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Practical Application Healthcare Administration

Practical Application Healthcare Administration.

Your dissertation research must contribute to theory. Your research and the theory to which
it contributes may or may not have a practical benefit or application. There is no doubt,
however, that there is a theory in your dissertation topic area that does have a practical
application. Part 1
Referencing at least five peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books, discuss views on
the relationship between theory and application or practice. How can a theory guide or
inform practice? What are the issues involved in translating theory into practice? Be sure to
keep in mind the various conceptions of theory you discussed in Question 1. Part 2
Referencing at least five peer-reviewed journal articles, fully describe a theory of current
interest in your topic area. A theory is currently of interest if there are articles published on
it in the past five years. This theory may or may not be the same as the one you examined
in Question 1, Part 3. Describe a current view of the theory, not the founder’s view or a
classic view. Your answer should be no more than three pages long.
Part 3
Identify at least five scholarly articles (published in the last 5 years) that address how the
theory you discussed in Part 2 has actually been applied. (Draw on your response to Part 1
in order to define what you mean by an application of a theory to an actual problem or
situation.) Critically evaluate the appropriateness of the uses to which the theory has been
applied. Consider, for example: Are the applications premised upon an accurate
understanding of the theory and its scope? Do the applications “go beyond” what the theory
claims? Is the reasoning linking application and theory sound? The structure of your paper should be as follows:
Title page
Body (10-15 pages, no more or less; APA Style; use appropriate headings for organization
of the paper)
References (APA Style) Learning Outcomes:
2. Critique existing research and design a methodologically sound approach to research in
the student’s academic specialization(s).
Practical Application Healthcare Administration

Northern Virginia Community College I Have a Dream Speech Essay.

PurposeThis assignment requires you to organize your thesis and supporting evidence before writing a five-paragraph essay of 500-750 words (2-3 double spaced pages). Writing a thesis and sentence outline enables you to organize your thoughts and strengthen the structure of your analysis.DirectionsDownload and open the OUTLINE TEMPLATE.Add the required outline parts tot the template and remove direction sentences as you go.Read the information below on parallelism and unity between the thesis and body paragraphs to see review how they are used in thesis and essay writing.Parallelism is using the same pattern of words to show that two or more ideas have the same level of importance. Grammatically, this means when a sentence has multiple parts, those parts need to be structurally written in a similar way. This is important in thesis writing, especially when an essay’s main ideas are listed as part of a thesis sentence. Unity in an essay is when the body paragraphs relate directly to the thesis statement; unity in a paragraph is when the sentences in a paragraph relate directly to the topic sentence.Review your Rhetorical Devices Chart and your Discussion posting. Select three rhetorical devices from audience, purpose, repetition, imagery, logos, ethos and pathos. You may use the two devices you presented in your previous discussion board posting, but you will need to choose one more rhetorical element. Write a thesis statement for an essay analyzing the speech you selected earlier in the unit. Be sure to include the topic (your selected speech), your claim about the speech, and the three rhetorical devices.Create an introduction (Links to an external site.) of at least four sentences before the thesis.Make a separate support paragraph for each rhetorical device.Write topic sentences for each support paragraph. In each topic sentence, be sure to include the topic, your claim and the specific rhetorical device discussed in the support paragraph.Develop each body paragraph idea with adequate supporting evidence (at least two quotes or paraphrases per paragraph) from the speech, and then add explanation/analysis to show how that evidence supports your topic sentence/thesis idea.Focus on analyzing the rhetoric and not the content of the speech. Make a quote sandwich (Links to an external site.) for each quote. Include in-text citations (Links to an external site.) in your outline. Write a conclusion (Links to an external site.) at the end of your outline. Include a Work Cited (Links to an external site.) at the end of your outline. Create an appropriate citation for the speech you chose. Format the citation correctly with hanging indent and double-spacing. Here is an example of an MLA formatted speech citation.Johnson, Lyndon B. “1964 State of the Union Address.” U.S. Capitol, 8 Jan 1964, Washington, D.C. Speech.15. Save your outline as a Word or Google doc attachment and submit your assignment as a file upload.Sample Topic Sentence OutlineHere is the beginning of a topic sentence