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Pre algebra question using linear equation ax+b=c to solve

Pre algebra question using linear equation ax+b=c to solve.

Kala received a $70 gift card for a coffee store. She used it in buying some coffee that cost $7.53 per pound. After buying the coffee, she had $47.41 left on her card. How many pounds of coffee did she buy?
Pre algebra question using linear equation ax+b=c to solve

Instructions Review the articles below IT Governance ( Governance Over IT Service Management Processes Using COBIT 5.0 ( Lean IT Governance ( Respond to the following prompts: Provide a summary of IT governance and the use of COBIT. How would using a framework like COBIT help enhance the concerns for managing an IT infrastructure and enforcing best practices? Can you identify another governance framework and compare it to COBIT? Compare and contrast lean IT governance practices to those of a standard governance framework. Considering the current governance frameworks, discuss change and improvement in the governance program, such as key points when the plan should be modified. Your initial post should be a minimum of 300 words 

Module 05 Written Assignment – Differentiating Instruction

Module 05 Written Assignment – Differentiating Instruction. I need an explanation for this Writing question to help me study.

onsider the following scenario: You teach the mixed-age group of children listed below and want to share this science lesson with them, but need to differentiate your lesson to meet their language needs and development level.Â

Child One: 4 years old and speaks English as a second language, Spanish is the home language.
Child Two: 6 years old and speaks English only
Child Three: 5 years old and speaks mainly Spanish
Child Four: 7 years old and speaks English and Spanish fluently

In a 1-2 page document using section headers and bullets:

Download and read the following science lesson:

Science Lesson Example

For each child in your group, identify the language barriers that could interfere with learning for all the children and how you would differentiate the lesson for each child in your group.
For each child, briefly describe how you would modify and re-write the text in the science lesson example to be more comprehensible to the language learners in your group without diluting the content.
Supplement your rewritten text with visual elements such as graphic organizers, diagrams, or illustrations (or describe the visual elements you would recommend including) to scaffold learning about this topic for these learners.
Include a 1-2 paragraph reflection that discusses why you believe (or do not believe) this is an effective way to support ELLs dually learn both language and content. In your reflection, explain any struggles or challenges that you feel this strategy could present to educators.

Module 05 Written Assignment – Differentiating Instruction

Research paper about Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

assignment writer Research paper about Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

The following project will help you to prepare for our trip abroad. Research each of the topics provided below. Health and Safety Cautions to the traveler about the country. Vaccination recommendations/ requirements Crime rate and most common crimes affecting tourists. Health and sanitation conditions, including drinking water. Legal drinking age Other laws and ramifications to the traveler Government and Economy Form of government and current top political leaders (names and titles). Type of currency, exchange rate with USD. Is this considered an “expensive” country to visit, or does a tourist’s money go a long way? Give a few examples of prices of goods and services. Local population sentiment toward the US. What do they think of Americans? What is the current economic condition of this country? How is tourism contributing to the economic growth of this country? What are the cultural, social and environmental impacts of tourism on this country? Culture History (Highlights) What are the major cultural values of this country? What is the major religion(s) practiced by the country’s residents? What are the major cities and demographics? Climate – What will the weather be like when we visit? Points of interest (historical and cultural) Local food. Describe the kinds of foods that are common locally. What do locals eat for their daily meals? Are there some foods that seem strange or unusual? Recreation Popular recreational facilities/activities. (Amusement Parks, National Parks, other) What are the popular sports? What are the major national holidays and how are they observed? What are the top attractions? Etiquette Etiquette, including table manners, body language, eye contact, polite distance between two persons, greeting style (handshake, bow, other). Is the greeting style different depending on age/status/gender? Perceptions of time. Are the residents relaxed or rigid about time? Is it acceptable (or expected) to be late for a business meeting or a social event? Tipping Policy Format: Cover Page. Essay format with headers(bolded). Double spaced, 1” margins, proofread, spell checked and work cited. In text citations. MLA format. 6-8 pages. Quality Work.
Research paper about Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand

CHM 242 Northern Virginia Community College Chemistry Worksheet

CHM 242 Northern Virginia Community College Chemistry Worksheet.

I can not post the actual problems until we start the assignment. I will be able to send you the problems once the assignment is started. Once we start, we must complete the assignment in 1 hour and 10 minutes. For now, I will post some practice problems so that the tutor can make sure they are familiar with the material. I will need all work to be shown and for the tutor to be very punctual and on time. The assignment starts at 9 AM EST (11 hour from now). The assignment will consist of 22 problems. They will be very straight forward, and almost identical to the problems I will post now. Thank you very much.
CHM 242 Northern Virginia Community College Chemistry Worksheet

Robert Delpizzo and Mrs Delpizzo Robert Video Analysis Case Study

Robert Delpizzo and Mrs Delpizzo Robert Video Analysis Case Study.

Watch the following video from the perspective of a Human Servicesprofessional.Robert Delpizzo – Over 50 And Out of Work – YouTubeAfter viewing the case study, complete the following analysis. For each section, give complete details related to what is being asked for using objective language. Each section should be a minimum of 2 paragraphs.Presenting InformationDiscuss the basic information on parties involved including ages, sex, living conditions, education level, health status, et cetera. This section can ONLY be factual information that can be gathered through viewing the case study and should not have opinions or possible deductions.State the ProblemDiscuss what is currently being presented, not what might happen.Possible Areas of ConcernWhat do you think are the main problems? Use the information presented to discuss some possible issues that might be occurring or could occur. Think of this as a brainstorming session by discussing a variety of ways this scenario might play out. Discuss in terms of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development.Theoretical FoundationApply developmental theory/theories that help relate a general path the client should be on, and discuss some common outcomes that should be occurring at this age/stage based on theory.Possible SolutionsWhat are some things that might help this client? Again, regardless of outcome, discuss a variety of ways the issue might be handled.Possible ResourcesWhat other types of Human Services organizations should be involved in this case? List the types of services needed.Requirements: .doc file | APA | Case Study | 2 pages, Double spaced Times New Roman Size 12 Font
Robert Delpizzo and Mrs Delpizzo Robert Video Analysis Case Study

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