISM
10. Used 6 academic/credible Research Sources (The research used should not be entirely web based–maximum of 2 websites) Sources used are properly cited and documented (in the body of the paper and on the reference page).
Proper Parenthetical documentation (when used). Quotes consisting of 4 lines or more must be properly formatted. 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, Double space, Paper is free from grammatical errors
11. Indent paragraphs (Do not quadruple space between paragraphs). Make sure to take out the extra space between paragraphs
Bibliography/Reference page (properly documented)
12. Application/Reflection Section on a separate page – what did I learn from this research? This is not part of the 7- 10 page requirements. This is an additional page.

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