outline for a rhetorical analysis essay based on Nelson Mandela’s “Poverty” speech. Note the three color-coded elements of the thesis (topic, claim, list of main ideas). Be sure to include all three parts in your thesis and check for parallelism in your wording of the three main points.Thesis: In Nelson Mandela’s “Poverty Speech,” Mandela created an effective speech through repeating key words, speaking to a global audience, and using emotional appeals to convince his listeners that poverty needs to end. Main Idea #1: By repeating key words relating to the global problem of poverty throughout his speech, Mandela highlights the significance of the problem.First sub point: Mandela uses the word “global” repeatedly during the speech.Evidence: In speaking of the white band he is wearing on his arm, he explains, “I am proud to wear the symbol of this global call to action in 2005.”Analysis: Mandela uses the word “global” to stress that poverty is not unique to one country but is a problem that people around the world need to take action on.Second sub point: At the end of his speech, Mandela repeats two similar call to action sentences to emphasize his point about eradicating poverty.Evidence: Mandela says, “Make poverty history in 2005. Make history in 2005.”Analysis: The repeated pattern of these similar sentences reminds the listener about the main point of the speech and reinforces Mandela’s persuasive message about ending poverty.Main Idea #2: Mandela’s choice to speak before a global audience also demonstrated the value of what he had to say and emphasized that poverty is a worldwide problem.Main Idea #3: Mandela’s effective use of pathos helped engage his listeners to his cause by appealing to their emotions.NOTE: The pattern for providing supporting ideas for a topic sentence is shown for Main idea #1. When you complete your outline template, you need to add sub point sentences, evidence and analysis for each main idea.FormatYou must limit your outline and Work Cited to two pages. (Remember to remove directions from the template after you have filled in your sentence outline, but keep the labels to show the purpose for each sentence.) When you print out your outline including the Work Cited to use for the midterm exam, you should print a double-sided copy. You will be allowed to use only ONE double-sided piece of paper when testing.
Northern Virginia Community College I Have a Dream Speech Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Impacts of Financial crisis on Bahrain Conclusion Reference List Introduction Rapid globalization of international markets has given rise to global crisis and emerging markets like that of Bahrain characterized with strong fundamentals attributed from sudden inflows and outflows of foreign investment has not been an exception. Impacts of financial crisis on the country’s economy have accelerated debate within the mainstream of economics and many market analysts have devised economic stimulus plan to confront the crisis. Global Financial Crisis has provided valuable lessons to both regulators and financial industry hence the need for stronger regulatory frameworks and monetary policies. Impacts of Financial crisis on Bahrain Financial crises that usually follow inflation often destroy large volume of wealth causing financial meltdowns. Although GCC countries are endowed with natural resources such as oil and petrochemical products, they are not shielded from the financial crisis. For example, the collapse of Lehman Brothers subjected the economy into unpredictable phase of financial crisis. There were reports of increase in risk aversion in financial markets, as indicated by rise in risks premiums and steep fall in global stock markets. It is however, important to note that, a continuing period of low risks premiums could mean prolonged downturn of asset price inflation and devastate the economy of a nation which may subsequently reverberate beyond the country’s borders. Collapse of Lehman brothers led to immediate liquidity in international financial markets and large bank hence deepening the current economic status of the country (AMEinfo 2009, online). Further research to substantiate the impact of financial crisis on Bahrain suggest that other sectors of the economy such as financial services, tourism and real estate were affected as well. Some of the impacts included loss of sovereign wealth funds, decline in capital inflows, global trade, unstable oil prices and major investments projects were scaled back. Since majority of Bahrain economic stimulus package was proposed to come from corporate earnings, AME info (2009, online) proposes that in order to mitigate the impacts of financial crisis, banking sectors will be required to recapitalization their funds and offer guarantees on deposits and to maximize exposure by publishing daily, monthly and quarterly reports on their liquidity positions. