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Utilize the information available from the website and/or personal sources to develop an informative poster.  See the examples linked below. One is not garden related but gives the categories upon which to consider, if you are reporting on an innovative educational project. The others are good to not so good examples.Using PowerPoint to create and edit the poster is recommended.PLEASE SEE BELOW EXAMPLES

Optical Detection and Isolation of Cancer Cells Using MEMS ( microfluid technique

Optical Detection and Isolation of Cancer Cells Using MEMS ( microfluid technique.

The Topic is Optical Detection and Isolation of Cancer Cells Using MEMS ( microfluid technique ) Need introduction and the way this technique works ( also to list the materials used in this technique ), if you can provide pic for better understanding the process, it would be great

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The United States History

For one to be seen as a patriotic citizen, for he or she must be loyal to his or her country, support, and also defend their country. The British patriotism has been increasing through the sense that is in the identity of the British, this can also be noted by the increase in the number of voters in England according to the research. As the research, many people call themselves English people and not the British. As per Winchester’s center University, the relationship between the political behavior and identity in the sense that, those who felt to be more of English than British, most likely votes for leave. This has brought the issue of Englishness in the British politics. Nuttall also said that there is one value that unites a large number of the British people moving them away from the clique of the small metropolitan (Foner & Eric, 2013).

This has influenced the political thought in the 18th century especially in the Colonial America. Paul Hazard focused on the brief history that was between 1680 and the year 1715. This was the start of the inquiry of the patriotism concept in the eighteenth century and how it developed. In the seventeen century, there was a apotheosized dynastic government which was kingship and divine right and there was a regime that in which the king provided his subjects to the justifying the loyalty which was made readily by the demands of many families, and the people in France and England never produced great names, the great names came from the Hohenzollern, Habsburg, and Bourbon. This kind of nobility and the houses that were ruling were limited. Below this level passive acceptance was imposed to according to the design of inscrutable and disagreeable which was a commitment which was done through dedication to political enterprises since the bond that was between the subjects and the crown was unbalanced in the favor of the previous. These pressures of the change were increasing at the time of the crisis of Hazard which led to the foundations of the political orders of the Europeans be questioned.

The English nations and the Dutch experiences provided an understanding and a clue on the pressures leading to the Dutch shattering the post-renaissance kingship and recognized their independence from regents of Holland, Spain. This made the upper class to dominate in terms of political organization since they came to govern the Republic, this is through their control system, for example, the Estates-General which was the key institution and also the Dutch East Indian Company which acted as the large patriciate urban that was meant to interpret the interest of the nation in terms of power and own profit; although the public affairs of the English were increasingly affected by the Maritime, mirroring the Dutch and the ends of political similarities.

The British perceived liberty as a reputation for diversity and freedom from their colonial period in their history. Though the British viewed this as a mixture of ethnic affiliation and religious that was made in favor of specific people that were the North American inhabitants and much more. The issue of liberty marked the foundation of that seemed to be more possible and looked a bit different from the North America colonial where different people including African and indigenous people had influence. The freedom also created a context that made the colonization of the European possible. This led to the acceptance of the political refugees and guaranteed them protection and territories for settling which they controlled and shared. This became difficult for the Native Americans and the Europeans to share the same land, and this is when the government of the British played the role of revolution.

The liberalism concept in the 18th century was considered a political doctrine that protected and enhanced the freedom of the people who are in the central political problem. They believed that they had a right to be protected by the government from any kind of harm by others. They had in mind that the government also had power in the threatening of the liberty of the people.

The colonialist embraced revolutionary through the widespread of resistance towards the Stamp Act galvanized, this raised the public awareness all over the North American colonies. The transport and communication system rudimentary of the period which combined the territory of the North America at large, its labor system, religions and the hierarchies along the histories of the localized affiliations which was made for the desperate and the dispersed population. This was the time when the identity of the American never existed. The concept was not accessed to all the people; an example is the North America and other counties like the New York and Westchester.

The concept of liberation existed before and this has gone reducing as time goes. This concept has been reported on many occasions this is despite the misgivings of the propertied classes of men. There is a slow expansion of the prevailed franchise throughout the 19th century in Europe which was an expansion of a large driven part by the liberal which insisted on the issue of all men being equal. This led to the liberals to reconcile to the majority rule in relation to the requirement that limitation should be done on the power of the majority. The problem came when this was accomplished in a manner that was consistent with the principals of the democratic. The method of liberation if used in well, this can be the most powerful philosophy that will govern a state. Through the consideration of the human rights and the implementation of justice within the citizens of a country and the enforcement of laws that will benefit the citizens of that country at large (Foner & Eric, 2006).

Work cited

Foner, Eric, and Give Me Liberty. “An American History.” Seagull Edition), New York and London: WW Norton and Company(2006).

Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty! An American History: Seagull Fouth Edition. Vol. 1. WW Norton & Company, 2013.

Mathematics Question

Please read each question very carefully. You will need to show the work you did to

arrive at an answer to receive full marks (or to receive partial marks if you arrive at an

incorrect answer).
You must round all answers to two decimal places for final answers wherever appropriate.

For example if a score you have calculated is 6.74623, you would put 6.75 as your final answer.

If the score you calculated is 6.74123, you would put 6.74. Failing to do this will result in lost

marks. I recommend rounding to four decimal places when performing calculations and rounding

your final answer to two decimal places.

You may use a calculator and any materials that you wish.