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practice of ethnomethodology

As you will recall, Garfinkel suggests that ethnomethodology is the process by which we challenge the existence of certain “rules” in a society. Do have fun with this!Read the brief introductory paragraph below and engage in some ethnomethodology of your own. Then answer/investigate the four questions which follow in as much detail as you can.ETHNOMETHODOLOGYGo out and engage in some ethnomethodology of your own! Select a behavior that may be “inappropriate” for your age, sex, or even race/ethnicity. For example, you might wear a mismatched shoe for a day, wear overly informal clothes to a formal gathering (or vice-versa), eat with your hands instead of silverware, strike up a conversation with a stranger in an elevator, or greet your parents by their first names instead of “mom” and “dad.” Record the reactions you elicit, and answer the following questions.1. What did you do? In what way was your behavior a use of Garfinkel’s ethnomethodology? What “rule” did you violate? Answer these questions in detail!2. How serious was this violation? In what way(s) was social control evidenced (if at all)? What sanctions did you receive?3. How did you feel about what you did? Based on your observations, is there indeed a “rule” concerning the behavior you were challenging? Support your stance in as much detail as you can, drawing on feedback from others as a basis for your arguments.4. Interject into your analysis as much S.I. terminology as you possibly can (where appropriate, of course). Was there evidence of the “self”, “civil inattention”, “studied nonobservance”, “impression management”, “multiple selves”, and/or the “I

Explain Sheldon Wolin’s analysis of the politics of Superpower

Explain Sheldon Wolin’s analysis of the politics of Superpower.

Book: Managed Democracy and The Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism by Sheldon S. Wolin Instructions:

1. Explain the central points in Sheldon Wolins analysis of inverted totalitarianism and perversion of democracy. (Chapters 2-3)

2. Explain Sheldon Wolin’s analysis of the politics of Superpower( managed democracy) and coexistence of corporate power with evangelical Christianity (Chapters 7-8) 2 1/2 pages each question, Font=Times New Roman size 12

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