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Studies have consistently found that impacts of financial crisis are intertwined between there sectors of the economy that include; financial sector stability, key economic sectors and economic performance. The three dimensions are further divided into growth, inflation, external balance and public finance in measuring the extent of financial crisis. In economic growth aspect of GCC countries, the global recession that hit the countries in 2009 resulted to a decline in real GDP rates by 3%. According to Markaz News (2010, online), Bahrain was anticipated to experience fiscal deficit of -2% of GDP in 2010 since most foreign investors pulled out of the capital markets and there were reports of decline in international reserves. The Bahrain government however did step up by drawing contribution from reserves and external balance to stimulate the economy. In public finance sector, GCC countries recorded sharp decline in oil revenues which subjected Bahrain to risks of running budget deficit. AMEinfo (2009, online) reports however indicated that the country high spending prior to the crisis and massive public investment programs depleted the country’s reserves hence making it vulnerable to any fiscal retrenchment. Other non-financial that reported to be adversely affected by the financial crisis include real estates and tourism sectors. Real estates for instance recorded significant drop in demand and decline in prices during that period and GCC hotels on the other hand reported less revenue and lower occupancy rates. Amidst the crisis, banks in emerging markets such as Bahrain should implement high standards of risks management offer incentive for adequate self-regulation, corporate governance and internal controls to prevent excess risks taking. The correction of this market margins would require Bahrain to undertake several reformatory measures such as regularity changes, corporate governance and transparency in the monetary system to attract foreign investment (AMEinfo 2009, online). Impact on financial crisis on financial systems in Bahrain limited its credit growth and the banks inability to lend. On key economic sectors, the country recorded a sharp decline in oil and gases exports and other new investment projects have either been deferred or cancelled. We will write a custom Essay on Impacts of Financial crisis on Bahrain specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The upstream projects were reported to put pressure on inflation because of the amount of materials and energy services required to put up the project. The country should try and use its future excessive capital in financing the underway projects such as the construction of energy production firms to increase the production capacity and boost the economy (AMEinfo 2009, online). Since most Arab economies are dominated by family owned businesses, the financial crisis had huge impacts on these private businesses to their exposure to foreign markets. Azour quoted in AMEinfo (2009) stated that “Several family businesses are facing financial difficulties from deterioration in their asset quality, the increase of corporate risks, their lack of focus on core businesses, exposure to hard-hit sectors, and high levels of debt” (online). In order to recover from the global crisis, GCC countries will be required to work together to recover its financial activities in oil demand by strengthening their fiscal policy and external balances. Stimulus programs and policy actions towards economic diversification, adopt modern fiscal management infrastructures in investment and social reforms such as subsidy programs and labor policies that will encourage macro-financial stability. Azour also encourages GCC countries to prioritize private investments mostly in non-oil industries, service sectors and high-value industrial services to stimulate the economy. Bahrain overdependence on foreign financing might have subjected to it to global crisis. Findings summarized by International Monetary Fund (2008, online) reported that banks in Bahrain borrowed from foreign banks to support their credit growth and the sudden inflows of cash might have greatly contributed to high rates of inflation in the country. This is because inflation accelerated the inflow of capital into banks and which was later flushed out due to the global crisis making the economy liquidity strapped. It’s equally important to note that economic crises that usually follow inflation often destroy large volume of wealth causing financial meltdowns. Conclusion In order for Bahrain economy to mitigate the impacts of financial crisis, economic stimulus plans such as investing in robust government spending and good external demands will be required in order to promote corporate economic growth. The country should also improve its regulatory structure and encourage foreign involvement to boost stability and enhance transparency in the banks monetary activities. Lastly, banks should be encouraged to publish credible reports on annual, monthly and quarterly basis as a strategy to improve transparency on the flow of capital and attract foreign interest. Potential investors reviewing financial statements of the banks will have well informed knowledge of the company to invest in due to the comprehensive notes provided by the reports. Not sure if you can write a paper on Impacts of Financial crisis on Bahrain by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Reference List AMEinfo 2009,’One year on:the GCC region’s post-economic crisis prospects’. Web. International Monetary Fund 2008,’IMF Survey Magazine: Interview’. Web. Markaz News 2010, ‘What to expect in 2010 for GCC Markets’. Web.
Table of Contents Introduction Legalization of Marijuana Effect of the Legalization on Demand Effect on supply Elasticity of demand and supply Other factors Conclusions Works Cited Introduction Cannabis sativa L. is a plant that appears naturally in most of the states and all over the world. The plant has been associated with a lot of benefits and other uses by people from all walks of life. Medically, the plant has been proven to possess a lot of medical benefits as it can be used in manufacture of drugs with curative nature and also has various other medical benefits. Marijuana is the name given to the plant and all its components and products including its leaves, stem, roots, seeds and all the other products obtained from it, both when it is growing and even when it has been cut and dried. On the other side, marijuana has been used by individuals in different ways, especially for social uses such as recreation, reducing stress and other uses (Pacula 1). The drug has been outlawed in all the states in the USA. However, there remains a large percentage of the population that still relies on the drug for their daily living, either by engaging in its use or by engaging in its business. The Marijuana business has been operating underground and unlawfully. However, studies have shown that the business has been in a constant state of a boom and has been estimated to amount to millions of dollars. In this way, those operating the business have been able to make great earnings especially since there are no cost implications on them in terms of taxes and other legal requirements (RAND 1). Legalization of Marijuana It has been a common debate in most of the states as to whether Marijuana should be legalized and inscribed in the state laws hence allowing it to be used freely, just like any other item in the market. In this way, the law will give a provision for legality of the marijuana market and also for all the undertakings concerned with the drug, including registration and taxation of all businesses, protection of those using the drugs in the right way and also a way to deal with all the crimes associated with the drugs. In addition, the states shall be able to lay restrictions on the drug, hence ensuring the citizens use the drugs more responsible and in a humane way (RAND 1). The California state is one of the states that have embraced the idea of legalizing the drug and even inscribing it in the list of the allowed social drugs together with alcohol and cigarettes. In this way, it has been believed that the drug will act as a source of revenue for the government in terms of the taxes collected as well as a source of employment and income for many. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The step will also ensure citizens who follow the law to the letter and do not cause trouble to others are protected even if they use the drug. Moreover, citizens will embrace the use of the drug more responsibly avoiding any cases that may require jailing, probation and medical expenses for treatment of abuse of the drug (Pacula 1). Hence, there is a need for the state of California, as well as the other states in the USA, to embrace legalization of Marijuana since this will have a lot of benefits both to the citizens and to the state eventually instead of use of the drug illegally which results to serious and undeserved penalties to those caught and also leads to loss of billions of dollars per year I n government revenue that would have been collected from the marijuana business. Effect of the Legalization on Demand It has been predicted that if the government legalizes the drug, there will be a lot of changes pertaining to the demand for the drug in the market and as a result, there will be a lot of restructuring in the marijuana market. Currently, due to the control and illegality of the use of the drug as well as the strictness from the enforcers of the law in the state which includes heavy penalties and possible imprisonment of those involved in possession, sale or use of the drug, many of the people who wish to use the drug in a reasonable way have evaded its use. These restrictions from the government have acted as an incentive to the use of the drug and hence many either just avoid its use or carry out illegal activities associated to the drug. In fact, there have been a lot of underground undertakings in the market leading to large illegal underground markets for the drug. In these markets, there are a lot of people involved in the sale and purchase of the drug, though usually in disguise so as to avoid detection by the law enforcers. However, most of the citizens are not able to act on the platform of the underground undertakings since they are involve a lot of risk and hence are quite dangerous. This has left the whole business in the hands of very cunning and dangerous gangs that undertake the sale and distribution of the drug and actually are armed in a manner to try and face any opposition from the law enforcers, posing a lot of risk and un rest to the law enforcers and the state at large (Deist 1). On the other side, it has been observed that with legalization of the drug, there will be a lot of sanity in the market and elimination of illegal gangs that are involved in the market hence allowing the drug to be sold freely and in a safer way. This will improve the image of the marijuana market and attract more clients who will in return opt to use the drug more responsible and without carrying out any illegal undertakings (Whitcomb 1). We will write a custom Report on The Effect of Legalization of marijuana in the Economy of California specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The demand for the drug is hence bound to increase in a great way as many will not be afraid of getting involved in its sale. This ay, there will be a larger market for the sales, even as the already existing market gets boosted due to its legalization. There are many factors that are attributed to an increase in the demand for marijuana. First, the increased demand will increase the prices for the drug causing more people to be involved in growing and supplying the product, a factor that is bound to result in an eventual lowering of the price for the drugs and hence stableness in the market. On the other side, the market will have a greater base for its returns and will also result to a more sources of revenues for the government. In addition, the market will force a competition between traders resulting to an improvement of the quality offered and the way it is delivered. In this way, the drug will be used more responsibly and will hence have more advantages to the entire society (Robak 1). Effect on supply The legalization of marijuana in the state of California will have a large effect on the supply of the product in the market. The main effect is that it will result to more people wishing to venture into the trade since it is associated with a lot of cash flow as well as high returns gotten from sale of the naturally according drug. In this way, even farmers will wish to plant more plants and hence increase their harvests since the plants require less inputs and less attention but have a lot of returns and do not require any further processing, except in the medical cases. In the normal circumstances, the plants are harvested and then dried before being packaged and supplied to the market. The high prices in the market places will hence attract many farmers who will wish to be involved in the production of the drug and then supply it to the market (Preston and Tracy 17). In addition, legalization of the drug will result to more people getting involved in the sale and distribution of the drug in the market in a legal and right way. This will lead to a high competition among the suppliers resulting to increased supply and consecutively a lowered price for the drugs. This will also ensure the dealers in the marijuana industry adhere to the law and avoid evasion of taxes, a factor that will lead to collection of more revenue for the government (Whitcomb1). Elasticity of demand and supply The increased demand and increased supply will have an overall effect of undergoing oscillations of a rise and a fall in the prices of marijuana. This market will hence be demand and supply driven, where prices will be fully dependent on the demand and the supply of the drug as well as the competition between dealers. Not sure if you can write a paper on The Effect of Legalization of marijuana in the Economy of California by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, due to a competitive market, the demand and supply will become more elastic resulting to a more stable market that will be more reliable by those carrying out the trade, the customers who buy the marijuana and even to the government especially in terms of collection of taxes and duties associated to the trade. Other factors There are various other factors that will change due to the legalization of the trade and use of marijuana. In the onset, there will be less involvement of illegal gangs being associated to the trade and use of the drug. This will result to an improved security to all involved in the marijuana use and trade, the law enforcers and even the citizens at large. Also, there is a possibility of lowered spending by the government on law enforcement changing the way it has been before. Therefore, less people will be arrested as associated to the drug and therefore the government can divert the funds to more constructive ways. On the other side, there will be a lot of registration of those involved in the trade of the drugs as well as taxation on such a trade. This will result to increased sources of revenue for the government leading to more development in the economy (Deist 1). Finally, citizens will be able to embrace the use of the drug and hence use it more responsible in the social, recreational and even medical aspects. Conclusions California has many reasons to consider while dealing with the issue on whether or not to legalize marijuana in the state. Eventually, the state will be able to save a lot on its budget as well as earn more revenue from the trade. On the other side, the state will save its citizens a lot of problems as it also gives them a chance to venture into the business and also to exercise the trade and use of the drug in a more responsible and beneficial way. Works Cited Deist, Charlie. Why Marijuana Freedom Is Good Fiscal Policy. 10 July 2010. Web. Pacula, Rosalie. Legalizing Marijuana: issues to consider before reforming Califonia Law. RAND website. 15 Aug. 2009. Web. RAND Corporation. Legalizing marijuana in California would lower the price of the drug and increase use, study finds. 11 March 2010. Web. Preston, Lee, and Brian Tracy. Introduction to Economic Analysis. London: John Willey

Impact of globalization theories in managing cross cultural issues

Introduction to the research Globalization is a favorite catchword of politicians and journalists. It also became the key idea for business practice and theory, and enters the debates of academic. People mean the globalization often confusing and confused. Here there is a description of some key concepts about the theory of globalization and also describes the experience of globalization [Beck, 2000]. Globalization is used in a short way to describe the connectedness and spread of technologies, communication and production across the world. That spread involves the interweaving of cultural and economic activity. Globalization is also used to refer the efforts of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and others to create a global free market for services and goods. This political project is potential and significant for damaging the poor nations which means to exploit the large process. Globalization is the sense of connectivity in cultural and economic life across the world that was growing for centuries. Many believe that the present situation is in a different order to what has gone before. The speed of the exchange and communication, the size and complexity of the networks involved and the swerve volume of risk, interaction and trade gives the label a force for globalization [Carter F, 1996]. With the increase in economic interconnection the deep-seated changes of politics and the poor countries has become more dependent on the activities in central economies such as the United States of America where the technical and capital expertise tend to be located. There are shift in the power which is away from the nation and argues towards MNC. It is also witness the rise and brand of the globalization. The large corporations operate in many different countries and they are marketed and developed products that could be sold in Washington. The various brands like Sony, Nike, Coca Cola and the host of others have become a part of the fabric of wide numbers of lives of people. Globalization also involves the diffusion of technologies, practices and ideas. Globalization is something more than the universalization and internationalization. It is simply the westernization or modernization. It is also the market liberalization. The globalization describes the social relation intensification of worldwide which links the distance places in such a way that the simple occurrences are shaped by the event which occurs with many miles away. This also involves a change that understands the experience localness and geography. The globalization has powerful social, cultural, economic and political dimensions [James, 2000]. The 4 themes that appear with regularity in the literature are: Supraterritoriality and De-localization; The power and speed of associated growth of risk and technological innovation; The rise of MNC; and The extent to which the creation and the move towards the free markets to lead the division and instability. Aims and objectives of the study Primary Objective: To understand the concept of globalization To study in detail various theories of globalization. To identify the cross cultural issues existing in various multinational corporations in India. To analyze the impact of globalization theories on managing those cross cultural issues. To evaluate the effectiveness of application of globalization theories in resolving cross cultural issues. Secondary Objective: To create awareness about globalization theories in various multinational corporations in India. To emphasis the application of globalization theories in resolving cross cultural issues existing multinational corporations To assist the various multinational corporations in managing cross cultural issues. Review of literature There are 4 theories of globalization. They are: World Economy theory, Third way theory, Regional Bloc theory and World culture theory. World-Economy Theory: The description of world economic theory is: The process by which the capitalist world-system is spread across the whole globe. The Global marketplace is becoming so integrated and advanced so that the nation-state is becoming waste. The good thing about this theory is that the market is more rational than the governments [David S, 2000]. The bad thing about this theory is that the corporate power is less sympathetic than government. The completion of the process begins late in the 1500s and early 1600s by the explorers of Europe. The World-economy comprise of single labor force and mobile and single world market. The core countries have strong armed forces. Consume high profits, high skills and capital production of intensive. The perceived countries have weak armed forces, low-skill, extraction of raw materials, labor intensive production and weak [Anthony M, 2000]. The Semi-perceived countries have more diversified economies, less dependent on the core than peripheral areas and strong military forces than the perceived countries. Third Way Theory: The description of the third way theory is: This theory seeks to find the relationship between the processes of economy occurring in the local and global scales. This theory is also called as view of transformationalism because it looks the ways for transforming the power of nation to cope up with the pressures of globalization [Thompson P, 1999]. This theory does not focus on the global forces which reduces the powers of nation. The challenge existing institutions are used to restructure/reform or encourage great local autonomy. This theory is linked to agenda of politics. This theory also maintains the diversity in the face of forces of economy that encourages the uniformity. Regional Bloc Theory: The description of Regional Bloc theory is: This theory disagrees strongly with the hyper globalist. In this theory only one world market exists. The growth in the internationalism of investment and trade is the growth of regional economic blocs [Robert J, 1999]. The growth of the regional trading blocs has benefited some countries. There is no single institution or government to guide the process. This theory also inquisitions the acceptance of capitalism which is the root problem. The financial efficiency and emphasis competition of capitalism care for the disempowered and oppressed people. World-Culture Theory: The description of world culture theory is: This theory desire to celebrate and preserve the differences against the cultural homogenization. This theory differs from all other theories because it sees more globalization broadly, to increase the uniformity of culture across the world from the perspective of economics. This theory is also different because the previous theories view the growth of the single world culture which is possible as a consequence of globalization, while this theory view this as an important part of globalization. This theory deep roots the traditions of Europeans [Richard G, 1998]. In this theory the progress of continuation begun from several 100 years ago, with the settlers of Europeans. This theory has established control of politics and also brings new models for central government. In this theory the ideas of individuality and citizenship will spread across traditional boundaries of culture by replacing the traditional priorities of communities in many cultures. How World Culture Theory works: Glocalization: The universal processes and ideas involved in the globalization necessarily are absorbed and interpreted differently according to the history of specific groups and vantage point. The glocalization catches the way in which the heterogenization and homogenization join [Robertson, 1992]. Relativization: Each unit in the emerging world takes the shape similar to the others that surround it. For example as the nation becomes a subject for the universal standards which are derived from the common formation of citizenship, humankind in those societies becomes relativized. Similarly, the Real politics are common in the international system becomes relativized as the principles of humanitarian who invent this concept. The relativization of societies of the inter-state system occurs particularly in the concerns about identity of nations. Interpenetration: Particularly the particularism and universalism are becoming a part of single nexus, united in terms of universality of the experience and, the increase in the expectation. In globalization, the universal is made concrete and specifically it becomes endlessly avoided. Hence globalization is a form of institutionalization of the 2 fold process which involves the particularization of universalism and the universalization of particularism. Emulation: Though the globalization does not create common culture in which everyone holds the same values and beliefs so that it does create single ground in which all factors pursue their goals by comparing with others, by using at least some common standards. The early cases are Great Russia and Peter and Meiji Japan. Emulation takes the form of choosing the ideas of incorporating from the global ground [Danny M, 1992]. Contestation: The ideologies of globe-oriented advocate a tight integrated world while others define the difference. Since the religious movements and traditions are involved prominently in producing the images of world and the religion is a difficult site for these contestations. How World Culture Theory change: The world culture Theory can be changed by: Permanent globalization dynamics: The theory of World culture describes the open ended and ongoing process. All the features of the theory of world culture require continual change. The conflict of culture is the common mechanism. Deregionalization Movements: The globalization provokes resistance/ reaction. The globalization that produces the world equal cultures and substitutes of fundamentalism has its own vision of global. The fundamentalist defines the global fundamentals and operate in terms of global ideas [Waters M, 1995]. Multiple sources: While the theory of world culture emphasizes the role of worldviews and reflexivity in the globalization the principle change can originate anywhere. The theory of world culture is agnostic [Mary K, 2001]. Research methodology The systematic gathering recording and analyzing of the data about the problems, which formulate the hypothesis and suggested organizing, collecting and evaluating data, reaching conclusion and making corrections by testing carefully the conclusions to determine whether they fit to formulate the hypothesis Two forms of research are undertaken in order for the purpose of satisfying the objectives of the study: Primary Research: Data collected through first-hand sources Secondary Research: Second-hand data collected through different sources Primary research- Quantitative Research Quantitative research method will be followed in order to create a detailed analysis of consumers’ perception regarding emails and direct mails as marketing medium in India. Quantitative research offers several advantages to the study: Brower et al (2000, pg. 366) assert that “quantitative researchers pursue- and insist that they generate- value-free, unbiased data”. Similarly, McLaughlin et al (2002) highlight the following uses of quantitative approach: – Research and establish explicit hypotheses – Uses accurate measures of concepts – Uses tests of statistical significance – Uses controls for other explanatory variables – Provides a clear theoretical context Secondary Research Secondary data is the information what was collected in the past for some other purpose. Usually, researchers start their investigation by studying a rich variety of already accessible data, to see if they can make a breakthrough in the study partly or wholly, without the use of expensive, time-consuming first-hand research. The following forms of secondary data will be used to research purpose: Books Journals and articles Newspapers Magazines Online web portals Annual Reports Government Agencies Independent Agencies Government official reports Research Design This study will be descriptive in nature. Sampling design Target population: The target population in this research refers to the top multinational corporations that have been prevailing for more than a decade in India. The respondents are employees designated at managerial level. Sample size This study takes into consideration ten different multinational corporations of India. Sampling unit The sampling units are the following ten multinational corporations and their managers. Samsung Reebok Hyundai Motors LG Vodafone Ford Motors Accenture Voltas Panasonic ABN Amro Bank Sampling method The sampling technique is taken for the study is “Convenience Sampling”. Convenience sampling is a non-probability sampling technique where subjects are selected because of their convenient accessibility and proximity to the researcher [Joan Joseph Castillo, 2009]. In convenience sampling, the subjects are easy to select for the study since they are available ready. This technique is highly preferred by many because it is fast, easy and inexpensive. Size of Sample Survey A sample size of 10 respondents (one for each multinational corporation) will be considered for this study. Sampling plan: The data will be collected by mailing them the questionnaires to their workplace. Questionnaire Design: The questionnaire will consist of both open-ended and close-ended questions. Data Analysis and Interpretation The data collected from primary research will be analyzed and interpreted using statistical tools. It is suitable to the study over other tools, because: It provides both subjective as well as objective results, of which subjective can be converted into numbers/scores It can be used to identify and understand the hidden attributes or constructs which would otherwise (in case of direct analysis) have been unapparent It is inexpensive and easier to implement than other tools. Limitations of the study This concentrates on the impact of globalization theories on managing cross cultural issues in multinational corporations and does not involve any other issue. This study focuses exclusively on multinational corporations in India. This study analyzes only the cultural impact created in multinational corporations by globalization theories and does not involve any other impact. This study is applicable for multinational that have been successfully sustaining in the market for more than a decade.

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best essay writers X, the MD of XYZ Building Services Ltd, is considering drafting a standard set of terms and conditions to use in contracts with his customers. Write a report for him explaining What steps he needs to take to ensure that the standard terms are in fact part of any contract he makes with a customer The extent to which he is free to include any term he wants in his standard terms and The provisions of contract law about termination and breach of contract which he may wish to take into account when drafting his standard terms. Background: In order for the customer and XYZ to be bound by standard terms and conditions there should be a set of criterion filled. These conditions should be treated as exclusion clauses as they are the extreme conditions to be enforced. For these standard terms and conditions to be enforced there needs to be a valid contract, which means that four requirements have to be fulfilled. A valid contract must have the following elements; offer; acceptance; consideration; capacity; and intention. These are present in this contract when XYZ offers his work and the customer accepts verbally or in writing. There is also intention because there is an understanding that XYZ will turn up to work on a certain day and the customer will pay a certain fee, which is evidence of consideration as the customer is at a disadvantage.This is a valid contract, however the next area to explore is whether the exclusion clause and standard terms apply because the customer has never worked with XYZ and at the verbal contract point does not indicate what his usual terms and conditions are. Basic Requirements of Ensuring Enforceable Standard Terms and Conditions: Under contract law there are only three ways that they can be incorporated which are: By signature even if they are not read; By notice where there has to be sufficient notice By custom where there have been previous dealings between the parties even if the clause is added in later. In every case XYZ should ensure that there is case is a signature in case there is no indication of previous dealings, hence the customer may not bound by these conditions yet. Therefore one has to consider the case of notice, off hand there is no notice as XYZ fully indicates what these conditions and the question is whether the average person would have notice, especially as XYZ is an builder and the customer as a business and these could be construed as standard conditions in the business; but this would be easy to prove as notice was given due to XYZ giving these terms and conditions before the contract was agreed and giving a good indication of their nature at this level. Unenforceable Standard Terms and Conditions In every case that a signature is required it gives rise to the opportunity where the terms were fully expressed but under contract law there could be one problem with the contract if the customer has received the contract in their hands and failed to read it the case of Alderslade v Hendon Laundry Ltd if the exclusion clause can only be construed in negligence and in certain circumstances then it is applicable and as The customer received the usual terms and conditions before XYZ started the work, i.e. they had a chance to end the contract then they are bound by them. However, the case of White v John Warwick

Shingles and Its Treatment Essay

Table of Contents Appearing on one side Is Shingles Contagious? Treatment methods What is post herpetic neuralgia? Shingles Vaccine Reference List Appearing on one side Since Herpes zoster (i.e. Shingles) lays dormant in the nerve tissue of the body, it usually travels from a person’s ganglia to the various axons and then reaches only a particular portion of the skin (Is that rash shingles?, 2013). While it is still unknown why it is isolated to particular areas, it often occurs on the chest, back or in some areas of the face in a belt like pattern. Is Shingles Contagious? Shingles (varicella zoster) is not contagious in the conventional sense due to its nature as the virus that causes chicken pox. What you have to understand is that once a person gets chicken pox and gets better, the virus goes into a dormant state wherein it can either “sleep” throughout that person’s life and never resurge or it can “awaken”. This can occur as a result of a weakening in the immune system, stress or the normal aging process that occurs in the body, however, this “awakening” does not occur in most individuals (Calianno

UCLA Pennsylvania To Auburn Prison System Comparative Essay

UCLA Pennsylvania To Auburn Prison System Comparative Essay.

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Please answer TWO of the following questions. Please limit your answers to 800 words for each question. Do not copy directly from the text, whenever possible use your own words. This is NOT a research assignment so outside sources are not needed. Grading will focus on critical analysis and depth of examination of the questions presented. Please insure you answer ALL parts of the prompts selected. I will give you the text to help you answer those question Compare and contrast the Pennsylvania prison system to the Auburn prison system. What were the advantages and shortcomings of each system? Should any of the lessons learned from these two systems be considered in today’s prison practices? Explain your answer.Discuss two constitutional amendments that have been asserted in the area of prisoner rights. Fully explain each of these rights and how Court interventions in these areas influence the relationship between an inmate and the correctional institution.Common sentencing options include probation, intermediate sanctions, and prison sentences. How does California’s current sentencing scheme attempt to achieve the goals of corrections by utilization of these options?
UCLA Pennsylvania To Auburn Prison System Comparative Essay

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